how to find inspiration

Do not wait for inspiration. It is necessary to chase after him with a club. (Jack London)

Any creative person knows that there will always be days when inspiration leaves him. Well even if the work - it's just a hobby; In this case, you can just wait for the right tide of ideas and emotions. And if it is work, and absenteeism muse can hurt the credibility and wallet? For writers, journalists, artists, designers and people of many other professions enthusiasm is not just a desirable thing, it is an integral part of the creative process. And how to find inspiration in a situation where urgently need a creative idea, and the mind does not go?

If you are devastated, ideas do not come to you. Artists and writers, even those who are in the zenith of his fame, sometimes for months or even years in a state of creative crisis with a complete lack of inspiration. What can be done as soon as possible to bring the winged state, where you can take new ideas that will help create a masterpiece?

Looking for ideas and inspiration

First of all (and this is probably the most important thing!) You need to fill the spiritual emptiness. We need to start looking at the world through different eyes. Every day you need to keep your eyes open to notice something that previously did not pay attention. We must be open to any opportunity; they appear as if learning new interesting things that extend our horizon and output beyond the usual comfort zone. There are so many ways in which to do it. And above all - finally turn off the TV; it would be a good start. And then you can do a lot! We have now just been an inspiration, and we were able to find you so many ways to find creative inspiration that we will list them right now:

  1. Reading books. When reading fiction, you'll not only be inspired by the greatness of the artist's mastery of speech, but will be able to learn from them this skill. So, William Faulkner called young writers that they read as much as possible, and not only read the classics and books by famous authors, but also any other literature. "Read some and others, read everything, - and compare how they do it. And write yourself, write as much as possible. If you get it - you will feel it. It will not work - throw away and start writing again, "- he taught the famous writer. Follow his advice and you!
  2. Viewing good films. Sometimes you can be inspired by hearing a phrase character. The story can also awaken the senses and the desire to express them in his work. Even the beauty of landscapes captured capable inspire us.
  3. Music inspires people at all times. You can intently listening to music, and it is possible that the music played in the background while you work. Especially good for the mind and feelings of Mozart, but any music that you like.
  4. Sculpture, paintings. As a creative person aspires to the heights, there is no better source of inspiration than great art. You can go to the museum, you can look through an album of reproductions, and you can put a picture of your favorite sculpture or paintings on your desktop.
  5. Quotes and aphorisms are able to inspire any artist, but especially one that works with the word. Try read - and you will quickly make sure that the power of the mind is capable of great people and spark inspiration from you.
  6. Travel, whether it is the world cruises or a trip to a nearby town, allow you to change the situation and see new places, new people, new customs. All of this will take you to new horizons and new ways of seeing the world, and this in itself may be the best way of entering into a state of creative inspiration.
  7. By listening to the conversations of people in any public place - in the park, at the mall, in transport, at work - sometimes you can hear a very interesting conversations. If you are a writer or a journalist, that such dialogues will serve as a rich source of themes and subjects. It is useful even carry a notebook to write down immediately heard and all ideas that you encounter in this regard.
  8. Observations of the people, too, can give a lot of interesting material for any writer, a painter, an artist. You can just sit somewhere in a public place and watch, watch ... It will entertain, captivate, arouse your creative impulse. There is nothing more inspiring than humanity!
  9. Walking in nature not only help get rid of fatigue. You have not experienced elation? Exit the house and go away from cars and sidewalks, go to where there is open land, grass, trees, fields, hills. Experience the beauty around you, relax - and the flow of inspiration will rush at you blessed rain. Speaking of water: monitoring of its movement in rivers, lakes, streams affects a person magically, inspiring and creating the desire to create. And the sunsets and sunrises! And the stars! In the words of Vincent Van Gogh, "As for me, I do not know exactly, but the sight of the stars makes me dream."
  10. Exercise stress. Sometimes banal fatigue does not allow us to concentrate and come up with something new. Therefore, it is useful to alternate work with nature walks and physical activities; it is very well stimulate the brain.
  11. Own dreams sometimes, too, can serve as an impetus to the emergence of ideas. And do not be surprised, this is true! When we look for a new topic, we are working to create the image, inventing words, silhouettes and colors, - a task that we set for ourselves, is deposited in our subconscious. And when we sleep peacefully, our subconscious continues to work on the task. And very often the solution comes in a dream. (We certainly will not remind you of Mendeleyev and his table, this is a classic example!) And it also happens that the kind of personal and conscious dreaming "pull" is impossible, but very much it to you impressed. So - Get a special note-book and write to their vivid dreams. And then from time to time, flip through it. You will see for yourself - a lot of unusual ideas arise when you view this notebook!
  12. The same role as entry of dreams can play a diary. This is too general and could really urge anyone creative profession. Write to inspire your thoughts and quotes; all the ideas that come to your mind, but you still can not articulate them to the end; all the feelings and emotions that have left a special mark on the soul. After all, as he wrote Leo Tolstoy what is art? He believed that it begins when the artist will be able to pass on to others the feelings that he experienced himself and make others go through the same emotions. So keep a regular record in this blog from time to time to review them. So you have to be born a lot of new ideas.

Sometimes creative inspiration can come from the most unexpected sources. The main thing - to believe that it will come to you!

 Where to find creative inspiration?

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 Can you believe dreams


  • Dream book in antiquity
  • Dreams in history
  • Believe it or not?
  • Come to pass? Certainly it will come true!
  • To summarize

Every person at least once woke up in the morning with the thought: "Why should I dreamed it? "It does not matter whether you believe sleep, or you just surprised bright night" movie. " When he saw in a dream something unusual, people think: what if this is no accident? There is a whole theory of classification and decoding of night vision. And the funny thing is that the same thing can mean very different events.

I dreamed of a fish? By pregnancy. The woman already mentally preparing for motherhood, and her dream book in a hurry to "calm". Like, if you dreamed of dead fish, it is a loss. And if you live, it is a happy love. And the woman walks in thought: live fish she dreamed or dead? It seems that half the readers recognize themselves in this description. So you believe in the fact that our dreams have some special significance, or is it a waste of time and their night vision is not necessary to attach any importance to ??

Dream book in antiquity

So let's see: it is possible to believe in dreams, or they do not predict the future? The Bible is interpreted unambiguously. Remember, as the Virgin Mary learned of her pregnancy? Her husband had a dream. And he just did not think: whether to believe what they see, or look at their surroundings more nimble man ahead of him. Let us not question the biblical theory. Just accept as a fact that in dreams believed even before the coming of Christ.

And if you look at the date of the first edition of dream book, it becomes clear that the interpretation of dreams is still interested in our great-grandmother. In ancient times it was believed that with the help of dreams try to contact us to report important news and dead ancestors, and the person who believes these claims, it is not considered eccentric. So what actually mean our dreams? The ancient method of predicting the future or prejudices with roots in the past era? Should I believe in dreams, or dream books - it's just fun for the naive young ladies?

 whether to believe the dreams

Dreams in history

Do you believe or do not believe in dreams, but in favor of the prophetic visions of the night says a lot of facts. Let us remember the extraordinary dreams of great men who have led the latter to great discoveries. Mendeleev saw his famous table in a dream. Mendel discovered the laws of heredity. Gauss - law of induction. Fleming dreamed formula penicillin. But the results of these dreams is very easy to explain. All of these people for a long time pondering future discoveries, and in his sleep the brain simply prompted the necessary decision. He "thought:" all combinations. And if people do not remember their night's sleep, it would have come to the correct decision in a natural way. Morning.

However, there are cases in history when dreams come true, and were it is absolutely inexplicable. For example, Alexander the Great dreamed of herbs that could cure the deadly disease to others. Abraham Lincoln dreamed of his own death on the eve of the funeral. Do you believe in prophetic dreams after that? Skeptics argue that these facts - a simple coincidence.

But in ancient times, people have little thought about whether or not to believe in dreams and blind confidence in the prediction sometimes save lives. Augustus saw in a dream that the enemies slash his tent and woke up, ordered to put himself another. And the old tent ordered to leave as bait. And what do you think? Within a few days, as the first tent was the rugged apart.

Such dreams can definitely be considered a providence. This is something inexplicable, forcing scientists confused shrug. But we must recognize that these prophetic visions are very rare. And the dreams we dream every day. So let's leave unexplained fact of science, while they themselves continue to arguments about the dreams of ordinary, everyday.

Believe it or not?

So back to our question: is it possible to believe your dreams? It is possible, sometimes even necessary. As often with the help of dreams with us, "says" our brains, our subconscious. You will automatically analyze what is happening, and in the dream you receive a picture logical conclusion the situation. For example, a student led an idle life, and on the eve of exams she dreams that the teacher puts into the record book "unsatisfactory". And what, may I ask, he had to deliver? As a result, blame bad dreams, no less a bad teacher, but she left the girl in the role of victim.

And there is a perception that dreams should not come true overnight. In the embodiment of some dreams in life takes time. Here we come to the next explanation of the effect of prophetic dreams - auto-suggestion.

 whether to believe the dreams

Come to pass? Certainly it will come true!

In fact, if you believe in dreams or not - depends on the extent of your exposure to outside influences and inspiration. You had a piece of raw meat? Dream book helpfully suggests: "disease". And what are you doing? Starting to listen to his own body in search of anxiety symptoms. As a result, a bad mood, headache, and after keeping pace with the rest of the sores that may appear in the once healthy body. It all started with what? Only with the meat's dream!

To summarize

So, is it possible to believe in dreams? You probably already entangled in a long discourse. In fact, everything is simple. I would like you to believe in dreams? To your health. Just take a look to the dream book craze did not affect the course of your life. And always try to analyze the dream. I dreamed of a cat? Guide will tell you that the cat - it's evil. But in the dream you saw her favorite. Was she able to bring you something bad? Or just last night you long stroking domestic cat, so she had a dream?

Whether to believe in dreams - you decide. And finally, we would like to wish you pleasant dreams. Let nothing mars your night's rest!

 Can you believe in dreams?

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