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  • Seven causes of female loneliness
  • 10 reasons why loneliness became good

How many years ago, our modern society often bewildered applies to single women. And women themselves are unlikely to consciously abandon the happy relationship with a beloved man, the prospect of having a family and children. Whatever strutted single women, no matter how they pretended that they are quite satisfied with the status quo, to themselves and to others it is clear that it does not coincide with the inner desire of every woman to love and be loved.

So why are so many singles? And what are the reasons of loneliness many contemporary female representatives of the human race? If this problem affects you the most direct way, take a look at seven possible reasons, one of which may be just your case. Maybe you can so change your life to make it a place for a real relationship.

 causes of loneliness

Seven causes of female loneliness

  1. All your negative emotions are constantly written on your face

    Many of us do not realize that what we feel immediately becomes evident in the words of our face, the way we stand and talk, look at him. And if you're angry, hate or feel unhappy, it immediately comes out all over your appearance, no matter how great your hair cut, manicure, dress, how beautiful you are or how graceful figure of your clothes. All of this will fade, and we'll see just how much you are unhappy. Who wants to deal with a "weeping willow"? Any guy will attract primarily cheerful always laughing, even if it is dressed, wearing makeup and my hair is not as elegant as you.

  2. Your outer shell is not the same as the internal content

    This reason is very closely connected with the cause of the previous one. Yes, it is true that men are attracted primarily woman's appearance. The first impression is really important! And it includes your smile, look, demeanor and overall attractiveness. However, your appearance, no matter how attractive it may be, this is not something that will cause a man to come back to you again and again.

    Even if you learn to hide the symptoms, such as irritability or hostility, that on closer dialogue with the guy you will still be able to understand that you're not quite the man he appears outwardly. Obviously, it is very important to find a balance between your appearance and inner world. Do not get hung up on the desire to focus on their appearance. Much more important to work on yourself by putting itself the goal of personal growth and creating a solid moral foundation for the expansion of the circle of your attractive features.

  3. Life has taught you to take the men with mistrust?

    This may be another reason alone! Men are just as emotional beings, and as such are we women. They just do not show their sensitivity, considering it a sign of weakness. Yes, men love sex, they are ready to enjoy it at the earliest opportunity; but married-and to build the life they want with that woman, that they will love and who will love them too, without any "but"!

    And you have heard that men are constantly changing their partners or wives. You may have seen examples of this among his acquaintances or relatives. Yes there was a time when your heart is broken sorry for his own mother, who learned about the change of his father and inconsolably grieved about it. But just because your father once left the family, it does not mean that you should not trust any man. Unfortunately, many of the girls, which played out in front of these family dramas, as adults, they are afraid to open your heart to love. If you treat it, it will be better if you understand: everyone has their own destiny, and you will not repeat the fate of the mother, if you go on your way.

  4. Too loose views on relationships with men

    Of course, sexual desire - a very strong feeling, and it happens that a free woman is led by his desires. But in a relationship with her husband is very great importance honesty and high morals. You do not want such family relationships, they are full of passion and fire in the bedroom, but who lack the emotional stability and reliability in their daily lives? Do not want this as men.

    We, women cling to a man with whom we start a relationship, and our emotions are developing faster and deeper than that of a partner. Naturally, no man will refuse sex if the opportunity presents itself to him. But if it happens when he has not yet experienced a woman special feelings, it very quickly lose interest. Did he want to continue the relationship with the dasher, which is ready to go to bed with anyone who will be next?

    So it turns out that a woman is already experiencing some emotion for this man, and does not understand that he still sees it as only a girlfriend tonight. And does this man not the conclusions of its rapid consent to sex. And soon all switches to a very different young lady, leaving the ex-girlfriend alone.

  5. Lack of fairness to herself

    Most single women over thirty-five and thirty years old, who want to get married and build a family and enter into a relationship with a man who does not really like and do not see themselves as happy with him in the future .  They are afraid to lose rapidly escaping time for further search of true love; they are willing to accept an offer of a joint life of all men and all times: registration - excellent! Civil marriage - also come! And even if a man says that he does not intend to observe fidelity to - well, maybe even'll be able to tame it ... Few can withstand such a "marriage" for a long time .  But faith in itself loses final .  It is not necessary to repeat such mistakes - it will cause loneliness, possibly for the rest of your life! It is very important to feel its value, regardless of whether you have or not a man is now .  Be honest with yourself, do not close their eyes to the lack of love for you a man, and strive to find a person who will enrich your life, and will not cause some suffering .

  6. You do not love yourself

    Single women went into a certain age begin to treat yourself to a very unfriendly. They prefer to see themselves as some disadvantages, and it seems that the whole world concentrated only contemplates them. And the more they start to not like, the more I push myself to other people. Soon, these women find themselves in complete isolation, and it seems that they do not deserve to be with someone.

    Try not to give the events develop according to this scenario. Remember that the sound vibrations own hatred for others very clearly and loudly. The classic saying "You have to love yourself before you can love someone else" is very true. So do not let another reason alone ruin your life - learn to love yourself!

  7. Solitude - it's your own choice

    In today's society, women have the opportunity to be happy, do not marry. Being single today is not identical to the concept of "being alone." Many single people have a serious relationship and love in their lives. Of course, the traditional goal of couples who love each other - a marriage; but you can have set themselves entirely different purpose.

If you are happy, despite its status as a single woman, I enjoy the freedom and control over their lives, then you should not succumb to pressure to marry. Moreover, if deep down you know that this is not for you. Allow yourself what makes you happy, because you are alone and call something impossible!

 the cause of loneliness

10 reasons why loneliness became good

If you do not want to marry, preferring to remain in splendid isolation, you have a lot of good reasons to be satisfied with their choice, and to achieve a certain level of comfort of its independence. The art of being alone has its reward, even if your loneliness will last only a year or two ... or a lifetime! Here they are, these reasons are:

  1. Loneliness gives you the ability to easily figure out what you really are and what you want from your life

    You do not follow in the footsteps of others to you, do not comply with common standards. Those women who live alone, have a huge amount of free time that they can spend on themselves. It is reasonable to use this time for self-discovery and the identification of opportunities for personal growth and self-realization.

  2. The desire to find a relationship that would completely satisfy you, help you avoid unhealthy relationships conclusion simply out of desperation and loneliness

    There is no more important and valid causes of female loneliness than this. Failure to endure lonely evenings or overcome feelings of inferiority may make you an easy target for "groom" with questionable intentions, and it is a big risk for you. Today loneliness increase your chances tomorrow to meet someone who is able to assess your strengths, do not use for their own gain your weaknesses.

  3. The life of a single woman in itself is a good motivator, especially when it comes to money

    If you live alone, you can rely only on itself. When you do not expect anyone's help, quickly learn how to handle money, and not just to spend wisely, but also enough to earn them. Peace of mind and a sense of complete freedom of their rights and opportunities will be for you the best reward. By acquiring new knowledge and self-confidence, you become less vulnerable and get new opportunities to protect their own future, whether you stay one or - more importantly - get married again.

  4. When you live alone, your success gives you a chance to become a role model for others

    Inspired by your good example, your girlfriend divorced, widowed parent or an adult, but still lonely child will be able to find the strength to believe that being alone, you can find satisfaction in life!

  5. Life alone gives you an opportunity to become more independent, more self-sufficient and more creative

    There is no more division into "his" and "my" responsibilities: they are now "your." You will learn so much - from minor repairs in the apartment prior to hiring workers to repair the roof in your own home, from the beds to the mark with his own hammer a nail. All this can be a source of pride to your satisfaction. It will also give you interesting features, and more confident person who can.

  6. Taking care of yourself gives you the opportunity to take care of others

    If you have children or elderly parents who need your help, you can give them more time if successfully cope with his own life.

  7. Peace of mind and satisfaction of your life make you look in a special way

    When you are in tune with yourself, you will begin to radiate vitality. It's intriguing. This attracts the attention of men and makes them show interest in you.

  8. In addition to improving your self-esteem, quiet and measured life of a single woman, and it allows you to strengthen your health

    Enjoying a deep sleep, a healthy diet, physical education, regular medical check-ups - because you can afford it now!

  9. You can always find time for yourself! Living alone, you get to control your schedule and find time for what has long wanted to do: read a good book in the evening, to go on a trip to Italy, to run in the morning and before going to bed at night. You do not hurt anyone!
  10. And finally, another reason why it is possible to enjoy solitude: you do can leave unwashed dishes in the sink, instead of dinner, eat ice cream, open bedroom window at night and so much more

    You do not need to adjust under anybody! You can completely be myself when living alone. Take note of this. And enjoy a complete lack of any kind was a liability to someone else - you are your own mistress, and are responsible for their own lives.

Living alone can be an important period of self-determination. Take it with enthusiasm. Live life to the fullest and reap the fruits of their freedom!

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