How to bring a conviction

  • Steps to educate confidence
  • Love for Me
  • The purpose of life
  • A clear plan of action
  • Knowledge
  • Resource
  • Supporting Friends

Confidence ... Sometimes it seems that this is something that, as everyone knows, but silent - probably to hide the secret of his happiness. Although hidden, in general, there is nothing: anyone can become a self-confident - only need to tear off its ass off the couch and start to change something in their lives. What exactly needs to be changed, we will tell you in this article.

Confidence means you believe in the one you see every morning in the mirror. Confidence is very closely linked with self-esteem, but not equal to it. Low self-esteem - it is when you think you are a bad and worthless. Low self-confidence - when you think you have nothing. One thing about your qualities, and the other about your actions.

Steps to educate confidence

All these psychological calculations are very interesting in theory, but in practice? In reality it turns out that in order to foster self-confidence, you need to tighten the self-esteem and believe in their own strength, but it needs to do something. We offer you six steps that bring you closer to personal harmony.

Love for Me

The cornerstone of happiness, which is impossible without a full life. How does the opposite phenomenon? You do not believe in what can be loved. You think that you have never done anything really cool and useful. All your achievements are associated with luck and a special set of circumstances, and your failures - with your weaknesses. You do not like my own ears, eyes, nose, mouth, waist, hips and legs, as, indeed, and intellectual abilities and communication skills. You have the hands always everything goes wrong and you can not trust anything responsible. The list is endless, but the result of one - you do not love yourself.

How to love yourself? This is a very complex and very simple question. First we need to get rid of the criticism for the lack of love to yourself. After all, how do we live? We do not just do not love ourselves - we are still cursed himself for this dislike. That's the way people with this meaningless fight - you need to accept it and stop punishing myself constantly self-blame and self-flagellation. It is taken out a large part of your dislike to him. Well, and the rest will pass by itself as soon as you start to do something really significant, for example, be a candidate for master of sports or draw a perfect still life. It makes no sense to do something that no one can see and appreciate, because then it will be unclear what to love yourself.

The purpose of life

Implementation of real and useful things helps us to love yourself. But in order to start to do something, you need to understand what it is. And with this, many of our fellow citizens have problems. For example, I just go with the flow: go to work, shop and go home. I live unconsciously and semiautomatic. Get out of this vicious circle will something important and interesting, something making you feel out of place.

It can be a hobby - work that you do in your free time. Think about what you always wanted to do. While it is not necessary to scrutiny and analysis - just think of all that has ever been interesting to you. Make a list, choose from a one or two points and begin to deal with them. If in your mind any idea why this should not be done, throw them away and try. In the end, the attempt - not torture, and you have nothing to lose and not to worsen the situation. Even if you have something does not work, it's not scary - try again or choose another occupation. And if you then need to force the attachment or time, then that's okay too, because the interesting things they do not mind spending (and if it is a pity, then, perhaps, a hobby that is not necessary).

Sometimes melancholy and dejection come into our lives because of poor performance. Bad work - this is when you are doing boring and useless thing, you yelling boss, colleagues and dump their responsibilities. Why is all this necessary? Oddly enough, but many live by inertia, remaining in captivity of various frameworks such as "all work, and I work," "normal position is not found," and so on. The possibility to live happily and the way you want, forgotten. And you look at those who have obtained it, and they are jealous, considering himself a failure. All you need to do - find a good job. And here you have to get out of your comfort zone: to improve their skills, to look for, quit boring certainty, trade it for an interesting unknown. Do not be afraid to invest in it, because the interesting thing in life - it really is very, very important.

 how to raise self-confidence

A clear plan of action

We have already begun to move slowly at this point. Of course, the understanding of what you want - this is the first step towards the attainment of happiness. But having a clear plan of action to achieve its goal - is another mandatory item, so you can raise your confidence. Its preparation requires effort, time and a detailed analysis of the situation, but it's worth it.

The first estimate, what actions are needed to start a new business. For example, if you want to learn how to draw, you need to find out information about what art schools are in your city. Then think about what your initial investment will be needed. Many people hinder themselves on this point, saying that they have no money, effort, time, and abilities to deal with anything. It tells you inner fear, which aims - to leave your life (and you) as it is now. But you have this option does not suit! Remember that the road to happiness begins with the exit from the misery. So the most important secret of how to gain confidence in themselves - is to get off the couch and start to do something.


As we have mentioned above, you need a clear plan of action. And for his writing requires knowledge: that kind of activity that you want to do, how to learn it, or start to do it, what groups, sections and training courses presented in your city. Without a clear and understandable information, it is impossible to even learn some lesson, not to mention the fact that just do it. And if you decide to change jobs, the training in the form of new knowledge is simply necessary to find a decent job. And a few words about how to search for information about anything. Wow, if your environment is someone who understands your area of ​​interest - then you will always be able to find important information for you from him.

Another important fragment of knowledge - a knowledge of itself. Perhaps they are even more important than all the others combined. It sounds a little strange, but, unfortunately, many people simply do not realize that they really like and interesting and what is not. For example, run somewhere out of habit or because it is necessary, though they have long been irritated place and duties. Or engage in snowboarding, because it's cool, but in fact it would be more like playing chess. Understanding their needs will help find a cause that really suits you, accordingly, it you will achieve real progress and, as a result, gain confidence in themselves and their abilities.


Naturally, for the realization of your desires and interests of the resources you need. Nothing in life is not given a reason, and for the most important and valuable things sometimes take a lot of effort. For many people this time justifies their doing nothing. Here are confident this is not growing, but only just falls, because you feel like a failure, and an idle. Therefore, sooner or later it happens to the boiling point, after which you realize that you need to change something.

The previous steps have been taken, and you are faced with the need to invest in something that you like. Most often, there is a need for three types of resources: time, money, and power. As for time, it is very common to hear that someone is none. However, there is no situation of his complete lack of - just as people prioritize. For example, he wants to sleep a couple of extra hours to be in a clean apartment, or do someone a favor. From each of these actions, he gets a benefit, though often not aware of this. So if you really want to do something interesting and important to you, the time for a hobby you can always find: honestly and accurately shall describe where to spend your every hour, then drop that really is not important or useful to you - and you free time for a new lesson.

Money - this is another resource that is often required for the realization of some initiatives. You are faced with the need to pay for the courses, buy some equipment or to spend money on travel - the reasons for spending money can be a lot. If you are beginning to "strangle the toad", remember that the free cheese is only in a mousetrap. People just like you, want to work and get paid for their work and things. In addition, spending on favorite activity motivated the great success (and they need to promote self-confidence). Yes, and they pay for themselves very pleased that you get afterwards.

Well, and finally efforts. You really have to do something: to stand up from the couch, somewhere to go, something to do and exercise regularly. With this idea need to get used to if you are just ahead and did what they went to work and in their free time lying on the couch. However, very soon you will enter into a rhythm, you get used to always something to do, and even start to enjoy their activity.

 how to raise self-confidence right

Supporting Friends

Sometimes resources are required to you: love, care, support, confidence - all these things are necessary to do something. That's how the people - it does not biorobot and works on mental energy that is taken from the pleasant things to him. Support your friends and family - it is something without which does not do almost no one worthy undertaking. To get it, you only need to talk about your ideas and aspirations of a loved one. It will calm your anxiety, help in overcoming difficult situations and tell you that everything will be fine (and sometimes even magic will kick you got up from the couch). Great if you have more than one kind of person, but several - then multiplied by the amount of support in a couple of times.

And what about those who do not share with anyone? Sometimes it happens, for example, if your friends - the skeptics, and to all new initiatives are critical. Or you can not share with them (although in this case it would be nice to learn how to do it - on the support of family life will be very useful). Or your friends far away, and you can not communicate with them (although the Internet with Skype stopped doing it as a problem). In any case, what to do if you can count only on themselves? Get support from myself, to comfort, care and delight. Take a hot bath after a hard day, cook a delicious dinner and watch favorite movie in the evening - all these things will be pleased with you, and it will be easier to tune in to anything.

It is believed if any problem you seem huge and large as an elephant, you have to imagine that you break it up into parts and "eat" the pieces. The same thing we tried to do in order to help you raise your confidence. Slowly, step by step, through all the stages, you will gain valuable experience and achievements, referring to that, you can not say, "I'm a fool and a failure." On the contrary, confidence will increasingly grow stronger and grow in you. And do not forget to always and everywhere to look good, because for women exquisite appearance - is more than a half of success and well-being!

 How to raise a belief: six steps - and you are "in the king!"

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