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There is a lot of advice about how to improve yourself, your life, how to change the destiny, after all. But not so much you can find explanations of what you need to do to change your life for the better. Even if we are happy enough, usually something still troubles us: the plight of someone from relatives or friends, a sense of incomplete personal realizovanna, changes in life that are beyond our control, dissatisfaction with past or regret about this or that choice of who we had to do in the present, concern about possible ill or even the fear of death.

You can enumerate a long time; each has its own reasons to worry, that ultimately make us feel dissatisfaction with themselves and their lives. Sometimes we just do not know what to do to find a way out of the difficulty, or simply begin to ignore the problem, thus a "canning" it. But the unsolved problem makes us feel unhappy or unfulfilled, even if we do not realize the true cause of dissatisfaction with himself.

We want to offer a way to create your own personal development plan. In developing this plan, you think about what your life is not happy with you and what you want to change themselves. It is possible that you can not bring himself to carry out a plan of the whole; most likely, you will have to refer to one point at a time, because each of them will give you food for thought.

Know itself

Each of us has two "I", "me", which - as we believe - I really am, and "I'm perfect", which we would like to be. Everything that we talk on, is aimed at so that you can own as much as possible closer to the ideal - or by changing themselves real or revising their ideals or trying to change, and one thing and another. And with this change and your life. Rate yourself on the questions below, and then start to work on specific problems identified that cause you the most concern. Here's what you need to do is starting work on a:

  • First, know yourself. Think about what you have and what are the strengths weaknesses. What motivates you? That the ability to unsettle? Is there any reason that makes you want to change yourself or your life? Why are you in certain situations behave one way or another? A good self-examination is a great way to start change in the way of personal development. You will be understood, where you do not make full use of their potential, and where you may need to learn to restrain itself.

    It is very difficult to change anything until you understand what problem encountered. This is the same that to go on a journey without taking a map and draw up a plan of the route. How do I know where you're going, and that opens up before your eyes, even if you do not have a complete picture of the terrain in which you are? So here: going to seriously change your life, find out first what you are and what you can see yourself in the future.

  • Second, believe in yourself. The main condition for being able to change anything in itself - it is a good self-esteem. If you do not believe in their capabilities, do not believe that you the strength to change their lives, then this will not happen. Develop self-confidence, or you just do not give yourself opportunities to succeed and your life will remain the same.
  • Third you want to change. To believe that you can change something, of course, extremely important. But it is not enough. No less important is also really want it. Personal motivation is vital to ensure you have the necessary will, without which you simply do not master the necessary steps for the planned changes.

 how to change themselves and their lives independently

Five steps to a new life

Once you purposefully analyze their lives and self, ready to start working on them. As you move towards the planned changes? You can act as an artist who works with the material that he has on hand. I saw, for example, a potter, a piece of clay, estimated that this will be enough for him a good cup, took, and fashioned it. You, like the artist, can be guided by inspiration, momentary insight, the inspiration. But such work is based on intuition and feelings, has a very high risk - the result depends on the skill of the artist, from his talent and quality has got his hands on the material. He may turn out a masterpiece, and perhaps very overlooked thing that nobody needs.

If we compare the work of an artist with the work, then it is better to adopt the methods of work of the master. He is not guided by momentary inspiration and creates from what turned out to be handy. The real master is considering his future creation, making sketches, and then carefully selects the materials, and then he begins to translate ideas into action. Only in this case, you can be sure that in the end product will not fly in the trash. The second option, though more down to earth and definitely not as romantic as the first method, but that it has a much greater chance of success.

So start your first steps to his new "I":

  • Step One: Decide when and what you will change. Sometimes it is necessary to check whether there are any outstanding not any issues and problems that might interfere with your focus on new plans. Ask yourself whether something to interfere with planned? Suitable whether now is the time for change? Are you ready for these changes, and to the efforts that should be made to implement them?
  • Step Two: Narrow down your goals. What are your priorities? What would you like to get in the end? What do you want to achieve? Formulate specific goals. But never forget that your goals are not set in stone, when you begin to change and grow as a person, you can change or even "break" them and build up new goals that will become more apparent as your personal growth. On one condition: the target should lead you forward, rather than making headway.
  • Step Three: Plan, plan, plan! Now you have a list of goals, and to make them achievable, you need to plan their actions aimed at to change the features of his personality, and at the same time and their lives. Develop a clear plan. Think about the end result and schedule yourself: "In order to ... I need to do ..." This will help you increase your confidence, and will serve as one of the cards in a way of which we have already spoken.
  • Step Four: Proceed. Work with your plan, perform the necessary steps to change the status quo.
  • Step Five: Do not retreat. Take at least a little of the planned you, but do it regularly. Are reconciled with their plans, ask about the importance of priorities, bringing them in line with the plans as you start to feel that grow.

 how to change themselves and their lives correctly

What can you prevent it?

You've already started to work on themselves, even if just reading this article right now. You will make a big step, if only analyze themselves, their lives, their possible targets. But always, when starting any changes, are beginning to emerge and obstacles. Some of them will be eliminated by yourself, and some may go out of your control. In any case, you should not be scared and give up. Just be prepared for the fact that will not be very easy to change. And if forewarned, then, as they say, is armed. So, what can you prevent:

  1. Stress. If your life is already too strained, then with the onset of stress changes can only worsen. So take all measures to ensure that the removal of excess voltage. Pay special attention to a healthy lifestyle.
  2. Lack of self-confidence. The importance of self-belief we have said. Perhaps this is the very first thing you have to change in yourself. Take everything you need to improve self-esteem and start to see themselves in a new light. Believe that you can change your life. You may have a lot of work; but what you do for itself, it is better you do not no one else!
  3. A further aspect, which slows or stops the process of change in your life - is the lack of motivation. Without motivation it is very difficult to overcome the obstacles that you will encounter. Find your convincing arguments why you need to go further. And reward yourself for every achievement, no matter how small.
  4. The chaos in life. Is it too much disorderly developments include your days? Do not put you in front of a lot of problems, grasping for the implementation of one or the other? Get rid of the chaos and concentrate on the real priorities will help you plan.

Work on yourself and no one ever was easy. But the realization that your successful life is built by your own hands, inspires and opens new and new horizons. So please be the same courage and patience, and begin to take the first steps to the ideal!

 How to change themselves and their lives for the better

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