English style of dress?

  • Distinctive features of the English style
  • Pick up clothes

The elements of British culture long ago entered the life of the inhabitants of post-Soviet space. We not only listen to music overseas, looking at "their" films, but choose things just as they are. Today, English has become a very popular style of dress, which is characterized by ease of finishing, practicality, probity lines and lines, the minimum number of cuts and incisions, shallow neckline, elegant dresses and suits.

Distinctive features of the English style

If you want to look feminine and interesting and at the same time feel confident, then try on the image of the modern English lady. Slightly fitting dresses and suits, flirty skirt length just below the knee, a little cleavage, which is intriguing and makes men dream on the theme of female beauty - all this is characteristic of British style. Here you will not see flashy finishes, bright, vulgar models instead - outfits that emphasize soft curves shapes without dragging it, and emphasizing the seductive line of the hips and waist. This dress every girl in the eyes of others becomes a queen.

The British with their stiff approach to life inherent in punctuality, restraint in manners and coldness in the reasoning, practicality and pedantry. They have long been distinguished by subtle, refined taste and ability to be the perfect set of clothes. Many centuries ago, the lords and their wives would stand for hours in front of a mirror, making the morning toilet and selecting outfit for breakfast, and the procedure of preparation for the solemn event took much longer. Austerity in the statements, training and organization, typical of the British naturally reflected in the clothes. Therefore, this style is suitable for people of moderate, severe, who appreciate comfort and quality. A man is ambitious, quick-tempered and emotional, on the contrary, in a classic English suit will feel uncomfortable and awkward, it is better to pick a "freedom-loving" outfit.

The British style you will not find a hint of transparency or processing by a modern creative or awkwardness. In this dress everything from cut, texture and finishing dimensions, tailored just perfect. Country horse racing and white-collar workers can not stand the screaming costumes and bright personality. Here the main thing - quality, restraint and elegance. No riot of colors, accessories and the abundance of gold-plated fittings. The main rules of the English style are:

  • Q factor and practicality of things;
  • elegance in everything from the choice of fabric and to the smallest details (buttons, buckles, zippers, etc.);
  • probity lines and lines. The product is ideal to look both outside and inside.

Those who have already visited the site of Albion, noted that the British at first glance look gray and uninteresting. Even among the younger generation rare bright personality in an unusual, fanciful costumes. In the British style, in addition to impeccable upbringing inhabitants of this country and its natural reserve, and is also influenced by the weather - frequent rain, the constant cloud cover and cloudy require practical and non-marking things. For example, in England, you are unlikely to see a girl in open sandals with high heels. However, despite this, the clothes in the English style created for this lady - smart, educated, who know his worth.

 fashionable English style of dress

Pick up clothes

Everyone has long known expression: "We are not rich enough to buy cheap things." Going shopping, always remember these words. Do not become a hostage to the price, because that's obvious - cheap clothes is short-lived. Pay attention to the quality and texture of fabric, the country of manufacture, sewing products. But it is better that your dress will be produced in a small Russian factory than a "lapped" the Chinese to Italian podium. Cheap knockoff never give your image of elegance. Likewise, designer clothes, picked up on the wrong style and color can spoil even the Scriptures beauty.

Before you go for shopping, audits in his closet: Learn wardrobe, think about what it lacks and what is superfluous, combine the possible sets, as every day, and on the way out, and make a list of things really necessary. This will help prevent hasty purchases. Very often such momentary gusts turn for many ladies in vain spent money and littered with unwanted clothes shelves. Now let's look in more detail what should be done to look stylish lady.

English style of different form-fitting and elegant silhouettes. Elegant dress should take the main place in your wardrobe. Conventional models suggest the presence of undercuts on the hips, waist and chest, which helps to make the figure more slender and feminine. Also mandatory attributes are not deep neckline, collar, long sleeves - cuffs. The length of the skirt can be different - now becoming increasingly popular model of the knee or just below. The British style is modesty and conservatism, so the product can have a maximum of two cuts: the front or rear. Pick a tulip skirt, a pencil, a smell or with folds, depending on the type of your figure. This image does not tolerate bare shoulders, so if you put on a jacket or blouse with short sleeves, be sure to take a jacket or blazer.

As for outerwear, then fit these models: cape or coat a little close fitting or free cut, conservative poncho. The product can be sewn cashmere, tweed, wool and knitwear, in general, from any synthetic or artificial tissue. However, about patent leather and shiny elements forget!

Headdress English-style should be elegant and understated. It is possible the presence of fine jewelry in the form of feathers, brooches, stones, similar in color to the product, or it is set off. Selecting headdress, pay attention to:

  • small round hat;
  • ladies bowler;
  • takes the classical;
  • shawl or scarf.

Headgear should be discreet and elegant, made of natural materials.

Accessories in British style is also quite restrained. This can be a shawl or scarf, neckerchief, the costume or slightly diluting its basic shade. The ideal decoration for every woman becomes a thread of natural or cultured pearls, jewelry allowed, small pendants or suspension. Complete the image will also help a brooch or a lace handkerchief, folded in the pocket of the jacket. Bags should keep the form fanciful trim are not welcome.

Shoes Choose a small heel or wedge heels, always remain relevant pumps. Remember that if you open the heel, the toe of products must be closed. In cold weather suit boots, army boots type.

The main colors of the British classics are black and white, light milk, mustard, blue. Each shade has to be cold and the most muted, no bright colors. Composing wardrobe, remember that the quality, elegance and discreet chic - the characteristics of the English style.

 English style of dress?

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 how to choose your style of dress?

  • Tips professional image makers
  • Classification of people colortype
  • Find out your tsvetotip
  • Decide on the type of figure
  • Several of the recommendations in the end

Everyone is human nature to desire to look elegant and attractive, especially the innocent "peccadillo" usual for women. Without exception, all the ladies, regardless of age, marital and professional status, they want to be in the spotlight and catch yourself admiring glances from the opposite sex. No wonder that the saying "meet on clothes, and escorted to the mind" has gained such popularity. In fact, how you look, how harmoniously matched your style of dress, depends not only on your own opinion of himself and self-esteem, but also the attitude of others - friends, colleagues, bosses, and even completely extraneous and strangers.

At first glance it may seem that to create a special, personal way that would suit you - it's pretty simple. But not always work to make the right choices in clothing, combine it so that harmony and colors, and do things well combined, and the model of focused attention on the dignity of the figure, not allocated disadvantages. Not all women have excellent taste, so someone buying this or that thing, acting at the behest of the heart, or simply focused on current models, the other in the pursuit of stunning looks appeal to professionals - stylists and image makers.
However, such services are not everyone can afford, and the advice of a friend, who listens to a lot of girls are often more harmful than helpful. We'll show you how to choose your style depending on the type of your appearance, what clothes better to give preference to look elegant and at the same time fashionable. Using these simple recommendations, you will become a stylist and themselves, without the help of experts, will be able to create a harmonious and elegant image.

Tips professional image makers

Everyone in my heart - my own stylist. Acting consciously or not, but, looking at himself in the mirror, you create a certain image, which is built on a combination of several elements:

  • visual form (meaning the hair, makeup and clothes, accessories and even a manicure);
  • demeanor (your facial expressions, gait, speech and body language);
  • environment (ie, the style of the person affected by the people around him, as well as the atmosphere and way of life, where he lives).

Each has its own unique appearance, which can either emphasize the clothes, thus single out from the crowd, or, conversely, to "erase" all the charm of unwise choice made. That looks like a person, can tell a lot about him: as he himself likes it or not, what he is interested, where he works, how the character has. Therefore, if you want to take you around as a strong, self-confident person, you need to choose the right style. Following are some tips professional image makers who are on duty every day make people beautiful.

 how to choose your style of dress properly

Classification of people colortype

A person perceiving the environment, primarily draws attention to the color of the objects, and then on their shape. The same happens in the mind of people who look at you. Therefore, choosing the style of dress, and forming an image, the first thing you need to do - is to define your tsvetotip. Thus, according to popular theory, every person belongs to one of them. The researchers divided the tsvetotip into several categories - warm, bright, muted and cold - and named them after various times of the year:

  • Spring - a warm style, the owners of which are inherent in a thin pinkish peach-skin, golden, honey or yellow hair, and light eyes (blue, gray or amber).
  • Another warm, but more saturated color - this autumn. Such people often have bronze or red hair, sometimes with shatenovymi or copper shades. Skin tone, in contrast to the spring tsvetotipa, denser, and eyes may be brown, green, or, again, gray.
  • Summer belongs to the group of cold shades. Therefore, holders of this type - blond, people with blond, gray or brown hair, pinkish-bluish skin. Summer is divided into contrast (dark hair and eyebrows) and contrast (white hair).
  • The most striking, and at the same time cold tsvetotip - this winter. These people transparent, sometimes with hints of olive skin, dark hair and eye catchy.

Each of us possesses its own individual color scheme that suits us the type of appearance, so if you select the wrong shade of clothing, stop at that "contra" by nature, can be easily changed beyond recognition, but far from the best. In addition, the color is very strong not only affects a person's mood, but also on its achievements, self-confidence, so it is important to surround yourself with "their" tones that will become even more beautiful and happier.

Find out your tsvetotip

To create an individual style and never make mistakes in choosing the next outfit, you need to determine your color type appearance. Should act in a bright room in daylight, in order to avoid glare. Thus, pre-rinse off all my makeup and dress colorful pieces of fabric or clothing. If you have unnatural hair color, then tie a scarf around the head of a neutral color. Bare neck and shoulders, so you can see in the mirror their natural shades, which in the first place and it is worth paying attention to. Decide with the natural tone of your lips, eyes, skin, and hair.

Then pay attention to other components of the feature:

  • What colors do you prevail - warm or cool?
  • Skin tone blue, slightly yellow, peach or olive?
  • What tone hair, freckles, age spots are there?

Asking yourself these questions guided by the characteristics inherent in a particular tsvetotipu (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall), mentioned above. Then bring your turn to face pre-prepared items or pieces of cloth with warm, and then cold shades of the same color. You will notice that the same background the whole complexion looks fresh and healthy, and the other - a tired, drab and uninteresting.

Winter-contrast type correspond cold, fresh and bright colors. For example, if you want to put into your wardrobe with red, then picks it up crimson shades of blue should give preference to the snow-blue or indigo. Equally perfect for you will look emerald or malachite dress or suit.

Oblivion experts recommend to choose bright and cool pastel shades in soft combinations: gray-blue or blue, cocoa brown and pink, burgundy, cherry, lemon color, but without admixture of bright yellow.

Tsvetotipu spring suitable warm transparent range: peach, turquoise, green, honey, coral, coffee and cream shades. The black color in this case is absolutely contraindicated.

People related to the type of Autumn, choose clothes saturated dense colors: scarlet, red-brown, orange, blue-green, plum, coffee and so on. In general, in this case, preference is given to all shades, which is replete with nature during the harvest season and leaf fall.

It should be noted that the separation of tones in no way deprives you of the possibility to make a bright and varied wardrobe, since any color can be both heat and cold. When you define your type of appearance, you can easily improve your own style, choosing the right clothes.

 how to choose a style of their own

Decide on the type of figure

Continuing to shape and define the style with what color you are, and which are not now paying due attention to the shape of an object of research - or rather, its shape. Experts identify several types:

  • "Rectangle" is characterized by the same proportions of the chest, waist and hips

    So girls are many models of clothes: jackets long or short, straight coats, sweaters patterned with stripes, tight jeans and trousers, blouses and shirts, slinky dresses and tunics and more. If you belong to this type, then eliminate things from your wardrobe with lapels and winding seams. And items such as geometric patterns, oval, V-shaped or square neckline, down the landing, on the contrary, you will face.

  • Full hips and legs combined with a pronounced waist, narrow shoulders and small breasts - all features of "pear-shaped" type

    The main task of the girls with such proportions - to hide a heavy bottom and draw attention to the upper body. To do this you need to avoid the direct model, narrowed down jeans and trousers. Type in your wardrobe support bra that visually enlarge the bust will help to visually narrow waist straps use a thin graceful. Shirts, jackets, vests, sweaters and coats must be semifitted or close fitting cut, always with shoulder pads, and choose sweaters with V-neck. Skirts and dresses buy from flying, light and airy fabrics, which will "bounce" to the beat of your movements, thereby stopping on the imperfect parts of the body that you want to hide.

  • Woman of the "hourglass" has a narrow waist equal to the volume of the chest and hips

    If you have a slender, shapely legs, do not hide them for a long bottom, better purchase small. Excellent will look pencil skirt with a high waistline, also fit jeans and trousers with an average landing. To enhance the beauty of the chest, pick a model with a deep neckline, smell adjacent jackets and shirts. This type of figure is considered a classic - it is typical for many women. So do not hesitate its forms, and by its own style, it is advantageous present them.

  • Woman - "Apple" has a big body and a complete lack of a waist

    Therefore, in this case the basic problem - visually elongated body in length with the various elements of dress: the vertical joints, and finishing strips. Girls of this type need to be careful with tight-fitting things, long and wide skirts, an abundance of ruff, flounces, pleats and frills. Dress-holder, dress with a high waist and corsets will look just fine. Pull out the help shape asymmetry, so give preference to models with a belt and tailored on the bias. To God forbid do not give yourself a couple of extra pounds, avoid flying fabrics, creating an additional amount.

By forming their own style, do not forget the important elements of the image of a successful and beautiful ladies - shoes and accessories. Buy elegant shoes with high heels or stilettos wide, never go out of fashion classic boats. As for jewelry, they are just like the clothes, help correct shape for the better and bring to your person concerned glances. For example, large earrings to focus on the beautiful eyes and flying shawl - to walk. When selecting accessories, consider the proportion of their body: slim girl suit narrow clutch and thin heel, full of ladies - bulk bags and stable shoes that harmonizes the overall look. Stylists say that Cape shoes and cut on a dress or a blouse and jewelry form should resemble the shape of the face - in this case, you are guaranteed success.

Several of the recommendations in the end

If you do decide to create your own style and change for the better, please note a few simple guidelines that will help you achieve the perfect image:

  • As mentioned above, first determine your body type, so you can select the appropriate things to you that will emphasize the strengths and hide the "mistakes" of nature. And knowledge about the features of your tsvetotipa play into the hands when choosing colors of clothing. Do not forget to buy and wear should be very comfortable and convenient things - otherwise you will experience discomfort and awkwardness, which obviously does not make you more attractive.
  • Compose wardrobe, based on where you work, what position do, what are fond of and what kind of lifestyle lead. To start buy two or three basic things - they clearly represent the style you choose to match. In addition, they should be combined not only among themselves but also with other clothes hanging in your closet. By the way, the lighter and more restrained tone will be your wardrobe, the darker and brighter should pick up accessories. This will help to arrange the necessary accents and complete the image.
  • Be sure to consider your age. Adult woman in a rigorous and consistent with its status as the clothes look much more spectacular and more attractive than the lady in youth matters.

It is not necessary, selecting a particular style, stick to it for life. This, at least, boring! I am therefore, to experiment, to "play" with clothes and love yourself - then you are in any way will look surprisingly simple!

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