Interior decoration with flowers

  • Potted plants in the interior
  • Flowers and bouquets

Nice to live, as we know, not reproved. So we tried all possible ways and means available to decorate this life. And the first thing we put her skillful hands and inexhaustible imagination - this is our home. Oh, how we just do not decorate your apartment! And buying expensive accessories and various fashion trends monitor and improve their own needlework skills. However, there is an absolutely democratic way and publicly available tools - interior decoration colors.

Interestingly, this design is appropriate in almost any room, from the modest apartment in Khrushchev or multi-room cottage and ending with a banquet hall, or putting the government residence. The options are many, and little time. Firstly, it is possible to design the interior plants, and secondly, to use a cut fresh flowers or composition of the artificial or dried flowers. How does it look in practice? Let's find out.

 interior decoration colors

Potted plants in the interior

Live indoor plants not only decorate the interior, but also to share their own energy. Decorating the home with fresh flowers people began in ancient times. First - from mystical reasons, and only then - a tribute to fashion or hobby. So what is so ancient way home decorating relevant today. However, just dilute the flowers in pots and tubs enough. To indoor plants become home decoration, you need to adhere to certain rules.

For example, plants should be in harmony with the environment and the appointment of the room. If you place the flowers on the window, it is best to stop at the small pots with flowering plants: violets, cyclamen, fuchsia, geraniums. Appropriate here will dekorativnolistvennye medium-sized flowers. Large plants are more suited to the spacious rooms, offices and lobbies. Therefore, palms, Crotone, rubber plants and other indoor giants today is no longer in fashion when it comes to small apartments.

By the way, spectacular specimens are best placed separately, and for flowers with small leaves and inconspicuous select appropriate company. For tall potted plants, it is important to choose the right background and provide them with adequate lighting (however, this applies to all colors). The best background for green plants considered Plain white walls, but the variegated colors will look great on a dark background. Solid dark walls will be a suitable background for flowering specimens, as well as for plants with bright foliage.

Small leaves of indoor plants will be lost in the background of wallpaper with large or bright pattern. But large-colors will look spectacular against this background, naturally complementing it. It is also important to consider the shape and size of the pot plants that will help balance the space. For example, spreading the flowers can be placed against the walls, wallpapered with a vertical pattern. Basket plant, as well as tall and narrow instances visually raise the ceiling and the walls move apart.

If you arrange the interior of potted flowers, gathered in groups, it will be easier to take care of them, and the plants themselves will feel more comfortable in this climate. What is important is to combine plants according to their requirements to the conditions of detention and placed in one group of light-loving or thermophilic flowers, shade-tolerant and drought-resistant. Plants Group should not stand very close to each other and it is desirable that their leaves do not touch. This will protect the flowers from disease and pest infestation. In one song, you can use ampelnye and tree plants, succulents and flowering specimens, provided that you can provide them with proper care and conditions of detention.

Decorative flowers themselves underline and corresponding accessories. In the first place, flower pots, which in themselves may be interior decoration. Flower stands and shelves will also help to place the plants in harmony in the interior. And all the rage in this area is considered to be a special highlight.

In addition to the decorative flowers in the interior, and can perform certain functions. Use indoor plants at appropriate zoning premises, using, for example, a rack of flowers as a room divider. A kitchen is not superfluous to dwell plant can clean the air filters. Do not forget the elementary rules of hygiene or safety. For sleeping, some are contraindicated potted plants such as dieffenbachia or monstera. And in the house where live animals and small children should not dilute poisonous and potentially dangerous (prickly, for example) of the plant.

 beautifully decorated interior colors

Flowers and bouquets

If plants are more or less clear, then cut or dried flowers require special campaign. By and large, any bouquet of fresh flowers is able to transform the interior. However, here too, the laws of floral design. It would be easy: put the bouquet in a vase, hoisted it on a table or chest of drawers - and now ready bright decor element. Yes, it's simple, but it is possible to show imagination and apply unconventional approach. The same bouquet can be put on the shelf, on the floor, hang on a wall in pots. Add floral bouquet is possible not only in the living room or bedroom. Flowers enliven the interior kitchen and bath and converted the hall.

If the bouquet becomes the central composition in the interior, it should be large (bulk), symmetrical and not too colorful. The perfect color for this bouquet will lilies, gladioli and roses. This bouquet will perfectly fit into the classical interior.

Special charm give the interior bouquets, decorated in a vintage style and composed of a full-blown or even slightly podvyadshie roses and pastel shades of all colors. Country style or style grunge emphasize pastoral bouquet of garden and wild flowers in a white porcelain vase, or in a decorative bucket, Topiary of artificial flowers and small bunches of undersized modest violets, petunias and tagetisa.

Glass and metal combined with exotic flowers perfectly fit into the interior, decorated in a minimalist or any contemporary style. It is also suitable for such an interior Japanese ikebana or large single flowers (gerbera, gladiolus, Kala). Excellent look any flowers on a mirror placed in the center of the room directly under the chandelier, or put up a window with a curtain folded. Special chic flower arrangement will give additional decorative details: figurines, napkins and tablecloths.

With respect to artificial flowers, the same rules that apply to bouquets and arrangements of flowers. But do not forget about one important caveat. Artificial flowers in the interior must be either generally indistinguishable from living or unnaturally emphasized. There is no third. So do not miss the opportunity to decorate their lives and their home colors. It does not matter, they are growing in a pot or stand in a vase, they live or artificial. It is important that the flowers really decorated interior, and did not look accidentally fell into your home. Let your sense of style does not change. Good luck!

 Flower design of the interior according to the rules of floral design

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 Selection of color in the interior


  • Color in the interior and the perception of the apartment
  • As the color in the interior affects your psyche
  • Choose a color for every room

Color has a permanent impact on our brain, so you should think about the color scheme of the interior. From the color scheme will determine whether a cozy apartment or residents provided scandals, punctuated by long depression. So take a such an important issue as the selection of colors in the interior, a maximum of your attention.

Do not just radically change the colors in the apartment - in the event that the first time to find the right color and finishing of textiles fail, the damage will be minimal. But if you repaint the ceilings and re-stick wallpaper, but with a touch of not guess - is not very good. Therefore minor experimentation is enough to understand and, in any color you a pleasant stay. And, therefore, begin to live a different color angle.

Color in the interior and the perception of the apartment

Color is able to perform miracles - it can enlarge or narrow space, making the room warmer or vice versa add coolness. These properties can be used to create the desired mood in the room - just choose the right colors and accessories to radically change your interior.

Heat reigns in the room, which is dominated by orange and terracotta, red and yellow shades. But it is not necessary to completely change the color of the interior - enough to replace upholstered cushions, or pick up a new tablecloth Terraktovaya brown shades.

And if the apartment is too hot and sunny, the cool shades of blue, light green and turquoise interior can sometimes replace air conditioning. A curtain of flowers can absorb most of the solar heat. Large apartments are good, but sometimes they seem to be uncomfortable. Here to help all the same warm colors, only more intense and deep - chocolate, cinnamon or vanilla color, but with a large volume pattern; they absorb excess space and the room will be more comfortable.

With ceilings should act in the same way: they can be lifted by the white color, and drop using dark shades. The white color makes the room cleaner and pushed the wall, and in combination with mirrors able to create even a small apartment with a marvelous transformation. Although, of course, picking up the nuances will have to tinker.

 how to choose the color in the interior

As the color in the interior affects your psyche?

Generally, there are two rules: the bright and deep colors stimulant effect on the psyche and delicate pastel - on the contrary, soothingly. White is neutral, so perfectly with all existing colors. But only use white color in the interior is not recommended, as likely to be associated with the hospital.

Add white to the kitchen and unpleasant odors will be less obtrusive, and the white in the office can greatly improve self-esteem. Second neutral color is black, but it steals too much space, so do not use it in large quantities.

Bright red cheer in moderation, but too much red face high blood pressure and a feeling of anxiety and danger, besides the red causes aggression. But small pieces of bright red color on the desktop are able to increase productivity.

Yellow represents the sun, fills with energy and improves mood, able to light up even the darkest room, so it's perfect for the corridors. Green shades simultaneously soothe and tone, evoke a sense of calm and confidence, but if too much of the green, it causes drowsiness. In addition, it is not recommended to use it to design curtains and lamps, as the skin becomes painful shade.

Blue shades soothe and relax, so they are ideal for bedrooms, but the navy causes depression, as well as blacks. The same sins and purple color, it reduces the activity and too heavy for the interior decoration, even in small quantities it is safe and can liven up any room. Versatility is gray, it can easily be combined with any hints, but too much gray in the interior of the apartment makes boring and formal, and dark gray shades akin to inhibit dark blue.

 selection of colors in the interior

Choose a color for every room

For each room there is an optimum colors. For example, bright colors are best used in offices and rooms where proceeds an active part of your day. A soft quiet shades better pick for rooms in which you relax.

But even for the working area is not desirable to use only bright shades, as overstimulation and pressure on the psyche enough and in the environment. So, leave the bright colors for emphasis. Basically the same color to be soft neutral shade.

Do not forget that even if you arrange an apartment in the same color shades in each room must be different. To suit bedrooms soothing colors, and kitchen and dining room, you can opt for something brighter. But in the living room can be safely used any bright colors, but again in small quantities.

In order to fit the working area bright and stylish accessories, which will help to create the right mood to work and make it enjoyable. Experiment and you will surely succeed!

 Selection of color in the interior - it's important

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