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Each of us experiences stress on a daily basis, but not on time. Ideally, after each stress relaxation should follow, but unfortunately, our lives are far from perfect. That is why it is so popular all kinds of relaxation and training courses: they are people who are tired of the week, study finds harmony with yourself and your body and understand the basics of what they have forgotten in this crazy world - relaxation.

We're all tired. The same route from home to work and back, relax in front of a TV with eating potato chips - all this is not conducive to relaxation and harmonization processes in the body. A constant state of stress leads to the fact that we have increased the number of diseases in the body, neuroses, depression, and even schizophrenia. At the same time, rest and relaxation can significantly prolong life and improve its quality. What are the methods and techniques?

Physical relaxation techniques

Relaxation of the body - is the most famous and ancient way to calm down. It is not surprising, since many centuries ago was known truism about the relationship of body and soul. We get used to living in the "tense and confused bundle of nerves" - so the clips are formed. What you need to do in order to get rid of them?

Yoga - a great way to banish stress from your body. Have you seen the Indian sages? At least in the picture? They seem very relaxed people, and it's all thanks to yoga and meditation. On the latter we describe a little further, and is read as with the help of simple yoga exercises - they are also called asanas - to achieve harmony. After their performance, you will experience the ease and healing effect on the entire body.

The most effective posture - a dead pose or Savasana. In order to enter into it, lie on your back, arms stretched along the body and connecting the legs together. Relax your entire body so that the toes and heel broke, and his hands have dropped down the side of his hand. This starting position. Start with the fact that he felt his right hand: as it is on a hard floor and crushes him. Usually this feeling responds tingling or throbbing. Then do the same with the left hand.

Then spread the brunt of all trades - feel them simultaneously. After that, relax your left and right legs. Feet relax a little more difficult: it is better not to do this separately (on one hand - as is the case with the brush), and in its entirety. Please fill weight and warmth of one leg because the other, then - together, and then feel the hands and feet.

Then relax your buttocks, abdomen, back and chest. You can use images of a solid floor underneath and crushing it on top of a hot body. Once added to the new part of the body is relaxed, check it thoroughly. Then feel the neck and masticatory muscles and tongue. The latter, incidentally, may even fall down powerless. Do not forget to relax your face, in fact it is the center of all energy. You will surely come in handy way of muscle fullness hot liquid. The forehead is better to feel cool.

This is the basic relaxation techniques of Hatha Yoga. We recommend Shavasana a tranquil location, offers serenity and lack of bright light sources. In general, this position takes about ten minutes, it is better to practice it every day, and not one time. It is important to keep yourself in the mind during the exercise, but sleep is not prohibited. Leaving from shavasana be stretched and slowly moving limbs.

Yoga is effective if you want to relax the body through regular practice. However, there are situations that otherwise can not be called as a stress. In these moments of relaxation can be achieved only spilling anywhere from the body of the accumulated aggression and negative energy. This is facilitated by intense exercise, such as jogging or kickboxing. It would be great if you prefer something similar under the guidance of an experienced coach. Or you can just go to the dance - then relax together with a dose of positive emotions are guaranteed!  body relaxation

Psychological relaxation techniques

No movement of one man alive. In addition to the body, there is also a mentality that also need to be able to relax. And it is here that many of the problems begin, because one thing to exercise, and quite another - to deliver the voltage soul. How can you help yourself?

Meditation - is the first thing a person thinks, wishing to relax body and soul. There are two of its main areas: receptive, with emphasis on perception and concentrative with a focus on concentration. You can use the one that is closer to you. By the way, a very common myth that meditation should be given a very long time. It is not so: the modern working man, always busy with various activities, rather ten to fifteen minutes to feel the relaxation of the body and learn to live "here and now" and not "there and then".

There are a variety of forms of meditation. For example, there is a traditional technique for Buddhism, which is called "mindfulness meditation." Initially, a person is invited to focus on some small sense, for example, the flow of air through the nostrils to inhale and exhale. Gradually changing facilities for meditation - in general, they can be anything, such as a candle flame, the sound of breathing or heartbeat. The pinnacle of craftsmanship is considered to be the ability to focus on the absence of thought, feeling disappears almost entirely own "I" is the condition resulting in complete rest. You can also concentrate on the mantra - sounds or words that are repeated mentally or aloud meditating. Whichever option you choose, it can be useful and effective for you - most importantly, that your meditation sessions were scheduled.

However, not necessarily devote to meditation for a separate time and place. You can practice relaxation in everyday life: it requires careful attention to what you are doing and what is happening to you. The key here is awareness, that is, concentration and total openness to the perception of what you are in contact here and now. For example, now you're looking at a laptop screen, you can see the black letters on a white background, light shines on you, from somewhere in the street came the roar of machines, and in the abdomen you hear a quiet grumbling.

This does not mean a ban on thinking about the future or the past, but they must be connected with the present. If you think about the exam, concentrate on what you have is the feeling this thought: fear, anxiety, interest or something else. It is impossible to live "here and now" is a constant feeling of anxiety and tension: on the job do you think about home affairs, home - about jobs, and you do not have time for relaxation. Thus, the real life is replaced with something similar to the survival and existence.

More mentalizing option is the visualization meditation - focusing on any form of usually pleasant. Take a comfortable position: Sit or lie down so that you feel comfortable to hold in this position at least five minutes. Including a beautiful relaxing music and start to visualize.

Imagine golden ball, which is filled with warm and beautiful light. Every time he appears, your stress and anxiety disappear. Throughout the body are filled harmony and warmth. This ball is lifted from the bottom up, starting with the feet and ending with the torso. Then he goes down to his fingers along the arms, and then rises to the neck and part of the head. If you feel an exacerbation of anxiety or stress, just send back the golden ball - and they will.

Your body will be completely relaxed. Stay a while in this state. When you need to get out of it, just breathe three times and absorb fresh energy and life that were inside of your body with the ball. The regular repetition of this exercise can work wonders, because contact with something pleasant, we are gaining positive energy and resources, so you need to relax.

 pleasant relaxation of the body

A few helpful tips for relaxation

Relaxation and relaxation can not be reduced to a simple implementation of physical and mental exercises. In order to reduce the degree of tension in your life, you must make changes to its image. Usually discontent and fatigue occur when a long period of time are not satisfied the natural needs of man: organism resources are not restored, and the load is growing. What to do? How to restore the natural balance and inner harmony?

  1. Healthy sleep

    "How many times told the world ...". Unfortunately, many people still ignore the fact that the nervous system requires a strong enough sleep. Without it, it is impossible to resource recovery of the body and, consequently, the release of stress and fatigue. Therefore, there can be one piece of advice - get enough sleep! Please note that the daily need for sleep each person individually. If your friend takes five hours and nine you, there is nothing wrong - it is better to take into account its own characteristics and ignore stop trying to be like everyone else.

  2. Massage

    Oh-oh-oh, it came up with some incredible genius! Massage is therapeutic and relaxing, and we're talking about the latter. There are many variations on this theme, but the result is usually the same: after a session you feel like your back grow wings, and a sense of fatigue and stress is replaced by harmony and pleasure in all the members of your body. It is necessary to introduce this procedure into its schedule at least once a week, preferably two!

  3. Walks in the open air

    The rhythm of our lives is that we no longer pay attention to the beauty of the world, as described above. One way of relaxation - is to allow time for it to walk quietly and look at the trees, the sky, the houses and the people around him. The proximity to nature in general healing, because it is able to draw out of you all the accumulated negative. No matter what the weather outside - learn to find time out to be alone with himself and the world.

  4. Shopping

    This method is worthy of mention in any more or less self-respecting women's magazine. It just so happened that our nature is prone to collecting and selecting and buying clothes - a way to lose all the accumulated tension. By the way, walking to the shops - it is also an excellent exercise, which also leads to the relaxation. Just do not forget that you need to buy only what you really like and you want, otherwise the result will be shopping guilt and anxiety.

  5. Cultural enjoyment

    The man - a spiritual being, and, in contrast to animals, it is full of all sorts of complex needs, such as the need for aesthetics or for self-development. Have you ever noticed how good it becomes the soul after a good concert or a deep theatrical production? The frantic pace of life we ​​forget to take care of your soul, and it meets our exhaustion and fatigue.

  6. Tasty food

    Favorite female doping after the purchase of clothing (and perhaps before). Sometimes, in order to relax us it is enough to eat a bar of chocolate or a well-done steak. Unfortunately, eating delicacies it is often associated with their preparation, which, of course, is not conducive to relaxation. Therefore, if you want to relax, the restaurant is worth a visit - there you will be able to eat from the belly and not burden themselves with household chores.

  7. Loneliness

    It sounds strange, but it's a fact: a person must periodically be alone with yourself. Constantly chasing success and achievements, we forget who we really are. Information overload are often excessive for our brains, so if you want to get rid of constant fatigue, is to set aside time to meet with itself.

These are simple but effective ways we can offer you. Not necessarily trying to bring to life each of them, but listen to them and change anything - it is the first step. Over time, you will have more and more energy, and fatigue will cease to be your constant companion. Well, the most important condition for relaxation - it's love and care for herself.

 Relaxation - the key to happiness and longevity

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