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Even a sharp mind, a super professional and the most incredible talent will not help to succeed, if you appear in public in the wrong or not appropriate to the circumstances clothes .  So, to allow women leaders never cause sympathy of senior management and subordinates will gain credibility if it will go to the sloppy sweaters, stretched on her knees unfashionable pants and shoes .  And if the same business-woman come into the office in a short skirt and boots on chetyrnadtsatisantimetrovom heels, the result will still be the same .  Only in the first case, it will take over a gray mouse, and the second - for the lady without a sense of taste .  As said Evelina Khromchenko - fashion expert, chief editor of the famous magazine and a style icon - frumpy woman no salary increase! And you do want to succeed? Then these simple recommendations for you - they will help to create a unique image of a business and at the same time fashionable lady .

Office etiquette clothing

Modern office style clothes became looser. Today, it is not necessary to wear only suits, white top and black bottom. Tight pants, dark jeans, skirts, jackets and jackets, as well as the extent of the open dresses and tunics, stylish blouses and shirts, even corsets - all this is quite permissible. The main difference between an everyday wardrobe and business - restraint as in the cut dress, and in its colors.

A sign of femininity in office clothes considered blouses. They perfectly combine not only with skirts, but with the usual pantsuit. Therefore, in the closet of every girl, even that which is free from the need to comply with a business dress code, should hang one or two blouses. In this case, going to a job interview or business meeting, you will always be able to wear something that fits the status of the event. Well, if you're on duty we have to look businesslike, the blouse - an integral part of your wardrobe. Pick her stylish jacket or a jacket, add the image of an unusual cast, and you suddenly feel irresistible.

I'm sure many have noticed - putting on the homely clothes, and he becomes more calm and soft .  Similarly, with a business suit, wearing which unconsciously transform into a strict, alien emotions woman .  Office attire should be selected according to the type of your figure, and fit you for the color scheme .  Otherwise, even the most fashionable and expensive thing will look ridiculous .  The approach to the purchase of new clothes with the mind .  First, choose a quality product, perfectly tailored and stitched both outside and inside .  Pay attention to fabric, the country of origin .  It does not have to be a model of well-known brand - the main thing that she sat on your figure, highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of hiding .  As for the costumes, but now you can find different combinations of: blouse, pants, skirt, blouse or jacket plus pants classic .  In addition, the shorts from the streets gradually moved into modern offices, some changed: now they are made of thick wool or other costume fabric, medium-length to the knee or below, with ornaments or plain .

One of the latest trends - office dress. They can be worn with a jacket, and without it. In such an outfit even the most severe woman leader is feminine and beautiful.

 fashion office style clothes

Current models of costumes

Today, as before, that the costumes are the basic component of a business wardrobe. Classic jacket in combination with the straight, slightly flared or narrowed to a bottom trousers, jacket or skirt with a strong - that's the standard set. However, if your company's dress code is not strictly regulated, you can wear a dress "flying" cut with a high waist length below or above the knee.

Today in fashion and form-fitting jackets that reach mid-thigh or a little shorter, combined with straight pants to his ankles. If you have wide hips, choose a slightly flared model to help visually align the silhouette.

Business clothes should be made of nemnuscheysya, quality fabrics, pleasant view. For this purpose the most suitable such material:

  • silk and wool,
  • jersey,
  • cotton,
  • Tweed and others.

The fabric should be repeated bending shapes, but not too focus on your femininity - no clear, shiny materials, beads and sequins. As for color, it assumes office wardrobe restrained tones: black and white, gray and blue, chocolate and olive, as appropriate pastel shades, grass and sand. Select a volume or flared, loose or semifitted model - it all depends on the type of your figure. Also, do not forget the shoes. If you are not used to heels, buy shoes with heels on average, but it must be present.

Pick up Office Dress

Office dress should be chosen carefully and cautiously. This item of clothing is appropriate only within his team, so if you go on a trip or are planned in serious negotiations with another company, it is best put on an elegant suit.

The most popular model, which prefer modern business-woman - this dress-case. It would be appropriate to look in any office situation: at the meeting, negotiations, planning meetings, and so on. This style was developed in the 30s of the XX century, but is still a fashionable trend. Its main advantages are semifitted silhouette and an emphasis on the waist, which help visually narrow shape and make it slimmer. The classic version of this garment assumes no sleeves and collar. Initially, these models were intended for parties or cocktails, but over time the designers have made minor adjustments to perfect their style.

Today, dress-holder has a classic straight leg, which is not suitable for every woman. After all the individual characteristics of the figure, so clothing should be selected based on their problem areas. So model is not too deep V-neckline will accentuate the chest and visually lengthen the neck and flying skirt, flared bottom, hide full hips.

Which would be a style you may have preferred, remember that dress in the style of the business have to be long or three-quarter sleeves. Pick nemnuschuyusya fabric, breathable and dense that in any situation feel comfortable. Naturally, shiny (eg, Lurex) and transparent materials are not allowed. Ideal - monochrome model permitted a modest, not too wide strips and the cage. Modern designers offer to pay attention to the following colors: blue, light chocolate, gray, beige, khaki, camel and ivory shade.

The dress can be supplemented with a stylish jacket length just above the hips, matched in tone or a contrasting color. However, the jacket should not be too fitting shape and emphasize the contours of the body. Incidentally, without this thing you can not do if you put on a dress with short sleeves.

 beautiful office style clothes

Accessories & Footwear

For a business suit or dress, choose the appropriate shoes. The requirements are the same - restraint, austerity and elegance. If the shoes are open toe, the rear and sides of the cavity must be closed. In summer, when the outside is suffocating heat, the natural desire of every woman - wear sandals or flip flops comfortable. Fight with me, because such models are not allowed in the office. It is better to buy a stylish shoes with a small heel of the "breathing" of the skin, so your feet will not swell. So, the basic requirements of the office dress code include:

  • pin or a high heel;
  • lacquered or matte skin;
  • Shoes must be performed in the dark or pastel colors;
  • if you can not decide on a model, buy a classic court shoes, which never go out of fashion.

Complete the image of a business and a stylish woman to help find the right accessories. Today, fashion trend is not striking, but the big ornaments restrained colors. So the dress fit necklaces, pendant on a long chain, bracelet made of natural stone. Gold and silver have always held in high esteem, it is also popular agate and amber, turquoise and ivory, as well, a string of pearls, emphasizes a slim woman's neck - it's timeless classics. When choosing accessories, keep in mind that they should be combined with each other not only in style but also in color. Observe the sense of proportion, for example, wearing flashy and bright ring, discard the bracelet, and opting for long earrings, forget about chains or necklaces. High fat women stylists recommend pay attention to the large ornaments and tiny girl should buy elegant, small earrings, pendants, chains and so on.

To skirt-suit a wide belt pouch, which helps emphasize the small waist. A jacket "will play" quite differently, if you decorate it with a stylish brooch. In addition, the fashion back silk shawls and scarves tied around their necks. As for the bags, the small clutch Chanel style - just perfect. Pick elegant models that can be worn in your hand as well as on a long thin strap. Enormous size trunks office look ridiculous, you're not going to the market and to work. Therefore, securities and document folders purchase stylish leather briefcase.

We draw conclusions

Choosing a business wardrobe, you should address three main objectives, namely: do not incur the wrath of his superiors inappropriate excesses, keep a sense of comfort throughout the working day to be stylish and elegant.

With the clothes you need to create an image of a smart, prosperous, strong woman who knows a lot about fashion. This will help you:

  • pencil skirt with a high waist;
  • fitted black blazer, or sand;
  • severe or light shirt blouses, made of soft, flowing fabrics. The sleeves can be different: lanterns, with puffs of light tones, three-quarters or long;
  • sundress or a dress made of tweed, wool, knit fabric, thick cotton;
  • classic "male" styles of trousers without arrows or straight narrow ankle-length, shorts or capris below the knee of dense fabric.
  • mandatory attributes are office style coats and jackets.

Makeup for the office should be minimal: tone cream and powder, light blush, painted lashes and bright lipstick. All bright and extravagant leave the house and remember the things that highlight your social status and financial situation, talk about the profession and your position. Therefore, always dress stylish and elegant!

 Office dress code for successful women

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