Depression what to do


  • Signs of Depression
  • Causes of Depression
  • Thoughts that can lead to depression
  • The biological and psychological causes of depression in women
  • What should be the treatment of depression?
  • Self-help for depression
  • Ten ways to prevent depression

Depression can happen to everyone. And it does not mean that you are weak in spirit or even crazy. Some people suffer from depression for a long time, and some recover from it quickly. Some people need help, and someone strong enough to cope with their condition on their own.

In most cases of depression occur in women, and this is due to their increased vulnerability and emotional. If you're reading this, then you too worried about depression - what to do with it, you know? We will try to help you with advice. But first, let us determine whether you have depression.

Signs of Depression

Look at the list below, and check whether you can say to yourself something like this:

  • I often feel anxious or sad;
  • I feel guilty or worthless;
  • I am irritable and easily lose control of himself;
  • I eat less or more than usual;
  • I do not even want to do that before pleasure;
  • I have too little energy to live a normal day;
  • I sleep much more or much less than usual;
  • It is very difficult to concentrate;
  • I do not go to work, missing a lecture or something else very important;
  • I was plagued by headaches and body aches;
  • I started to drink alcohol to feel a little better;
  • I have no plans and hopes for the future;
  • It seems to me that my life will never be the best;
  • With me there is something strange: I began to think more often about death and hurting itself.

If you have four or more times told myself that these statements apply to you, then it is likely that you really get depressed.

Causes of Depression

So, you stated: "Yes, I'm depressed! "If indeed you do not have any doubt on this, it is necessary to begin the path to healing. After all, you do not want your future life was marked by despondency and hopelessness? But in order to know how to get rid of depression, not enough to make sure that you have it. We still have to understand why you have it all there. What are the reasons that might cause such disorder? Here are the most common ones:

  1. Abrupt changes in life

    It may be a loss (eg, death of a loved one or the loss of property), moving to a new residence, divorce, serious illness. Every person that has passed through such a test, eventually recovering. This happens all at different rates, and sometimes people need additional support to start to feel better.

  2. Genetic predisposition

    Some types of depression can be predetermined by heredity. The genes in your body are working as "blueprints" that define the algorithm of your reaction to stress.

  3. Chemical processes in the brain

    The imbalance of chemicals in the body leads to failures that result and becomes depressed. In addition, depression may provoke some drugs. If this happens, then to get rid of the oppressive state rather stop taking the drug causing it.

Among other things, the emergence (and flow) depression can have considerable influence and mindset of the individual. If you - an optimist, even a real disaster for a long time can not get you out of order. Yielding to despair, such people quickly realize: "Stop! I have depression begins! We must do things differently! ". The optimists by nature do not tend to think of something so that would bring them to a sense of hopelessness.

And if you are by nature more pessimistic? Then you need to know what thoughts straight road may lead you to depression and you need to try to avoid this type of thinking.

 I have depression to do

Thoughts that can lead to depression

According to the American psychologist Paul Hauck (and our Russian psychologists fully agree with him), three types of thinking can seriously harm your psychological well-being:

  1. Self-incrimination

    Self-blame is typical of those who believe: no matter what they do, it is always so badly that they do not deserve nothing but condemnation. If you too are prone to self-flagellation, you know the constant feeling of guilt that oppresses every day. Surely you also consider yourself a useless member of society, from which all alone anxiety. There is nothing surprising about that constantly feel guilty of every conceivable sin man soon falls into an abyss of despair and hopelessness.

    You have to figure out where you will have a conviction of worthlessness. Rather, the origins of this are low self-esteem in your child. Usually this happens to those sufferers who grew up in an atmosphere full of authoritarianism and suppression of their own will. At the time of your life you are not able to think abstractly, and therefore could not realize that it is simply impossible - for anyone! - Constantly behave just fine. You are constantly given to understand that your actions are wrong, and vulnerable children's psyche was formed with the realization of their own imperfections.

    It is important that you realize the illogicality of his thinking: just because of a few unfortunate decisions you feel like a complete jerk. But it's the same as if you said: "I am from head to toe covered with acne," if you jumped up a single pimple on the nose!

  2. Self pity

    Such people are endlessly sing the same song: "Oh, I feel so bad! In my life there is nothing good, everything goes awry with me every day dumped nothing but trouble and misery! Nobody loves me, I do not need anyone. None of the people I can not wait no thanks! "You know yourself? If you do not want to admit that these are not your thoughts are unfounded, then you can understand. Needed because the moral courage and maturity to admit that we can not expect that other people rushed to solve for you all your problems. We must act independently and not waste all the energy only laments.

    If you are prone to this type of thinking, you have to understand that the energy of your negative emotions will inevitably be transformed into a depression. And the only way to prevent depression or get rid of it - to change the type of their thinking.

  3. Compassion for others

    This is the third type of thinking that can lead to depression. If you are filled with pity for the others, it does not mean that you treat them with respect and do for them something good. And it is not even empathy. Empathy - the constructive feeling. It allows us to understand another person's feelings and give him the necessary support.

Pity is expressed in the following thoughts: "She was so bad that I just do not have the right to be happy at this time. If I take care of her, I should be the same miserable. And if I will not be sad, you can not divide it experiences. " See the difference? Instead of understanding and accepting the feelings of another person, while helping him to find the way from deep sorrow to the joy of life, you're just with him sink into depression and despair. Nothing but a depression, and then wait is not necessary.

The biological and psychological causes of depression in women

There are some causes of depression, which is characterized exclusively for women. This is due to the peculiarities of the female physiology. These reasons include:

  • Premenstrual problems

    Hormonal fluctuations during the menstrual cycle can cause such familiar each of us the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS). This bloating, fatigue, irritability and emotional reactivity. Many of us have seen enough PMS gently. But for some women, the symptoms are so severe that they can destroy their psychological health, causing severe dysphoric disorder.

  • Pregnancy and Infertility

    Many hormonal changes that occur in pregnant women can contribute to depression, especially if a woman is at risk. This also applies to other situations, one way or another related to issues of childbirth - such as miscarriage, unwanted pregnancy, abortion or infertility.

  • Postpartum Depression

    Many young mothers feel not only positive, but also disturbing emotions after childbirth. They were overcome by anxiety about the health of the baby, fear of the responsibility that comes along with motherhood, and an immense feeling of fatigue after a long period of - pregnancy and childbirth. This is a normal reaction and pass those fears in a few weeks. However, some women experience very severe depression, which is known as postpartum.

  • Perimenopause and menopause

    Perimenopause - the stage leading to menopause. During these physiological transformations of the organism women may be at increased risk of depression, because they have in the body is a major hormonal changes.

Psychological causes

Features female psyche manifested in the causes of their depression:

  • Focus on feelings and emotions

    Women more than men, tend to reflect if they are depressed. We are trying to analyze your feelings, cry to relieve emotional stress, trying to figure out what led us to depression, talk about their feelings girlfriends. However, all of these reflections and conversations only feed our depression and can even exacerbate its course. That man, if they get into a situation, try to distract from their own experiences. In contrast to the constant talk about his upset feelings, divert attention from the heavy emotions can significantly alleviate depression.

  • Dissatisfaction with his body

    Gender differences in depression are already noticeable in adolescence. The girls are very hard to perceive the alleged shortcomings of their appearance that they seem to be simply awful, and it gives them the most unpleasant emotions. The same ability to feel despair and an adult woman, if she thinks that it must meet some standards of appearance, but it is not impossible.

  • Exposure to stress

    Some studies show that women more often than men, the stress developing depression, and stress levels while a woman may be much lower than the one that is able to cause depression in men. Besides, the physiological response to stress have different reactions of the male body, so the depression in women occurs much faster.

What should be the treatment of depression?

Even the most severe depression can be treated, and the earlier start to its treatment, the better. Some common treatments include:

  • "Speaking" therapy. Discussing your problems with a psychologist, you can use it to find the best way to resolve them. In most cases this therapy gives very good results in the treatment of depression, especially if it is not too deep.
  • Cognitive (behavioral) therapy helps change your negative thinking and behavior.
  • Interpersonal (Interpersonal) therapy focuses on your relationships with others and is working to make them more positive.
  • Appointment of antidepressants. If the doctor deems it necessary, appoint a suitable specifically you medications that will help ease your condition. Pay special attention to the doctor's instructions, how to use prescription drugs not to harm themselves.

 what to do if depression

Self-help for depression

Remember a time when you said to yourself: "I'm depressed! ". You were able to realize this by yourself? So help yourself, and you are quite capable. First, learn to recognize and accept their emotions. And then you can make a huge dent in the wall that surrounded you're depressed, if you just try to change your lifestyle begin to enjoy each new day will be to act against his will isolate themselves from others, will eat only healthy food and always find time for rest and relaxation.

Self struggle with depression can be time consuming, but you can greatly reduce it if you allow yourself to rely on the support of loved ones. Talk about your feelings with people you trust. You are free to say what kind of help do you expect from them. Maybe your family will have to make a change in the relationship with you; but they will do so, knowing that everything will return to normal as soon as you run out of this difficult time.

Try to exercise a social activity, even if you do not really want it. When you are depressed, you feel comfortable to hide in a thick cocoon. But being around other people, you will not feel so depressed, in solitude. And if you need your help to someone else, then their own troubles will cease to occupy your thoughts.

And be sure to work out! Experts say that regular exercise can be as effective for increasing energy levels and reduce fatigue, as well as antidepressants. So why drink medicines, if you can help yourself to a pleasant and safe way? To do this, do not necessarily go to the gym. Thirty-minute daily walk will give you everything you need to defeat depression.

Always follow the rule: it is necessary to sleep an average of eight hours! Usually, depression includes sleep problems. And if you sleep too little or too much, then your mood will really suffer from it. Learning habits healthy sleep and be sure to stick with sleep and wakefulness.

Try to visit every day on the street, so that your body was necessary for the normal functioning of the portion of the light of day. Lack of sunlight itself can cause depression, and is caused by the chemical processes that occur in our bodies only under the influence of daylight. This is not necessarily to outside was sunny; your body will get everything you need, even if the sky is imposed by clouds all day.

Ten ways to prevent depression

Finally, we'll give you ten tips to recommend to erect the rank of life rules necessary to comply strictly.

  1. Understand and accept that there is a cyclical emotions.

    Life - like a roller coaster. Some days you are full of energy, and nothing can stop you. On other days you everything seems hopeless. And most of the time your emotions are somewhere in the middle. Understanding the structure of positive and negative emotions will help you see the future of their feelings.

    Next time, if the world turns gray, you do not panic, knowing that comes after a cloudy sunny day. You will realize that having a completely natural emotion that inevitably will pass and be replaced by a completely different mood. Knowing that the feeling of depression is only temporary, you are much easier to survive this period.

  2. Socialize mainly with positive people. Nothing affects what you think and what you feel like your surroundings. Thoughts, both negative and positive, are transmitted from person to person, as if it was a virus. If you are surrounded by negative people, it is natural that you start to think and feel the same way. To improve their attitude, spend time with positive people. Try to understand how they see the world. Most likely, you will be able to catch their ability to be happy.
  3. Remember your past successes

    Once the network discouragement is easy to forget everything you've ever done correctly. Spend just a few minutes each day to remember all their achievements. Ask yourself this question: What has helped me to be successful then? What are my greatest strengths? How can I use them to solve today's problems?

    These daily exercises will help restore your self-confidence. You will be much easier to understand what this time has gone wrong, and you can easily generate ideas that will help to achieve success both today and tomorrow.

  4. Focus on gratitude

    It is not necessary to focus on the nasty surprises that are able to present life. It is much wiser to celebrate joyful moments that too much to every passing day.