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Who among you would not like to be successful? Surely there is not a girl who would be a positive answer to this question. But we always seem to success - it's about someone else, and not about us. Successful women marry a nice guy, give birth to healthy children, get good position and earn a lot of money. Apparently, they are just born lucky, and there's nothing you can do. And here and there! Each of us can be happy, and we'll show you how to succeed in everything and what is the true secret fortune of these people.

Secrets of success throughout

What are they? Millions of people every day, racking their brains over this question, although the answer is actually very simple. "If you really want, you can fly into space" - so are the words of a famous song. And, really, the way it is: the basis for success lies around the inner intention. It's not just your burning desire and thought-out goal - it is much deeper. Desires and objectives governs the mind, but the emotions and intentions - the soul. It was in the latter contain energy, so necessary for success.

Of course, good to have a goal and desire - is the first step to success (many even he did not dare, considering that much to succeed - a shame). But by lying on the couch and dreaming about success is necessary to take action - and this is the second most important secret to success in everything. You must be prepared to make some steps in the direction of your choice, ensuring that you need.

Of course, you must really want the goal to your desire to become a plan. And here there are often personal obstacles. Most people live comfortably as they live. At heart, they like to be lazy and do nothing, because success - it's not just achievement, wealth, and other nice things. Success - is hard work, endless generation of ideas, setbacks on the way to their realization, responsibility, and many other efforts that did not want to take these people.

In general, the hard work - it's still one secret of success in all. Think of the most famous and successful people: Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison - all of them have spent thousands of hours trying to realize their dreams. Thrust and hard work from early morning until late at night led them to it, and not dreaming, and lying on the couch. Of course, sometimes it was hard, but they overcame all obstacles through the energy that they gave to the desired goal. They saw it in the future and were not afraid to recycle.

Another thing that is at the heart of any successful initiatives - it is confidence in himself and his purpose. You should know that you are sure to succeed. The universe is arranged according to the principle of economy, energy and resources, and good luck - is the living embodiment of this idea. It sounds amazing, right? If you look at nature, you will see the abundance that could be called a success. But why is a person's different? Because of the mind. It creates obstacles and contradictions, and any deviation from the plan conceived perceives as the collapse of all hope and gives a signal to surrender. However, it should be remembered that the universe is infinite in terms of its capabilities, and can happen - even a million in your bank account. Even the not so - it is sure to be with you, if you are sure of this, and begin to take steps in the right direction.

It is important to say a few words about the correct formulation of goals - that it is the basis of any success. Try to imagine what it is embodied for you? Wealth, family, love, friendship, career, fame - all these things are much more concrete than abstract success. It is this and should be your goal - a specific and positive. First you have to imagine it in every detail, is not thinking about how to achieve it. Then think about what you are in this beautiful future: strong, brave, educated, clever and analytical. These are the qualities you need to develop in this in order to succeed. Finally, think about what would help you in achieving the goal. Journey of a thousand steps begins with the first, so start even a small business that will bring you closer to your goal.

For example, go to school. It is a well known fact, but the repetition, as is well known - the mother of learning. In order to succeed in everything, you need a constant flow of new knowledge. So read, read and read again. If you do not like to read - go on courses and lectures. If you do not like to go to courses and lectures - travel. If you can not travel - communicate with a greater number of different people. Look for any information relevant to the topic and you absorb it every second of free time. Knowledge is never too much, and you never know what will be useful, and that - no. And yes, do not spare money for their education, because it is - the only absolutely competent and efficient investment.

And finally, the last big secret - it is an opportunity to become the author of your life. What separates successful people from failures? The fact that they make their own lives, not reconciled with fate, and other external circumstances. When in their lives encounter an obstacle or difficulty, they ask themselves two questions: how and why did I do it? Try it. Initially, it will be difficult, but soon it will become a habit, and you will not notice you start to reap the first fruits of his success. Author's attitude to life does not allow for a long and mournful explanations why you have something does not work - you just have to find a way to overcome the obstacle. This is another secret to success in everything .. Each of them is important, and you will certainly take all of them into service, if you really want to achieve their goals.

 how to succeed in everything correctly

How to succeed in personal life

However, many of us believe that the success is simple happiness in his personal life. And it's not that far from the truth, if we consider that women love and family, perhaps the most important things in life - at least for most of them. The strategy for the attainment of happiness in his personal life, of course, be such as we have described above, that is aggressively assertive, but can be soft and gentle, that is feminine.

Largely with femininity, or rather its lack, connected to all the issues that relate to the relationship with a man. You just do not feel your female part and do not perceive myself as a woman. This usually manifests itself in such traits as perseverance, toughness, aggressiveness, rationality in the actions and thoughts of others, as a rule, men of quality. The representatives of the strong half of mankind simply do not see you as a woman, and therefore do not seek to establish a relationship.

What to do in such a case? Develop femininity! Now there are a lot of courses and all kinds of schools dedicated to strengthening their feminine side. You can also watch the one who is for you a model of femininity, and try to learn from some external features of its behavior: facial expressions, gestures, posture, gait, and more. See which its actions are most "catchy" surrounding the man and try to do the same. How do you feel? If comfortable, the feminine for you - it's a matter of training. And if not, then it is worth considering: what prevents you from being feminine? Maybe it's some kind of plants that you learned as a child, for example, "all the girls - fools" or "flirt - it's stupid and unworthy." Sometimes it is enough to detect such an idea and realize its contradictory reality, and sometimes need a psychologist.

Often, lack of confidence is the source of setbacks in his personal life. It happens that an appointment with a psychologist comes a woman - and clever and beautiful, and well-prepared - and do not add up in her relationships with men. Gradually it becomes clear that it simply does not believe that it is - a good and decent man this girl. Working on yourself in this case, it may take some time, because it is impossible for a single moment to radically change the identity of the person. But there is a solution: do what you're good at. Reach the small and intermediate successes - they are not so visible, but can give you strength and confidence. Think, rather Locate the highlight. For example, you've been in different parts of the world and know all about the structure of the tram. Awareness of this will help you to believe in its own appeal, and then the interest of the men in the offing.

Many women continue to communicate with men prevents traumatic past experiences. For example, the previous gentleman deceived you and twisted love affair with your best friend. Or for several years resisted building a serious relationship, then simply ran away to her mother. No wonder that in such situations, a woman thinks, "All men - free ..." and puts an end to his personal life. But it's not right! It is necessary to understand the causes of failures on the love front: maybe you just got unlucky, and in this case it is necessary to pay attention to examples of successful relationships.

Unfortunately, it also happens that the woman herself unconsciously chooses "not those men." She, of course, like family idyll girlfriend Masha, but she somehow "bite" to exceptionally handsome penniless and intelligible plan for the future. In this case once and for all recognize the problem and decide what you want: family happiness, Latin American passion, fresh stability or something else. And communicate with men, according to your purpose and not with the opposite.

And, perhaps, failures in personal life due to the fact that you are afraid of a serious relationship? And each time, when it starts to go to them, you go back down, seeks out a partner weaknesses and proudly burn all the bridges? This also happens, and it's no wonder, because long-term relationship with a man - it is not just luck. It is also a responsibility, changes in life, the need to compromise and emotionally invested in communication. Not everyone wants it, while others are simply afraid. In this case, understanding - again, the key to success. Just realized you deliberately tear relationship, you can change your life for the better. And take the utmost difficulty as inevitable, come up with ways of coping with them.

Understanding the nature of men - this is an important condition for success in their personal lives. It is not necessary to approach men as well as women - they are different. They have a different mentality, life priorities, and they react differently to everything that happens to them. For example, a widely known fact that men are by nature hunters, and they like the process of courtship and conquest of women. Therefore, women who have written on my forehead, "seeking a partner" may have problems in the love life of its own ... Availability!

Or take another example. A woman tells a story to your partner about the evil boss, but he instead regret it starts to give some advice. Disgusting, is not it? And here and there! Men are so arranged that they prefer to immediately find a solution. They have not accepted to support and sympathize with each other. The outcome of such a conflict between the sexes is the alienation and rupture of relations in the near future. Output - the ability to understand and feel each other. And then success in his personal life will not be long in coming.

 how to succeed in everything by yourself

How to Succeed at work

Not every woman the status of his beloved wife is a limit of dreams. Since the mid-twentieth century, we have the same rights as men, including the right to work and build a career. That is why many of us success in all identified with success in the professional field. What you need to do to achieve it? In this case, all relevant secrets of success from the first part of this article. Career development has long been considered a privilege of men and aggressively assertive masculine style of behavior is appropriate in this matter. But you can connect it with a purely feminine ability to establish contacts, and then you will not be equal in a professional field.

Perhaps the most important secret of career success - is the ability to interact with others. Anyway, in any job properly organized communication up to ninety percent efficiency. You just have to know how to find common language with different people: noisy and quiet, smart and stupid, short-tempered and calm, specific and much what other. Of course, if you really critical professional self-realization. The basis of this ability is the understanding and acceptance of other people as they are, and this is a definite personal maturity.

That intolerance is in us the conviction that violates contact. In addition, there is an edge raises the question of the effectiveness of communication: you certainly can criticize and reject the other person's demeanor, but then you will be able to get from him? But any interaction aims to achieve a purpose, and if you can not get along with your partner, you expect failure, and failure as a consequence. Agree, not the happy prospect! Communication skills can be developed to a variety of psychological training, but the most interesting material for the training offered by life itself. Try different options for interaction with others, monitor their effectiveness and place in your arsenal only the best.

Think about what the position will be for you a symbol of success. What to you do not have to obtain it? Usually, it is the lack of experience and any special knowledge and skills. That's the first benchmark for success! Begin to learn and get in parallel so desired experience. Statistics show that HR managers a much greater preference is given to people to try to do something in practice than it had studied at the institute. So do not shun Assistants and various assistants - this is a great chance to acquire the necessary competencies and to acquire the necessary connections.

Do not be afraid to engage in new projects and take on new responsibilities - it is a rewarding experience and the ability to master the skills of non-standard. Who is the employer seeks to buy for their money multi-specialist, for example, HR-manager to produce both in psychology and in economics. These frames are especially prized because they can understand all the intricacies of the workflow and efficiently carry out its functions.

And do not forget that for the sake of career success you have of something to give. For example, the opportunity to leave work at six - usually these heights in the profession reach precisely those who had worked overtime. In addition, in the process of career you probably often have to go to their goal, despite the rejection and condemnation from. In our country we are not very fond of active and energetic people, especially when they achieve some success. So you have to put up with oblique glances in his address - they are the inevitable companions of success.

 how to succeed in everything for a long time

A few tips that will be useful to you all

We hope that after reading this article you will not have any questions on the topic of how to succeed in everything. By the above, we would like to add a few more recommendations, which will greatly ease your life and improve your business:

  1. Plans before you start doing anything. This is not a waste of time and an attempt to structure your activities. Remember the famous metaphor of the fact that an elephant can be eaten in pieces? Its essence boils down to is that when you break one big and complex case for many small, the achievement of the final goal gives you a lot easier. Your plan should be sufficiently expanded and clear: it is necessary to clearly set out the case and intermediate objectives, their sequence and timing of their implementation.
  2. What it is?