how to be happy and successful


  • What is happiness?
  • Three dimensions of happiness
  • How to be happy?

Which of the women would not like that all her life are better than ever? We are sure that there are none! But the problem is that not every one of us knows how to be happy and successful. We are not going to tell you about the need to be positive, and we will not repeat the affirmations to call for happiness and success. This, of course, also very important, but we do not know. We want to talk to those of you who have already tried similar techniques, but who find true happiness and failed.

What is happiness?

The problem with most people giving advice on happiness is that they use a philosophical approach to the subject, while in fact happiness - is something much simpler than it may seem. Condition of happiness - is a state when we are free from unwanted emotion, is a reaction to our unmet needs.

How better to understand what success and happiness? If we wanted to learn about how to make money, then we would ask about the rich man because he already has earned and continues to earn more. If you follow this logic, it makes sense to ask about happiness happy people. Try to watch the children playing in the yard. You may find that they are all joyful and happy; they we could learn to how to enjoy life.

Why are they so happy? Here are just some of the reasons why kids are really happy, and of course (at least when they play):

  • They live rejoicing today. Unable to find any child who would be worried because, for example, that some of the days of the next week he will have a lot of lessons. It's hard to find a child who is going through due to the fact that a month ago, he did not buy the coveted toy. So, in most cases, we will never feel happy, because we live either in the past or in the future, but we almost never live in the moment.
  • They love what they do. The child will never do what he's not interested. Girl going to play with dolls, never does it reluctantly, fearing beforehand that it would be boring. Now tell me: most of us are satisfied with what we do every day? We like our school? We are satisfied with our work? We have false beliefs that make us believe that we are in a certain reality that can not be changed? If you want to be happy, then you should do what you love, at least most of the day.
  • They have a passion for what they do. Have you tried talking to a small child, when he carried away game? In most cases it may not even notice you, because he's head goes in his occupation. Again, compare it, how much more boring tasks you perform, believing that too always in our lives? If you want to be truly happy, we must do everything with a great desire and passion. And this, again, have to do what you like.
  • They believe that everything is possible. Agree, it is impossible to find a child who would have felt bad because he was afraid of something to dream, because it does not believe that dreams can come true. Kids are sure that all wishes will certainly come true! Compare that to your way of thinking and your false ideas about the future, and you will understand why you are now so sadly, maybe even depression during the whole raging. But such melancholy - no more than the loss of hope for what you really want.

 how to become a successful and happy

Three dimensions of happiness

At any given time you'll be out of habit to take care of three things: the past, present and future. If yesterday happened to you some trouble, but today you will be nervous, thinking about yesterday. You will be even worse when you think about what the consequences of yesterday's incident will result in the future. Is not it true, that's always the case with us?

At any time, our mood defines our past, the feelings that we own today, and our expectations for our own future. People who are always out of something that worried or afraid of the future, rarely experience the happiness, because two of the three components are now calm and optimistic view of the future.

If you had, for example, to some day be subjected to sharp criticism from someone familiar, then the next day you can not feel happy, because I'll be worried about the influence of his critical comments. In this case, there is no happiness because of concerns about the past, which is the third dimension of true happiness. Such a conclusion can be drawn from our observations of children.

How to be happy?

Each wants to be happy, but most people can not do it. Even when we manage to find a short-term happiness, very soon, we feel devastated again, as if our joy vanished for no reason. The main reason why we can not be happy and often long - is the lack of understanding of emotions in general and their own experiences in particular. If you conclude after all that we have said, we can give a few tips that will help you often feel happy:

  • Try to solve the accumulated problems. Unresolved problems are always a cause mood swings that occur as soon as you meet with any reminder of them. The first step towards happiness - to solve your problems.
  • Get rid of that ruined your life. How many people suffer every day because of the fact that they hate their job, like many couples feel unhappy because of the fact that they are not satisfied and burdens of their relationship! If you want to be happy, then change all that prevents this by destroying your life!
  • Stop worrying! No, of course you can not just push a button and turn off their concerns. But you have to understand that emotions - it is nothing more than a message that sends us our subconscious to make us take some action. The emotions associated with anxiety, we need to be reminded about the existing problems. The only solution to negate concerns - is to reassure your subconscious, develop a plan to eliminate the problems and proceed with its implementation.
  • Remember that physical and psychological condition are closely linked. If you do not get enough sleep, you'll be all day to feel irritated if you are overworked, you are unlikely to be able to feel the joy and so on. We can conclude that a healthy lifestyle is one of the most important components of true happiness.
  • Avoid "negative" people. Emotions are contagious and quickly transmitted between people. After spending time with the pessimistic mood, you also lose a joyful mood. Therefore, if possible simply avoid such situations.
  • As is clear from our advice, happiness does not come out of nowhere if you do not take measures to ensure, to feel happy. Unfortunately, many people want to get the techniques to "be happy right now," and they want to at the same time that happiness reaches the lungs ways. They are too lazy to do something for themselves. But if happiness is so important to you, why do not you make some effort to get it?

Get out of his prison, and you will be really happy!

  • Who told you that your favorite hobby can become your job?
  • Who told you that a negative experience in the past determines what will be your future?
  • Who told you that you can not be happy?

If you want to be truly happy, you must get rid of their false beliefs; this will allow your mind to be open to new possibilities. And if you suddenly forget how to do it, then go to the nearest park and watch the children play: you'll learn a lot about what happiness!

 How to become a happy and successful for life

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 how to succeed

  • What can make you a loser?
  • Way to success

Why do some people succeed in everything, while others are not able to achieve the desired? In order to understand how to succeed, let's first define the fact that it generally is. Success - is when you get what you wanted. This allows you to realize that you have achieved your goals and fulfill your plans, and you feel victorious, and not vanquished. Success gives you confidence and you straightened his shoulders, feeling happy and satisfied.

Contrary to popular belief, there are no people, and lucky loser. But there are people who have a high potential for success and are doing everything in order to exploit this potential. And there are people who have the same potential, but they do nothing to implement it. That makes all the difference!

The only thing you need to do to succeed - is doing the same, what all successful people. When you learn everything you said in this article, you can change your settings to the mentality of a successful person, which means that you will always seek to obtain the desired.


What can make you a loser?

If you really want to succeed, we must have a firm idea of ​​what that might limit your potential and lead to failure. That is to say, the proof of the reverse.

Thus, successful people reject:

  • False beliefs

    It misconceptions about external factors, or about yourself. An example of a false belief can serve as such a situation: the man does not allow himself to set a goal - "Bring the best job! "Instead, he thinks," I can never find a good job in our time! "False beliefs act as a constraint to your true potential, and hence your success.

    They can not only limit your opportunities and can even destroy zhizn.Naprimer, some women after breaking up with a loved one the rest of his life suffer from loneliness because they have developed misconceptions about love under the influence of the information that they received from mass media. The consciousness of such a woman will not take from the surrounding reality signals a possible new love, since she made her internal setup that will never find a replacement man with whom to leave. "All the men - free ..." - she is convinced, and thus cuts a path to happiness with a wonderful, kind and caring man who has long glances at her with sympathy.

  • External locus of control

    It is a way of thinking that causes a person to believe that everything that happens to him, does not depend on him, and by some external factors. For example, when a girl says that the teacher too found fault with her when she could not well pass the exam; or when your friend says that she can not find a good job, because the country's unemployment reigns - are all examples of external locus of control.

    The flip side of this way of thinking is an internal locus of control - a way of thinking that leads you to believe that your destiny is in your hands and you are able to control everything that happens to you. None of the successful people do not have an external locus of control; so if you are seriously set out to be successful, try to change your way of thinking on the one that suits your purpose.

  • Lack of firmness

    What good is that you have a lot of advantages and valuable skills, if you have lost hope after the first (well, at least - the second) failure? Those who achieve the best results, and are the most resistant of all. They continue to work until the very end, until they get what they want, even if initially it was against them, and even if bad luck overtook them many times. If you want, we will remind you about the famous inventor Thomas Edison? The fact that his studio was more than a thousand explosions before he invented the light bulb got her start in life? This is where the example of resistance and, as a result, success!

  • Inflexibility

    Flexibility - the ability of a person to adapt to external conditions. This is an opportunity to try to do something in a new way when the old, familiar way ineffective. The more flexible you are, the more able to adapt to new conditions, and the better your chances of success.

  • Lack of planning

    If you have no goals or plans, you allow yourself to be part of the plans of others. If you do not plan to become a leader at work, then somebody else they would be, and if you do not plan to get this high-paying job, then someone else will take your place. If you do not plan, you will be removed from the path of self-motivated people. They will take all the prestigious places, making money and getting famous, while you're just a spectator, a witness to their success. That is why the plan is an important item in the toolbox of success!

  • Lack of self-confidence

    If you do not believe in yourself, then chances are you afraid to follow whatever their ideas and be able to give up their dreams as soon as someone tells you it's impossible. You will avoid any possible risk, and thus ignore the many possibilities that could lead you to success. If you want to increase your chances of success, you have to literally brick by brick to build their confidence.

  • Fears

    The types of concerns that may significantly affect your ability to be a successful person, is the fear of failure and fear of success. While they seem to be the exact opposite of each other, both of which fear can have such an impact on you that will prevent even try to do something. And who does not do anything, he is certainly not wrong, but also a successful person never.

 how to succeed correctly

Way to success

And now is the time to find out what it looks like the path to success, and what unexpected "surprises" in this way should not catch you by surprise. The road to success is likely to be full of hard work, pain, and many other taboos discouraging things, but when you reach your ultimate goal, you will feel really happy, you will feel like a winner. You'll be proud of yourself - because you were able to overcome all these obstacles, aiming for the goal, despite the many obstacles that stand in your way! You will be very happy and pleased with themselves, and will experience the feelings that we talked about at the beginning of this article. In short, you will be rewarded for their success.

Secrets of success

So, what you need to know to become a successful person? What you need to understand the secrets of this? Sometimes ignorance of basic postulates prevents us to do the right steps. So, if you do not know in what direction it is necessary to push the door to open it, and then you will not be able to open it. People constantly, they say, are trying to push the door in the wrong direction, and then wonder why they can not pass through it.

The reason most people have never received anything, is that they have developed misconceptions about success, which prevented them to follow the right path. Below are the keys to success that will allow any of you to understand how to succeed. Not only will you learn how to achieve their goals and really be successful, if you use these keys:

  • Number of attempts

    Infants learn how to keep in the hands of any subject, but after the set will test the wrong way. Every time the baby is trying to take anything in his fingers, and then drops the subject, he learns something new about the correct way to hold it. After a sufficient number of attempted child learns, finally, to take and hold the object correctly. The same applies to any process of learning, and action to succeed. If you want to be successful, you must understand that you need to overcome setbacks, until you find, what kind of action will work as you need.

  • Be flexible

    When you can not operate as usual, apply a different approach and try something new. Try to find out why you have not turned to account and correct their mistakes in the next attempt. Each time you will discover something new and learn to overcome another obstacle that stands in your way to success, you will make a big step forward on this path.

  • Be confident one hundred per cent, you're sure to reach your goal, or simply can not be!

    When Edison was asked how he managed without losing hope, a thousand times trying and trying to make the invention of the light bulb light up, even though they exploded one after the other, he said something like this: "Every time another lamp exploded, I told myself that I found another way to not have to invent it! "He was just a hundred percent sure that he was going to make this invention, so he knew it was only a matter of time and number of attempts.

  • Learning to learn

    Most people are not successful, often feel in some situations helpless. They just do not know what they need to do to set a goal, achieve it and thereby come to success. After the first failure or even after the very first misfire they just get frustrated and give up, and that instead, to explore the cause of failure. Whenever you can not understand what went wrong, please refer to the more experienced people in this field. You can read the necessary literature, enroll in training courses you are interested in Profile - a lot of opportunities. The main thing - to learn how well-versed in his subject and learn how to overcome certain difficulties. And then you will not feel helpless ever!

  • Be mentally prepared for any obstacles

    Others will criticize you, perhaps, will even laugh at you, try to undermine your faith in yourself, and maybe even begin to reject you. But, if you really want to be successful, do not let his dream crumble and do not turn off the chosen path.

Follow our tips and you will surely be a successful person. It does not happen overnight; Success requires dedication and hard work, but in the end it will come to you!

 How to succeed and to succeed in life

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