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Twenty-first century - a time when femininity, sexuality, grace and similar quality upstaged. The girls try to become independent, get more entities tend to work on a par with boys. They dress in suits, make a short cut and trying to look manly. The concept of "unisex" all the stronger part of our lives, blurring the line between man and woman. Sometimes it seems that society is stronger and the weaker sex reversed. Now the head of the family is strong and self-confident women. They were able to develop such qualities as hardness, authoritativeness and dedication.

Having unimaginable heights in his career and position in society, many beauties lose the important feature that distinguishes them from males - femininity. Transformed into a commander in a skirt, it will be difficult to find the softness and charm, which is just and valued. Without these qualities simply can not build a personal life. How to become a feminine, despite the current image and fostered a sense of a leader? How to make others see in you not only a "workhorse", but also a thin, vulnerable soul?

Femme Fatale: why should not believe gloss

Unfortunately, many young women feel a kind of feminine ideal bitchiness beauty, cold, strong and rational. This way of promoting the modern mass media. They advertise this style is only possible for a successful woman. In any fashion magazine, you will find the cold beauties with a predatory expression and a blank stare. A feeling that the photographer has to be angry in the beginning as a model to make a similar picture. But the frame with a soft, feminine face and a twinkle in his eye - units. Not surprisingly, the younger generation tends to imitate the image of vamp, and only for the sake of fashion.

Deliberately depriving themselves of femininity, girls build relationships with the opposite sex on scraps of knowledge gleaned from western movies and magazines. It was there that a standard appeal considered female boss, able to trample down any man. And then they wonder why their guys do not want to see them poor women in need of protection and understanding.

Instead of waiting for the man to make out your delicate and vulnerable nature, try to understand how to become more feminine and delicate. His war paint and image of the fatal beauty you are unlikely to attract those men that want to have a normal family and children. With these girls decided to spend time, get married on the quiet, gentle and tender.

By the way, abroad, the fair sex have brought men to the point that they are even afraid to look at the ladies. And may sue. They have not decided to skip forward or to help bring bags stranger. If a guy goes to a woman in the elevator, it is in any case shall not speak or look at her. And every compliment is considered sexual harassment. Unfortunately, the emancipation reached in our country. But do you really want to be like western beauties that no longer excite and frighten the men?

 how to be feminine girl

Why do you have to be feminine

God created man and woman so that they are mutually supportive and not replaced. Emancipation and feminism are good in moderation. But in the privacy of these principles will not bring the fair sex happiness. No matter how high you do not appreciate their acquired as a strong woman, a man dreaming of a gentle and soft soulmate. This does not mean that for a normal marriage, you have to become a "weakling." Femininity - this is not a weakness, but a force that helps to make a firm and confident man, the protector and breadwinner. In short, those whom he supposed to be in nature.

Let's imagine a situation where the wife earns money, and her husband - sitting at home and drinking beer in the evenings. In the end, the couple divorced, he goes to the other. And here is something unusual! The guy who used to lift a finger and did not hit, is now opening its business, carries a new passion to the Bahamas, loads with presents her with gifts, and does not allow. Why did he change? Yes, just a second wife (the bride, she) did not take on their shoulders the burden of responsibility for the family and finances, and behaved exactly like a real woman. She awakened his masculinity.

But this does not mean that you constantly have to push the second half to take action. Many ladies completely misunderstand the concept of "femininity." In personal relationships they are proud of the role the neck that turns the head man in the right direction. Accustomed to being a leader in the community, they transfer this quality to the family, not just wanting to equality with men, but also the complete supremacy in the relationship.

Such wives tend to compete with man for the right decision. They want to put the last point in any dialogue. Ladies just ripped from the hands of the stronger sex position of the leader and head of the family. Proud to be manipulated and provoke a man they accuse their husbands lack of them love and affection.

Woman: goddess or fatal beauty?

Let's look at the explanatory dictionary and see what the word "feminine." What will we see? "Tenderness, softness, elegance." And is not the ability to make everyone dance to their tune. Do not believe me - read and understand for yourself what awaits you from the opposite sex. If you aspire to make henpecked husband, it says that you are trying on the role of men in family relations. And how would you in the shower or dreamed of a friend or a strong guy, he is unlikely to attract such behavior. Real men do not need commanders in the house, they look feminine, soft and gentle women.

 how to become more feminine

How to learn to be feminine and delicate

Many modern representatives of the fair sex, trapped in the image of "emansipe" can no longer inspire around the idea that they are weak and defenseless individuals. They are not waiting for softness and indulgence, they do not give flowers and candy, not encouraging gifts. A chance to meet the man of her man disappears like smoke. And if the family already has, then it is the rule "I have a horse, I and the bull ...". Continuing you know. Why should a woman take care of her husband, if she so intrinsically stronger than he?

Remember, a great movie "Office Romance"? The heroine has experienced betrayal girlfriend and cut off from the outside world for his work. Nothing but a career, it is not interested. And gradually it turned into a robot. And how can you love a creature of wires and steel? The fact that there was one desperate representative of the opposite sex, which made her feel feminine - a miracle. For that we love such tales, where the impossible - possible.

In real life, things are quite different. In order to change internally, you need to want it. Few understand how to be feminine and desirable - to go to the goal. What do you know in theory, you should be able to apply in practice. Understand yourself and find causes that prevent you from being present and a great woman. And ways to come to it, enough. One has only to only to want, you can move mountains.

  • Take a look at the other side

This quality, like femininity, is hidden in each of us. There is no doubt in this. Remember once and for all, because nature provides. Look a little deeper. Try to find that so hard to hide from yourself and others. Perhaps you are afraid of something?

Not deceive yourself - in every one of us, even in the most powerful and uncompromising looks, lives a little weak woman who dreams of a strong shoulder near. But once inside it is, why not take a chance and do not let her out? Your shyness, gentleness and modesty are viable. Do not be afraid to show the purely feminine qualities with them will appreciate you so much more.

  • Stop being a leading

Do not be too assertive in its relations with the opposite sex. Remember, the power of a woman - in her weakness. Not played in the competition, achieving the position of leader, and do not turn the family into a wrestling ring. Having achieved incredible success at work, you might be disappointed in the result.

Pay attention to the man's psychology, which is still present some logic. Time instead of femininity and softness you can feel the power and authoritativeness, men do not need to protect and pamper this iron lady. Is not this secret wish any woman?

  • Tune in to positive

Radiate positive, be happy and playful. Believe me, it's hard not to notice the cheerful coquette or accuse her lack of femininity. Why envy others the fair sex, capable of a cute smile and flirt? Good manners and an innate femininity help cope not worse. Plus, learn how to smile eyes.

  • Love yourself

Love yourself and your appearance, you will find the answer to how to be feminine. The pursuit of fashion accessories and haute couture clothing - such efforts will give nothing. If you do not feel the ease inside your vulnerable nature nobody will notice. Surprisingly, some of the fair sex manages to remain masculine in a pink dress. But you can be feminine and delicate haircut "a boy". Only your inner "I" will see around women's essence. Get rid of complexes and raise self-esteem. After all, you - a unique woman, and all other time to learn about it.

  • Go to a beauty salon

As if we did not want, but men love with their eyes. Be smart girl three times, regrowth, hair in a bun, her face, where not a drop of makeup - all this pushes. To be feminine, it is necessary to change not only within, but also outside.

First of all, refresh haircut. If you do not have time for complicated installation, ask the wizard to do this hairstyle you, with which you would be able to cope in the morning for five minutes. Do not forget to paint the hair in bright, juicy and full of color. Dreamed of being a redhead, but are afraid to experiment? Why not take a chance? Hair always grows back. But what will happen to remember, even if all will badly.

With the makeup is more complicated. Nowadays, only a few know how to use eyeliner, shadow, powder, foundation. There is a solution - make-up artists to enroll. And, of course, to train in front of a mirror. By the way, do not forget to wash off makeup at night to the morning not wake up with circles under his eyes, like a panda.

  • Update your wardrobe

Each of the fair sex in the closet should be a little black dress. But do not forget about the light summer dresses, pumps, sandals flirty skirt, robe and beautiful lingerie. As you have never worn stockings? Try it! By the way, men som go when they see that a woman is not tights and fishnet stockings.

  • Take women's sports

I do not know how to be feminine? Sign up for a dance. Rumba, waltz, salsa - all are taught for the fair sex in all cities. These classes are suitable for different age groups. So you not only liberated, but would figure in order. Want something poseksualnee and exotic? Well, you fit belly dancing, Pole-dance etc. And one evening demonstrate erotic movements of the second half. Believe me, the result will exceed all your expectations.

"Femininity - this kindness, wrapped in a soft" - the remarkable words of Alexei Filatkina. The phrase could not be more aptly describes the essence of what we want to see the man. Find an answer how to become more feminine - not to make concessions to their desires. In order to attain personal happiness, we must not forget about yourself. You only need to restore its essence and enjoy all the benefits of women that gave us Mother Nature.

 How to become feminine and successful

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