how to achieve success in life

Surely you have repeatedly asked themselves how to achieve success in life. There are people who get what they want, and there are those who suffer defeat after defeat. Yes, of course, victory or defeat - in the first place, is the choice of the person, but that's not all. You can endlessly give yourself installation to achieve, but continue to play without making the corresponding effort. Most often, people care about the success in three areas: in the career, business and life in general, and this is what you can read in our article.

Success and Life

It is not necessary to divide his life into pieces and try to achieve a particular success. You can just follow a few simple guidelines that can in a short time to turn you into an incredibly successful person. They are based on the principles of NLP programming, which is known to be actively used in order to achieve success in various areas.

One of the exercises that you can use in everyday life, called "I-author." We often think that everything unpleasant that happens to us - it's not our fault, and bad circumstances. Being in any difficult situation or problem, ask yourself two questions: how I created this situation and why I created it? First, you will be hard, but then you get used to and deal with the author's position in relation to his life. Namely, it is largely distinguishes successful people from the losers.

What will be discussed below, may surprise you: Try to begin to trust people default. Strange, because it may seem that a successful person does not trust anyone and is always on the alert. But it is not so! The ability to trust other people and take their confidence is much more strategically than distrust. In this case, you are a priori positive attitude to the world, and he says the same to you.

An important step to success is the ability to turn any situation into a win for both sides. You can say that there are situations where this is not possible - may be a winning and losing, or losing all. Most likely, you said the limitations of thinking. Even a situation of conflict of interest can be interpreted in such a format, for example, which of the two people most need it, this resource, and who better to fit any other.

 how to achieve success

Success and Career

The way to succeed in a career in the first place depends on your definition of success. Judge for yourself, for someone to head the achievement of transnational corporations, and for someone to be a career pinnacle position neurosurgeon. However, there are some general guidelines that can be helpful to almost all people.

  • Be passionate about their work, and this is essential to the cause of love that you are doing - this is the main secret of how to achieve success in their careers.
  • Brings something different to your favorite job: Cultivate an individual style to achieve the goals, create their own brand, its chip.
  • Be aware of the importance of what you are doing for the community. For example, if you are a marketer, your goal is to get more people learn about the unique product of your company and improve your life with it.
  • Be active and initiative. Do not wait any received over tasks and assignments; read the relevant literature, is interested in new developments in your field and offer options for improving the management of the company.
  • Do not waste time on unnecessary things, like sitting on the social networks. It is better to use it for this holiday or to achieve your goals.
  • Become a first-class specialist in a fairly narrow, but popular area - then you will be in demand.

 how to achieve success in business

Success and Business

It may be that building a career - it's not for you. Indeed, often it is necessary to start with a fairly low post, submit to someone, and a long walk to his goal. In business, as a rule, are more risky people with a desire to be master of the situation and the most to implement his idea. There are nuances in how to achieve success in business, and we'll tell you about them.

The main thing to know - is that any growth and development are possible only when leaving the comfort zone. This is the space in which we like to be, it is stable and allows us to maintain the current level of existence. From there, we carry out those actions, which are used to and that we are familiar state of comfort. But if you wanted to achieve something bigger, goes beyond simply necessary, especially if we are talking about significant developments and achievements of some serious purpose.

Consciousness of each of us filled the priorities are, in fact, are strict restrictions that prevent the achievement of important goals. An example of such priorities might be to play it safe, keep the person to dominate, manipulate, etc. ... One of their functions - maintaining stability and keeping us in the comfort zone. They limit us and prevent reach "and it would be nice" - the goals and successes that are important to us, but seem unrealistic or too complicated.

In order to achieve something, we should start to do something. Judge for yourself - it is impossible to become an owner of big business, which brings its owner a serious income, if you sit at home and do nothing. It is important to begin to take the first steps. You can not try to lift the pen - it can either do or do not do. And business: it is impossible to try to build it and try to sell your product to the customer, wiped his nose competitors - you can either do or not to do. In order to achieve your desired results, you must take steps in that direction right now, for example, now go and find out all the information you need about the product on the market or taxation. Only then can you get closer to your goal.

Useful for business success will exercise "I am the future." Often, we think that the objectives are achieved in the following way: now determines the future, and on what you are currently depends on the achievement of your goals. However, it is not so: later to achieve success, you need to be present for what you will be in the future. Therefore, in every detail, imagine yourself successful in business, and be aware of what qualities you possess. After that, all you will - is to develop at the appropriate skills and character traits.

Less important for achieving success in business is the correct goal setting. In every detail, imagine yourself what you want to achieve. Remember that a good goal is the key to literacy development of any business project. It must have the following features:

  • Responsibility - it needs to be formulated in the first person;
  • particular - in the wording to be displayed all: how much, where, when and how;
  • Really - for example, want to become immortal at the present stage of development of science is not quite realistic;
  • include perfective verbs - "to do" or "do";
  • inspiring - it is useless to set goals that you do not want to achieve and the achievement of which you are not motivated;
  • positive - in the formulation of objectives should not be any "no"

So, I hope you became clear that any success is real and reachable. All you need to do - the right to set a goal and always something to do to achieve it, take responsibility for their lives and to be its author, as well as a positive attitude towards others. Then, success will not be long in coming!

 How to succeed in life: a practical guide

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 How to Soothe


  • Step One: Calm body
  • Step Two: calm the mind

"Aaaahh, I'm going to explode !!! "- Familiar to your condition? I'm sure many will respond positively and agreed that the only issue of concern to you in such a difficult time emotionally, is as calm. Indeed, there are situations where splash own anger, irritation or aggression, banging his fist on the table, it is impossible.

For example, at work or in class, when all honest people to do it is unacceptable not to have unpleasant consequences. And yell at his own kid, even if he had just painted the sun on the wallpaper of your lipstick by Dior, also not worth it. A slam the door and pour obscenities against the favorite, who was late for a date, I forgot to call or you accidentally compared with the former passion - is generally a sign of bad taste for a girl from a decent society. And what can be done in this case? The answer is: you have to show the wonders of self-control, instantly calm down and relax.

By the way, scientists are still arguing about how best to behave, if the emotion is covered, what is called the head. One of the experts say that the negative necessarily need to throw out a cry, a mechanical stress or something else. So you will free your mind from unnecessary worries and sent him to work in a constructive way. Others psychologists insist on self-control and say that we need to use different methods and techniques of complacency, so as not to waste valuable nerve cells.

Of course, sometimes it is useful to go to a deserted place and just a loud shout, removing stress. But what if this is not possible, but there is still a whole day, with all its troubles, worries and a lot of problems? How to calm down and not be nervous? That will help as soon as possible to return the self-control of the raging emotions and allow no losses to continue to work, study, communication with children and so on?

This is something on the subject of this article, as it will be discussed about effective and fast way to complacency. And even if the friends and acquaintances with a smile, used to take all of your violent reaction and incontinence gently called eccentricity, many tips can be successfully applied in different situations by practicing in the power over their own reactions to irritants. Spare, these techniques will not be exactly.

 how to calm down and not be nervous

Step One: Calm body

The answer to the question of how quickly calm down, hidden in your body. Your inner self and the outer shell are interconnected and interdependent. Any of your emotions, including anxiety and anger, and fear, manifested in physical reactions, such as facial expressions, gestures. Therefore, if you need to calm the mind, calm the body first.

Begin by breathing, because it determines your life rhythm and sense of self. This process allows the blood to get oxygen, and how productive it is, depends on the work of the heart and other organs. Concentrate on how you breathe. It is not necessary to do it very slowly, the more so in a state of extreme irritation, you can not do that right away. You can breathe in its normal rhythm, the main secret is to monitor how the air enters your nose and passes through the trachea into the lungs and back. First, you will be distracted from the fact that you are excited about, and secondly, the breathing rhythm is still slow. And after half a minute, you can feel calm.

Also it helps if every breath you will hold your breath a bit - not for long, for four seconds. It must be done about twenty to thirty times. The exhalation should be as long as possible - it is dial a deep breath. In general, concentrate, and "play" with the breath, think of my own exercises, because it can be both soothing and interesting. Did you invent your own technique on how to calm down and not be nervous.

But the breath - this is not the only way to self-excited man. There is also the muscles, through which, in fact, displays all the negative energy from the body. The simplest thing you can do - to stretch and relax the muscles of the legs and arms. If strongly angry, try clenched fist. Only need to perform this action with all his might, if you - angry mongoose who is going to jump. Then the negative energy really starts excreted from the body.

In the case of anger (that we usually feel it when wondering how to quickly calm down) throw it out of the body will help to blows. Yes, simple beats hands of closed fist, it is better for any soft surface. Why do not crash into the wall? Well, we are with you - a woman, after all, our gentle hands and feet should be protected. A abrasions on the knuckles - not the best decoration, and besides, it is very painful. So think about what you are angry, and put in a blow all his anger, and at the moment of contact with a surface, such as pillows, she goes there.

If you - a special emotional and often you have to look for ways to calm the nervous system, Hang ordinary punching bag at home. Once you feel that "boil", then, instead of the strain of the vocal cords, vent negative on this sports equipment. So you can not only quickly calm down, but also to spend the extra calories. And nerves benefit, and the figure in order.

If you face the challenge to gain composure before an important exam or a performance, then the exercise will help called "Remove and discard! "You need to pick up a rough towel (be sure to dry!) ​​And twist it, simulating wringing wet clothes. This should be done with a maximum voltage of all muscles. Feeling tired, sharply unclench his hands and drop the towel. If you are correct, the instantly you feel complete relaxation of the muscles of the shoulder girdle, nervous trembling leaves, and your condition has improved markedly.

Of the more simple ways to calm it may be noted ... do you think that? Cooling in its literal sense. Eat cold ice cream, drink a glass of cool soda or juice, or go for a dip in the cold water. All of these methods are as old as the world, but they work, not only people but also animals (so pull apart the cat fight - a bucket of cold water). "Chill out! "- So often say the irascible interlocutor. Now that you know how to do it in the literal sense.

There is another "wet" to cope with a reception. If you are - at work and feel that it ceases to control emotions, then you need to make a kind of relaxation procedure. To do this, go to the bathroom, remove her blouse and let sink in cold water. Wet your hands under running slowly and put them on your head. A few seconds later start making soft rubbing the neck and shoulder area, gradually increase the power of movement, and then reduce it. Complete express massage gently caressing touches to your skin and rinse again these areas of the body with cold water.

 how quickly calm down

Step Two: calm the mind

Unfortunately, there is always a good opportunity to settle down with the help of your own body. At this affects the employment or being under the gaze of others. And, as luck would have it, it is in these situations is often the strongest demand in the acquisition of self-control. But there is a solution. He is to work with your mind. How quickly calm down and keep the nerves through the activation of mental reserves?

One of the most effective methods - is visualization, ie mental representation soothing paintings. After all, it allows a person to receive a vision of a huge piece of information about the world. This task excellent job types of water streams and ponds, beautiful scenery, the images of the cosmos. Try to imagine this or that calms you now, well, if there are white and other light colors (they relax). Look around all the details, try as much as possible all to hear and feel. The ideal would be a combination of visualization with breathing exercises, try to let a white light with the breath.

According to scientists, the most calming effect on the nervous system image, which also contains water and white. Quickly reach equilibrium after an unpleasant conversation or event you will receive under the name "Virtual souls." Take a comfortable position, lying down if possible sitting, relax your body, try to breathe deeply and evenly. Now close your eyes and mentally imagine the water is white, like a stream of milk.

Try to feel how it relates to your crown, refreshing cool person runs on the shoulders and chest, and then flows over the body down to the feet. Try to catch that feeling and hold it for thirty seconds. Now imagine, the white water runs into the funnel, taking with them the cause of your stress or trouble. At the end you need to take a deep breath, and you can open your eyes.

A good way to combat nerves is to focus on yourself. You remember that you are the most charming and attractive? So, when someone is trying to anger you, frustrate or make a humiliating reprimand, try to mentally disconnect from it and focus on your inner life and feelings. Renounce all external, for quick effect, you can use the above visualization. It's like meditation: you learn to withdraw into themselves in the most troubled places and situations, and then you will easily maintain inner harmony everywhere and always.

There is a funny welcome a calming effect. It's called "And I find it funny! ". To use it, try to think of something incredible, paradoxical and very fun. For example, a monkey in a tuxedo, dancing the twist. Or something like that. It is even possible to prepare in advance by drawing a couple of funny pictures on cards and carry them with you. When there will be something that takes you out of yourself, you'll be armed and can easily overcome any adverse condition.

As another effective way, allowing not to lose self-control, psychologists recommend the reception called "minus to plus." Once you start, what is called "choke" the anger, imagine yourself something very pleasant, like a vacation in warm countries, has recently seen an interesting movie, coming off in the end. If you have a dog, think about how it meets you in the evening and licks wet tongue, whimpering with joy. If the house you will find a fluffy cat, imagine how buries his fingers into her soft fur and scratched a happy purr pet.

Everyone knows quite a common way in which mothers are advised to use psychologists unruly kids. All you need to do if a child brought you out of yourself, so it is to count to ten. But often such a simple action is enough. However, if you combine it with the above rendering, it would still be able to calm down. So do not just think and mentally represent each number as it appears and then disappears. This method will allow you to keep anger and not to succumb to the request to throw out all the negative on others.

All of the above rapid methods of how to regain self-control in stressful situations, can be supplemented by exercises designed for self-preservation, always and everywhere. This kind of training emotional reactions, allowing not to lose restraint in the most unpredictable situations. As you know, very often people try to use the formula of self-hypnosis type "I am calm" and "I do not care about nothing."

However, you must not forget that these affirmations and similar installations do not work as a means of emergency. They need to verbalize every day several times a long time, if you really feel the effects of their use. And the question of how to remain calm and not nervous, will disappear by itself.

 How to calm down: methods of dealing with stressful situations

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