how to get rid of depression alone


  • A collection of wonderful experiences
  • Think positively
  • Find and eliminate the cause of depression
  • Become the "author" of his life
  • Love yourself

Internet and women's magazines are full of a wide variety of titles on how to get rid of depression alone. Keep in mind, if it is a medical problem, then solve it without the help of a doctor is unlikely to succeed: being depressed, man is absolutely passive and depressed, and he has neither the strength nor the desire to do anything. However, people often refer to the term prolonged bad mood, apathy and laziness. And they can - and should! - To fight on their own, let alone in what ways, we'll tell you.

A collection of wonderful experiences

The meaning of this option, independent struggle with depression is to focus the mind on the positive aspects of your life. To do this, you must keep track of their experiences: captures all the moments when you have something pleased (albeit fleetingly). You can even use the power of your imagination: Imagine a camera button that you press, photographing all the events that make you happy. Do this every time you feel satisfied and happy: funny joke, small, but good news, interesting conversation, enjoy the taste of your favorite ice cream, a pleasant sensation of the new silk scarf - all of these things deserve to be in your piggy bank.

I'm sure one day you will be able to collect a lot of points! It is very important "press camera" is at the peak of the pleasant sensation. And to consolidate the results obtained in the evening before going to sleep remember about all the positive things that you have experienced during the day. If suddenly you will not be very good at it, you can again connect imagination, imagine the remote control in your hand and work with the settings of your image (sound, brightness, contrast) as long as no "catch" the very moment when the experience was the most intense and enjoyable.

Think positively

It's no secret that consciousness determines our quality of life. What is the secret of millionaires and other successful people? Always think positively. Unfortunately, the consciousness of the average person is filled with all sorts of negative attitudes, which often prevented him live and be happy. For example, a woman thinks, "Divorce - it's awful." And continues to be miserable to live with the unloved husband, an alcoholic, who draws all the juices out of it, although it has long been able to change their lives. Or other settings - "I will never make it." You understand that the person who thinks so, will never be happy?

Such plants need to catch and "eradicate". If you are afraid of something or pessimistic about the future, it is necessary to catch the idea and "roll" to the bitter end, asking the questions: "Why? What does it give you? What do you really want? What prevents you get it? Where did this idea? How do you stop yourself? " etc. ... It is possible that you will come to some very interesting conclusions for themselves. For example, Light L. wanted to lose weight, but did not go to the gym, because there are some slender girl, who could it "not" look. A vicious circle, and when she realized it, she was able to solve the problem and began to work out in a user-friendly format.

 how to get rid of depression

Find and eliminate the cause of depression

It sounds very simple, but for some reason few people to think out of this. Very often the reason for our prolonged depression is some unmet need or unpleasant event. And all you need to do to get rid of painful experiences - to solve this problem.

Take, for example, the story of the work of Masha S. She got a consultant in psychology at a young but rapidly growing company even in the fifth year at university. She promised that she will conduct individual psychotherapy sessions, educational seminars, writing articles psychological. But somehow it turned out that Masha very quickly "hang" a very wide range of responsibilities, from marketing strategy and ending with the site design. None of what psychology and speech was not. Mary worked in place for a year, until I realized that it was poisoning her life, almost nothing in return (s money, by the way, pay a little). Needless to say, that the filing of the application for withdrawal was the turning point in her condition, all the time to banish depression.

The most difficult thing in this version - to understand what really bothers you. And here can help but only attentive to the moments in which you have a bad mood, there are melancholy and depression. The story of Irina K. - an excellent illustration of how it works.

Irina has always had a difficult relationship with her mother: she constantly tell her what to wear, how to talk and make friends with anyone. When Ira moved to another city and went to college, there are fewer problems, but only until such time until there was a question about the choice of place of work - of course, my mother, and in this respect it was his opinion. And she was very surprised and upset when she learned that the IRA still going to do on his own. They are very big quarrel and did not speak for a month.

Ira began to notice that it often became overcome depressive moods and thoughts. In the new work seems to be all it was good, but it is hardly pleased. But when the IRA realized that longing attacks at the thought of my mother and that she did not have enough parent councils, she went and rang the bell. And it turned out that her mother is also very much regretted what had happened, and all that she wanted - to protect Ira from mistakes and recklessness. Peace in their relationship was restored, and Irina took the sadness itself.

Become the "author" of his life

What does this vague wording? There are different positions in relation to his own life: the essence of "fatalistic" positions is the idea that from us does not depend, and all decide the fate or event, while "author" position of the opposite - a person believes that his life is in his hands and he can achieve anything he wants. This attitude is often the key to the characteristics of a successful and happy person.

It is not surprising that depression comes to the fatalistic minded people, because it is very hard to think that you will not be able to influence their lives. All the achievements and goals may become meaningless, and reason for joy - disappear. Become the author of your life is to take responsibility for it and take control of all the events in it (or at least over the majority of them).

A classic example of the position may be fatalistic words: "I was late because of the fact that the bridge was a huge" tube ", and I could not catch." It might seem like you can influence this event? Often the "plug" - it is quite easy to forecast event, and in order to avoid it, it is enough to leave a little early. But so want to sleep or do any housework! It is much easier to do so, and then complain to any external causes. Therefore, a person occupying the position of the author, would have explained the delay: "I was late because I wanted to stay at home longer." When it comes to such awareness, it becomes much easier to prioritize, do not you?

 how to get rid of depression correctly

Love yourself

As we have mentioned above, the negative attitude toward themselves often consists of "toxic" units, seated in our minds. But that's not all: sometimes depression is due to the fact that we simply do not love ourselves. Remember what this uncomfortable feeling when your declaration of love rejected, and what the soul is filled with suffering? Here is the same: we do not love ourselves, and this causes us sorrow and anguish.

How can I fix it? Start listening to yourself. Your body - a living and unique, and it has its needs. Rather than move them satisfaction "for later" and forget about it, try to implement some sort of their desire right now. What do you want? Lie down in the bathroom instead of cleaning? So do it! Cleaning is not going anywhere, and your body will thank you for what you will hear it instead of another "moral" rape.

Do not forget to pay attention. Our life is what we do so much in a hurry: chew on the move, running on his heels, and enough sleep. All this affects the body: he gets tired, and he thinks about him forgotten. It is time to prove the opposite! Arrange a course of relaxation activities: sign up for a massage, go to the bath, do yourself a trendy manicure. Finally, treat yourself already! If you have something hurts - cure it immediately, because your body should not suffer because of your laziness. Start taking care of their appearance, it is much easier to fall in love with a beautiful rather than scary: buy their own quality stuff, good makeup, sport. And when you love yourself, your body will respond to you in return, and stop "depressovat."

Separate disposal of depression is quite real, it is only to want. We told you only about five ways, but in fact there is much more of! Turn on your imagination and the imagination, think about what you can surprise and please you. Being happy is not difficult - you just have to realize that you do this, nothing and no one interferes. The master key to your well-being - you own it. So take yourself in hand, limp stop and start to conquer new horizons.

 How to get rid of depression on their own: 5 Ways