how to become a happy woman


  • Happiness is in ourselves!
  • Small changes can yield big dividends

The greatest discovery of my generation is that a person can change his life by changing his attitude. (William James)

What woman does not want to be happy? They want it all, but only a few of us manage to achieve this goal. And why? The reasons may be different. First of all, happy life - it is something quite different from each other in representation of different people. For some, it is a friendly family, for someone - a good job, but someone absolutely can not enjoy life without the "platinum" bank card. So it turns out that each of us wants to learn how to be a happy woman, each is able to be her, but happiness is unattainable.

We live in an incredibly fast pace of life, full of stress. When a collision occurs with difficulty or disappointment, it often focuses on the negative. We are able to transform even a small glitch in a lot of trouble, and the whole life becomes a dreary struggle with adversity. Happiness, then where? Why a happy life has become an elusive goal for many people? The answer, oddly enough, is as simple as the question itself: we do not know where to find him.

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Happiness is in ourselves!

Too many people are looking for happiness outside yourself. They believe that their happy life may be in cash, property, other people. They do not understand what is true happiness. But there are people who have found joy and peace in ourselves. They found that happiness - is a personal choice, and decide to be happy in this moody and insecure world. This does not mean that these people are not all right in the head. Does not mean the fact that they are naive or blind, they do not notice the negative developments or dangerous behavior of others. They just see all this as part of life; for these people is - the things that need to be addressed, but they never let their cause discontent. What is the simple human happiness?

First and foremost, is the ability to find their place .. As a wise man used to say, you need to live your life, not someone else. Since childhood, we have "stuffed" ideas about what to do: one to play, what to learn, to marry etc. ... And no one thinks that some points of this long list may simply not be ours. But it can be very painful when you realize that live for someone else. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to figure out what we really wanted, and that just a social husks. To cope with this can always help the professional psychologist.

Great humanists believe that the destiny of every person - is a creative activity. Not always it comes down to drawing, photographing or cross stitching. Creativity - is the process of creating something new, the design environment and change the world. This is where we samovyrazhemsya and samorealizuemsya. When a person has blocked the need for creative activity, he feels his life is meaningless and is constantly faced with psychological problems: depression, illness and anxiety.

Talking to people - an important element of simple human happiness. There can be a lonely man happy. Yes, all of us need periods of solitude, but the absence of loved ones around and the impossibility of communicating with them is able to make you the most miserable woman in the world. Even if the life that is not glued, do not aspire to be isolated from the whole world - the happier you this for sure will not. On the contrary, with the support of friends and family, in fact, these people are able to hold your hand at the most difficult areas of life.

Oddly enough, but the refusal of negative emotions - it's not a step to true happiness .  Many popular books pseudopsychological sound this advice: "Get rid of your anger and let the happiness in their hearts" .  Well they come up, eh? In fact, anger is necessary to man, as well as other negative emotions .  It occurs as a reaction to things that we do not like, and contributes to the fact that we changed their lives for the better .  People that nothing angers, virtually non-existent (the mentally ill and the Dalai Lama, we are excluded), so when a person says that he never gets angry, it shows the ability to hide his emotions deep in the unconscious .  But they're not going away! As a result, the feelings will always find a way out, for example, in the form of psychosomatic illness, and you'll wonder what caused it .  Therefore it is better to learn how to express their emotions appropriately situation .  Well, if you are experiencing too often negative, find something with which it is related personality traits .

Finally, it is important to allow yourself to be truly happy. Some of us feel as if they do not deserve. Therefore, in the medium is the mass of barriers that do not allow you to go to your own happiness. But true knowledge is that happiness can be everything. The main thing - to believe in it and let go toward harmony and joy.

People who, they believe, a happy life, always striving for success in their chosen field of activity. They follow their passions. Happy people develop long-term relationships with others. They accumulate property, but do not let your happiness depend on all these things. They come to understand that only they can decide what will be their lives. And if you want to join them, then you should do some things just as they are.

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Small changes can yield big dividends

The good news is that your happy life really is in your own hands! Of course, we can not control the whole world and all that it takes. But we can control our reaction to what is happening. Using a proven recipe for many a happy life, you change your attitude towards the surrounding reality:

  • Live in the present

    No matter what happened yesterday or a year ago, and what might happen tomorrow or next year. Your happy life awaits you here in the present, right where you are. Too often we let our past problems and anxiety about the future dominate our present. We can not enjoy the moment, "here and now", because we are concerned and disappointed by the things that have been left behind or still lie ahead.

    We postpone our happiness today, telling myself that things will be better "someday." While we are developing plans for the future, our children grow up, neighbors and friends move to other areas, we lose strength, and our dreams die. Life - this is not a rehearsal grand show, which will take place next week! You must learn to live today and enjoy the moment. Of course, you must learn from the past and plan for the future, but we must live it here and now.

  • Accept your imperfections

    Have you ever met a perfectionist, which would have been happy and full of peace and joy? Probably not. The need for continuous improvement and striving for inner peace are in direct conflict. Perfectionists always enter the battle, in which they clearly assigned the role of the underdog, because they are never satisfied him.

    No matter how well they may have done something, they immediately want to make it even better. And that instead of focusing on the joy of victory and gratitude for dostignutoe.Net, they are obsessed with the fact that everything done - wrong, and all need to be redone! Where here to be happy ... I do not like them. In our life there is always room for improvement, but we have to allow yourself to appreciate things as they are. And what's interesting: when we eliminate the need to improve in all areas of life, we begin to see better inherent life wonderful!

  • Start each day by thinking about someone with gratitude

    It's such a simple action, and it takes him only a few minutes each day. Thanks and happiness go hand in hand. If you are experiencing sincere gratitude for all the gifts of life, you constantly find occasion to feel happy. It's so easy! We have a very large number of things for which we can be thankful for: good friends, loved ones, friendly colleagues and faithful dog, the first butterfly in the early spring, warm gentle rain ... If you wake up every morning feeling grateful, it is impossible to feel anything but happiness.

  • Determine what you are missing in your life full of happiness

    This does not change the fact that you need to enjoy life here and now, but rather draws the contours of future performance. What are your goals and dreams energizes you. Think on what grounds we can conclude that you are happy. For example, a condition where you love and care about you. As you will understand that it occurred? The more features you will discover for yourself, the easier it will be to understand where to go and what to look for.

  • Make a list of your personal small pleasures

    In order to feel happy, it is necessary not only to draw the scenery, but also fill them. More is always made up of little things. Likewise is the case with happiness. Think about that always gives you pleasure and pleases you. A new book, romantic comedy, an album of your favorite band, gatherings with friends, shopping, a cup of coffee - these things can brighten almost any woman's everyday life.

    This list is not necessarily always stay that way: you can make changes to it, striking out what does not bring happiness, and adding something new. And be sure to consider how often you fill the life of these things. If not, what's stopping you? Make it a rule at least once a day to please yourself with something pleasant.

  • Do not waste time in vain

    If you have a few hours a day spend in social networks, it creates a feeling of emptiness and vapidity in your life. It is more interesting, the greater the number of different actions it fills. A lack of activity of poisons our existence. So work wherever you like, and find yourself an interesting hobby. However, this advice does not mean that you should not relax - this is just wrong! Lie on the couch, sit back and go, even in the "Classmates" is possible, but only if you really want to do this, and not for nothing.

This is only a small fraction of the many ways how to be a happy woman. Try to think of other options that will work for you. Believe in yourself, because your possibilities are endless. Be happy with yourself and with the world!

 How to be a happy woman: a simple but working recipe

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