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Tell me, please, what self-respecting young lady would not want to keep a diary? Probably every girl once picks up a treasured notebook, which is intended to become a real friend, and ... I do not know what to do with it! Not such a simple thing - keep a personal diary!

How to keep a diary

Blogs play an important role in the personal formation of the young girl, because it helps to make sense of the past and learn to think about their future. You can make a prediction about what will happen in the near future, and then see how your assumptions were correct. You can read about what you care more recently, his smile and naive thoughts. Keeping a diary - worthwhile, and we will teach you how to do it right.

How to record

Start doing the recording only if you really have an interest. If you are excited about the idea simply because they are doing it all your girlfriends, you get tired of it very quickly and you are likely to have thrown a treasured notebook. Understand that you do not crank blog for friends and for themselves. Ultimately, it will be your best friend, who can talk about what you can not tell anyone else.

If you are just starting to take notes, then start small. The first few days you may find it amusing to record in his diary a lengthy discourse, but very quickly the thought of having to write a lot can frighten you that any desire to discourage further attempts. It is then, with time, you will realize that it is not so often happen to be important for you to events that are really worth details "to perpetuate" in his notebook. And while writing about everything.

Speaking of notebooks. It is better to buy a rather voluminous book that you do not accumulate a lot of disparate thin diary. Try to buy a diary with a lock that can help you protect your revelation from unwanted curiosity of your brothers or sisters. Just do not lose the key to the castle!

Make entries in his personal blog is best in the evening, because the way you will be able to more clearly describe what happened to you during the day. If you write in the morning of yesterday, and already the details of the events can be forgotten, and emotions have gone to bed. And if you write only about the day coming, there is nothing specific to write you and someone else can not. It is therefore reasonable to write all night. Start with a description of the morning of the last day. Describe what mood you start the day, what was expected of him. Then go to the most important events of the day and to its completion. If you want to write a lot, and the time or energy is not enough, you can interrupt the narration, writing a promise to continue the thought of tomorrow. The next day you will not be too difficult to continue writing: read the writing on the eve of, you revive your emotions about it.

It is not necessary to take notes every day, after all the exciting events do not occur very often, and interesting reflections also visit us every day. But if you were to write that, but you do not have time enough, you should not worry about it. You can make a very brief in his diary entry, just a few words, stating the reason for his "silence" and apologized. After all, this is your friend! Always imagined that the diary is a real person, not inanimate objects. The only way you can get a sense of the conversation with like-minded creature.

Never embellish the events described. Always write only the truth! Diary as a true friend, always you "listen", and if you're honest, "tell" you the best way out of problem situations. You can revisit your previous entries, and will analyze how were linked in any accident with your words and actions. This will help you make the right conclusions. And as your secrets ... In fact it's just your blog, so he called a "personal", and it is securely save all your secrets!

How to blog

Of course, you will be much nicer to "communicate" with his friend, if he is beautiful. Now sell special diaries, which are decorated on the cover and inside. They, by the way, are equipped with a lock. But they have one drawback: they force you my vision of where, how and what to write (because the pages inside are provided with appropriate inscriptions), and it is very distracting from the presentation of his own thoughts. These ready-made diary well developed that even very young girls. So, try to decorate the blog on their own, thus giving it its soul and giving it personality.

Select a cover design that you think is most suitable for you. It can be stuck on it a picture or photo that reflects your interests (for example, if you love daisies, you can just to put them on the cover, and if you are fond of traveling, you can paste the picture of the most interesting campaign), but you can draw something on the cover yourself if you know how.

If you want, you can stick a variety of labels and pictures on the pages of the diary. You can simply make different scribbles to express how you feel about someone or something, which is writing. Draw a smiley face to show his emotions. You can also put on the pages of the diary of sorts "souvenirs" such as flower petals, or anything related to what happened that day. If you were in a museum or go to the circus, tickets can be stuck. And you can stick to a particular page the envelope in which to store photographs and other relics are important to you, not inflicting damage.

Try to come up with something of their own. For example, you can create such a tradition - at the end of each record, a different color, to write the same phrase: "The lesson that I have received: life - this is when ..." and each time the write end of the phrase that came to mind after lived day. This can be done every day, and after some important events for you that you will add a piece of a new life experience.

 how to keep a personal diary

How to make a blog tool for personal growth

Below, we have the most common questions about the diary, as well as their answers:

  • Why should I keep a personal diary?

    Because it is the most efficient way to sort out their thoughts and feelings as well as a diary helps to see every situation as if from the outside and appreciate it more soberly. Keeping a diary also promotes emotional and spiritual growth.

  • How often should I take notes?

    You should not force yourself to write every day. The most optimal - two or three times a week. But give yourself a word that at the time when you Retire for inclusion in the blog entries, you will not be distracted or talking on the phone or the TV is on, anything else that could interrupt your thinking. Consider it a sacred time of communication between you and your "I".

  • How do I begin each record?

    As an introduction, you can write briefly about what happened to you that made you some strong emotions and the thoughts you have prevailed in this case. The most important thing - to begin to study in detail what happened. What specifically do you feel the event? What emotions did you experience? What are thoughts? What images or old memories pop up at this time in your mind? Have you pain and tension? How to respond to it is your body? Allow yourself to explore the incident as a slow film frame by frame, noticing the smallest details. Studying the event and his reaction to it, you study itself.

  • What to do next?

    Ask yourself some questions: Do I feel myself as ever before? When it was? What happened then? As I then behaved and whether my behavior correct? What a great decision I was adopted?

  • Will I a study of the situation in the future?

    Yes! If you've made the decision spontaneously, relying only on their own feelings and emotions, in the future, once in a similar situation, you will have to act more deliberately.

  • What do I do if I was full of anger and resentment toward someone, or even to itself?

    Diary - your friend, and you can talk to him frankly. But try not to sink into negative emotions, because they are destructive to us. It is better to let go of the negative and switch to something more pleasant. Thereby you shoot a big load from his soul!

  • How do I finish a record in the diary?

    Make a conclusion at the end of his record. Think about what you do with discovering. Jot them lying down in one or two sentences. Write how you should act in the future. Imagine that you have addressed to some wise beings whose opinion is very important to you. Ask him a question mentally, "listen", that you should "tell." Write it down and follow the advice in the future.

  • What do I do if I feel that I did not get to record, because I do not find the right words?

    Try to control yourself and stop just write whatever comes to mind. Do not think in this case, how beautifully worded phrases and do not you fault. In the end, these records will not be read except you! When you relax, thoughts will flow freely, and you will only have time to write them.

Congratulations! You have successfully started his blog! Make sure that you securely hide it from prying eyes. And even better - do not tell anyone that you have got it. Remember, the blog is a part of your soul! Do not lose it when the notebook is over; you still want to return to it in the future.

 Personal diary

Some practical advice on keeping a diary

Below we have tried to summarize some of the rules, following which you will learn how to properly keep a diary:

  • Remember that this is your personal diary, and you can write in it what you want and how you want

    What we have told you, only tips for you. You can follow them if you want, but the choice is yours!

  • Take notes and write down all gently so that it is clear what is at stake

    When you want to read your blog in a few years, you should easily understand and write without problems to revive their memories.

  • Write so that you were very interesting to re-read his notes years from now ... tsat

    Try to start the description of a spectacular entry, something like "You'll never guess what happened to me today! "Or" What the hell! It was unforgettable! "Try the most vividly convey their emotions.

  • Write down in a diary all of their deep thoughts

    If you keep them deep inside yourself, then in charge of the diary makes no sense.

  • Write in your journal your favorite quotes from the books and statements of great people

    You can take this for individual pages, but it is best to write them in a number of its records, as they will be in tune with your thoughts. But then highlight them in a different color to visually these quotes do not get lost in the general text.

Make entries in the diary is sometimes difficult, and time consuming, they are many. We all once began to keep a diary, but most of us eventually was cast them. But if you type the patience and will to give his diary at least a little time, then very soon you will no longer feel that it is boring or time consuming. In fact, you'll look forward to that cherished time when you will be alone with his true friend!

 Personal diary girl: "Hello, dear friend! "

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