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  • What are affirmations?
  • How to return the love in relationships ohladevshie
  • How to attract love into your life
  • The key to success - the correct use of affirmations

Perhaps you are tired of being alone and wants to find love. Or maybe you have a partner, and you value it, respect and cherish your relationship, but feel the heat in your heart begins to fade. Whatever it was, you can use the power of his words to create a state of deep love within themselves or to attract love, or to revive it. Help you in this affirmation of love.

What are affirmations?

Affirmations - are positive statements that describe the desired state of affairs. When these statements are repeated often, they are deposited in the subconscious, leaving behind a lasting mark, and soon it causes the subconscious positive impact on your life.

Just imagine that you and your friends came to the pool, and they have their banter about your inability to really float angered you. "But I bet I swim the pool without stopping! "- You say, wanting to prove that you are not so, and incompetent. You start to swim at the same time taking firmly in mind: "I can swim, I swim the! "You think that you have enough strength to swim the entire distance of the planned non-stop, and you believe that it will be able to show your friends!

What do you actually do? You repeat positive affirmations! They also help you gather your strength and to believe in themselves, to achieve this goal. But, unfortunately, most people are introducing into your subconscious negative words and statements relating to situations and events in their lives, and this leads to undesirable results. Our words work in two ways - they can build, but they can also destroy. That's how we use them determines they will bring us positive or negative results.

Pay attention to the words that you say to yourself in your mind, to find out you do not resort to such negative statements such as:

  • I can not do it;
  • I'm too lazy to do so;
  • I do not have enough inner strength;
  • I'm unattractive;
  • I definitely failed, at the first attempt.

Your subconscious mind perceives as truth what he always says. As a result, it attracts the relevant events and situations in your life. So why not choose only positive statements, to obtain positive results? After affirmations program the mind in the same way as the computer is programmed commands entered.

Repeated words help you to focus on your goal. They also create in the minds of the corresponding mental images, which, in turn, affect the subconscious, respectively. Thus, you program the subconscious mind, in accordance with your will. And it, in turn, generates your habits, behavior, reactions related to the surrounding reality, and even your very life.

 affirmations to attract love

How to return the love in relationships ohladevshie

Now you already know how powerful weapon is your word. But in order to master this weapon, we need to understand some things. And above all - why so little of your life and why you love it blocked.

They say, the Buddha said, "What do you think, so you become." And what you say is a reflection of what you think. Listen to your thoughts and try to find the negative thoughts that build powerful unit against love. How do you say or think about myself or others about yourself? You are thoughts like these: "I have no time for love", "All the good men have long been busy" or "I'm not beautiful, not like these?"

And if you have a partner, as you say or think about it? Always with respect, gratitude, appreciation and love, or you admit in his speeches and thoughts snide remarks or complaints about its shortcomings and constant oversight? What is more - or irritation of respect, appreciation and resentment? It is unlikely that you will ever be able to heal the relationship, if you focus on how it is terrible and you are unhappy.

Sifted through the sieve of their thoughts awareness, you may be horrified, how much you sullen and malevolent - currently there about whether your partner - the arguments and statements. But the people you attract into your life, reflect what you feel and how you perceive the world. Without giving love, you can not get it. So if you want to attract love into your life, you must first begin to emit it. And if you do not know how to do it, then you help yourself by using affirmation to attract love. They will help you to become a loving person who is like a magnet attracts reciprocal feelings.

People can not live without air, food, water and ... love! Love really is among the four conditions necessary for life, but it is an intangible factor. The air around us is always there; what efforts must be made to provide themselves with food and water - we also know, and here is how to establish a presence in the life of love? Affirmations of love! How do they work?

Love has many forms. The love between mother and child, between friends, between lovers, between husband and wife. Often we see that women are not able to find the object of his love among people who carry it on pets. In one form or another, but there must be love in our lives. However, just what you want love, does not mean that you will get it. If you do not know how to love, do not know how to give love, you can not get it, and. And in order to learn to love, you must first love yourself. Do you think it's impossible? Then start again to use affirmations to love itself:

  • I deserve ..! (Worthy of love. Praiseworthy. Worthy of happiness. Worthy of fun. Worthy of peace.)
  • I'm huffing good.
  • Important for me is just my own opinion of himself.
  • I stunningly beautiful and charming!
  • My life is brilliant!
  • I do everything correctly.

You can come up with, and their approval. The main thing that they were formulated only in a positive way. Write down all the affirmations of love to his paper and hang them near the mirror in the bathroom. Create for yourself a beautiful morning and evening ritual of reading this leaflet with affirmations of love to yourself. It is better if you will at the same time using a mirror to look into the eyes of itself - it will significantly strengthen your connection with your own subconscious mind.

Once you are able to change the attitude to itself, start one by one to say the affirmation to attract love into your relationship with your partner. Try to call for help not only your mind, but also emotions. Just how your emotions affect it - as you say, what you say - you can use this energy in the opposite direction, deliberately changing the inner speech to create within yourself the feeling of love. Emotional affirmations of love to help you create a feeling.

That's how it should be done as soon as you start to wake up in the morning, do not get up out of bed immediately. First, imagine that your favorite is beside you. Feel the warmth and love of the simple fact that you are near. If the reality of your relationships begin to break down, try to recreate the same feeling that you had when love was still strong.

Such feelings cause vibrations that are able to wake up the drowsy was love. The mere idea, as you well with your loved one, can make you feel these are the emotions close to your man. So learn to penetrate the sense of the feelings of love and happiness, helping himself with affirmations of love. Choose your statements that resonate with you, and repeat them every day several times from morning to evening:

  • I am happy in the presence of a loved one.
  • I am thankful for the fact that she sent me an ideal partner.
  • I see the love in the eyes of my partner (husband, Man). I like what I see.
  • Our relations are getting better and better every day.
  • My beloved and I are perfect for each other spiritually, sexually, emotionally and intellectually.
  • I attract into your life the love and romance.
  • I am happy to give unconditional love to my partner (husband, boyfriend).
  • I have a wonderful partner (husband, boyfriend), and our relationships are filled with happiness and love.
  • Love is everywhere, and I am open to receiving love.
  • I'm happy in a relationship with someone who really loves me.
  • Our love grows every day.
  • I really like to accept and respect our differences - we complement each other.
  • I'm all over the support of their partner (husband, Man), and he supports me in everything.
  • I love and respect my partner (husband, Man).
  • I want love, and I radiate love.

 affirmations love

How to attract love into your life

It may be such that you have not found the young man, who called you to his beloved. Can the affirmations of love to attract such a man? You can, of course, but here you must understand: you can not get just because of the love because you want to love. First of all, you have to give love. Only when you give love, you get it back!

There are several ways to experience and express love. Some dream tremble with passion, others want to hear at the ear whisper of love, while others would like to show them the love of using gifts or actions. The best way to get the love of your dream - it is the most radiate such love. By becoming a loving person we attract into our lives those people who reflect our personality. Therefore, coming up with an affirmation to attract love, create exactly those statements that as closely as possible reflect your desires.

Combine your own statements with those offered by us, are best suited for you and repeat them over and over again, preferably before a mirror, a hundred times a day, for six to seven months. Over time you will see that they have become able to love the person and learned how to attract more and more of the same loving people. Here are our affirmations of love - to help you:

  • I'm surrounded by love and happy with my life.
  • My heart is always open to love, and I also radiate love.
  • All my relationships are long lasting and are imbued with love.
  • I love life and all that it gives me.
  • My partner - the love of my life and the center of my universe. He loves me as much as I love it.
  • In life, I always get what I give, in a multiple amount. I am always willing to give love.
  • I receive love whenever enter into a relationship, and I am glad to receive and give love.
  • I deserve love, and I get it in abundance.
  • I'm the most loving person, and my life is full of joy.
  • I love to others, and in return all love me.
  • Wherever I went, I always find my love. Life is full of joy!
  • My partner and I are perfect for each other, and our love is simply divine!
  • I give love and it comes back to me repeatedly reinforced.

The key to success - the correct use of affirmations

We want to give you some important tips that you should consider using affirmations of love:

  • Always say the affirmations in the present tense. Do not program your mind that you will find love in the future, which is always the future and will remain. You want to get love right now?
  • Always build a phrase in the form of statements, not denial. For example, do not say "I do not want to be alone," say "I bathe in love", "I have an ideal partner."
  • Do not set yourself limits. Do not call a specific time frame, for example, "five months later I find the perfect partner." Who told you that this will not happen before? Think about the first council and clean future. Remove and constraint (in this case - in time). If you think that now you are not ready to make love, because your beliefs about yourself, others and the love is still clouded by negative vibrations, start first with the work on oneself. "I'm getting better and better," for example, or any other statements that arouse in you the love of self. We talked about them at the beginning of this article.
  • Better, of course, if you pronounce all these affirmations aloud. But it is not a prerequisite. You can say them to myself - most importantly, that in fact, and in another case, you pronounces them regularly, consistently and with feeling, with the conviction of the correctness of each statement.
  • Reinforce affirmations visualization. Imagine a future partner. Do not become distracted by the specifics - the appearance of a man, his profession, and so on. Think of your emotional state - that you want to make you feel in life, when he's around you. Your emotions, when he hugs you when you cook dinner together, when walking in a nearby park. So you can not ignore in the future, ideally suited to you on an emotional level partner just because he apparently will not meet you fantasize appearance of the ideal man.

Working on yourself, you speed up the appointment with his love. It is already knocking at your life. Are you ready for it?

 How to prepare and use affirmations of love

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