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  • Redness of the skin - a problem or fiction?
  • The reasons for the sudden face reddening
  • Exaggerating the problem of sudden redness
  • Way to deal with the problem of redness

How often have you met people who at the slightest provocation starting to blush? One has only to step out to meet them, talk to them or just to see how they are immediately filled with crimson paint and begin to shy, hiding her eyes in excitement. And if you feel about these people, what do you feel in such moments? Embarrassment, shame, embarrassment? How to avoid this unpleasant problem of what to do, how not to blush when talking to people?

Redness of the skin - a problem or fiction?

Back in the 19th century, this problem does not exist - red cheeks were considered the standard of beauty. Girls especially abundantly used rouge to at least a little closer to the ideal and effectively blush. Recall, the famous film-tale "Jack Frost." Wicked stepmother rubbed cheeks beet daughter to mother, saying: "No, not a princess .... The princess! ". Not for nothing the expression "fair maiden" means beauty and attractiveness of a female.

Think about it, many will smile and consider the problem of sudden reddening of the face-fetched. But not those who do begin to hesitate and immediately covered with thick treacherous blush at the slightest pretext. Quite often, these people not only redden cheeks and forehead, nose, chest, shoulders and even the eyes. And to control this process, they can not. Imagine that you are going to meet a nice guy, and barely met his gaze, turning red as a lobster. The guy shrugged and held on. And then let a couple of jokes on this occasion. Or situation at work when someone stole the purse, and with the question "Who did this? "You immediately blush, though nothing to blame. What will the reaction of others? What do you like to work after that?

Sudden redness of the face deprive many people self-confidence, self-esteem is lowered. They are forced to give up the promotion, because burning cheeks and ears interfere with my work with clients. As colleagues will be treated to a lawyer, which in each issue will be shy and blushes? And what to do manager, blushing when signing the contract?

 how not to blush

The reasons for the sudden face reddening

The fact that people blush - a feature of the nervous system. Someone is always pale, someone is sweating, and you - red. No pathology in this. Did you know that the ability to blush very much appreciated Gaius Julius Caesar? When the founder of the Roman Empire chose the future soldiers, he suddenly threw an iron stick behind them. Those who blushed suited for his army, and those who turned pale - were driven away. After all, warriors who can blush, considered the most desperate, the most self-sacrificing fighters. Our ancestors were convinced that it was inherent in such people the courage, quick reactions and subtle mind. Because of what the ancient wisdom "Coward - pale, brave - red" has reached our days.

Unfortunately, many women with crimson cheeks, forced to be ashamed of his thick blush, did not soothe the fact. They are ashamed of themselves and try to find a solution to the problem, dreaming about how to stop blushing once and for all. Alas, no foundation can obscure a bright glow. In order to understand the causes redness, let's understand why a man literally breaks blush when we see no reason to do so.

First of all, we note that the redness of the skin - absolutely natural physiological reaction. And why people blush when no one is waiting for a response from him, the question is not too difficult. Here the great role played by the embarrassment and shame that people experience self-doubt. The fear of being misunderstood, abused, or just a laughing stock in the eyes of others makes them not just shy, and live in constant suspense and society expect from trouble.

Did you know that the red man only in the presence of other people? Try blush alone, when the room is empty, and no one is watching you, and you will realize that nothing happened. One option to combat the treacherous paint on his face - imagine that a room or street is completely empty and you do not blush in front of anyone. This method is good for public performances and monologues. If necessary contact with the person, you will fail.

Therefore, the best way to avoid unwanted facial flushing - increased self-esteem. Once you start to believe in themselves and their own strength, your embarrassment and fear of society will disappear. Believe, and your friends - it is real people with their shortcomings, often severe. Perhaps, in comparison with their problems is your reason to be embarrassed - a mere trifle. Learn to love yourself and appreciate what is given to you by nature. Even the fact that you blush, makes you different from others.

Exaggerating the problem of sudden redness

Usually, a person exposed to a sudden reddening, there are two problems. The first - is that at the slightest occasion he blushes, regardless of the circumstances. Second - this is his reaction to the way he looks and the opinion of others about him. And the second problem is much more dangerous than the first. People inconvenienced by the fact that by any look or word of their face covered with a scarlet color. They avoid communicating with friends and colleagues, are beginning to literally hide from them. And it certainly gives the response: who wants to chat with someone who is constantly confused and runs away. As a result, a person begins social phobia - the fear of communication.

Oddly enough, but more susceptible to social phobia, those who are most eager to communicate with others. That public people are often concerned about how to stop blushing in public, in front of important clients, or simply communicating with friends? And if you belong to this category, be objective before the facts. No matter how you were ashamed of his reaction to the actions of others, you can not be sure that someone will judge you in the red cheeks. It is possible that this problem is far-fetched at all, and very few people around to notice that you're blushing again.

Try to conduct a "survey" among his friends: how often they see redness on your face and that they do feel. If you expect a response that they dislike and would mock your fault, the answers will surprise friends. Often, rosy cheeks on the face of the girls are considered sweet and touching in addition to appearance. What if the others and do not care about your reds, and you are suffering and do not know what to do, suffering from non-existent problem? Some girls just seems that they were red, and the excitement and shyness has forced them to hide the eyes and greatly embarrassed. Wear with him a small mirror to make sure whether you really burst into crimson, instead of "Burning" just inside?

 from what people blush

Way to deal with the problem of redness

Of course, you can accept the fact that you are constantly blush. Just accept that your feature as an unchangeable fact. Someone a little growth in other overweight or, conversely, emaciation. Well, you just blush at the slightest pretext. If you learn to live with, then this problem will not deliver too much inconvenience. In the end, you can laugh it off to the comments of others, and laugh at themselves. And if you do this first, then the others lost all desire to let go of barbs in your address. But there are people striving for perfection. For them, the idea is unacceptable that eternally red cheeks will interfere with their academic, career and personal life.

Unwanted facial redness can be predicted. Of course, it is very difficult and requires practice, but if successful, the result will be noticeable to you and others. Before you blush, you feel a growing confusion and the heat inside. Once you realize that reddened, you feel uncomfortable and even more blazing. Vicious circle? No, it is possible to break the chain.

And that's what you need to do to stop the redness of the skin: the best way - is not to be silent at the first signs of its appearance. Say out loud, ask your interlocutor. Whatever you said, your mind wanders from increased blood flow to the face. Having a couple of sentences, you can not only stop the redness of the skin, but do not give the other party understand you correctly. Beforehand think of a couple of jokes that will remove your tension and negate the impression of crimson cheeks. For example, one can proceed as follows:

  • Oh, something I blushed! I do not wean.
  • No, really!
  • Indeed? And inside I'm so hot!

Such a cute dialogue will help the other party not to pay attention to your redness, even if she appeared. And if there is a negative reaction, the cause for concern and will be less. Maybe next time you'll get less nervous and you can not blush.

If you have a not so good imagination, you can suggest a few simple phrases that can save the situation. The main thing, in their own words to break the vicious circle: redness, embarrassed blush even more. And do it better in a joking manner to defuse the situation.

  • I blushed to seem not perfect;
  • Yes, cheeks flamed. Just wanted to get your attention;
  • Well, I always blush when I want to seem innocent;
  • God, I read your mind, and could not resist, even cheeks flamed;
  • I always worry and blush when I think of you;
  • The blush on my face - this is a reaction to what you say stupid;
  • I blushed, because I always hesitate when I praise;
  • Oh, this syndrome is an excellent pupil - is constantly red when excited.

As you can see, there are lots of ways to "speak" his embarrassment and blush forever you do not have. Push your imagination and come up with their excuses, it is close to your situation.

If no methods do not help you deal with the embarrassment and redness of the skin, it is one thing to love yourself such what you are. After all, your red cheeks speak of sincerity and gentle nature. And these qualities are highly valued the opposite sex. Ask your loved one what he thought about your complexion, when you first met. Tell us how much you are concerned about this issue, you'll do anything to find a way to learn not to blush.

It may surprise you to learn that it is your red cheeks caught his attention and did not like other girls. After all, you are a woman, and in contrast to the men you much easier to cover up their feelings of embarrassment and cute little face glowing blush. So feel free to raise your head and red on health, because this feature makes you unique!

 How to stop blushing and defeat oppression?

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