ideal girl eyed men


  • Beautiful
  • Clever
  • Sexy
  • Cheerful
  • Unusual
  • Confident

"What a pity that I'm not perfect! "- You think, wiping away tears after another quarrel with her boyfriend. You do not have a lot of things and do not know how, but how this is a simple woman's happiness? This and many other questions suggest that, but what she did - through the eyes of men the perfect woman?


Take a listen and talk about girls males. What's the first they say? That's right, look. And it's no longer a secret that men love with their eyes. More precisely, they like then, of course, the heart, but his eyes fall. That is why men so important that we looked beautiful and well-groomed.

It is worth mentioning that a long time ago there is no uniform standard of female beauty: someone like tall and slender women with small breasts or even its absence, and someone - low growth and curvy shape. What to say about a variety of eye colors, hair and other parts of the characteristics of the female body! Accordingly, it can be any of a beautiful girl - it is only important to learn to emphasize the dignity and hide flaws.

To do this you will need some time to spend on research itself. What colors and styles you go? What hairstyle you more to face? Which tan looks best on your skin? You will have to answer these and other questions. By the way, such knowledge is due to the fact that many women in adulthood look much better than in their youth - they just know what things emphasize their beauty. That grooming and attention to themselves underlie visual appeal, but directly natural data actually give their owner is not really such a big head start.

By the way, the maintenance of beauty not necessarily spend a lot of money - they may well be replaced by the time and desire. Not enough money on expensive fitness club? Start jogging. I want to dress in quality stuff, but there's a bunch of money on designer belongings? Buy items in the second-hand and selectively (see previous paragraph) - something really cool shops. Remember that nothing is impossible - there is only reason not to.


No, of course, there are men who want to be close to a beautiful doll, but most of them still want to find in the beloved colleague and friend with whom it will be interesting. But first is to decide so what women consider intelligent. Men are not attracted to the complex arguments about higher matters - they find them boring and meaningless.

But the ability to understand the art, literature, film and music, you will be very much on hand. Wide horizons - that's what makes you an interesting interlocutor (just do not overdo it - still too smart nobody likes, because with them you feel stupid). And if you are good at some narrow and purely "male" subject, it makes you truly the perfect girl!

But the mind - it's not just a storehouse of academic knowledge and encyclopedic facts. It is also the ability to manipulate them, to solve some creative tasks, something to build and rebuild. Very many men complain that women do not understand them. So, vibrant and sharp mind able to make men mind open and understandable for you.

 real ideal girl eyed men


Female sexuality - is not just a short skirt and frivolous behavior, rather the opposite - a woman is found to be vulgar and unattractive. However, the ideal woman loves sex and considers it an important part of their lives. And how else, because her female essence is very, very developed!

Sexuality manifests itself in the fact that this girl knows what brings her pleasure. She is drawn to the beloved, and it can be a queen just for him (and the others let lick!). She is uninhibited and ready to experiment in bed, but she does not have a rigid framework and stereotypes of how to be sex. Sexy girl knows that it can be different, and the bed - it's only for two. It does not compare with the rest of her man.


Of course, the ideal woman should be fun - no one did not want to talk to a boring person! This does not mean that it will be the ringleader and "energizers" twenty-four hours a day. She can afford to sit back and be sad, but it is not a familiar and comfortable for her condition.

Do girls always have a lot of ideas on how you can have fun. It contains some light "bezuminka", which makes the time spent with her unforgettable. This woman is quite capable of replacing an entire group of drunken men, and that is why it is perfect.

 perfect girl from the eyes of men


The ideal woman so alone in the world, and it becomes clear to everyone talk to her at least ten minutes. Is it something that sets it apart from all others, but that's not always possible to articulate what it is. Perhaps it is extremely open and trusting, or vice versa - mysterious and closed. There are no rules, and can be anything.

Just do not immediately try to become "not like everyone else." This can not be learned or instill outside. Instead, you need to see in yourself that same flavor, which is your essence. Only then you will not look unnatural and captured all its originality and uniqueness.


And last, but probably most important - confidence. The ideal woman knows that she is really cool, and it all happens. Her gait, gestures, facial expressions, words - all said that she likes herself and has a sense of self-esteem. She sets high goals and achieve them with admirable tenacity. Being next to her dream of every man. About a girl nobody wants to wipe their feet - instead it will be on hand. She did not scold yourself for every small stuff, because he knows - the absolute ideal does not exist!

And here we've got a pretty sickly list as the perfect girl. Of course, any of us reading it appears irrepressible desire something in itself to adjust and become a real man's dream. But remember that this is not a guarantee that you will soon get married, give birth to a child, and will become happy. This list - only sketches for the painting, which will never be written because there is no ideal, that would be all united. It turns out that the ideal woman, the man's eyes - it's really a girlfriend when her advantages and disadvantages are perceived and accepted partner. We hope that each of our readers so there.

 The ideal woman eyed men: view from the outside

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 how to love your job


  • Top 7 reasons why we do not like your job
  • How to love your job

"Work, work pass on Fedotov Fedotov with Jacob, with Jacob - just." How often do you come to mind this prigovorka? If she regularly comes to visit you, it is obvious that the work for you - it's just a way of earning money. But in your power to change it, and we'll tell you how to love your job.

Top 7 reasons why we do not like your job

Certainly, there are situations when it is, in general, and not for that love. The reasons on which it occurs, can be mass. If you want to change the attitude to his career, it is definitely worth to understand what prevents you to do it. Therefore, you should familiarize yourself with our list and figure out exactly what applies to you.

  1. Low income

    If our fellow citizens interviewed on the subject of why they do not like their job, this would be the reason in the first place. This is not surprising, because the earnings - the main thing that distinguishes the work of even the most interesting hobby. Unfortunately, money is almost always in short supply, and this will tell you, even a top manager, were paid six-figure sum. The basis of this dissatisfaction is the discrepancy between the experienced person's own efforts, wages and other similar income specialists. In this case, it is worth considering: Do you give your work is something else besides money, or an urgent need to orient themselves to increase earnings?

  2. Lack of free time

    It just so happened that if the money that you pay for, is enough, you start to feel an acute shortage of time to spend. In today's world it has become the norm to work twelve hours a day, but it does not fit all. There are many employment options to the path of lower income, but much more freedom, and they should consider if the story - about you.

  3. Tyrannical Chief

    Very often, bosses are very special people. Gnarly, rolls over demanding, hardness and ability to walk over - these qualities often help their holders to take a "place in the sun", with which they begin to look down upon their subordinates. In this case, it is important to understand that the chief requirements are often quite reasonable and are good for business. If you are very hurt communication style boss, then you may want to think about the problems with self-esteem and learn to find common ground with the "problem" people. In the end, each person can be for you something useful, even the head of the tyrant.

  4. Bad team

    "Serpentarium" - that's what characteristics can be heard from the girls, who are asked to tell us about your work team. This is especially true of departments, employing only women. It is not surprising, because we are very apt to compete with each other and "palace intrigues." Agree, pretty bleak picture emerges? But in this situation, you can find its advantages: you most want to go home after a long day at work and chat with colleagues never replace fellowship with family or friends. Or you can take it as a game - of course, if it's not so bad that you just want to escape from there.

  5. The lack of prospects for career advancement

    Surely each one of you wants to increase over time and improve their own status. And it can be a problem if your job does not provide a special career. Or your boss is very worried about his own chair and doing its utmost to keep you in the lower positions. To bypass this obstacle to a specific job can be difficult, and if necessary to reflect on how to realize their own ambitions, and even changing the workplace.

  6. Constant stress

    Disgruntled customers, demanding boss, colleagues hard, constant time trouble and rush jobs - from all of this just head is spinning! Sometimes you just want to crawl into a deep hole and not come out from there until the following year. Stop! It is possible that the problem is not so much work as you. This may be the inability to manage your time, communicate with other people or painful reaction to criticism - in any case it is necessary to analyze in detail the origins of these experiences. Maybe you just need to learn to relax and disconnect from the operating problems at some time. And, of course, is to remember that no work is gray hair and professional burnout from continuous stress.

  7. Tedium

    Your work brings you longing? You are not alone, because many workers feel alienated in his work: he seems to them meaningless, useless and boring. It is possible that the fact that it's just not your kind of activity. For example, you are an active, energetic and sociable person, who turned out as an accountant, and monotonous work with numbers you sucking out all the juices. And it also happens that you just should realize who and what is useful for your work, and it completely changes everything.

 how to love work

How to love your job

So, you have clarified the whole complex of reasons that prevent you every morning to go to work on the holiday. But do not rush to change their lives and write a letter of resignation. You will surely like to find out how to love your job and start getting pleasure from it tomorrow.

For a start you can imagine in detail the perfect job: what you do, who to work with, which is your workplace, etc. ... Try it after a while sober look to evaluate the resulting image. It would be great if you discuss work with friends and acquaintances - they will surely be able to tell you about the plot, and the captain, and colleagues about anything out of the ordinary. Most likely, the problem is not only with you, and from it mysteriously becomes easier. In addition, you have the opportunity to evaluate how realistic is your ideal and whether his achievement.

It is important to understand the importance of their contribution to the common cause. Not by chance, some people have even engaged in volunteering: this activity can not be paid, it takes a lot of time and effort, but they are very clear idea of ​​who and what benefit they bring to their work. Think about what you personally do for your colleagues, boss and the company - because the money simply because no one is paid. So you're a valuable employee - it is time to begin to understand it.

In some cases, very effective trip is a business trip. Yes, do not be surprised, because the change of scenery and watching, "as it comes from them," you get a new experience, which maybe you just did not have enough. Maybe you peeped from their "distant" way of organizing work colleagues or a new system of personnel motivation, and that is what will help you to love your job.

The worst thing you can do - is to take the position of the victim. "Oh, no one understands me, and all just think how hurt! "- If this idea stuck in your head, it's time to change your attitude toward your own life. Begin to take the initiative and take responsibility for what happens to you. Be proactive, think to solve professional problems, offer ideas, because usually it happens that the career of failure associated with your own personal characteristics. Yes, and your active position will no longer allow others to treat you like a dumb working bee!

Bring an interest in work can help competitive moment. Agree, it is one thing to create something in splendid isolation, and quite another - in competition with other workers. It is not necessary to tell someone about a little competition - if only you will know about it. But that it can make the job a little bit like a game, and in fact when we wake up in the child, boredom and sadness go away.

If you do not have any friendships at work, it's time to make them. Confront working hardship is always easier with someone together, rather than one. There are also a team at least one person that causes you glimpses of sympathy? Walk up to him and asked to drink coffee together. It is not necessary to talk about the work - perhaps you will be much more interesting to discuss hobbies or men. Try to increase the number of such people. The better you know your colleagues, the easier it will be to prioritize dialogue and find an individual approach to each of them. And then the work will be much easier and more enjoyable.

Always worth a mention appearance. As you know, being a woman directly depends on how it looks. Therefore, we encourage you to be creative in the process of selection of clothing for work (unless of course you enjoy this case). Even if in the office adopted a strict dress code, no one is stopping you to express yourself and look beautiful even in this framework. The main thing - to treat it with the same enthusiasm as if you choose an outfit for a party. Strict dress-case "your" color, elegant blouse, pencil skirt, comfortable heels - and you will feel like a queen who wants to go to work.

Here are some simple tips such. Even if you feel that your work is nothing to save, first try a month to do something about what you wrote above. And if it still does not help, then you're already in good conscience be able to find work for your dreams. And it will be somewhere close by - we guarantee it!

 How to love your job and enjoy it