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If you do not know what to do - trust intuition. At least, that is to blame. (Yu Tatarkin)

Women's intuition - a byword. Circle talk about it, they know how to use it, and arrogate to themselves the status of the wise, delicate feelings of women. What to do if you have this same intuition - not enough to swear? If most of your assumptions are wrong, and the first impression that you make on the people themselves, and did not correct? Are you missing some important gene responsible for intuition and insight? Of course not - the intuition is accessible to everyone.

And if you are not able to go to unravel the desired numbers on the lottery ticket, or to answer questions in the "Battle of psychics" before the participants - it does not mean anything. Your creative flair sits somewhere deep within you, and you just need to understand how to develop intuition to a desired limit.

Do I need to be baptized when "think"?

Sometimes we do not notice glimpses of his intuition. That seems to us to conjecture and coincidence may be just what we are looking for. Most often, these feelings are manifested in one area of ​​life where we feel more confident in myself. Sometimes this work, and sometimes a family life. For example, you worked as a secretary, and your boss gave you instructions. After completing it, you feel that something is missing - for example, an additional document or customer calls.

Trusting instinct, you quickly, without hesitation commit the necessary action - and find yourself wrong. Of course, we can say that this is not the intuition and professionalism. But you without someone prompting felt that the job was not given exactly. You literally have predicted the likelihood of problems itself, in the absence of other important papers. And no matter how professional you are, your insight was the manifestation of intuition rather than the turned out the system operating rules.

Or another example. You are fond of embroidery and decided to make new clothes for my daughter. Pulling out a magazine with the desired pattern, for some reason you decide to change the template and cut your fabric elsewhere. As a result, all the seams come together, and the following month the magazine to apologize for a mistake in the pattern. What said the woman, who asked not be the cause of her behavior? She shrugged her shoulders and would have said she thought it would be better. Just I believe it myself, my feelings, and not the pattern on the page of the magazine.

Show me ... All of us at times that it seems, but, accustomed to act in strict accordance with logic, we do not pay attention to the sixth sense in ourselves and we pass by the great features. After all, our hunches and guesses - not mysticism. Just because our subconscious mind works, ahead of the thought processes. That is what we have not yet figured out already on the surface of our intuition, guiding the decision in the right direction. Therefore, you should never ignore your intuition and not to trust yourself and your feelings.

 develop intuition

How do I know that intuition is still there?

In fact, intuition is most often seen in stressful and critical situations where life and death is an edge, and you must make a decision quickly. But if this fateful moment (pah-pah), you do not have time to develop and realize its extraordinary quality, the coveted eureka moment may never come. Or be a fatal mistake. So how do you determine whether you have the beginnings of this magical feeling? Or, it is worth considering how to develop your intuition from scratch? Try to answer the following questions:

  1. If you are offered a new puzzle to solve, how quickly you find the right solution? Maybe you give the right answer without using any arithmetic or mental permutations of items? Or you need a clock, calculator and wrinkled his brow thinking of? If your version of the first, the intuition you have exactly. You just take it for his genius and refined logic.
  2. Have you anticipate words of his interlocutor? And not because he always says the same thing, but just to feel his thoughts? Not so important, how long do you know him, and sometimes it happens to strangers. If so - a sure sign of your subconscious. This means that you are not hopeless intuition.
  3. Do you dream prophetic dreams? Not the ones where had a watermelon, and you dream book predicts the forced marriage. There are dreams in which you are making illogical actions that lead to certain consequences. And repeating all the way awake, you are surprised to see that came true. Think of that Mendeleev, who dreamed of his table. If you see such dreams, the gift of intuition is present in you.
  4. Did you have a case in my life when you suddenly remembered a friend who had not seen for several years? And the very next day, he is calling you, or you meet him on the street. If so, do not worry, you are not a medium and not a witch. Just your intuition manifested itself.
  5. Are there people in your environment, you do not trust for no apparent reason? Like anything bad you did not, and the other is good about them revoked. But it does not allow the heart to trust them something important, and that's it! Most likely, it's not in too much suspicion, and your insight. In spite of the opinions of others, such people may well give you a couple of problems. So trust yourself and your instincts, not those impostors.
  6. Have you wake up at night with worry for the people close to you? Do clog the heart rate increases and you do not rush to the phone to immediately call them? If yes - then you have a strong relationship with your family and good intuition. Even if nothing catastrophic has happened (thank God!), Your friends may feel in these moments of sadness, depression, they may just be bad! So your call certainly brought them at least a little relief and the realization that they are not forgotten.

All 6 questions "yes"? You're a witch! Though, seriously, several positive responses indicates your ability to intuitive thinking, and respect you can give a positive answer to the question whether it is possible to develop intuition. It is not necessary to strive to anticipate everything (unless you are planning a career witches or fortune-tellers). Just use these abilities for daily life and make important decisions.

On the ladies! You will not spend ...

As you know, the beautiful half of old famous for his intuition. No one was surprised that a woman is more difficult to cheat than men. For example, the husband comes home late and says that the detainees at work. Smart woman at the moment see through the lies of his behavior, the slightest gestures and attitudes. You think she took special course on the facial expressions and gestures? Hardly. After all, it makes it intuitively. Ever since prehistoric times in a weak field to enhance the ability to recognize the lies, the danger signs of anxiety. It happened because the areas of women's and men were different. The ladies were focused on gathering, childcare and domestic way of life. That is decided mostly creative tasks. The men took up hunting, battles and survival - it had to focus on analytics.

So it happened that for centuries women are treated without the need for refined logic and developed a part of the brain that is responsible for intuition. Therefore it is not surprising that even fool a woman candidate of sciences is not easy: it is enough to look at his shifty eyes to realize that something is wrong! Do not believe it, but even the scientists counted the number of points in the brain in both sexes, responsible for decoding gestures, words, changes in the voice. So, they turned women from 14 to 16, and men only 4 to 7 points. Serves them right!

Unfortunately, in our world has changed a lot. Simply too many infantile men with a complete lack of logic and a lot of strong women, very confident and taking on their shoulders the responsibilities of men. Therefore, more and more difficult at the beautiful half of humanity with intuition, it is replaced with clear thinking and impeccable logic. Actually, no it does not condemn, sometimes just want something to anticipate or feel (at least, to guess!) Really?

 how to develop intuition

We storm the development of intuition!

But if intuition is not present, an urgent need to do something! Not the same age to live with his eyes closed, not knowing what is happening around. In the end, so if you are lucky enough to be born a woman, you should use this success to the fullest! There are a few interesting ways to develop the quality of it's own. You will need only the desire, creativity and curiosity. Well, we decided to develop intuition? Then go ahead!

  • As you know, for logical thinking woman answers right brain (if you are left-handed, then left). And there's an interesting way to develop your intuition, using this particular feature. Try not to do business as usual with the right hand as you used to, namely the left. Stir the soup with his left hand, draw, write, sew, stroke the cat. Anything. This is your clever head switch from the usual analysis of what is happening on a subconscious search for cause and effect. Within a few days of practice you will feel that you start to think differently, and that is increasingly notice the things you previously inaccessible.
  • Try to live a little bit with a tight blindfold or ears. Do not worry, no one is calling you to a weekly blindness or deafness, just start with a few minutes a day and bring up to several hours. Victims requires not only beauty, but also other useful things for a living. Generally, the time limit of the body - the most that neither is the working principle of the development of intuition in humans. You probably are not surprised again, looking as completely blind people avoid obstacles in unfamiliar places? Without a guide and dogs, they intuitively feel the walls, sills, furniture. Deprived of one of the senses, they just have to develop your intuition - it's become vital for them. Remember the famous prophetess Vanga - she was blind. Try and you like a blindfold. Over time, you will feel a change.
  • Practice the art of Nikolai Denisov. Cook for a few sheets of paper in different colors, each of which painted geometric shapes, letters, numbers. Carefully read each of them, alternately picking up. After close your eyes, take any piece and try to experience the color and image. Do not worry if it does not work at once: easily not pull intuition never! If you're stubborn, then a couple of weeks you will succeed.
  • Try watching TV with the sound turned off. This is not only useful, but also very exciting. Looking at the expressions on the faces of speakers, so have fun guessing them told the news! Here you'll find all of the knowledge of gestures and facial expressions inherent in your nature.
  • If you received a letter, do not rush to open the envelope; try to imagine what is written there. It is desirable that the letter was not from a pension fund or a tax, in these cases, even predict the contents of your cat.
  • Actually, in many theological schools intuition developed through a vow of silence. The more babbling tongue, the less time is left for serious reflection, development and understanding of the essence of things. So, think over your head and talk less. Develop intuition, and at the same time pass for a clever woman.

Do not worry, you do not have a natural instinct, it is present in each of us at birth. In general, all the children are very well-developed intuition for good reason say that "the baby mouth to speak the truth."

And once you have it once was, and then develop it - a question of time and effort. Do not stop the desire to receive this gift, to improve their lives and personal relationships. After all, as Michael said Mamchich, "intuition - a guide dog in the darkness of life." Wield, use and be happy!

 "I'm just working magician! ", Or how to develop intuition

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