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Yes? Are you satisfied with your job? Are you satisfied with their family relationships? I am glad you have it, what do you do now? If at least one of these questions you answered "no", our paper will be interesting and useful to you. Too many people want to change something in your life, but do not know what and when to take. Someone heard snatches of information about positive thinking, someone - about how to make a map or desires to use affirmations, but neither one nor the other did not understand how it works. We will reveal to you the secret.

The principles of positive thinking

Everyone has their own opinion about the world: some consider him evil and negative, someone - a good and positive. In fact, the universe is neutral and gives us exactly what we want. More precisely, not just want, but what we program ourselves. The mechanism of action is far from mysticism and is very simple: our mental processes (memory, attention, thinking, perception) election. As a rule, a person happens bad and good about equally, but he sees and captures only what is programmed. The same thing happens with the specific phenomena: in fact, any event neutral, and the meaning and importance is attached to it we are in a time when thinking about or perceive it. And if you want to be happy and successful, you need the ability to think positively.

A positive attitude to life includes three components:

  • perception and thinking;
  • attitude;
  • affirmations (the so-called "formula of happiness");

Positive perception and thinking is based on the description and perception of everything that happens to us and around it in a positive way. In people, it is called optimistic. The best illustration of this ability is the example with the infamous half-empty glass: optimists and pessimists see it differently, but the essence of this and does not change. The same thing happens with life events, only a pessimist seems distressed and unhappy, and optimistic - cheerful and happy. In life, it works very simply: articulate their thoughts in a positive rather than a negative way, for example, "I can not come in half an hour", but "I come in an hour."

Positive attitude - is the belief that you will succeed. It is inextricably linked with positive self-esteem, which in the minds there are thoughts like "I", "I'm ready," "I am worthy" and "I will." The key here is two things: first, centering on itself (that is, in many ways, a man brings success), and secondly, every phrase has a positive relationship between success and thereby the "I".

Affirmations - it's positive statements, which focuses on what people would like to have (qualities, abilities, skills, items, and events). They are built with support for the future, but always in the present. Examples of affirmations are the following phrases: "Every day I become easier to establish contact with the people," "The amount of money I have everything increases," "I sell more products", etc. ...

Affirmations are very useful, but only if you use them regularly. You can say them to yourself or out loud, repeatedly record and listen to, and even sings! It should be remembered that the mechanical reading without involving their emotions and feelings meaningless because they do not charge you with positive energy. There are certain rules that should be affirmations that they work:

  1. Affirmation to be formulated in the present and in any case not in the past tense;
  2. Use affirmations only words that have a positive coloration, and avoid negative;
  3. Affirmations should cause you have positive emotions and sensations, such as joy, enthusiasm, drive, inspiration and passion;
  4. Affirmations should be short, but at the same time, imaginative and colorful, so do not include them in the ambiguous and blurred design;
  5. Correctly composed affirmations are always concrete: they formulated clear and not abstract wishes and direction;
  6. Affirmations need to be yourself, and do not use someone's ready, because they have to fit you and only you;

 create Dreamboard

What Dreamboard?

In order to understand how to make a map of desire, we first need to understand that it is all about. Imaging technique has long been used in psychology as a way to instill the consciousness of a positive image. One of its variants is directly collage - creating eclectic works from all that comes handy: paintings, photographs from magazines, drawings, pieces of cloth and other small items. Dreamboard cards are also called dreams of treasure and life goals - all of them contributes to the fulfillment in the life of your desires and fantasies.

How it works? As we have mentioned above, our consciousness is designed in such a way that perceives the world, depending on the setting. Dreamboard - is one way of its formation, and is very, very effective. In contrast to affirmations, it also involves creative thinking, and this is what allows us to deeper and better immerse themselves in the imaginary situation of success, to draw her in his imagination.

Any dream, recorded on paper - it's not just a dream but a concrete goal, which is sure to be fulfilled in the near future. So you more clearly understand what you want and take the first steps to translate this into reality. You give effect to reflect. That is how psychics work on the impact of the future: they simply have more experience, but uses all the same psychological methods and techniques.

Dreamboard and affirmations are used by many well-known people. In particular, presenters Victoria Bonia and Alain Vodonaeva recently admitted that they regularly make such collages, and because these girls are experts in achieving their goals. We asked them and other successful people on how to create a map of desire.

 how to make a map of desires

How to make a map of desires?

Each of us has some dreams and desires that can not be implemented and, if you do not pereformuliruete them to affirmations and take the first steps to implement them. Dreamboard help you show it all - even the fact that it was not aware of. It just so happened that in the work and art therapy (to whom belongs collage) is much easier to express themselves rather than in words. Why talk about something, if you can just draw? So read about how to make a map of desire. What do you need for this?

  • A large sheet of drawing paper (A2 is fine);
  • Sharp scissors;
  • Scotch and \ or glue;
  • These are photos that you have turned out well;
  • Magazines, newspapers, posters, brochures, etc. ...;
  • Colored pencils, paint, markers, crayons, pens, markers, etc. ...;
  • Pieces of fabric, ribbons, leaves, shells, buds, petals, etc. ...
  • Good background music;
  • Creative ideas;

Before you start making a map of desire, tune into positive creative wave. This will contribute to drive with your favorite relaxing music, you want to include about ten minutes before the start of the process. Think about what you're creating a map of desires, will create a life of its own, because it is you - its main author and hero!

A few words about the structure of the card. Many people in the preparation of a collage guided by the principles of feng shui - why do not we do the same? Although you can also have their wishes on the map randomly. So, first you need to divide a sheet of drawing paper into nine sectors in accordance with the grid Bagua: south-east (top left), the south (above), the south-west (top right), the east (left), center, west (right) , north-east (bottom left), the north (below) and the north-west (bottom right). Each zone will be placed in charge of an important area of ​​your life.

After that you can jot down a list of your desires. It should not be too long - no more than ten: best to choose the most basic, and when they come true - to supplement the map or make a new one. So you will not be "sprayed" on the little things, and it is a hedge against an empty waste of energy. Furthermore, the volume of human consciousness limited numbers of five to ten. You should not go beyond it.

Now is the time to cut and select the appropriate sector of the picture.
They have to be cheerful and positive. On your map is not the place gloomy and grim images! They should also be in color and deep as to cause corresponding sensations. It is worth adding here and tactile sensitivity, using different textures, such as stones or wool.

Let's start with the center, which should be located dream about health. This is the place for you - a beautiful and happy! Here you can put a picture of spectacular body of the log that you want to enjoy. Be sure to sign the picture (otherwise it will be clear what they represent), but without the particle "no" and the words "weight loss" - they carry negative energy. It is advisable to use specific figures signatures: the date, amount, time - is even more motivated!

Sector "Wealth" is located in the southeast of the map. There you will put all the pictures depicting your dreams of material wealth: apartments, cars, diamonds, new bag and just money. That's really where you will find the full expanse! We can offer you a funny idea of ​​the content of this sector: to put banknotes and paint on her required number of zeros. Add a caption in the spirit "in my account at the bank a million dollars." For other items signatures may sound like this: "I'm sitting behind the wheel of his new car" or "I'm wearing boots from Chanel".

In the sector, dedicated to the family - it is located in the east of the card - pick pictures depicting the ideal family in your understanding. This can be a caring husband, obedient children, happy parents. You can paste the photos here, which show the happy moments of your life, and when your face glowing with joy.

Sector "Career" is located in the north of the map. It must be filled with pictures, characterizing the job of your dreams. What do you do in this position? What does your company? You can even make a graph of your career, depicting the stairs and wrote on each of its steps the steps in the form of dates and positions. You can use language such as "I lead an organization N".

For the love of the sector, located in the south-west, selected pictures, which show the happy couple and all kinds of romantic attributes: hearts, valentines, arrows, cupid, wedding rings, etc. ... It is also possible to put all that is associated with the wedding (especially important for single women), because this sector is not only love, but marriage. Signatures should reflect the content of images, such as "every day I am more and more like the guy."

In the west, there is a zone dedicated to the children and creativity. It is better to fill the photos and pictures of happy kids that refers to a pretty sight you work. For example, if you love to draw (or want to start to do it), then place in this sector pictures easel, brushes and paints. An example of signatures to these pictures can be "I paint a beautiful picture," or "I am surrounded by my wonderful children."

Sector knowledge and wisdom (northeast) should include everything that is associated with the mind: pictures of famous sages and their citations, attributes the qualities and skills that you would like to acquire. Suitable everything about positive thinking, as well as certificates and diplomas confirming that you have all these competences. Do not forget to label on top of something like "I can easily solve mathematical problems," or "I have the great skill of writing business plans."

And the last sector, located in the north-west - a sector of the travel and assistants. These attach pictures of numerous cities and countries where you would like to visit. Here you can also put pictures of those people you consider to be your helpers, or patrons. Inscriptions can be read as follows: "My guardian angel brings me luck," or "I am happy to travel around Europe."

So ready your treasure map. Do not forget to update it when this or that wish comes true, or if you suddenly found out that some the dream is not your true desire. This is due to energy - it must not stagnate. And in general - the more you refer to your map desires, the faster your dreams come true.

A few words about where to place the card desires. On the one hand, it must be constantly on the mind to influence your life, and on the other - it is hidden from prying eyes. A prime location in this case will be a bedroom or closet door, you see every time you open it and choose clothes for today. If your family and friends can make fun of the card, it is best to hide it, and from them - it brings negative energy into a collage.

In conclusion, I want to say that the card is not enough to wish to do - it is necessary to work each day. What is the work like? You have to look at it every day and imagine that your dreams come true, fully immersed in the images. So you do get a girl from a happy future in which all this is there. Work with your feelings: experience joy, happiness, enthusiasm, openness, passion, after all they are the real life!

 How to make a map of desires? Tips for a better life

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