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  • Biological causes of depression
  • Social causes of depression
  • Psychological causes of depression

Depression, what's your mystery? This condition is not in vain considered insidious disease, corrodes the soul and absorb all the good in people. Unfortunately, it is familiar to so many people is not hearsay, and to overcome it, it is necessary to understand the origins and causes of depression. Almost anything can be this very reason - why we allocate their various groups.

Biological causes of depression

Even doctors of antiquity, such as Hippocrates, noticed that some people may long lie down with their faces to come down a grimace of grief, their nothing could be interested in or take. He called this state of "melancholy" and the description it was very close to what we now describe the term "depression". Sources her Hippocrates was not clear, however, as a true doctor, he believed that they are in some kind of disease processes within the organism, and offers its patients treated laudanum and mineral waters, which were later found lithium ions, magnesium and bromine - known antidepressants.

Even then it was clear that the health of the body and affect its function can cause changes in mental state, often negative. It is this set of problems in the body and called the biological causes of depression. Modern man is able to "get" a rather deep levels of the body, and what was once a mystery, is now a scientific fact.

Many scientists are unanimous regarding the biological causes of depression: its origin lies in the imbalance of hormones and neurotransmitters such as dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine. The body produces an insufficient quantity, and at some point it starts to manifest for some new anguish, sadness, apathy and lethargy. This depression is called endogenous (from the Greek "originating from within"), and it is usually corrected by a simple technique appropriate medicines.

It is not always the biological causes of depression are directly related to the "chemistry" of our body. Everyone knows how the human body needs sunlight. And you probably noticed in the fall and winter you leans gray viscous blues. It is no coincidence, because the sunlight is involved in the synthesis of essential substances, such as vitamin D, which in turn affects the overall condition of the body. It is also important in other bodily processes, and its deficiency can cause depression - it is also called seasonal.

Sometimes depression is not the primary and secondary, that is occurring because of some other underlying disease. In this case, it represents one of its symptoms. Examples of such diseases can be delayed apnea, central nervous system infections, hypothyroidism, and other endocrine diseases, avitaminosis, hypercalcemia, etc. ... In order to get rid of this depression, you need to go to its root cause.

All that was said about the biological reasons related to clinical depression - a serious mental disorders. If you suspect you or someone from the family is a disease should immediately consult a doctor - a psychiatrist or psychotherapist. He said the diagnosis and prescribe the necessary treatment.

 symptoms and causes of depression

Social causes of depression

You have to worry about what is happening in today's society? Certainly. But depression is different from the simple experience of its depth and tighten. Social causes of this phenomenon lies in the fact that society is arranged in such a way that many suppressed desires of man, his nature. And so it is sad and can not realize. But first things first.

The pioneer in this direction was the father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud. "How? - You may ask - Because he's a psychologist! ". You are right, but only partly. Freud, of course, has made a major contribution to the development of psychology, and especially he was interested in issues related to the personality of the person. He believed that each of us has an unconscious, which is the seat of various instincts. These instincts are completely selfish, asocial and amoral, and is a stream of the most perverted desires. Living in a society, people to meet these desires can not - by this he arises depression or neurosis. So it is necessary either to live in the forest, or to learn to transform the energy of these desires into something more peaceful - for example, in the work.

Emile Durkheim, one of the founders of sociology, studied the problem of suicide, which is inextricably linked with the occurrence of depression. He believed that their causes may be intentionally breaking ties with society, excessive public control over each individual person, as well as a condition where the lost cultural norms and values ​​necessary for a happy life. Thus, any event in a society in which a person is divorced from him or mentally crushed, may be the cause of depression and, as a result of suicide. Agree, in our lives is not that rare phenomenon - especially they affect young, suggestible and temperamental people.

Erich Fromm - another famous psychologist - believed that society, or rather especially the life in it, also to blame for the occurrence of depression in an individual. Take a look at a typical day, a resident of the modern metropolis: he gets no light, no dawn, drinking coffee alone, he goes to work, where he spent nine hours later with a working dinner alone and dull sleep. On the one hand, it is always in the crowd, but on the other - constantly feels lonely. Man begins to escape from this loneliness and responsibility by all means available to him:

  • Ruling

    Man seeks metaphysically to merge with all other people through management. He begins to strive to occupy a high position in a large company or go to the army to carry out the orders of others, and to distribute them. Thus, it ceases to be lonely.

  • Destruction

    Man hits the aggression. Subconsciously, it pursues the desire to destroy the world, until he has destroyed it. And sometimes a person begins to destroy itself, because then the world will cease to exist. Such people are hit in alcohol, drugs, crime, and their life is like a script of a "chernushny" movie.

  • Conformity

    What is the "best" way to not feel lonely? To be like everyone else. One becomes to be like others and do not stand out - so it loses its identity. He becomes easier, you do not have to decide anything - just do what you do all around, and live in peace. Only here longing sometimes rolls ...

  • Positive freedom

    It is possible to overcome depression in itself - it is an opportunity to be realized in work and love. These are the highest spiritual needs of man. If a person loves and creates something for others - it will never be lonely and unhappy.

By and large, the life in our country is so unstable that the causes of depression can be found a lot: high unemployment, low salaries, corruption, poor quality of roads, the dominance of the bureaucracy. However, faced with this every day all our fellow citizens, but depression can be observed in a few. So, most likely, it is not only in the negative, reigning around us, but also some personal characteristics.

 Various causes of depression

Psychological causes of depression

Finally, we come to the big and important reservoir - psychological reasons for depression. The life we ​​have, as you know, black and white: good and bad follow each other, and their numbers are about the same. But some events and phenomena can unsettle any, even the most seemingly impenetrable optimist. That they are referred to psychological causes of depression, which in these cases is called reactive - it comes as a reaction to some kind of grief or disappointment.

The first item in a long list of reasons is the loss of a loved one. Life inevitably leads to death - no one will argue with that fact. However, from his understanding it becomes easier when you lose someone important and dear. If a person lacks mental strength, it is more or less going through: first denied, and then sad, but slowly comes to life. Sometimes people get stuck in the depressive phase, and requires additional support from others. Do not forget to provide it.

Parting - is a special case of "loss" of a person. In the case where your relationship with someone completed, it just disappears from your life, but the reason is somewhat different: perhaps not so fatal, but still the final. Divorce is on the second or third highest rate of depression after the death of loved ones, and this is no coincidence. You have lived with a person long time, he was an important part of life, and when this part of the "pull", it is very bad and painful.

It is not always necessary for the occurrence of depression for some extraordinary event - often his role performs the usual boredom. Yes, she is! Think about your feelings when you are bored? Apathy, laziness and melancholy - this is not a complete list of the characteristics of the state bored. It is often the boredom comes from the experience of emptiness in life and doing nothing. The output in this case is quite simple - occupy yourself with something! Call a friend, go to a party or find yourself an interesting hobby - do something in order to get away from you depressed, tail between his legs.

Another cause of depression can be considered a failure to reach important goals, or as scientists say psychologists, "frustration." Do you remember your feelings when you do something wrong? First, it is anger, a lot of anger. However, if something does not leave you for a very long time, this anger becomes a depression. And some people are beginning to feel sad at once. This is especially true of some global objectives, such as the desire to become a ballerina, or to marry a loved one. The lack of something important in your life - a reasonable cause for sadness, but also options for dealing with them are usually obvious.

Identity Crisis - another reason for depression, though very controversial. Psychologists are still undecided with his views on the problem of identity crisis: some consider it far-fetched, but someone - very real. According to available data at the moment, the crisis referred to as a situation where the old version behavior becomes impossible, and the new yet. And the person falls into a psychological impasse, finding which gives him considerable mental suffering. He gets nowhere to wait for support, and is able to rely only on themselves.

But there is a joyful moment: the onset of the crisis is the high level of maturity of the person, as well as an opportunity for growth. Surviving the crisis it is not given to everyone: incredible temptation somewhere to hide from all those negative feelings or somehow distracted. It can not be done! The crisis in the then given to man, that going through this ordeal, we grow and become better. The main thing - it does not get stuck in the negative, and move on, albeit in small steps. Sometimes such a step would be the deepening of experience, and sometimes - the output of them.

Problems at work - another inexhaustible source of depression and bad mood. It occupies an important place in the life of every human being, respectively, and frustration associated with it, upsetting the long haul. Shouts chief, failed project, dissatisfied customers - all anyone can drive them into depression. Typically, the mechanism of depression is associated with prolonged stress: resources of the human body does not have time to recover and he is exhausted. In order to get rid of fatigue and apathy, you need to learn to relax, as banal as it may sound.

Negative energy have quarrels and conflicts. This is due to the fact that out of our lives on the conflict lost friends, and our anger on them, and the apparent powerlessness to change things. When we argue with someone, we lose the support and love, and they are the best cure for depression at all times. Not casually chatting with friends and girlfriends in psychology called "psychotherapy". Therefore, if you want to reduce the amount of negativity in your life, urgently looking for ways to deal with all those with whom you had a fight, and how to live peacefully with others.

Health problems - the last on our list, but not the least important source of depression. This is especially true of deadly diseases that depression is one of the stages of making such a prediction. But even the most common illness can cause a deterioration of sentiment: you feel bad, snot flowing stream, body ache, and you are incapable of anything other than lying on the couch. Anyone fall into depression by a picture!

More serious health problems cause a chain of negative experiences that will enhance depression: the inability to work, a large medical bills, huge time costs to fight the disease, dependence on others - all this does not add optimism. But the paradox is that it is a positive attitude so necessary for the speedy healing, which, in turn, will erase the depression out of your life.

This is not a complete list of possible causes for depression. It is not necessary that some of these events will cause a serious melancholy you, dear reader - everyone is different, and many quite successfully cope with a variety of life's problems. We hope that you will be among them, and our article useful to you only for the overall development.

 The causes of depression in humans

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