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For a long time among girls and young ladies not really preserved the tradition to keep records of their thoughts in a diary. Personal diary - a window to our soul, our understanding and trust the source. By keeping a diary, we can give vent to his feelings that hide from everyone. Diary we can trust their innermost thoughts without fear of someone's judgment or blame. We can talk about the important event for us, no excuses and no feeling of guilt. Alone with the diary can be myself, and he becomes our friend, who with gentleness, compassion, and a deep understanding allows us to go through all the trials of life.

On the question of how to keep a personal diary, it is impossible to give an exact answer, as it is a very personal process, which is determined only by our own thoughts, ideas and desires. And yet we want to give you a few tips on keeping a personal diary: how to start it and you arrange that in writing it and even how to keep a personal diary.

 personal blog

Which blog start?

In order to keep a diary really brings you pleasure, it is necessary to consider and take into account some of the nuances.

How do you prefer to write? Decide in what form you want to lead your diary. Will you take notes on paper, or whether you prefer to keep a diary in electronic form? Each of these methods has its advantages and disadvantages, so you should weigh the pros and cons and determine that it would be preferable for you.

For example, in a diary, a notebook, you can make a record in any place. Such a diary does not need power and can be supplemented by their hand-painted illustrations. It can not only write something, but to invest received from someone a letter or note, valentine, theater tickets and other dear to your heart memorable "souvenirs".

On the other hand, for any modern girl writing lyrics can be easier and faster on an electronic medium, and is decorated with a blog can be in its own original and interesting. Both types of the diary will be to try to hide from prying eyes. However, it is clear that personal diary on the computer easier to make inaccessible than a paper diary.

Decide what kind of journal you want to keep. You could use a blog just to write it all my thoughts that come to your mind. And you can make your blog focused on a specific topic. Personal diaries of girls can be very different.

Diary of a traveler

In this blog you can write down their impressions of travel and leisure during the holidays. You can not just describe everything to see, but also to record their impressions and emotions from what you see, thoughts that visit you while traveling.

Diary of a young mother

Free forums dedicated to your child - not just a good idea. This is correct, as this initiative, in the end, prove to be very useful. You will have a great opportunity to keep all of his drawings, strands of cut hair, outlined silhouettes pen or legs. You can write funny words and expressions your baby, as well as to chronicle cute and memorable events that occur as growth check your child. Subsequently, thanks to this diary will be very interesting to see how growing and starts to see the world differently your baby.

Blog Ideas

This is your kind of secretary, which always reminds you that do not want to forget. It can record all the ideas and thoughts that may come to your mind at any time and in any place. Ideas can be useful for business, inventiveness, creativity, and return to their implementation you will be able to more appropriate time. It is desirable that such a personal diary was small in size, so that it was convenient to always carry with them.


If the blog is convenient to write the ideas on their plans, the diary, memo, you can keep a record of all the events, meetings, conversations that have already happened. If these events are really important to you, if you want to keep them on the memory, the memory you just need to have a blog. In addition, you can track and analyze how to change your life priorities.


My personal blog - my friend. So we can say it is a diary-interlocutor. This is the blog, which will be a reflection of your soul. Very often, it helps to understand their thoughts and emotions, it helps to find the right solution in difficult situations. In addition, it is a companion to whom you can entrust everything, who never blame you and always give an opportunity to speak.

Of course, there may be many variants and each blog can contain some elements of different types of diaries.

How to record

Keeping a personal diary - an occupation that requires a systematic approach. Depending on the type of diary you can write in it several times a day, several times a year. But in any case, you need only fill the blog in an appropriate environment and in the right mood.

Create a comfortable environment for a "dialogue" with the diary. Find a place where no one can stop you. Entries in a personal diary requires solitude, behind the scenes, and even intimacy. No one should suddenly break your silent conversation with the diary, to interrupt your thinking and flow of words. Remarkably, if you have your own room, but it is also important to find a place where you will be particularly comfortable. Try to write at a table or chair. Or maybe you can just at ease to express their thoughts, climbing with his legs on the sofa? Or maybe a special atmosphere will help to create a flickering candle flame? Look for a place in the room where you are most comfortable to write.

The feeling of comfort may depend on the time of day. Somebody better thinking and writing in the afternoon, in the sunlit room, and someone the most comfortable and pleasant to be in the area the night kitchen. Find the most suitable mode for yourself with the diary. Some girls blog entries to transform itself into a mandatory task. If you start to make notes every day, even without the proper mood, then soon you will feel the desire to write, instead of only severe irritation. It is not necessary to impose on some obligations. Entries best done only when you yourself will feel the need.

Someone has something to write every day, and someone can not take over the blog a few months. Even if the whole year did not want to write anything - then so be it! Importantly, do not forget that just when you're feeling down, harassed, exhausted from happiness or crowded ideas, new entry in the diary can be cherished for you the ideal way to splashing of emotions.

Relax. Personal diaries provide an opportunity to be alone with myself. Let be what you want to be, not how to be necessary. So do not put too much effort to comply with all the rest of the necessary formalities. Forget for a moment about grammar, spelling, or other perfections of your diary. The desire not to miss and to correct any errors will distract you from your deep thoughts, and you can not use your record to use it to understand and deal with the fact that you care about.

 how to keep a personal diary

Use personal diary

At any girl ever have any problems. Unfortunately, you can not share them always and to everyone. And the practice of counseling have not spread. Do not be very convenient for the girls to go with their girlish problems to adults, and that it may not be a problem to count. Well, in that case, use a blog to work with their problems

My diary is the first means to help solve complicated issues. In the diary, you can throw your anger, rage, jealousy, all his negative emotions. And he will not judge you, not nakrichit, starts cursing you. And most importantly - will not read the diary notations. It will take from you all - very angry curses, the most tearful complaints, the most hysterical complaints.

The great thing about that, spilling his emotions in one place, you will not feel the need to throw out them elsewhere. You can get a breather to read later write and try to see their emotions through different eyes. Did you realize that they were wrong; a blog that made it possible to give vent to frustration and anger, help you avoid real conflict, which you might later regret.

Started his personal diary will be useful to those who can not organize themselves. If you are not able to get, for example, to observe the mode of the day, do exercises, or perform any other targets set, then you will become an assistant for blog ideas. Writing about their plans and about the interesting ideas, and then to be able to analyze their own achievements or what prevented their implementation. It is a tempting idea for any girl.

Do not forget about safety

You must be sure that your blog will not fall into the wrong hands. If you can not be excluded this possibility, you can not really express themselves in their records. In addition, the blog could jeopardize your relationship with others, if you want to write a fit of anger all the time you think about them. It is therefore necessary not only good to hide a notebook with intimate recordings, but the fact of keeping a diary is not to advertise.

Otherwise, nothing will prevent too curious siblings conduct surveillance on you, and the more adult relatives are rarely able to resist in order not to look into the secret corners of your soul. Try to advance to protect themselves from outside interference, writing at the beginning of your diary reference to the possibility of "cracker". Something like this: "Before you read other people's secret thoughts, think how you would feel if you were in his place."

And if you are not afraid of publicity, but on the contrary, want to convey their thoughts to the greatest possible number of readers, it would be correct to write in an online diary. Such service conducting personal diaries, blogs are widely represented on the Internet. There are similar opportunities in some of the social networks and blogosphere on special websites. And you can not just start your own blog, but also to decorate it nicely with the help of ready-made templates, some of which are designed specifically for girls.

After months and years ...

If you occasionally re-read my notes, no doubt, will be able to see how over time changed your thoughts, feelings, attitudes toward people and events, perception of the world and life. You will see how from one record to another you becomes clear actions people how to change your dreams and aspirations. You will be able to better assess their advantages and disadvantages, its strengths and weaknesses. This observation is as if from outside help to see your internal blocks which hinder personal growth. And once again your best friend to help you do the job on their own mistakes.

Do not miss this opportunity - Keep a diary and use it to assess their journey through life! The main thing - to start, and everything will be sure to succeed!

 Personal Diary: a conversation with his soul