how to be beautiful and attractive


  • Is always a: say "no" to imitate
  • Learn to love and believe in yourself
  • Do not listen to advisors and "knowledgeable" friends
  • Be stylish, but do not chase fashion
  • Learn how to care for themselves
  • Sociability and friendliness - the best assistants
  • Find a flavor, but do not be a cupcake

And the young ladies and women well over fifty always wondered: how to be beautiful and attractive? After all, who among us has not dreamed of becoming the most sexy, intelligent, charming and attractive, able to conquer the hearts of the first time? Perhaps any of the fair sex at least once in a lifetime dream on how it will come out in a chic dress with a gorgeous hairdo and even out of the car (for example, a convertible or a limousine), chaining while all eyes to him.

Remember, as argued at the time the good old heroine of the film "Girls" Tosya Kislitsina? Here I will become beautiful, just stunning girl will walk down the street and all the counter guys will fall, fall, fall, and themselves in stacks stacked! Eh! The wonderful thing - the power of attraction! That would be all the girls just born with the ability to be charming, have been great, is not it? So no, it is also necessary to learn! And do not look for external data, since the appearance in our time, and you can buy.

People have long warned: not born, they say, beautiful. It's true, it's not just a beauty Anfisa from said film could not keep himself near a single man, and hudyshku-zamuhryshku Toshu love with the best guy, the hero of labor and the dream of many girls. And what should be done to the views of all the guys consistently treated you like a compass needle is constantly rotated to the north? How to be attractive to men, how to develop a fascination?

Is always a: say "no" to imitate

Who told you that you have to be sure a copy is cast Marilyn Monroe to please all men? How many of them were similar to each other with the same blonde laying with beauty spot on her cheek and in the same dress! This similarity probably ends. As they did not try, no one could be as attractive as the world famous Marilyn.

There is a logical question: why is it? Yes, because there is not the appearance played an important role, and the internal component. As people say - the soul of a woman. That is, try to remember that when you have been in companies certainly have seen that most of the guys pay attention to some specific members of the fairer sex. What is special about these girls? That's right, each of them was unique in its own way (as a person), and that is what it attracted others.

Agree: cute, in general, but of identical, faceless many beauties and unique - virtually none. So first of all ask what you could improve confidence in their personal qualities to be an interesting and attractive woman?

 how to become attractive

Learn to love and believe in yourself

You definitely want to please others, but for some reason it does not go out? But in fact you they do not allow. And do not be surprised. Short skirt, a deep neckline - it is not something that should cause sympathy. The problem lies in the very nature, the behavior of women.

So, the first thing you need to learn not to complain about and no. It does not belong to you? And who yesterday mourned in a circle of friends that does not work to lose weight, and waist already starting to fade? Have not you noticed what eyes looking at your curvy, shiny, luxurious locks of the same guy whose brown eyes so often you dream? He only began to admire you as you started talking about the bulge of his thighs. He looked at your problematic, as it seems, the ass, and then I thought: "And the truth - stout! "And about your wonderful hair once and forgotten.

And then you wonder, how to become most charming and attractive to him? Why seek out shortcomings in yourself, and even pull them out, trying to absolve themselves of blame. That, they say, they - my problem areas, I know about them, try to cope, but somehow nothing. You'd better stick out their advantages so! Therefore stop immediately engage in self-flagellation, and learn to be confident in its appeal. Large hips - it's in our time advantage, not a disadvantage. To present it that way.

Do not listen to advisors and "knowledgeable" friends

The only opinion that really matters - it is your own. If you listen to all, then all can go head around. One will tell you that you are blue and short skirt. Another said that from the blue you're like semi-finished product, and your feet have to hide in narrow or flared trousers. A woman Attracting and generally say that it is necessary to braid a braid, bright narumyanit cheeks and wore a scarf. After all, the only way you can show the man interesting personality. And that, in the years of her youth, it was sexy!

And then what do you do? Do not rely on others, by not always know best. You must have your own idea of ​​what should be a woman. And if you will follow the advice of the women of Mani, then where is the guarantee that you will not only admired his grandfather Sani ?!

For those girls who do not know how to dress and beautiful, help or glossy magazines, or experts who are taught to pick up clothes and apply make-up. By the way, remember one thing: sex - does not mean vulgar and provocative. This stylists say more than one year.

Be stylish, but do not chase fashion

Make it a firm rule - never change nothing in their appearance just to please someone. No cuts on the advice of friends, tattoos influenced your party or short skirts, because it's like you guys! For some, the red hair looks sexy, but someone more like blondes. Why would you constantly change color, following the whims of a new boyfriend.

Change their appearance only to please themselves. And anyway, do not bother so much about makeup, fashion, spectacular hairstyles. Here you when looking for a Man for a really serious relationship, certainly want to find one that will appreciate in you is not primarily for its beauty, and most of the other qualities! Believe it or not, but for children it is not really important. At least, for those men who are more than ten minutes of your time. In the last ten minutes and even spend it is not necessary!

And very important: do not overdo it in emphasizing the figure. You understand correctly, what you can tease guys: short skirts, sexy tight pants, tight fitting blouses, bare bellies, deep neckline. Of course, they like to look at it. No man will not give up the very frank spectacle. But if you overdo it - will look very much available. It is unlikely that they will perceive you as a girl worthy of respect. A sexy dress better only for the MCH.

 how to be attractive to men

Learn how to care for themselves

The fact that this is important, not the nature of the appearance and personality, you have already learned. Now we should remember about their appearance. He, unlike beauty, must always be at the highest level. Do not agree? And as a girl to become beautiful and attractive, if she does not understand, for example, that hair should always be clean, blouse - a neat body - fit and breath - fresh?

Just imagine the situation: you managed to charm the guy his perfect sense of humor, the ability to stay in the company, sexually coiffed hair, a beautiful short dress. He dreams of meeting with you, they say, when the moon already imagining how will the hand, bend your face close to your lips.

And now we meet, takes the hand, leans ... and you to the dentist five years ago there were still under the mother's "escort", plus, there's just something jaw ache began to be seen, rots places already. Teeth something, by the way, you do not really like to clean. On the face of the moon shining layer of fat, and a pimple on his nose just today jumped. Deodorant and ended, and the hot water in your home for several days, do not give. It is said that somewhere in the pipe burst. Now imagine that experience and think about you that poor guy? Yes, it is better for health and how to monitor and carefully observe hygiene and skin care, and swim time. In extreme cases, there are special wipes, gum, powder tones, etc. Otherwise, do not you do a walk in the moonlight!

Sociability and friendliness - the best assistants

Do you know how to be beautiful and attractive in the new company, while getting acquainted with future boyfriend, etc? Do not believe it - just had to express its readiness to support the conversation and cute, sexy smile. True! Some girls are proud of their ability to pour approached guy so arrogant view that much of the legs give way! What for? With someone else this arrogant woman and wanted to talk, but he would not come. But who likes to experience such humiliation? And most importantly - for what? Because attention has made it clear that you like?

The fair sex does not necessarily have a common interest to have a conversation with a young man who wants to talk. If you do not understand that what he tells you, do not be silent. Ask questions, show their interest, keep talking. If you just look sullenly aside, he will look for a good company and you'll be alone.

Do not sit in the corner looking bored

What kind of person is always on everyone's mind? Active! So, you want to be attractive to men - always be more mobile, especially when you are in the company. Be prepared to take part in the dances, discussions, snorkeling or eating cake on speed. Well, what to hesitate, as long as it was fun! And sitting on the sidelines and watch the shy girl like all the lights and flashing neon sign that read: "I'm bored, I do not like fun! "Who on her zasmotritsya, who are for Any? But no one, still busy with fun.

Hollywood smile and good mood

Forget frown! It not only looks sexy, but it looks disgusting. And not because the wrinkles between the eyebrows appear much faster than the rays of the eye. Evil, or even just a neutral facial expression is not able to add you to appeal.

By the way, the girls smile speaks volumes. Slightly raised corners of her mouth as if to call an acquaintance, and if you are in this sexy wink, boy is unlikely to remain unmoved. And vice versa. I must say that guys often feel insecure next to a woman in the gloomy face that they see the threat of humiliation for himself.

 how to be attractive to men

Find a flavor, but do not be a cupcake

Now we can talk about that will be always able to really excite and intrigue the guy you attract his attention. Zest - it's your ability to be a little mysterious, interesting and sexy. This is the main female trick, and if you master this art - I think that the guys will be able to twist the rope! And it is necessary, it is not so much:

  • Create an aura of uncertainty

For example, a young man asks you how your weekend went. And you do it so vague: "Yes, so ... With friends something muddied ...". Of course, he asks, what does "something"? And you do not answer more than anything, just smiled so mysterious, sexy smiling while.

  • Learn to "pensive look away"

Use it only from time to time, otherwise there will be no benefit. You know how it is perceived from the outside? "Oh, this is such an interesting and mysterious lady! Her brain is constantly busy with some problems, inaccessible to us mere mortals! ". Seriously, it's easy and some thoughtful silence always give the impression of a great mind.

  • Bewitches his smile

Another good trick - stare at you liked the guy with the enigmatic smile. Let speculated that you thought was on the mind wander! Begin to ask - do you remember the trick quickly №1: «Oh, nothing ...". Again, silence gives him his sexy smile. Just a short time, and in our time men myocardial very much younger! Plus, constantly laughing representative of the fairer sex causes mistrust and thought that it is something wrong.

  • Dress properly

Do not abuse too open and sexy clothes, because she completely robs you of mystery. Moreover, a vulgar person dressed up hardly anyone wants to build a serious relationship. These representatives of the fair sex do not cause men pleasant associations. Rather, it is tempting to think that they are unlikely to be good wives and mothers.

By the way, mastering the art of the female, do not forget that there is always a sense of proportion. Do not overdo it and do not replay a mystery, otherwise it may seem that you are a little crazy. Be mysterious and very strange lady - two completely different things.

So you know how to be charming and attractive woman. You are now never forget that men attracts more than the soul, not the body. And let us always meet on clothes, but escorted exactly the mind. And do not forget this simple truth: in the world around you, there are millions of men, so do not limit yourself to one who can not love you for who you are. Even if you become more beautiful and attractive, his sympathy would be based only on this very appearance. Do you want to be with someone who loves you just because you look good?

 How to be beautiful and attractive, intelligent and charming?

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