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 how to knot a tie


  • The story of the cravat
  • Simple node or the "quartet"
  • English way of "Windsor"
  • Half "Windsor"
  • Pratt-Shelby or "American node"

The family all share equally: husband - a tie, his wife - a fur coat. Perhaps women know how to take the turnover in men, but to understand these subjects wardrobe and boasts the best knots, not everyone can.

Driving tying a tie is known not for everyone.

Many men like to wear a tie, considering that it highlights their individuality and become accustomed to it to such an extent that without him feel uncomfortable or cold. Some of them believe that the subject wearing a necessary evil, calling him a "noose." Other really do not know anything about the ties and did not know how to use a tie. Nevertheless, in the men's locker room sometimes they can count just as much as in the women's wardrobe of shoes.

 an easy way to knot a tie
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The story of the cravat

Rather, the origins of the emergence of a tie begins with a simple cravat. If in ancient Egypt and ancient China using scarves determined position in society, in ancient Rome, scarves used only for practical reasons: to prevent chafing armor uncovered body parts legionnaires.

Widespread use of these decorations we owe the French - famous trendsetters. The initiative is credited with King Louis XIV. Ostensibly he liked beautiful scarves decorated with tassels on the necks of Croatian soldiers invited to the court for valor and victory in battles against the Turks. This time is considered the beginning of the triumphant march of this accessory. Decoration undergoing various changes, corresponding to the fashion trends in clothes, then turning into a bulky bows, then simplified to butterflies.

Enterprising and practical Americans have gone the farthest. Even in 1924, the American Langsdorf patented tie that was cut on the bias of the three parts of the matter. The product turned out to be perfect - comfortable, practical and intricate. Cutting out the principles remain the same to this day.

Since then, trendsetters have to change the traditional attribute in a man's clothes by color, pattern, shape, width, length and texture of fabric, adjusting to the style of his contemporaries and tastes.

By limiting themselves reveal the classic "perfect" tie, fashion excel in inventing new ways of tying a necktie knots. Although there are only 4 major ways of tying knot on a tie, there are so many ways devised for all types of face, neck collars, etc. The number of ways of tying knots According to some experts, close to a hundred.

Men's jewelery under the collar resembles a long belt, which passes from a wide (large) part of a narrow (small). The best way to learn to knot a tie under the scheme, photos or video. Among the most popular ways to look at one that is very well suited for a first experience. After reviewing it, you can easily tie knots in other ways.

 Windsor knot
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Simple node or the "quartet"

  1. Place the tie under the collar so that the ends hanging down on his chest. This should be the widest part longer than the other 30 cm. By crossing the two parts together, ensure that the widest part was the narrow top.
  2. Get a wider portion at the narrow.
  3. Output at the large end of the narrow end on the other side. Again place it (as in the first step) over the narrow side of the article.
  4. Grasp the large end, it Thread the bottom to form a loop around the neck under the collar. Attention is now under a big loop formed small loop (node). Aim broad band had just pulled in the direction of a small loop.
  5. Thread the large end to the small loop (node) from top to bottom, and pull it down. I get a full Tie the knot. Both tie strip must be the same length.

Check out their actions in the diagram below.
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English way of "Windsor"

Tie given the name "Windsor." The name is associated with one of the heirs to the throne of England Duke of Windsor.

To tie it like this:

  1. Place the tie under the collar inside out so that the broad band hung on the chest on the right. Make it so that the wide side of the tie was short on longer than 30 cm.
  2. Place the large end to the small, then it Thread the bottom in the loop, pull through it, lower the top narrow.
  3. Remove the large band of a little girl. Perekin'te it over a narrow band on the left side.
  4. Again Thread the wide band in a big loop and pull up.
  5. Pull it through the knot down.
  6. Tighten the knot by pulling it to the collar.

For more details see the technique here.

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Half "Windsor"

It is considered a universal method of tying knots.

  1. Place the tie under the collar. Wide tape applied over a narrow strip.
  2. Get a wide ribbon for narrow. Pull it slightly to the side.
  3. Pull the top of the large end of the loop, pass through it from top to bottom.
  4. Insert the end of pull to the right. Then place it on top of a short tape in the left direction.
  5. Thread the large loop at the end of now from the bottom up and pull out.
  6. Thread the node at its front side. Pull down.

Help yourself by using the diagram below.
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Pratt-Shelby or "American node"

Authorship is credited Jerry Pratt and Don Shelby. In addition, the node called "American". The primitive node, ideal for tight collars.

  1. Place the wrong side of the tie under the collar. Place on top of a narrow band wide.
  2. Wide ribbon by placing the top, thread into a large loop. Pull it down a narrow ribbon.
  3. Take a little bit to the left.
  4. Change the direction of the wide band to the right, putting it on top of the narrow side of the tie.
  5. Thread the large loop in the bottom of the tape and pull up.
  6. Insert it into the resulting assembly from the front.

That's all. If it is good practice tying 4-classical sites, you can do it with skill. Having mastered the 4 classic way, you can easily begin to learn more about fifty others. The ability to tie a knot ladies facilitates the process of choosing a tie for men.

 4 classic way of tying man's tie