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  • The negative side of the status of the mother - single
  • Positive aspects of the status of the mother - single

A single mother ... What a strange expression? If a woman has a child, so she was not alone! Nevertheless, nevertheless ... Status single mothers today have a lot of women, and not all of it pleases. Nowadays, there is an even in some segments of the population believed that if in the "father" of the child is blank, it means that his mother, to put it mildly, not quite worthy woman. Hence - the glances, all kinds of gossip and whispering behind his back. How does it stand? Well, it is possible to sustain. But to raise children without the help of my husband is not so easy! Yes, single mothers have enough problems. However, oddly enough, in such a situation it has its advantages. Let's look at this issue in more detail.

The negative side of the status of the mother - single

Single mothers are, for various reasons. Sometimes pregnant girlfriend throws a man, sometimes by the mother of the child's father has officially refused, and sometimes a woman decides to have a baby for themselves, no SBIR married. Someone thought "I - a single mother" is given a pain in my heart, and someone takes it quite calmly. But be that as it may, is always difficult to know that your child does not need so much to anyone but you. In addition, it will take years, and he wants to have a father. From it can not escape, because the next lot of peers from intact families. Particularly significant presence of man in the house becomes a teenager boys. After all, my mother is not everything can be told.

Often children who raises a single mother, growing up, begin to torment her a question: "Where is my father? ". Give him a plausible and delicate response can be very difficult. Just say, "I - a single mother"? Unlikely to understand. It is important in these moments intelligibly explain to the child that the family are different. Explain it is possible, but not all the sons and daughters a mother single may perceive the inferiority of their families safely. And poor mother begins to grow a sense of guilt, which provokes concessions in relation to the child and even the indulgence of his indiscretions. They say that a child without a father, and so it is unsweetened. As a result, normal upbringing turns into extreme spoiled, which is not known what will result.

Undoubtedly, the status of a single mother is not easy to maintain. And not just for the reason that it is necessary to ensure that the child and try to replace him both parents. But also because of the woman is also a happiness you want! Such individual disorder generates internal discomfort, often pouring out into the outer irritability. Stress and disruption of a single mother reflected on her children, making them anxious and nervousness.

Remarkably, if the house there is a man capable of such children to replace his father. This may be an uncle, grandfather, brother, husband, friend or new mothers. The main thing is that he understood the responsibility of raising children, feeding them a good example and could give sensible advice, if necessary. But how difficult it is to find such a person, how hard! Male relatives are usually busy with their chores, and often new husband to his wife's children do not pay any attention.

Such are the negative aspects are usually seen in the life of the one for whom the idea of ​​"I - a single mother" eventually becomes habitual. However, things are not as bad as it seems at first glance.

 single mothers

Positive aspects of the status of the mother - single

If you look at the definition of single mothers without bias, we can say that it is the heroic women who are often able to give their children more than mothers in high-grade families. Because they realize that all have to be responsible for their own, not relying on someone. And internally ready to haul a heavy load of almost all his life. The more single mothers, those who have husbands who drink, but is afraid to break up, so as not to become a loner-divorcee with children? They say he is the father, and have no money in the house brings. The child suffers from alcoholism Pope? Nothing will grow up and stop suffering. Interesting position, is not it?

In general, under the law of the definition of a single mother is treated as the status of women who gave birth to a child out of wedlock, if he did not set his father. It can be assigned, and the one that was married, but after the appearance of a son or daughter's ex-husband contested paternity. It should be noted that single mothers, there are many benefits that would exempt them from many bureaucratic difficulties. For example, a mother when traveling abroad do not have to look for his dad for permission to export the child and sometimes humbly ask him for such a resolution. No need to look for him, and in the case of transactions in the design of some of the rights of the child.

Well, it all relates to the formal aspect of the lives of those who have the determination of single mothers. Now try to see the positive side of their lives from a different perspective. So, what is it good?

  1. The baby - it's always happy, even if the component parts not supplied his dad. Due to the son or daughter, a woman is free from the oppressive solitude and silence in the house.
  2. Mother herself raising a child always has the opportunity to be alone with myself. The complete family issued this opportunity is very rare.
  3. While women have to rely only on themselves, but all the progress that this mother will achieve in the conquest of peaks, will belong only to her and the child, and no one else.
  4. Alone anyone and do not need anything to prove. In the absence of her mother in law there is no one to teach to live, no reproaches, and do not blame and do not tell every day, as it was the perfect hostess and how heroically "pulling" and "lift" their children. And you say, incompetent and lazy.
  5. The family is not inferior to the child jealous spouses, and there is no "house of war" on this basis.
  6. Unlike the men, the children do not forbid to be friends with her friends, with whom you can be great fun when you wish. After single mom do not need the weekend to spin around her husband and fulfill all his desires. Especially as a child, as opposed to a spouse, you can easily captivate their interests.
  7. Suppose that while the child if it is a son, and deprived of "male behavior patterns," but no one teach to raise the voice of my mother and put dirty socks under the bed or behind the battery.
  8. While married girlfriend torn between two loving people, you can safely focus on the beloved son or daughter to.

In general, a single mother from the baby - this is her personal and "eternal" engine, which gives life a new meaning and acceleration. Such a life - is a continuous kaleidoscope of events. Only from a woman depends on how interesting, bright, intense and multifaceted it is.

Before it opened the entire world. Lonely mother provides thousands of opportunities to meet interesting people, including the men.

And the child - a kind of rapid test to determine the serious intentions of the opposite sex. There is no doubt that if a man tries to find common language with him, then he truly loves a woman.

Conclusion: definition of women as single mothers - not the end of life. However, in order that it really was not the end, remember - you can not leave with your head in the child and bring him a sacrifice. Typically, mothers, raising children alone, even happy go to such a move, depriving themselves of communication with adults. In such a case, without realizing it, they overload the psyche of the child, meeting through their emotional needs. Therefore, single mothers just need to have friends and personal interests, or there might be problems with the adaptation of a son or daughter in the society.

In conclusion, a few "no".

  1. It should not be the cause of all your child's failures. The degree of failure is determined not by the presence of children in the family;
  2. We can not seek out in the appearance or character of the child's father's dashes, hating for this similarity both of them;
  3. You can not seek by any means to make money. Emotional contact and communication with the child is more important than wealth;
  4. You can not allow yourself to feel guilty for having a child grows up without a father.

Maybe it's hard to believe, but, according to statistics, a woman with a baby much easier to get married than childless the fairer sex. So all is not lost, and no need to rush to single mothers to give up on his personal life.

 Mother - single: what does it mean for society and for the woman

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