repair in the bathroom to begin

  • Repairs in the bathroom
  • Preparing for repair
  • Work plan
  • Error Repair

The majority of our countrymen and compatriots living in apartments and houses built since the Soviet or in the new building erected at economical projects. So, in most of these dwellings bathroom with toilet or WC is the smallest room in the house. And if the room is small, then repair to make it - a piece of cake. However, the bathroom, despite its modest size, is fraught with a lot of surprises, from the disproportionate cost of repairs and finishing with its unpredictable consequences. About to begin renovation of the bathroom and in what order it to carry out to save money and not lose as we'll talk.

Repairs in the bathroom

According to the degree expected repairs in the bathroom can be planned and spontaneous. The need for unplanned repairs may be, for example, after the flood, arranged or neighbors burst pipe (not God forbid!) You have in the house. Sudden repair can also be caused by your desire or need to replace a bath, which entails a change of the other plumbing, sewer pipes and as a result, updating tiles and so on. Planned repair - a process, though troublesome, but nice. Anyway, this is the repair gives the expected result and brings a sense of, if not pleasure, the satisfaction.

According to the complexity and expense repairs in the bathroom can be described as major and minor. Cosmetic repairs, of course, is cheaper, but it is possible only in case of a working plumbing, and water and the lack of a fungus (such misfortune befall too!). When cosmetic repairs changing wall and ceiling coverings, updated flooring and faucets. But more serious (or even major) repairs requires serious approach and thorough preparation.

 to begin repairs in the bathroom

Preparing for repair

If you are planning a renovation in advance, start to visualize or even a sketch. Imagine what it is you want to see your bathroom. First of all, decide with color. Traditionally Bathroom choose pastel colors or a combination of the two tones of the same color: blue and light blue, light green and green, beige and peach. Recently, however, it is fashionable to use bright colors and contrasting colors. Then you need to decide what materials you want to use to finish: tile or ceramic, mosaic or plastic panels. Perform a thorough inspection of plumbing for the presence of faults in the case of clearly outdated plumbing, decide to replace it with the options.

Obmerte height, width and length of the bathroom, calculate its area and arrange a tour of the building shops and markets. Having considered the range and ask the price, make a cost estimate for repairs. And now, after that you can buy decoration materials, sanitary ware and accessories and make the plan work.

Work plan

Repairs in the bathroom should be phased:

  1. The first thing you need to do is prepare the bathroom for repair. And in the case of replacing sinks and baths, and in the case of conservation, while repairs desirable tub and sink to disassemble. Then, you must remove the old tile, clean the walls, ceiling and floor. Note that this work is hard and dirty, but without it can not be dispensed with, since repairs in the bathroom. By the way, if up to this point in your bathroom walls were painted with oil paint, it is required to completely remove.
  2. The next step should be the alignment of the walls, floor and ceiling with a plumb line or level. However, it is necessary to all primed surfaces zashpatlevat irregularities and provide waterproofing. Be sure to seal the joints between all walls, floor and ceiling. If I am the door, then you need to do at this stage of work. If you are planning to wiring in the bathroom, it is necessary to hold it too now.
  3. Next, you need to replace the drain. In older homes need to change not only the pipe in the bathroom itself, but also of the pipe between the floors and the main riser (for combined bathroom). You can, of course, to save at this stage repair, but this savings is fraught with predictable consequences: the old pipes can leak at the most inopportune moment. In addition, with new pipes can (and should) to install filters and pressure reducers, which will save your faucets and washing machine on emergency breakdown.
  4. After that, start to finish: draped wall tile sheathe or plastic panels, mounted or painted ceiling, spread the floor.
  5. The next phase - installation of a bathtub, sink and faucet, the screen on the bath (if you need it). And the latest step would be placement of furniture and accessories.

 to begin repairs in the bathroom

  Error Repair

Successful repair is possible only with incremental jobs. A common mistake that many admit - primary plumbing fitting. For quality repairs you'll have a little time off from using the bathroom for its intended purpose and only install the plumbing work at an appropriate stage.

Another equally common mistake - overestimation of their own capabilities. Many believe that it is quite cope with the repair yourself. But, believe me, such works as replacement of pipes and wiring is better to trust the professionals. Yes and lined bathroom tiles are not all on the shoulder. And to work with granite requires not only skill, but also special tools.

Plasterboard - is another common mistake. Following the fashion trends of today, owners of apartments and houses are often even in the bathroom set such ceilings. However, the suite - room Features and drywall - hygroscopic material, so a similar ceiling will serve you long and will sooner or later begin to deform. Best option for a bathroom - a tension or a ceiling. The cheapest (and reliable enough) - latex painted ceiling or facade paint.

And the most difficult for your bathroom and your wallet are the implications savings on replacement of pipes. However, this is true only for old houses. If you do the repair in a new building or updating a bathroom after a recent overhaul, the only need to make sure in good water and sanitation.

Repair even in such a small room - not a cheap pleasure. And so when planning repairs in the bathroom, digging tools. Apparently, it is from this and should begin repairs in the bathroom. What do you think? Beauty requires sacrifice, and the beauty of your home will certainly require sacrifice from your own purse.

 Repair of the bathroom - where to start and how to avoid mistakes

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 Interior nursery for two children

  • General rules
  • Separation
  • Combining

The child in the family - this is happiness! A two children - double happiness! Only doubles, unfortunately, not just parental happiness, but also a problem: both psychological and physical. And doubly increases the responsibility of parents, and complicated their task of education and to ensure a happy childhood of their offspring. It does not matter who your family is growing: two girls, two boys or heterosexual children. My head is spinning even parents in solving the most seemingly simple tasks.

For example, how to organize the interior of a child's room for two kids? How to accommodate the interests of each child? How to make a comfortable living space for two children and not to offend any of them? As with the design the interior of a small (usually) room, settled in her two children, and together with all the necessary furniture? Let's try to solve this challenge. And making her, as it turns out is not so much, but not enough.

General rules

First, you must learn the rules of the common organization of space nursery. Firstly, this room should be a full habitat child. Given that almost all of their free time within the walls of the house will hold a child in the room, it should serve as special rooms: the bedroom, study, game. When planning the interior should take into account the interests and hobbies of the child and to find in it a place for everything, for example, a sports corner or mini-studio.

Therefore, the interior of a child's room should be divided into functional areas. By the way, this technique in interior design is called functional zoning. In the nursery need to provide at least two zones - working and sleeping. If desired, and possible number of zones can be increased and even arrange a place to work and a place to play. Of course, everything depends on the child's age and the size of the room itself, and from its original plan. And if planning interior child for one child, the parents decide this task quite easily, the interior of a room for two children is much more difficult to organize. What options are available?

 interior child for two children


The most convenient option for the children themselves. In this case, each child has its own full-fledged part of the room, and divided into functional areas, like the room in the room. Embodiments of separation depend on the age and sex of the children. For same-sex children close in age psychologists recommend doing identical "little room" divided child into equal parts and furnish the same furniture. In this case, each child has their own bed, a table for work and your wardrobe and books. In this case, the child's room is not erecting additional barriers and do not set the screen

Very convenient for kids room division into individual half if this children's home to siblings or children with same-sex big age difference. Here it is admissible unequal distribution of personal halves: the children have already developed a hierarchy in the relationship, and one of them is a leader.

Such planning room for two children it appropriate not only walls, but also a different set of furniture. The 'room' youngest child is necessary to organize the playing area, and half older - a place to study. Psychologists and designers such planning children's room and recommend a different color scheme. In this case, half of the children will be divided not only in fact, but visually.

In addition to the furniture suitable for children need to take care of the children's half-light. In addition to the central ceiling fixture in every part of the room should be an additional source of illumination. Required lamp by the bed and the light in the working or playing area.

 Interior children's room for two children


Full or partial unification of functional zones is allowed in the room for children of different age and sex as well as same-sex and similar age children. Interior room for two similar age siblings can combine all functional areas. That is, it is planned as follows: total sleeping area with twin beds or a bunk bed, a total area of ​​employment with two tables and a common area for games and recreation.

Partial association means only one common area or general interior. For example, the area of ​​sleep can be shared, but the desks and lockers will form two distinct domains. If children are heterosexual, but similar in age, it is appropriate to separate them sleeping areas, and a place to study to make general. The room for children with a large age difference is also acceptable association sleeping area, but only if such interior is planned for two brothers or sisters.

In case of partial or complete unification of functional areas still need to leave a private area for each child. You can not completely deny their individual space. Let it be a bedside tables or shelves on the walls. By the way, putting in a common nursery wardrobe can be divided into individual zones of the interior space of the enclosure.

And further. Never (ever!), Do not ignore the wishes of children with the establishment plan and the design of a child's room. This is especially important when you make room for two children. Indeed, in this room to live it. And there they should be convenient and comfortable. And children should be under the joint life and "communal" coexistence to develop as a person. And the task of parents - to make this effort and use all the knowledge and capabilities. Successful you solve the difficult tasks of parenting!

 Child's room for two children, separation or unification?