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  • A reliable way to health
  • Top affirmations for health

Most of us (or rather would say all) want to be healthy; but how can this be achieved? Do we need to change your diet? Or you need to give yourself more exercise? Maybe we need to change their job or to review the whole way of life? What really can make us healthier?

A reliable way to health

Do not be surprised, but we want to offer you another way - affirmations for health. Of course, all mentioned in the paragraph above is also important, but this is not always enough. Some find it hard to believe, but too often our illnesses begin in our minds. Clearing your mind, you will not only start to feel better, but also see a direct path to recovery. Health - is the wealth and health-restoring affirmations are the key to this wealth. When the head of our healthy thoughts, and your body is much easier to feel healthy.

Some of you may wonder, how can positive statements, affirmations are and with which to strengthen our health. The fact that many people do have some internal problems that may prevent them from being healthy. Of course, it would be an exaggeration to say that someone wants to be patient, but there are people who have limiting beliefs that prevent them to healing and health, it is available to them. Rather than delve into their thoughts about the impossibility to recover, for them it would be better just to start to convince themselves that they are open to positive changes in their health status.

The connection between the mind (human consciousness) and body today is already very well known. Already confirmed the fact that many diseases are psychosomatic in nature. Even a disease caused by germs and bacteria, in some cases, could be called psychosomatic in the sense that the body's immune system sometimes reduced due to the reasons caused by emotional stress.

Our emotions are under control of the thoughts and ideas can be formulated according to our will. Affirmations help to shape health healthy thoughts. So there is a connection between the positive statements (affirmations), and our health. "In order to change your life, change your thoughts" - wrote in his book "The universal law of life" Sir John Marks Templeton, English entrepreneur and philanthropist. And it is hard to disagree with him. You can fill your body healthy, just use of the appropriate affirmations. Repeating these statements over and over again, you can change the way your subconscious mind that it will begin the transformation of the body to match the healthy thoughts.

Even very severe disease may yield to the power of thought. The placebo effect is known in medical practice, it is purely psychological. Its essence lies in the fact that the patient instead of the real drug is given only an imitation, but at the same time inform the patient that he was given a very strong drug. And it gets easier! And the thing is that the placebo affected the psyche of the patient; He believed in what he will become easier, and that's easier for him to become. Curative affirmations affect a person in a similar way.

There are also scientists confirmed the facts that our body produces a variety of chemicals, while we feel certain emotions. When a person is happy, produced substances that are beneficial to the body. When we are sad, produced harmful substances. It was yet another confirmation that our thoughts greatly influence our health. It becomes obvious that positive affirmations can only have a beneficial effect on our body.

 Affirmations health

Top affirmations for health

How to use affirmations to strengthen health? From the contact list, select the statements that you like the most, and every day you repeat them as often as possible for at least six months. Thus in any case do not stop treatment prescribed by your doctor, if you are sick. Affirmations complementary medicine, but do not replace them. Affirmations will strengthen your mind and your will, change the direction of thinking and help improve the health of the body.

Choose affirmations that you will like, and start to work on your thoughts:

  • Every day I am getting healthier and healthier, I feel better and better.
  • I love myself, and I'm perfectly healthy.
  • Every cell in my body takes care of my health. I was born to be healthy.
  • I am full of energy and vitality, I am calm and happy.
  • I avoid junk food. I eat healthy and nutritious food, which benefits my body, and drink plenty of pure water, which cleanses my body.
  • I have only positive thoughts are, and I'm always happy and joyful, no matter what the external conditions.
  • I always feel good. Due to the fact that my body feels good, I radiate only good and positive feelings.
  • Each new day full of hope, happiness and health.
  • I am always happy, cheerful and full of health. I am happy and cheerful spirit body.
  • I have a strong heart and strong body. I am energetic and full of vitality.
  • Every day my body is becoming more energetic, more healthy.
  • I see my body as a temple. It is clean and full of kindness.
  • I took a deep breathe, exercise regularly and give your body only healthy food.
  • I free of diabetes, high blood pressure, free from any life threatening diseases.
  • Health, wealth and wisdom - my life motto. My body is healthy, I am rich, my mind is wise.
  • I myself create their own health.
  • I release the body to accept the healing and health.
  • I am healthy!
  • I accept the health of my body.
  • I bring people and information that will help me lead a healthy lifestyle.
  • I am open for exemption from unhealthy thoughts.
  • I am open to release unhealthy behavior.
  • I am open for exemption from unhealthy food.
  • I see myself healthy and happy.
  • I let my body heal itself.
  • I let go of the past and leave it behind.
  • My DNA is programmed to ensure that I was healthy.
  • Being healthy is easy.
  • Being healthy - it's fun.
  • My health is very important to me.
  • My body is very important to me, and I intend to take care of him.
  • My health is a priority.

You do not become healthy overnight. Sometimes working on a takes months and sometimes years - depending on your specific situation. The key of success is to focus on the idea that health-restoring affirmations are a great way for healing.

Be healthy!

 We treat the mind and body, using affirmations to health

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 how to quickly improve memory


  • Some useful facts about memory
  • Exercises to improve memory
  • If you need something quick to remember: a little mnemonics

Living in today's society dictates greater and greater demands on our mind. We must contrive to keep in mind the billions of terabytes of data each day to perceive something new. And if before the task was beyond the power of the average person, but now to cope with it even a child (especially a child!). But in order to have at least something to succeed, your memory should be fast and work well. Let's try to improve it?

Some useful facts about memory

Today almost every schoolboy knows that the memory has a plurality of sub-species: auditory, visual, verbal and logical, and even emotional, if you talk about as a storage material. If you rely on the timing information storage, the memory can be divided into short-term, rapid and long-term. The first material is kept within one second, and then comes online (if, of course, is significant for the person) and then in the long-term. All unnecessary quickly discarded and deleted from these stores.

Moreover, the memory is also the process consisting of several stages. This memorization, storage and playback. Together, they make up what we call a good memory. And if improve the storage and reproduction, usually obtained only if any effect on the brain, the better you can quite remembering with special exercises.

 how to quickly improve memory

Exercises to improve memory

The main secret of how you can quickly improve your memory - it is a constant training. Cognitive brain function something like a muscle: if they are not load, they will atrophy, and vice versa. Therefore, we offer you a series of simple exercises that can help to quickly and easily enough to improve memory:

  1. Several times a day I look at the clock and remember what you did yesterday at the same time, and where you were that you were wearing, etc. ... This exercise can be done anywhere and in any conditions, and it trains memory is pretty good.
  2. Practice associative thinking. Our brain is so constituted that the memory in its pure form is almost not found in nature - it is always in conjunction with something: perception, attention, thinking and imagination. So you can train yourself to use all of the hidden resources in order to improve memory. For example, ask someone slowly read aloud to you a couple of words related associative. Listen carefully and learn. Then ask the same person to read only the first word, and the latter try to remember yourself. You can use a pair of "cow - calf", "Snow - Winter", "cock - crow," "plane - fly", etc. ...
  3. Avoid the use of auxiliary equipment - all kinds of lists, "napominalok" and notes. Instead, each time a few times to read what you have to remember (for example, a list of products that need to be purchased), and boldly go to the store without leaves. This simple exercise will help you improve your memory simply by going shopping without making extra efforts.
  4. Have someone read to you aloud a set of random words: house, tree, computer, river, winter, light, bundle daughter. Listen carefully to it, and then try to repeat them in the same order. Also, to complicate the task can reproduce the words in reverse order. But if next to you there is no one you can just take a book and read aloud the first word of each line.
  5. Take a picture, which depicts a variety of subjects, but rather the whole room. Within fifteen seconds, carefully examine it in order to remember all the details. Then close the photo and write the name on a piece of paper the things that you were able to remember.
  6. Take ten dice of the same size. Start to do the exercise, using three of them: they shake in hand, and without looking, put on the table. Look at them for a few moments and describe aloud the winning number and the approximate location of the bones. Regularly performing the exercise, you can gradually increase the amount of used blocks by bringing the total to ten. But if you want to continue to continue to rapidly improve your memory, you can add varying size and color of the bones as a complicating factor in the process of remembering.
  7. Include memory wherever possible. For example, as much as possible, try to remember the names, faces and distinctive features of new acquaintances. Or crossword puzzles or Sudoku, because the more in your head spins various figures and words, the better it works.

 quickly improve memory

If you need something quick to remember: a little mnemonics

However, these exercises regularly do not always have the time, and the cases are different. Need to remember for a large amount of material may suddenly come into your life, and then comes to the aid mnemonics. This set of tools and techniques that structure the memory material and allow you to keep it in my head intact for a long time. So, what can you improve memorization?

The first - a focus. If you want to remember something, it is pointless to do this when your thoughts hovering somewhere in the clouds. You just need to get away from everything that disturbs your mind, and send it to the object that you intend to memory. Of course, you'll need to take a break and switch to something else, but they must be regular and short-term - only to relax the brain.

The most effective way that is known to mankind since ancient times - this association. They help to link anything to anything - you just need to think of a word, image, sound or smell, that remind you of the necessary information. Interesting fact: the use of happy, positive, colorful and pleasant picture significantly improves memory.

Another classic way - is a breakdown of the memorized material. Remember how you were taught poetry at school? They just broke up into separate quatrains learn that it was much easier than the poem in its entirety. Or phone number, which is recommended to be divided into blocks. By the way, you can combine the previous methods, and then the information zasyadet very deep in your consciousness.

Naturally, the first time to remember something right is not obtained practically the vast majority of people, so the need to repeat - just get rid of them fail. Just pinch the amount to the minimum necessary - for example, to several times the - then it will not tire the brain, and your work will be at the peak of its performance.

Finally, the method of accents. You need to imagine the memory material in the form of elements, which are located along the route well known to you. For example, when you memorize a shopping list, you can place the apples in the left pocket of his jacket, sour cream on the right, the left in the inner sausage and eggs into domestic law - and you can easily remember them. Or you can take as a basis for a map of your apartment. But it is worth remembering that this method is good when dealing with something specific and well-represented, in particular, with the images of things.

Each of us knows that we can improve the physical form of constant training. So, with cognitive and psychological side of it works too! We hope that you will successfully carry out all of these exercises, and your memory you can always rely on.

 How to quickly improve memory: Learning to remember

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