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Hallway - the card of any home. Today, for some reason, we have little attention paid to the interior design of this part of the apartment or house. However, this fact is explained by the layout of apartment buildings, which are home to most of the population of our country. Close corridor where furniture and sometimes something will not fit, it is very difficult somehow ennoble. That left us only to regularly update the interior of the hall by changing the wallpaper.

Previously, in times of shortages, the problem of choice in front of us did not stand: it got, and it stuck. Today, however, the choice is so wide focus on something concrete very difficult. Here we are thinking what to choose wallpaper for the hallway, Bedroom, Kitchen, Living Room. Note that this question does not arise only from a surplus, but also on our commitment to adhere to the rules of interior design. Well, if there is a question we need to look for an answer. This is what we are going to do with you.

Features hallway

If we talk about the functional features of the premises, it should be noted his active service. No one entering the house or going out of it, do not pass the entrance hall. In addition, in many apartments and houses layout is such that the path from one room to another and runs through the hallway. Many pet owners equip couches in the hallway for dogs and cats, are arranged shoe cabinets, clothes hangers, and often landline telephones.

Dimensions of the hall in the majority of the apartments also leaves much to be desired, as, indeed, and the layout of the premises. In the hallway is the mass of the door: the entrance, the toilet and the bathroom, the kitchen, in the room and free for wallpapering is still a very small area of ​​the wall. Even the walls are not always perfectly straight, and have protruding corners or niches. Therefore perekleivanie wallpaper in the hallway - troublesome, but they are, unfortunately, get dirty faster here than in other rooms of the house.

So, choosing the wallpaper, you must first of all take into account these particular hallway. Wallpapers for this room must be resistant to dirt or washable, durable to withstand frequent touch: through the hall, we not only walk, but also here dress, touching the body and clothing of the wall. And in connection with this first selection criterion for the quality you should be wallpaper, and more precisely, the materials from which they are made.

 How to choose wallpaper for the hallway


By and large, all modern wallpaper can be divided into five groups: paper, non-woven, fabric, vinyl and natural.

  • Paper wallpaper

This single-layer wallpaper with usually applied or textured (embossed) drawing. The most common paper wallpaper are colored and textured simultaneously. Texture wallpaper makes them more prominent, but not less thin. A paper wallpaper is thin, so they will not be able to hide the irregularities on the wall so they wear out quickly. Paper wallpaper very quickly get dirty, salted and gain abrasions. But they have two positive qualities - they are the cheapest and most environmentally friendly.

  • Fleece Mural

We are talking about the basis on which the applied paper, vinyl or fabric cover. They cost more, but so plastic that they can hide the bumps on the walls. Non-woven backing is strong enough and moisture. In addition, the process of gluing wallpaper on the wall is considerably simplified, since there are only smear glue the wall, and then stick it on the dry wallpaper. On the basis of non-woven wallpaper for painting produced with a greater width, which also simplifies the process of gluing. Besides updating the interior hallway, pasted these wallpapers, you can often simple repainting walls.

  • Fabric wallpaper

Available on paper and non-woven backing. Popularly referred to as serigraphy. Not very suitable option for the hall of wallpaper, and also expensive. Although fabric wallpaper are long, easy to clean and are not afraid of moisture. They are very resistant to wiping, lightfast and look elegant and ornate. But more suitable for the bedroom or living room.

  • Vinyl wallpapers

There may also be a paper or non-woven backing. They are multi-layered, and therefore strong enough. The vinyl surface can be regarded as resistant to stains and scuffs. Vinyl water resistance and, therefore, these wallpapers can be cleaned. Adequate budget and a suitable option for the hall wallpaper.

  • Natural Wallpaper

A wonderful invention. The lack of natural wallpaper have only one - very high (in comparison with the rest) price. Natural wallpaper multi-layered, textured, durable, hardly susceptible to the effects of light, perfectly clean and wash. Natural wallpaper able to hide any irregularities of the walls, they are environmentally friendly as it is made of natural materials: bamboo, wood, cork and even stone.

 How to choose wallpaper for the hallway alone


With color, you can adjust the size of the premises. This is for anybody not news. However, to choose the color or pattern of wallpaper hallway is far from everything. Here we must take into account the advice of professional designers.

  1. Firstly, the wallpaper should be combined with the color of carpets and furniture. This does not mean that everything must be kept in the same tone: can be combined and contrasting colors.
  2. Secondly, the hall - quite a dark room in the house, so that the dark wallpaper it does not fit. Very light, much less white wallpaper - also not an option, as they will be very dirty too quickly.
  3. Third, Plain wallpaper professionals also consider appropriate for the hall, as the small dirt on them would be too noticeable.

And now the color and pattern. Will make the hall more than wallpaper cool colors: blue, blue, green. Warm and vibrant colors to reduce the size of the room. These properties can be used for color correction (visual) the size of the hall. For example, if your hallway too drawn out, the front door can be wall wallpaper paste over one and the other long wall. So you visually divide the room into two rooms.

If you combine the wallpaper in the form of panels, the lower part of the dark and bright top will make your hallway light and airy. If some wallpaper paste over the walls and ceiling, you can "drop" is too high ceilings. The same effect can be achieved, if not dokleivat wallpaper to the ceiling and leave a gap between them. Too low ceiling will seem higher, if the registration of the hall to use the wallpaper with a pattern of longitudinal stripes. Any fine pattern on the wallpaper will make the room larger and large - less.

Photo Wall Murals are also able to adjust the size and proportions of the hall. Help push the wall panoramic photos in cold colors, the opposite effect is easy to achieve if you use the Desktop warm tones. Just do not forget that wallpapers - material from the discharge paper: thin and fragile.

If you really want to use for processing natural hallway wallpaper, but that you can not afford, then take for this purpose textured wallpaper with an imitation stone, decorative plaster, fabric or bricks. Or buy just one roll of wallpaper and natural make-panel inlays of them.

In short, to experiment. With color, pattern and texture of wallpaper, you can do it, it can not be said about the materials. If you are not frightened by the prospect of frequent repairs, the hallway with paper paste over wallpaper - cheap and cheerful. If you intend to thoroughly and then spend a long time doing repairs, buy natural wallpaper. A golden mean for you to become the vinyl wallpaper or wallpaper for painting. Enjoy your choice and successful purchase!

 What to choose wallpaper for the hallway?

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