how to choose jewelry

Jewellery and accessories are always attracted to women, but not every woman knows how to choose jewelry and how to use them in the way. This point is important, because even a perfect image can be properly selected hopelessly corrupt or improper chain bracelet. To avoid such embarrassment, we encourage you to remember a few simple rules, and also to visit the site, where you will find advantageous to buy jewelry for every taste and color.

The main function of any decoration - emphasize and complement the beauty of a woman and her image as a whole. When choosing jewelry, try not to overdo it so as not to turn into a Christmas tree in the end. Remember, too much should not be, you need to know when to stop, so as not to neglect the jewelry is worth. Even the most stylish dress or suit without expensive additional accessories can turn a poor and faded thing, as well as vice versa, even the most low-key and simple outfit, complete with properly chosen accessories, transformed into a royal attire.

 how to choose jewelry for yourself

Each woman had asked questions of selection of decorations to create a stylish and unique image. The easiest way to find the right accessories for a specific outfit, taking into account the quality and purpose of the fabric. The cheaper and lighter the material, the more elegant and cheaper to be decoration. So you will achieve harmony.

It suits in sporty style of raincoat or denim material best suited accessories simple. Material - metal, nickel silver, ceramics, wood, leather, silver.

Business suits of flannel and wool are perfectly combined with the same accessories as the sports stuff. Valid options with semi-precious stones: opaque or translucent agate, turquoise, coral.

If your costume sewn from air, light fabric - chiffon, silk, crepe de chine, then the accessories should be textured, light, silky surfaces. Perfectly suited such stones like pearls and aquamarine.

 how to choose jewelry

When choosing a new decoration, make sure that it will suit your image and will emphasize your beauty. Accessory must match the type of appearance, age, complexion, and, of course, as well. If you have even the slightest doubt, it is better to give up the purchase.

Another important event for which component of the image. For example, at a youth party is unlikely to be appropriate massive gold chain, as well as at a dinner party should not appear in the cheap plastic beads.

Remember the main rule: decorations are needed to complement the image, and for anything else. Each woman decides for itself how it will suit accessory, based on your taste and financial opportunities. So even if your desires coincide with the possibilities!

 How to choose jewelry?

 Fashion swimwear brands from the United States

At the height of summer lovely ladies always thought about visiting the beautiful new swimsuit. Fashion never stands still. Each season, fashion houses offer a beautiful and comfortable beachwear with new and original chips. Russian women of fashion are advised to pay attention to swimwear brands from the US, which combine the beauty of fabrics and high quality tailoring. Beachwear, which is always at the height of fashion trends, it is, of course, models from Beach Bunny, Lady Lux, PHAX, Caffe and LSpace. They can be found in Moscow online shops.

 Fashion swimwear brands from the United States

And that's fine, because I do not have long to wait for the arrival of an order from abroad. Absorbed the spicy flavor of the coastal sun, these swimsuits and tunics allow any woman to feel brighter, freer and more confident. Buy swimsuit these brands means continued success on any beach in the summer or in the pool during the cold season. How to choose your swimsuit on a figure? This season, fashion brands are betting on the retro style. The advantage of this trend is that with the help of its inherent characteristics of the easiest way to hide figure flaws that you want to leave in the shade. Thus, a major figure on the bodice divert attention from too wide hips.

 Fashion swimwear brands from the United States

And one strap instead of two on the bodice at the One Piece Swimsuits make visually more slender figure. In each of these brands can find their unique exclusivity and appealing model that will look great and emphasize favorable form of the figure. Do not buy a swimsuit a size smaller in the hope to pull extra tummy bulge or waist. Tightening straps swimsuit will only emphasize the excessive fullness. If you have a plump figure, it is best to look at the sleek-fitting and closed leotard. Also it is necessary to use a long-proven ways to visually remove the excess and add missing that work great for any beach wear.

 Fashion swimwear brands from the United States

Large cut-outs on the top visually lengthen the torso. A high-cut on the hips, which can be found in models of Lady Lux substantially slender legs. Ruffles, fringe and ruffles that are richly decorated with models of this season, will visually increase the volume in the places that you want to emphasize especially. For example, ruffles on the chest models from PHAX LSpace visually and give the bust a larger volume.

Bright prints swimsuits and tunics from Caffe perfectly underlined bronze tan body. Also, choosing a swimsuit, do not forget that the vertical stripes visually lengthen the figure and make it wider than the vertical. Suitable patterns you find you among the models of the brand Beach Bunny. Rather determined by the choice of beachwear, summer sale because the American brand swimwear from online stores will soon be over!

 Fashion swimwear brands from the United States

 How to choose sunglasses


  • We select the "right" points: the basic steps
  • Lenses: what they are
  • Glass or plastic
  • Choosing a frame
  • Which glasses suit different types of people
  • Read the label
  • How to look after sunglasses

Sunglasses - must-have any self-respecting lady. This stylish accessory with a lot of indisputable advantages. When we choose sunglasses, first of all, pay attention to fashion trends and the appearance of the product. Not many people realize that a stylish frame and purple lens - not the main consideration when selecting points. Consider the basic practical recommendations, which it is desirable to adhere to when choosing sunglasses accessories.

We select the "right" points: the basic steps

  1. First you need to decide for what purpose you need sunglasses: You can change the brightness of the image to protect it from UV rays or infrared radiation. High-quality lenses provide comfort, protect the eyes from the harmful effects and do not affect color reproduction. If you have vision problems, before you buy is better to consult an ophthalmologist.
  2. Pay attention to the quality of the material from which the models are made. A good option - quality polycarbonate lenses that have the highest degree of protection from the sun's rays. Be careful when choosing glasses with dark lenses, it is better to stay in brand models, so as not to harm the eyesight. For dark glass pupil dilates and if sunglasses are not sufficient protection, exposure to sunlight can be very intense.
  3. For inserts, which are attached to the acquisition, it must necessarily be given information about the degree of protection from UV lenses. Now there are several categories of lenses:
  • "0" - the lens transmit light at 79-100%, they offer minimal protection from sunlight.
  • "1", "2" - light transmittance of 45-79%, or 18-45. This model - a great option for the urban environment and everyday wear.
  • "3" - transmits rays lens 7-20%. These points are well suited for a beach holiday season and in the country.
  • "4" - lenses transmittance is 3-7%. This filter is considered to be the darkest, it protects the retina in an extremely hot sunny countries and in the highlands.

Points latter two categories offer the highest-quality protection against infrared and ultraviolet rays.

Lenses: what are they?

Most often sunglasses are available with conventional lenses of various colors. But over time, began to emerge with the items "advanced" coatings. Very often, customers do not quite understand the meaning of concepts: a lens with "photochromic" or "polarization" coating. Let's see what's what.

  • Polarization Floor

This coating protects against blinding glare and improves contrast. Points such lenses are ideal for motorists. To check whether the proposed model polarization coating is sufficient to use the shop optics, where a special screen or the label you can see the image, imperceptible to the naked eye.

  • Anti-reflective (anti-reflection) coating

It removes the "ghosting" and glare on the rear surface of the glass. What is meant? It so happens that we see in his eyes the reflection points or objects that are behind us. "Ghosting" significantly impair the clarity of vision, especially while driving a car at night. This coating eliminates this problem.

  • Photochromic coating

Such a lens is called a chameleon, because they change color (lighter or darker) depending on the lighting. Models with the photochromic coating is very convenient for people who have vision problems, but do not want to repeatedly change the points, entering the room or walking on the street.

  • Mirror coating

It is a lens tinted than the regular version. They discharged heat rays and are recommended for skiing or swimming.

And a few moments. If you put on your favorite sunglasses with colored lenses, and the world instantly changed color, you should know that before you a real fake. Branded lenses properly transmit color, only slightly changing their color. Violation of the usual for us of colors in favor of one of the colors is very distracting and tiring to the eyes. In addition, accurate color perception is very important for some categories of people, such as motorists, so the color of the lens does not fit all situations.

The most optimal is considered gray (from light to deep shades and) and brown. Grey provides a clear perception of reality, and brown - the contrast. Drivers are advised to choose yellow, the filter does not strain your eyes and helps to better perceive the space. Orange lenses reduce the dazzling effect of light in the dark, and the green surroundings give the contrast in the absence of sufficient light and protect from bright light.

Avoid lenses, the world in which it seems to purple or blue (literally). In these glasses, you run the risk of losing almost one summer. The predominance of blue and violet end of the spectrum inhibits motility and the rate of human thinking, and the blue - enhances the effects of light scattering than the causes risk of glare, for example, the headlights of oncoming vehicles.

 How to choose sunglasses

Glass or plastic?

Lenses for sunglasses are made of three materials: glass, acrylic and polycarbonate plastic. Glass glasses - the safest option, since they do not pass ultraviolet rays. But over time, gradually replaced the plastic glass, because it is more practical and easier. Spectacles with plastic lenses passed UV light and shade deceives the eye, so that the pupil dilates and takes all the negative wave of the sun. Over time, these effects can lead to impaired vision and cataract.

Plastic glasses, it is desirable to buy supplements that help to delay radiation. At the time of purchase, pay attention to the label, the most harmful rays - type B, so the product must be protected from them almost completely. Moreover, if the label boundary mentioned wavelength is better to give preference points with a value of about 400 nm.

Choosing a frame

The most practical material for the manufacture of nylon frame has always been. He bends well and can return to its original position. What sways plastic, these rims quickly break down, so it is better if the inside of the plastic frame and the metal has passed.

When choosing glasses, pay attention to the quality of the frames. A couple of times, open bow, to bend them. A good frame should be elastic and not rigid. Check the screws that attached the bow, whether they are well screwed. Finally, try on glasses. Whether they are comfortable, not too tight if the bow, do not press you on the bridge? If you tilt your head, glasses do not have to crawl on the tip of the nose or even topple. By the way, if the frame is initially stiff and uncomfortable, it was and will remain, one should not hope that the glasses "spread."

What are the different types of glasses suitable for the face?

When we reflect on the question: "How to choose sunglasses? "Weigh the" pros "and" cons ", and select the firm model necessarily think about what the version suited to my type of person. Undoubtedly, the situation happens to you when the window of a perfect model, but you do not go and everything. Let's face it.

  • Oval face

Universal type that fits absolutely any form of points. And in order to avoid disparities, the width of the product should be the same as the widest part of the face.

  • Round face

This type of glasses are contraindicated with glass in the form of ovals because they more round face. In this case it is better to give preference to a rectangular shape, or an embodiment in the form of a cat's eye. As for the frame, the glasses will look good with a thin rim or no rim.

  • square face

Here, by contrast, are ideal points, or oval-shaped with a rounded rim. It is advisable not to choose the rectangular models to more not to aggravate the corners.

  • Extended (long) face

In this case the problem is - not lengthen the face, and make it visually less. This will help you glasses, stretched wide or wider rim.

  • Triangular face (heart)

To soften the pronounced cheekbones, better to choose rimless glasses oval or round shape.

 choose sunglasses

Read the label

Like any other product, a sunglasses label attached. How to understand what is written there? If you see the sign, for example, «blocks at least 95% UVB and 60% UVA», means that the glasses do not pass 60% of ultraviolet best type A and 95% type B, i.e. a product protects against two of the most harmful types of radiation, .

The inscription «plastic» means that the product is made of plastic. Pay attention to the name of the company, the country of manufacture. And in order to verify whether the authentic glasses, can be compared to the brand name on the lens or the inside of the arch with the name on the label. In addition, each brand markets its products in branded boxes.

How to look after sunglasses

To purchase your last a long time, store it properly. You can buy a semi-hard case or a hard case. Do not put the glasses on a table or any other surface of the lens down, as they can easily get dirty and scratched. Do not forget to clean the lens thin chamois or lint-free cloth. These materials are very gently clean the lens from dirt.

Regardless of the degree of darkening lenses do not look at the sun, as if wearing glasses skin around the eyes still light up, the beacon that they must be replaced. Sunglasses should not only be a beautiful accessory, but also good protection against radiation.

 How to choose sunglasses: practical advice