how to bring up the character


  • The main steps for the training of moral discipline
  • Begin to act!
  • Look for people with similar aspirations

Originally, the word "character" (from the Greek charakter - feature, feature, scrape, mark, stamp) translates as "chasing, chaser" and was used as a term for organizing coins. In modern language, this word implies the sum of personal qualities of a person - such as, for example, honesty, courage, perseverance, loyalty, kindness and other qualities, positive and negative. This is the most important description of the person, as it defines the very essence of man - that he represents.

Of course, the basis of the nature of genetically laid, something is introduced in the process of raising a child; but anyone can consciously inculcate yourself some character traits or, conversely, from some shortcomings get rid of. Self-education, training his character and will help obscure girl, "gray mouse" to become a strong personality, self-confident woman. In addition, so it is possible to achieve greater efficiency in its sphere of influence - to become more competent person at work or a recognized leader in his social circle. What are the ways of self? Let's step by step look at how to cultivate the will and character, will harden and improve their personal qualities.

 How to bring a character

The main steps for the training of moral discipline

First you must understand what is strength of character. In other words, "What is the force, brother? "Strength of character is determined by the qualities that enable us to control instincts and passions, make it possible to resist the many temptations that so often come our way. Moreover, the strength of character - is freedom from bias and prejudice, and the exercise of tolerance, love and respect for others.

And one more thing you need to understand before you will take for self-education: why you want to raise a strong character? Why do you have the strength of character value? You will be easier to harden their will, if you understand the following:

  • Strength of character will allow you to achieve what you think about it, helping to cope with obstacles and setbacks. This will help you achieve major goals in the end.
  • Strength of character will allow you to conduct an "investigation" and the elimination of the causes of a bad mood, not just whine and complain, as many tend to do.
  • Strength of character will give you the courage to recognize their own mistakes and weaknesses. Recognition errors - the first step toward correcting them.
  • Seasoned character will give you the power to "preserve a foothold," when circumstances turn against you and you will be able to swim against the tide.

Find out for yourself the obvious advantages of a strong character, begin to start forming of it - brick by brick, step by step. Here's the main thing that you have to learn how to do:

  • Empathize with others

The ability to empathize with others, especially the weaker people, as well as the ability to love others as much as yourself will help you to improve the harmony of the self. Empathy is very different from sympathy. It involves your active participation in the life of another person, to help him to the extent necessary, while empathy is emotional, but rather a passive reaction - watch, listen, play along and comfort. Actively helping another person, you will develop as a person and bring up character.

  • To oppose their irrational impulses, so, for example, the craving for sweets

The great philosopher Aristotle said that there are seven basic human emotions: love, hate, desire, fear, joy, sadness and anger. By themselves, these passions are not something abnormal for a person; deceitfully them that they can "get around" our intelligence and make us their slaves. We are starting to have too much, uncontrolled shopping, to give vent to his anger, plunged into sadness and gloom - each has its own weaknesses and passions. Tempering the will, you will be able to free themselves from the enslavement of his own passions. Indulgence - a sign of a weak character, but the ability to keep their whims and emotions - a sign of strength of character and will.

  • Be happy with what you have

Imagining that somewhere in the grass is greener, and that someone has a recipe for a happy life, you risk not see the grass under their feet. Do not forget that it is only your assumptions about how others live well. In fact, you can not know this for sure. It is better to focus on how you are living, and look good around him. Perhaps, we should start with this character to bring up.

  • Learning how to manage their feelings

Nothing but common sense, can not guide you in everyday life. A man with a strong character will consider everything that happens around him from the position of a reasonable perception of the facts, and not through the prism of their emotions. Learn not to cloud his mind the chaos of your feelings. It can be quite difficult, and at times it will seem that impossible not to succumb to the feelings that nest deep in the bottom of your soul (it's easy for men, and we women so emotional!), But you can learn to suppress their display. Emotions can be overcome on the basis of common sense and once again on common sense. Learn to be a low-key!

  • Cultivate leadership qualities

You should not be sad pessimistic, just not enough to be optimistic. The pessimist complains about the wind, the optimist is waiting for the wind to start to overcome it. The leader also undertake whatever is necessary to adjust the sails and ensure that his ship was ready to sail in any weather.

  • Be bold

Be courageous enough to take calculated risks. If you consistently will avoid difficult situations, you will be forced to give up the victory and joy associated with it. Do not be afraid to take on something new, have the courage to confront injustice and go ahead in its quest for self-improvement.

  • Firmly go to the target

Everyone consciously or unconsciously thinking primarily about their own interests. Do not allow anyone to impose their will on you, and you do not do this in relation to others. Admit to yourself that everyone has their own idea of ​​the truth; You can not please everyone, and everyone will think the same as you. Find your correct path, and follow it, without turning or backing.

  • Learn how to do good and to avoid conflicts

Look for peace and harmony in relationships with other people, go for it with all my heart, nurturing character. It is not necessary to achieve its goal to go to the head, ignoring the needs of others; Try to do something for the good of others. If you think only of personal benefit, then you have to conflict with people from your surroundings, that sooner or later will inevitably lead you to failure. And if you do so, so as not to violate anybody's interests, people also try to support you, but you yourself will feel satisfied. And as your needs will be met.

  • Always seek the middle ground

Do not be stingy either, nor wasteful or sullen or unbridled fun ... The ability to seek a middle ground is a sign of strong character, able to withstand extremes. Nurture character correctly!

  • Keep calme

Peace of mind - a state of inner silence that allows you to focus and gather my thoughts. This leads to inner contemplation of ideas, the idea leads to opportunities, and allows you the opportunity to succeed. Peace of mind is a prerequisite for a strong character. Without peace of mind can easily boil passion that will lead to a strong desire and interfere with common sense. Although tranquility is not an enemy of the senses - rather, it becomes its controller and allows you to express the sense of properly.

  • Be positive

Focus on the positive aspects of life, leaving no time for negativity. So, once a patient complaining of their numerous problems, the doctor asked how he cured his disease. "Do not think about them, and it will be your most important medicine! "- Said the doctor. Indeed, even physical pain can be avoided by an effort of will, diverting his thoughts on some business. So it is in life: the less you think about the bad, the easier and more joyful will be your every day.

  • Believe in yourself, not in your destiny

Everyone is responsible for their own development and for the course of his life. Do not be a fatalist, thinking that your destiny is predetermined by many factors, and to change something in your life you can not. This would mean a complete rejection of all attempts to take the initiative to improve their lives and of itself. Work on yourself, change yourself and change your life, because nothing and nobody will do it for you.

  • Be patient

A man with a strong character will not retreat when faced with difficulty, he would go to the end and overcome all obstacles. Learn to postpone the pleasure of life at a later date if this will help you to achieve the desired objectives; learn to wait.

  • Overcome fears

For example, fear of heights. Or the fear of socializing with people. Shyness is a stumbling block to success. Often the fears are not based on facts but on our observations of the surface. We are not afraid of what it actually is, and what we think it is. Avoid build a foundation on sand, preferring instead to solid ground. Once you overcome your fear, you will have enough strength of character to have the determination to act victoriously!

  • Clear your mind

To grow beautiful and fertile garden, the gardener must first clean the soil by removing all weeds. Like a gardener, you have to "weed" out of his mind all thoughts that act as weeds, undermining your strength and self-confidence. Protect yourself from these thoughts. Whenever they start to overpower you, take yourself to something fun from fifteen minutes to an hour.

  • Always be honest

It should be true always and everywhere. It is difficult, but if you're not honest, then, first of all, you are dishonest themselves before him. This is your first and hurt. The tendency to tell lies evidence of cowardice, what here the strength of character?

  • Work hard

Finally, no matter where you are, do what you can, what you can do. Work hard, and avoid idleness, like the plague! This will teach you to appreciate the time, and the quality of rest too. You will prefer to not idle doing nothing but good, active, which will improve health, and even rejuvenate you, inspiring you to quickly return to a useful business. In addition, the habit of work will help you to bring up your character.

 how to raise a strong character

Begin to act!

Now that you know how to raise a strong character and what traits you need to develop yourself first, you will have only one thing - to begin to act! We will not hide the fact that self-education is not easy to deal with - no one is inclined to make concessions to us, as we are! Especially unsettle our mistakes. Whenever we make even a small step in the wrong direction, it is perceived by us as almost the end of the world. But! - We have said that we need to keep a tight rein on our women's excessive emotionality. Such thoughts will not allow us to achieve a good result. Mistakes are inevitable, because we know that "no mistakes only one who does nothing" but "the road by walking." Not to despair, making mistakes, you need to remember is that you should always:

  • Trying to do it again

It is impossible to say how many times you need to make repeated attempts to bring up the character. It is necessary to do as long as it does not turn to realize our plans. You never know what you can do if you leave at the first attempt fail. How many times do you need to fall a little child to learn how to take the first steps? How long exercised great athletes before set their records? How unfortunate opus written by great composers and writers before they became known worldwide? How much suffering brings people before to find true love? How many times have dropped young ballerina before fuete learned to do? You will never know their own strength, if you do not try to develop them. The very act of committing attempts to strengthen your will, giving rise to the belief in the coming success and nurturing character.

  • Accept defeat, but never give in to him

You will never understand how to raise a strong character, until you learn to overcome failure. Those people who have faced defeat and overcome it, have the strong will. After a long series of failures, they are able to make another attempt. As a rule, any one of them can tell you: "That day, when I was ready to give up, I decided to try again ..." You know that Edison before inventing the light bulb, made 3573 a deafening failed attempts? It was deafening - sometimes his experiments ended in explosions and fires. But the irrepressible inventor of the question about how he was able to survive so many failures, cheerfully replied: "But now I know 3573 ways not to invent a light bulb! "Indeed, the failure - it is a way of understanding the truth!

  • Eliminate any negative impact on you

Who among us has not felt the pain of the fact that instead of support from friends or relatives heard criticism? Probably, many faced similar. There will always be people who will try to prove the unreasonableness of your plans. Try to ignore the opinion of people about it. Do not argue with them, do not have to prove anything. Just try to stop them all the talk on this subject. You have to walk the chosen path, because no one can live your life for you. So listen only constructive criticism that will really help you to learn and grow as a person.

  • Create a work plan on a

Write down what you want to change in yourself, in what period of time. Set a specific goal: to get rid of such a shortage, develop the habit of such and such.

  • Change your lexicon, once gathered to bring the character

Discard the words "can not", "if", "maybe". These words bear the stamp of uncertainty. Pronouncing them, you could not help myself programming deliberate failure.

Look for people with similar aspirations

Nothing will help you to bring the character and up the steps of self higher and higher, as communication with the people who will become your like-minded people. At a time when you can find out a failure, they will be able to find the right words to keep you plunge into the maelstrom of despair. When you reach even the smallest targets, they will be together with you to enjoy your success and inspire you to new achievements. If something does not get them, you can always give them a helping hand. What you can do it alone, it will be much less than what would be possible by combining your efforts.

 How to bring character and willpower

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