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Telephone interviews, as a rule, is the pre-selection phase on the way to a full-time job interview and getting the coveted post. As for the clothes, on the basis of a telephone interview, the employer develops an initial impression of the Applicant, namely, it is known to play a major role in the decision on hiring. Therefore, if you really want to find a job, be sure to understand all the subtleties and nuances of conversation on the phone.

Features interviews by phone

"Why do we need an oral interview? "- You ask. and you will be absolutely right, because in order to understand how to behave, you must understand the essence of the process. The interview on the phone - this is the second stage of the selection after considering the summary of all the candidates. It saves time as the applicant and the employer, because some important moments you can find out even during conversation correspondence.

The format in the telephone interviews are different: some headhunters, you agree in advance on the talk time, and some blindside you by offering right now to answer some questions. Do not forget that you can always ask to transfer your conversation because of busy at the moment, and a couple of times to inhale-exhale, hang up. Such sudden calls are often made with a single purpose - to catch you off guard and hear only truthful answers. But you can not ever be free!

Another important feature is the fact that during a telephone interview, your conversation can prevent a variety of background noise and interference, because calling a recruiter can catch you at any time. That is why the ability to politely refuse and you need to move the conversation to anyone trying to find their niche in the labor market.

The interview, conducted by phone, usually very limited in time. It rarely takes more than fifteen or twenty minutes, and sometimes even less. Therefore, for you, for the applicant, will be very important to find a balance between brevity and informative, objectively talking only of the most important and valuable to the employer.

Of course, every sober employer understands that give a comprehensive and objective evaluation of your business skills during a conversation on the phone will not turn. But neglect this step with the thought "I do not care, he does not see" is not: a phone interview can give a recruiter additional data from the summary of information about the candidate, such as motivation, communication skills, salary expectations and more. If any of these things will dramatically go against the views of the employer of the future employee, then most likely, you will be given "the gate turn".

In the case of remote personnel selection interview conducted by telephone, in general it is the only possible means. Working through the Internet, free-Lansing - employment in this sector do without face to face meetings. However, in this age of high-tech phone interview conducted via Skype, it is essentially equivalent to normal. But such features as the ability to use "cheat sheets" or home furnishings, there is a sin not to take advantage of!

 phone interview

If you call ...

In some situations, it is a phone call to the person who conducts the interview. This usually occurs in cases where the posted vacancy announcements and provides a contact phone for communication. In such a situation on your side is an obvious advantage - you can safely prepare for the interview and spend it on high.

To talk went well, the first thing should be to set yourself on a business footing. That is why calls from the bath or out of bed are not allowed - you'll be too relaxed, and attempts to mix work and personal space at all to anything good will not lead. Better sit down for your workplace, you should be ready notebook, pen, or computer - in case you need something urgently to record or watch. Vacancy announcements and resume is also better to be in front of your eyes - suddenly be required on any question to answer?

Having carefully considered the proposal, prepare a list of questions that you would like to ask the employer. Ask relatives you do not bother and do not be distracted by TV or gatherings in social networks. During the conversation, make notes on the key points of this work. If you have to communicate with several organizations, the best result in every conversation, summarize and structure the information, because what now seems memorable and easy, could later be forgotten. So try to record all the important details: job title, contact person, the alleged duties and working conditions.

Before calling about the job that interests you, try to understand what employees would like to see an employer. Find the words to help you explain what good is your expertise and business acumen why you should take the job. Beyond the immediate interest in the job, you also will demonstrate the skills and self-belief.

At the beginning of the conversation be sure to introduce yourself, name the position you are interested in and specify the purpose of the call. The story of themselves better to build in accordance with the structure of a typical summary: biographical information, education, professional experience, business and personal qualities, additional skills. Remember that it is necessary to speak calmly, confidently and benevolently.

Common Mistakes

There are a number of errors that tend to allow job seekers about holding a telephone interview. They are very often associated with the personal characteristics of the applicant or with the usual ignorance of the specifics of thinking recruiter. And it was the error most eloquently talk about our shortcomings. So, what is the list of the most common errors in a telephone interview?

  1. The absence of expressions of interest

    Motivation - this is one of the main parameters, which is estimated by the employer during a telephone conversation with the applicant. And if you say a dull and listless voice, and the proposal to ask questions cause you a stupor, then it is likely that before the internal meeting, you just do not walk - to the employer will seem that you are not interested in the job.

  2. Too fast or too slow of speech

    Of course, on our way to say one way or another reflect the peculiarities of temperament and character, but also need to take into account the interlocutor. Agree, no one will want to talk with any gun or a lazy moo cow - all these features our brain subconsciously interpreted as an indication of mental distress. That is why control over their own pace of speech is you need.

  3. Excessive official voice

    Yes, oddly enough, but excessive rigor and "crisp" votes may be just as likely to alienate the recruiter as laxity mixed with amorphous. This is due to the fact that over the official voice creates a sense of insincerity and affectation, which may cause unnecessary suspicions of the person conducting the telephone interview.

  4. UstalostEsche One common mistake novice applicant. Surely, you immediately phoned several organizations have placed their job postings. Somewhere you will be denied where something rude to somewhere ignore - and that your voice is absorbed all the negative emotions, the charge that you received shortly before the telephone interview. And fatigue tends to stain your voice in the most unpresentable tone: offense, or excessive respectful tone a broken record. Do you think such a person interested in a potential employer?
  5. Lack of preparation for the interview

    Certainly, there are situations when a recruiter calls back unexpectedly and you want to talk right now. However, this can be prepared, for example, to call the organization to examine all the information about it or ask the recruiter to call back in five minutes. In the end, you may need an elementary time to tune in to a business conversation and remember why you are the best candidate for the vacant post.

  6. Non-punctual

    That late-smoking, including a conversation on the phone, even know who never sought work. But for some reason the majority of our fellow citizens with enviable persistence continues to be late, not allowed to etiquette fifteen minutes, an hour, two, three, or even a whole day. The funny thing is that the justification punctuality are often even more insane than the actual delay. For example, the employee did not return calls recruiter for two hours, and then justify it by the fact that she sleeps alone, and no one can wake her up. And laughter, and sin!

  7. Wrong approach to job search

    There are two most common losing positions that are occupied by many job seekers during a telephone interview. They are called the "petitioner" and "treasure". The position of "asylum" is different timidity, flattery, gentleness and submission. With such a man no one had a desire to communicate, especially with the employer. The second position is characterized by a regal condescension and snobbery - your voice if recruiters say: "Hey, you should be glad that your phone will call back a real treasure! ". Both extremes are associated with the installation, set deep within us: to look or ask for work - shame on you! Although, in fact, is deeply absurd statement - you do not feel ashamed when you are looking for an apartment?

This is a list of typical mistakes made by candidates during the telephone interview. Of course, it can be expanded and added no less colorful examples. Recruiters often tell this, from which the hair stand on end, but my head is only one question: "And it made people? ". Unfortunately, for some applicants the interview becomes such a big stress that they are simply "broken" and make stupid mistakes. Not adjacent to their number, and prepare in advance for possible "unpleasant" surprises, and you can pass any test.

 how to conduct an interview by phone

Success Secrets

Soon, your telephone will "encounter", and you do not know how to brilliantly pass through this ordeal? Peace and only peace of mind! Try to get rid of the installation that interview - it zhutchayshy stress. Yes, it's a kind of test, but not only for you but also for the employer, because you also check the area for compliance with your requirements. And do not forget that at the stage of normal recruiters telephone interview, denied a completely unsuitable candidate. So for the successful completion of this stage of professional selection you need only to pull himself together, and how to do it, we'll tell you.

When communicating with a potential employer (or recruiter) are important features of your behavior: the rate of speech, tone, choice of words, etc. ... According to the source it is likely to try to make up your personal portrait. It is therefore important to monitor the manner of communication: Use only a calm and friendly tone. At the beginning of the conversation to know with whom you speak, and say the name of the person correctly.

A few words about a manner of speaking. Despite the fact that the other person can not see you, body language plays an important role in how your communication will take place. So smile - a smile always reflected in his voice. And do not do anything that you would not do face to face: to smoke, throw his feet on the table, eat or drink. In no case do not interrupt the interlocutor, and do not try to finish his sentences for him, no matter how important the fact that you want to say - usually causes only irritation. Be welcoming and friendly - employers are very much do not like people who are not satisfied with all eternity (although who love them?). Do not raise your voice and do not show disappointment - better then calmly think.

You certainly are interested in the questions that you will ask the recruiter - Many job seekers imagine they will be very deep and impenetrable, but also aimed at learning all the ins and outs of the potential employee. Relax, it's not so bad! Of course, some recruiters are very corrosive, but not so much, and as a rule, it begins to appear only at an internal meeting. Most of the questions asked by the candidate, is reduced to biographical facts. Do not waste time in vain, and answer only the case, but the constant mutterings like: "My experience is right for you? "Or" I suit you? "It is better to forget.

Many people fear pauses in the conversation, but we dare to assure you that you can use them for the benefit of themselves. When is the moment of silence, tell us how you like the company is a potential employer, what unique qualities and skills you possess it or just specify some details about the job. Try to learn as much as possible, because it is better to know in advance about the details of which can erase your desire to work in this organization.

Naturally, you want to make a good impression on the employer. And if so, when talking with him you had better start from the needs and desires of the person who will conduct the interview, and not on your own. Therefore, at a time when you were offered to ask questions, first ask your potential job responsibilities and requirements to work in the organization. In case you think that the job description does not match the job, do not rush to say goodbye and to express their recruiter "fi", but rather think about all in a relaxed atmosphere. Perhaps, in the first place will go some other factors - salary, career development and working conditions.

Some interviews generally consist entirely of questions posed by the applicant, and this is not surprising, because according to what interested person can be a good idea to know his character and professional aspirations. The favorable impression on those who are interested in the features of the work to be carried out on a new post: What are the main objectives, whether the tools necessary for their implementation.

But to begin its inquiries with the wage should not be - so you stand a man who is not interested in nothing but money. Although ignore this issue and should not be - a man who is not interested in a reward for his work, most likely, it has no artistic value. It is worth to learn the details about the organization, offering you a job, especially if you are looking for something specific. And by the way, do not hesitate to ask again, because if you do not understand or hear something important, then call back later with questions will be doubly stupid and embarrassing.

These are the basic tricks and nuances of a telephone interview. Remember that the search for work - is a complex process, every step of which you can wait a variety of surprises, and prepare for them all is impossible. So the main thing - is to keep calm and dignity. After all, for a good employee, there can be insurmountable obstacles. And even if the person does not see you, you will still be able to make a favorable impression on him and pass an interview - if you want.

 Interview by phone first steps to success

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