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The fact that smoking is an addiction, it is known even to children. And a huge number of people smoking all imaginable and unimaginable ways to try to get rid of nicotine addiction. However, unfortunately, quitting smoking is not so easy as it might seem at first glance. When a person is just starting to smoke, he thinks he can throw stasis, as soon as he wants. However, the reality is not so simple - a cigarette puff is as necessary as air.

Why smoking causes this addiction? And really there at all to quit smoking? It is with these issues, and we try to understand today.

The principle of formation of nicotine addiction

Any dependence, including nicotine, is formed on the same principle. Substances that form any dependence in humans, possess certain psychoactive properties. If we take as a basis for nicotine, an example of such a property there - the first time after a person has smoked cigarettes lifted the mood, he felt a surge of strength and vigor.

The first time a person continues to smoke, in order to re-experience the pleasant sensations. Soon, however, this effect of nicotine on the human body disappears. Man trying to give up cigarettes and realizes that he can not do this. Without cigarettes a person feels defective, he begins the first stage of nicotine addiction - psychological.

The man continued to smoke for some time, and then tries to make another attempt to give up cigarettes. However, the smoker is surprised to find that nicotine without experiencing it is not just psychological discomfort, but a real malaise. In humans, there is the so-called withdrawal, or as it is called doctors, abstinence. It includes symptoms such as:

  • The feeling of nausea, in severe cases, even the appearance of vomiting.
  • The feeling of general weakness, fatigue.
  • Tremor chin or hands.
  • Neurological disorders, such as sleep disturbance or irritability unfounded.

A person can experience quite heavy feeling of general malaise that persists just one cigarette smoked. It goes without saying that in such a situation voluntarily give up cigarettes is very, very difficult.

So developing the next stage of development of dependence - physical. Many people are very lightly to nicotine, considering it absolutely harmless. In fact, nicotine is quickly becoming an integral element of all occurring in the body metabolic processes. The body, accustomed to receive a daily dose of nicotine, without it begins to feel very sick. But at the same time, nicotine has a strong toxic effect on the smoker.

It turns out a kind of vicious circle, which does not break so easily. Today the doctor - drug treatment - yes, they help people quit smoking - is considered the best way nicotine patch.

 nicotine patch reviews

The action of nicotine patches

Nicotine patch works as follows: it contains a certain dose of nicotine. This nicotine through the pores in the skin enters the body, thereby greatly decreasing the withdrawal symptoms. Gradually, over time, disappear and psychological craving for cigarettes. However, it should be noted that the nicotine patch would be effective only if a person really wants to get rid of nicotine addiction.

After absorption of nicotine in the blood concentration is maximal after approximately 6 hours. This conclusion is nicotine in the feces, urine and air exhaled by a person. This practically nicotine not bound to plasma proteins. Thus, the nicotine does not have a negative impact on the human body. Furthermore, this adhesive can be used simultaneously with various drugs.

This patch is valid for 16 hours, after which its action is greatly attenuated. This was done deliberately, because at night, during sleep, the human body does not get nicotine, since the person does not smoke.

Indications and contraindications to the use of the patch

Those who used the nicotine patch, reviews about it leaves the most favorable. Use of this adhesive is very useful in the event that:

  • It is necessary to get rid of the physical nicotine addiction for those people who want to quit smoking.
  • Man wants to reduce the number of cigarettes smoked per day.

But we should not forget that, despite the huge number of positive qualities in a given plaster, there are some contraindications to use:

  • Individual intolerance of certain components of the patch.
  • Breastfeeding a child.

Also, in some cases, the use of the patch is possible only after prior consultation with the doctor. This applies to those people who suffer from chronic diseases of the kidneys, liver, gastric ulcer, serious cardio - vascular system.

Many women are interested in, is it permissible to use nicotine patches during pregnancy. Of course, the future mother should consult on this matter with your doctor - a gynecologist. However, certainly in spite of the fact that nicotine patch has a higher value than cigarettes, to the body of the child and mother brings much less damage.

And in general, agree that smoking - not a habit that adorns any person, much less a woman. Yes Smoking and Health, alas, does not add to anyone, only takes ego.Poetomu, as sung in the famous song, "Think for yourself, decide for yourself ..." whether to continue to smoke, or still try to kick the habit!

 Nicotine patches. To be or not to be?

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 dressing room with his hands


  • The possibility of organizing a dressing room
  • Rules of the organization wardrobe
  • Planning dressing
  • Features and Benefits dressing

What a woman needs to be completely happy? The unequivocal answer to this question will not give you none of the fair half. But if you ask a woman whether to add joy into her life the presence of a full dressing room, the answer will probably be yes. So what's the deal? Even if the layout of your home such (well, just vital!) Room is not provided, note the facts of. Dressing your hands, jewelry inscribed in the standard (and even small-sized!) Apartments have been able to bring happiness to a lot of women.

So, by and large, nothing prevents you to equip a dressing room at home. Just imagine: shelves, drawers, hangers, boxes ... and all in their places, and even a mirror! Great and comfortable! Presented? Health? And who would doubt it? Therefore, let us consider the possibility of organizing such a "happiness" and the rules for its implementation.

 dressing rooms with their own hands

The possibility of organizing a dressing room

How to make a dressing room with his hands? In fact, these features are not so much. Nevertheless, some choices are.

  1. Alterations in the dressing room utility room in the house. That is, you can make a dressing, for example, in the pantry. Of course, this option is only possible if such space has an area of ​​not less than two square meters. That in addition to storage can turn into the dressing room? Attic, a closet, a niche. In this case you will only need to take care of the right light dressing, as well as furniture and about accessories for her.
  2. Adapt for dressing the room. This option is, again, is possible, in case you are ready to sacrifice the useful square meters bedroom or, say, a hallway. This option will require you to first of all, the installation of a special partition or a modular system, which will become a wall between large and dressing room.

There are some possibilities? Perfectly! So, your closet is almost ready (at least, in the project)! And then you will be left to decide on how exactly you are going to be equipped with. First, you can use the factory system of metal boxes, rails and hangers. Second, invite the master (or strain his "DIY"), which will make for your shelves, drawers, niches and other accessories. Perform they often made of wood or drywall.

Rules of the organization wardrobe

Given a few simple rules and organization, you can make it so that dressing room, made their own hands not only well fit into the interior, but optimizes the living space. And these are the rules.

  • Dressing room should have a depth of not less than one meter and a width of one and a half meters. This is the minimum space, which will be sufficient to accommodate the shelves and drawers.
  • The dressing, made by the rules have to be a place for changing clothes (after all, it is a room, not a wardrobe) and a large mirror. But this condition is not mandatory, but rather - desirable.
  • Dressing room must necessarily be ventilated, otherwise the room will soon be a musty smell (smell of the chest), which goes on things.
  • Dressing should be reserved only for the storage of clothing, footwear, care for them, as well as a variety of accessories: handbags, jewelry, belts and so on. If you adjust this storage room and other things, then it ceases to be a dressing room and turn into a closet.

Here is a minimal set of rules, given that you can start planning for dressing rooms, no matter where you are going to do it: in a closet in the hallway or in the bedroom. Be sure to first make a competent plan-drawing to fit all sizes. In any case, correct any flaws and inaccuracies plan even better on paper.

 dressing rooms with their own hands

Planning dressing

First, apply a plan for future wardrobe doors, windows, radiators, possible projections and recesses in the walls - this will help you plan the optimal placement of shelves, racks and drawers. Then proceed to the zoning of the interior space. The way you put it in your entire wardrobe, of course, depends primarily on your own ideas about comfort. However, there are standard rules lay separate dressing room areas that remain relevant even for the dressing room, a converted closet.

Area top and long garments should be designed so that the clothes in it placed freely. Therefore, this area should have a depth of about fifty centimeters and a height of not less than one and a half meters. What will be the length of this zone depends on the amount of your clothes.

Area for placing short clothes: shirts, blouses, jackets and skirts must also have half-meter depth (width) and a height of about one meter. This low height of this area leaves you free space and the top and bottom. And it, in turn, can be adapted for a third and a fourth zone.

The third zone (according to the standard layout) - area for storing shoes. It can be equipped with a special shoe rack with shelves, or used as storage space for shoe boxes. Since the height of this zone is only limited by the ceiling and the required depth should not be less than thirty centimeters. The fourth area dressing room (usually its upper part) to be stored hats and accessories. You can also place and care for clothing and footwear.

Thus, the entire interior of the dressing room is divided into three main zones:

  • The top, which is located at a height of two to two and a half meters from the floor;
  • Central, which is located approximately sixty centimeters to half a meter from the floor;
  • The lower, which should not take up the space of seventy centimeters above the floor.

When planning your wardrobe and do not forget about the mirror (or mirrors), lighting, finishing materials, shape and color of shelves, cabinets, baskets and boxes. Keep in mind that even a small dressing room, made with their own hands - a great opportunity to optimal organization of the living space and display their design talents. And it is not only its capabilities.

 dressing room with his hands

Features and Benefits dressing

In addition to these benefits, and it is worth noting that a special storage space save you a lot of furniture: cabinets, drawers, hangers. And, therefore, your home will be free, spacious and bright, despite the fact that you "steal" the square footage of its usable area. In addition, the dressing room is uniquely extend the life of all of your clothes. Because now every thing will be located in the right place and it would be difficult to somewhere "mislaid". Yes and relatively free placement of things protect them from abrasion, unnecessary contact with other clothes and shifting from place to place.

In addition to clothing in a dressing room, you can store more and bedding, luggage and bags, iron and vacuum cleaner, sewing machine, handicraft supplies. In addition, if the room is large enough, you can install and dressing Stoic or hanger.

You agree that in this way can be fixed (or at least correct) errors of architects who do not always successfully plan apartments and houses in which we have to live. This is the case when in our hands, if not all, very much. And the dressing room with his hands - a great opportunity to see this in practice.

 Dressing their own hands - a few key rules

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