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Since time immemorial, people are looking for the relationship between the various phenomena in the world. They were especially interested in the possibility of determining the type of person for any parameters. Science psychodiagnosis born not so long ago, and to this point most people used different bases: the nature and date of birth, the nature and the choice of the name, and, of course, the nature and favorite color. Linkages in the last couple recognized by many scientists, there is even a whole new trend in science - psychology of color.

Everyone has their own preferences in colors: some like all bright, someone, on the contrary, dim, and some can not live without black. As a rule, it is difficult not to notice, because the color occupies a considerable place in the life of each person: the walls of the apartment, clothes, car, curtains folder at work - all this has a certain hue. Often preferences remain stable throughout life and practically not affected. So how do you relate favorite color and character?

Red color

This color is a symbol of health, energy and strength. It is a stimulus to activity, initiates activity in humans in all directions. For red characteristic feeling of fullness of life, deepening the experience and unbridled desire for success. For many people it is associated with a violent passion for life, passion and excitement. Bright picture is not it?

People who regularly choose red, different sociability, courage, developed will, ambitious, impulsive, as well as participation in the fate of others. Sometimes they lack emotion in life and want to "shake things up" - it is understandable, because they require a lot of energy for all of its endeavors. Surrounding it is always interesting with such a person, because it encourages not sit still, but to act.

Unfortunately, each "ointment" has a "fly in the ointment." People who choose the color red, as a rule, sick of the routine and mundane concerns, they want to make their life was like a holiday or even rafting on a mountain river. They are distinguished by inconstancy and impatience, stubbornness and excessive self-confidence, and this prevents them to remain objective in their judgment. Lovers of red always act in their own way, even if asked for advice from a close friend or teacher. But, as we said above, this is offset by their activity and cheerfulness.

I dislike this color is also quite eloquent: it is possible that you are afraid of pressure and aggression, going hand in hand with red. And sometimes it is just terrible that this whirlpool of energy will overflow and break into small pieces. Fatigue, anger, concern vital turmoil, dislike of strife - this is not a complete list of things that are typical for a person renounces red color in their lives.

 favorite color and character

Blue colour

The sea, the sky, the coolness and freshness - it is the associations that arise in the mind at the thought of blue. It symbolizes harmony and serenity, purity and spiritual elevation. Incidentally, this color is often chosen by people - probably not enough to us in the lives of all these things.

What can you say about a man who chooses the color blue? He usually modest and melancholy, trusting and reliable, conservative and quiet. Such a person is able to build relationships based on proximity, mutual assistance and sensitivity to the wishes of others. For her strong friendship is more important than a large, cheerful and noisy companies - she quickly tired of this and needs a rest. Such a person is very judicious: adage "look before you leap - cut once" - exactly about him.

People who give an important role in my life blue color, are able to take responsibility. That is why they have to be careful, because it can take advantage of a more unscrupulous fellow citizens: "hang" someone else's work, guilt, forced to do what they should not do - a lot of options.

Dislike of the blue, as a rule, characterized by energetic and restless people, those who are sickened by the tranquility and the monotony of life. Perhaps they have long been willing to change jobs or place of residence, because they do not have enough new experiences! Sometimes this is due to self-deception: people want to make an impression of a strong and omnipotent, but, in fact, it is closed and unsure of himself.


It is the color of joy and happiness, warmth and good cheer - not surprising, because in the minds of man he is usually associated with sunlight. He is a symbol of optimism. Usually yellow prefer sociable and communicative nature, which have a considerable share of boldness and curiosity about the world. Around they seem incurable optimist, but, in fact, their opinion is very easily influenced. Such people are easy to adapt to changes in circumstances, which makes their work quite successfully.

As for the thinking and the intellectual sphere, "zheltolyuby", creativity and originality have artistic taste and imaginative - it helps them to be creative. Thanks to the inquisitive mind, they like to solve interesting and new challenges.

Green color

For someone it is associated with dollars, and someone with nature. The latter, fortunately most. This color is wonderfully combines the balance of forest coolness and solar heat. For a man he has long symbolized youth, blossoming, hope and joy. Although in modern culture the concept of "green" is very close in meaning to the infantile.

People who prefer this color, often different confidence and steadiness of character. They are well in contact with others, which is manifested in their kindness, generosity and caring for others. Self-assertion and self-realization - these are the basic values ​​for those who prefer to "paint" life in green tones. They differ in mobile and flexible mind, which easily accepts new ideas.

However, there are drawbacks. Among them are the envy and sometimes love to gossip. Sometimes the "green" enters into the conservative, and they do not dare to try something new to the usual situation. They also differ perseverance, stubbornness and intransigence, the explosive combination of which can play havoc with their owner.

There are those who seek to avoid the green. As a rule, the same maniacal persistence they leave from life's difficulties and vicissitudes. These people have problems with communication, because they always seem to be very much that others want from them. Although it is sometimes due to the banal non-conformism and reluctance to accept the rules of society.

White color

On it is written a lot of beautiful words: white - is a symbol of purity, shine light, cold, ice and much more. Artists call it the perfect color, because it is - a synthesis of all the others. And it can be filled with any content, and it attracts many people. It turns out that the color can please anyone, because there is nothing repulsive.

A few words about the nature of man who likes white. As a general rule, it differs accuracy throughout. Lovers of white alert, critical, discerning and careful. Often such natures peculiar innocence and simplicity, because this color is often associated with childhood. And they are quite self-sufficient, so that virtually useless to try to achieve something by force from the "white" man.

Black color

There is not, perhaps, a man who at least once in his life did not feel love for the black color. This is despite the fact that it often represents the absence and emptiness. While the black and dark colors seem, in fact it is hidden a lot of passion and fire, and the elements of rebellion.

Those who in life choose black, always ready to fight. The sexual sphere occupies an important place in his life: a passion raging inside this controversial personality! The emotions and feelings of a man can be called unmanaged, and this makes communication with him unpredictable. It is characterized by commitment and prefers to go right through to its goal.

Unfortunately, fans of black often have to lose, because the correct assessment of the situation - not the most marked trait. The vision of the world of this complex nature rather bleak: it is pessimistic, and everything seemed to be painted in dark tones. It seems that his dreams are not feasible.

Those who reject black, usually trying to get away from everything connected with it: emptiness, sadness, despair, loneliness. Such a pronounced inherent denial of people who are trying to make life an inexhaustible source of positive. They themselves give the impression of ever-cheerful and good-natured persons. Usually it is just a mask behind which hide some traumatic experience for the individual.

 favorite color and character


Quite an unusual choice, and that's the essence of the lovers of this color. Those who do it, usually imaginative and creative people, who tend towards freedom and independence. Their way of life is not like a smooth highway requisite infrastructure - rather, it would be serpentine trail or insane designer.

People who choose purple, like mountain birds pulls them to fly, but sometimes they fall into "hibernation" in order to muster the strength to conquer new creative heights. They tend to succeed in all that they are interested in: art, communication, science - the area of ​​their activity lies within the spiritual realm. Lovers of purple choose their friends with similar interests: dialogue on such topics it is necessary as air. They have an enormous thirst for knowledge, and that's why they like all the mysterious and unsolved.

This color is rejected by the people down to earth, materialistic. The purple has some mystery, the mystery, and a certain person, it can be annoying - this is understandable. Stability and simplicity - these are the things that you value in others, and purple is by no means their implementation.

Brown color

Brown has quite a long associative number: it's fertile soil, and chocolate, and wood and much more. But he is the color of strength and reliability, harmony and home. It can also symbolize support and balance for humans.

People who choose brown, thorough and responsible, have a smooth character and authoritativeness. They think long before making an important decision for them. With these nice friends, as lovers of brown will never let you down in difficult times, even though they differ in severity and rigidity in dealing with people. Philosophize they, too, sometimes pulling, but with quite a practical purpose, which they, by the way, is almost always achieved.

They have their own shortcomings, "brown" people have thrift, which sometimes borders on skopidomstvom. Because of its thoroughness, they are often annoyed at those who act or think too fast. Lovers brown rarely produce a "brilliant" impression on people, despite the fact that they always control himself.

There are those who prefer to avoid in his life that color. Someone may not like it because of its unpleasant associations, and for some it will be a symbol of boredom and routine. Impulsive and easy-going people often experience rejection to brown, as it is bright enough for them.

Grey Colour

The most neutral and quiet choice. He is a symbol of protection from all the excess: energy, emotions and actions. He identified with the security and tranquility, because it is almost no sensible load. It is the color of reason and rationality, the color of those who are used to living with the mind, not the heart.

People who choose gray, kind of like a different character, and interests. Many of them are employed in science and technology, medicine, mathematics - in any field where logic and analytics are the primary means for achieving the objectives. They love to solve complex problems and to build a multi-thinking design. Their work has no place elements - they are used to calculate and predict everything.

This is reflected in his personal life. For them, the unthinkable chaos and confusion - even at home they have all laid out on shelves, and the picture is hanging in place perfectly sound. So evident thoroughness and meticulousness lovers gray, but do not perceive this as a disadvantage, because it is to them for help in turning situations that require deep and serious analysis. Selecting gray largely reflects a desire to dissociate itself from the anxiety and confusion of the world, to get away from his madness.

Those who do not like gray, hardly a pragmatic and calm, quiet and modest, prudent and logical. Most likely, you do not have enough madness, some kind of life shake. Rejection of gray - a longing for strong emotions at impulsive and ill-considered decisions.

The choice of color shade does not mean labeling for the rest of life - it's just a symbol direction and a very rough. Maybe you just love a particular option without reference to the personal type. Do not forget to take into account the likelihood of error and continue to be happy to use the color diagnostics!

 The nature and favorite color: know thyself!

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