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  • Our consciousness determines our lives
  • Pick up your list of affirmations

It is not difficult to guess that you would like to make some changes in my life since I became interested in affirmations work. Perhaps you lost your workplace? Or do you have a need to improve their employment situation? In any case, with affirmations about the work you get more value for yourself.

Chances are, your previous work related to you with some negative. You were very uncomfortable to work, or you suddenly fired. Most of us have experienced a particular negative situation related to the workplace. It is clear that after such problems is very difficult to maintain a positive attitude. But the paradox is that it is a negative mood may hinder you find a good job!

What does it mean for you to success on the job? More money? Friendly, supportive atmosphere in the team, where your talents are recognized and you can make full use of all the opportunities? Mastering new skills? Opportunity for career growth? All this can be your reality! The key to success will be the right one, a positive attitude and end the practice of denial and self-restraint. It is important to accept any failures as opportunities for personal and professional growth. Learn to accept failure as a step to success! We recommend that you use a positive approach to the job search. Why is that?

Our thoughts are powerful weapons. A positivity allows you to see new ways to solve problems and make us more attractive to others. And this is true even when you are looking for a job. Put yourself even for a moment to revenge the interviewer, who is interviewing candidates for the vacant position. You have hired gaunt and depressed Woman with extinct eyes, and with his head down? No, you would like to see in the future among the employees, which is strong in spirit, filled with optimism and talks to you, smiling and hiding her eyes sparkle. After all, is not it?

Does this mean that you can not be depressed and experience fatigue? Of course not. After all, you are not a robot, but a living person. But it does mean that you should be able to overcome fatigue and depression, and to do this you must first change your thinking.

 Affirmations work

Our consciousness determines our lives

One of the best tools for changing your thinking themselves are affirmations and affirmations offered by us below to find a good job as well. Starting work on yourself with these positive statements, you step beyond just positive thinking and have a significant impact on your subconscious.

Of course, you know that our mind consists of two parts: the conscious (consciousness) and unconscious (subconscious). Each part has its own consciousness, different from the other half of the role. What is the difference between the conscious and the subconscious? Consciousness - this is the piece of mind that you are using on their own - for example, right now, as you read this article. Or, for example, you will never write poetry because the "voice" of your mind tells you that you are far from being a poet, so is not worth the paper dirty. But to do exercises in the morning, on the contrary, it is necessary, as is already the folds at the waist appear. This "voice" it takes your mind. It wants to keep you safe and comfortable environment, but to manage it, you still can. That is, you can decide what to do and what not to do.

But the subconscious mind you can not control. On the contrary, it controls you. All the information gets your mind is processed on a subconscious level, and your subconscious mind begins to "protect" the boundaries of your comfort and safety. But, receiving and processing information the subconscious mind does not distinguish where the specific information, and where - your fears or fantasies.

What does this mean for you? For example, if you tell yourself that you do not have enough knowledge to advance in your career, or your life - a life of failure, the subconscious, "believe" and you will control all your thoughts, words and actions accordingly. And if you tell yourself that you are clever-razumnitsa and that you are better than ever - it will be so! And if this happens because such thoughts make you focus on the positive, or because you attract exactly what you think - it's not so important. The result is important, is not it? Therefore it is important, and what you say to yourself and what emotions are experiencing.

 Affirmations Work

Pick up your list of affirmations

Affirmations are aimed at changing at the subconscious level of our way of thinking. Repeating positive statements that outline the picture of that life, which we consider ourselves worthy, we assure our subconscious that we are successful people. And it works very well! Of course, the effectiveness of affirmations to you. How much you want to achieve success? How much effort are you willing to make that positive changes have come in your life and you have found the perfect job? How hard are you willing to work on it?

Yes, you have to continue to work for better job opportunities. You still need to continue to prepare resumes, job listings, and study to pass an interview. No one will do it for you, right? However, using affirmations to work, you change your view of the situation and increase the chances of success. The more you want something and the more you will spend the time to paint a picture in your mind of future success, the greater the likelihood that you will get what you want.

Below we present some of the statements that you can use to solve their problems and begin the path to a successful career in the work that will appeal. Choose the list that is better suited specifically to you, and begin to change lives for the better.

Blow to depression

These affirmations are designed to help you overcome the condition associated with stress and fear of the future. But if you suffer from strong feelings of hopelessness and thoughts of self-destruction (in whatever form), then, without delay, seek professional help.

  • I love my job.
  • My work is very important to me.
  • My new job is perfect for me my interests.
  • I - successful ... (name your profession).

Ask your new goals focus

These affirmations can help direct your thoughts in the right direction:

  • I have very good skills, I am a strong specialist.
  • Any employer will be happy to hire me.
  • My job search fruitful.
  • I'm close to that to find your dream job.

Believe in yourself

Maintaining correct thinking is possible if you believe in yourself and believe you deserve a better job, which can find. You deserve the very good wages, better working conditions and better career!

  • I get (name desired salary).
  • Watch my work perfect for my lifestyle.
  • I get the opportunity to improve their skills.
  • I have excellent career prospects.

Affirmations to help find a good job

The following affirmations are designed by psychologists to help you become a better, happier, to help find a new job or a good job the old love. Working with these statements, you can become a successful employee, regardless of whether you are using the success of your employer:

  • I am a hard worker.
  • Every day I make every effort to successfully carry out my work.
  • I'm punctual.
  • I am always willing to take the initiative.
  • I have a lot of ideas how to do the job even better.
  • I'm positive relations with colleagues.
  • I am glad my work.
  • I like to work.
  • I was always very attentive to detail.
  • While working, I enjoy.
  • I always finish what I start to do.
  • My work inspires others.
  • My work is improving every day.
  • I - Universal employee.
  • Every day I learn at work is something new.
  • I use feedback to improve their performance.
  • I accept and use to their advantage constructive criticism.
  • I surround myself with people who support my endeavors.
  • I encourage other employees.
  • I - organized and collected.
  • I can easily block all that distracts me from my work.
  • I established good work priorities.
  • I'm willing to help others in their work.
  • I always find only an excellent job.
  • Every day I work hard to improve ourselves.
  • I have great respect on the job.
  • I can show others how to appreciate his work.
  • I love my job and I enjoy it.
  • I get the ideal salary.
  • I - a magnet for the perfect job.
  • The employer recognizes the significant contribution to my work and gives me all sorts of benefits.
  • Every day I wake up and go to the best in the world of work.
  • I know that the work of vocation.
  • I have created for themselves an ideal environment for work.

Select several of the most significant and appropriate for you (depending on needs) statements and begin to work with them. Repeat them with the feeling can be loud, and it is possible to himself, the main thing - they pronounce with confidence and quite emotional. Every day, every day, several times a day. You begin to notice that positive statements will begin to take effect much sooner than you might think!

 How do affirmations work can change your life

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