New Year's gifts to the clock from La Mer Watches

If you love fashion accessories and watches a fashion, then you probably know that at this point is very important to combine watches and bracelets - we see this in the fashion shows and the pages of glossy magazines.

Today I want to introduce you to a unique watch brands - La Mer Collections. A feature of hours from La Mer Collections is an unusual elongated strap that is twisted around the wrist and turns into leather bracelet - looks unusual, elegant and very feminine. Some watches La Mer, in addition to the elongated strap are also chain with pendants and stones, which also looks like a bracelet. Jewellery and straps perfectly matched and work together to create a complete image.

 New Year's gifts to the clock from La Mer Watches

Price watch La Mer Collections starting from 5 th. Rubles. Hours Lamer you can buy in our online store e. We have a great selection of women's watches. Such as, watches TOKYObay, Lambretta, TACS, Rolf Cremer and of course the jewel of our collection of watches La Mer.

For you, free delivery all over Russia! We sent through the service EMS Russian Post, delivery about a week. Payment to the courier, when he will watch.

Delivery across Russia is free, payment after receipt of hours. Residents of Moscow's clocks are delivered by courier, and the courier can bring just two watches, and you leave yourself one that will enjoy more. Residents of the regions of the clock will be delivered by means of EMS Post.

If you live in Ukraine, we can also deliver your watch by mail, but only after the prepayment.

 New Year's gifts to the clock from La Mer Watches

We love our customers and we want to make them happy with a gift for the New Year at the order of hours you get a gift certificate for the amount of store L'Etoile - 500 rubles!

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 New Year's gifts to the clock from La Mer Watches

 Fashion trends in the world of women's handbags

Women's handbag - this is not just an accessory, it is the one thing without which no woman can not imagine my life! After all, no matter where the fair sex, they have to take with you everything you need, so - they need a bag. And an equally important role as it is the quality and capacity, as well as appearance. Therefore, be aware of the latest trends that have emerged in the world of the most beloved female accessory - a duty of every fashionista!

For all those who prefer a variety of research and experimentation classical solutions are ideal for a bit elongated rectangular bags. But it is important to remember that these models still more business than universal. Well, trying to choose a middle ground, you can try to find a rectangular pattern, trimmed with velvet or glossy inserts.

For true lovers of shocking this season green light. First, to replace the muted colors come bright colors that dominate in almost all collections. Second, despite the fact that the coming winter handbags not become more stringent. On the contrary, they are full of floral prints, patterns in ethnic style, lace, stones, beads and with animal prints. Well, if in stores will be difficult to find such, you can buy a similar model handbags on eBay.

With regard to the invoices handbags, the only right decision here does not exist. As always, the designers have the last word by the fashionistas who are asked to select from a natural leather, synthetic leather, soft fabric or fur. Some changes have been this season bag of classical form, because many models were sewn from bright shiny fabrics.

Do not forget about the fans designers and small clutches. This winter, they look particularly graceful, as in most cases decorated with beads, chains, threads of pearls. No less ornate look and pattern, trimmed with guipure.

So, given all of the above, it can be concluded that the offer designers the freedom to choose the ladies. It is not surprising, because the most important thing - to bag fell future possessor of soul and every day it again and again pleased!

 Fashion trends in the world of women's handbags

 Advantages of replicas of branded watches

Even despite the fact that any modern man can always know the exact time looking at the screen of your mobile phone, so-called "wrist" watch, still occupy a strong position in terms of demand. After all, in addition to counting seconds, minutes and hours, such timepieces, issued under well-known brands in the world, able to emphasize the prestige and style of its owner. In other words, this accessory is designed to qualitatively perform representative functions.

With this task fully capable of handling the product iconic brands, for example, such as watches patek philippe, Girard Perreqaux or Rolex. However, the cost of a very, very high.

How to be a man who dreams to buy such a watch, but it does not possess, and a tenth of the price fixed for them? Previously, such a desire and there would be unworkable .  Today in any virtual or offline store you can see a huge range of high quality timepieces made copies of well-known trademarks .  Having studied the windows, you'll see exactly executed perfectly watches breguet, Calvin Klein and other famous brand products, and more precisely, their cues, almost indistinguishable from the originals .  And while the cost for sure will please you with its availability .  Moreover, such a pricing policy is not due to a decrease in the level of quality .  Because we all know that "untwisted name" or brand - this is the factor by which the real value of various products (including chronometers) added a very visible increase .  And the use of modern technologies allows you to create replica watches of famous brands, which combines excellent quality with an affordable price .

Replicas of branded timepieces that can be found in any specialized shop, distinguished by the presence of a number of features that ensure ease of use. This list can be enabled to monitor the exact time, calendar, stop watch dials, and for waterproof models - depth indicators. In addition, in some copies of brand models represented such a functional component, as the memory clock. If you wish, you can make it important to you, for example, birthday boss, as well as to expose sound reminder. With this design, you are guaranteed not to forget about any significant event.

 Advantages of replicas of branded watches

 The Swiss company Tag Heuer

Tag Heuer Swiss company founded in 1860. Company founder Eduard Hauer. The main advantages of hours produced is safe and reliable running, precision and quality. The characteristics of the clock for the most part can be attributed to sports.

All the time the company, it is crossed with various sports and tournaments. Measurement results at a sporting event for a long time to produce precise chronometers Tag Heuer. The company also supplies equipment for the Olympic Games. The company regularly participated in all Olympic Games 20s. Since 1960, the company began to attend and to "Formula 1", thanks to men with high income are interested in production time producer.

The company has created a connection not only racing, but also to several ski resorts. Since 1989, the company is the official timekeeper for the world championships in skiing. In 1985 the company merged with a group of Technique d'Avant - Garde Group. That's after the merger, the company received its present name. Many magazines include it among the five best Swiss watch company in terms of sales. This perfectly characterizes the firm, because its products are popular with customers, and the originals and copies of hours of help to look stylish.

Before being brought to the purchaser, hours are 60 different weather and mechanical tests. It sports models, which are supported by 6 characters quality. Watch is water resistant even at a depth of 200 meters, a double buckle hours in a stylish steel bracelet. Having tag heuer replica watches is prestigious, because it is quite expensive products, a luxury item.

The official representative of the world's national tennis - sportswoman Maria Sharapova. It combines the skill of athletes and unmatched beauty. Maria Sharapova participate in promotions of the company. She's a few years managed to become champion and winner of various sports events, it is master of his craft, which is not easy to win tournaments, and makes it very beautiful and elegant. It is a wonderful mix of sport qualities and beauty inspired a company that more than a half century produces quality watches, to sign a contract with the famous athlete.

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 The Swiss company Tag Heuer - a prominent player watch market