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  • The characteristics of the rock style of clothing
  • Create an image of a rocker? Easily!

Rock, meaning in the translation from English "swing", "light" - style of dress, distinctive features of which are accented by the brutality and masculinity. People gave him preference, seen in the crowd very easily - not only do they look in a special way, but often do not behave like everyone else. Typically, these images trying on young people who listen to Scorpions, Slade, and Led Zeppelin, The Who, Deep Purple and other groups of the same name destinations.

This style of dress owes its appearance to the appearance in 1950 in the global culture of the branch of music, like rock. However, this is not just an image - a special manner of behavior, lifestyle. Its adherents not only are certain things - they try to repeat the path of their idols. This is a challenge the established foundations of society that they do not accept, the expression of rebelliousness, the opposition system. Rock - is not a single line in the clothes - it is divided into several trends:

  • The distinctive features of the style is grunge fray reproach by artificial means.
  • Glam rock, unlike his colleagues, looks much richer and more refined through the use of genuine leather wardrobe, bright, shiny fabrics and lacquer.
  • Indie - is the outward expression of inner protest against the planting of values ​​such as financial benefits and excessive thirst for delights. People try on the rebellious image, try using the things to emphasize their uniqueness, otherness and individuality. They often dress in second-hand, thus creating its own fashion.
  • a brilliant representative of the punk style of dress is a young Madonna at the beginning of his stellar career. The main task of this direction - to cause shock among others that his admirers manage very easily.

However, despite the fact that the rock is divided into several distinct areas, all these currents share one distinctive feature - the convenience. The fact that the rockers - nomadic people. They will not sit in one place, constantly moving, their life - an eternal drive, so the things that they are, first of all should be comfortable and tend to accumulate grease. These needs are naturally reflected in the models of clothes, as well as its color.

 Beautiful rock style clothing

The characteristics of the rock style of clothing

The rock style prevails leather and denim. Such clothing is literally saturated with the spirit of simplicity, rebellion and brutality. For all of these parameters it can be concluded that this style is suitable only for men, but it is not so. Many girls are making their way in a drop of glamor in the form of a lacquer boots, leather pants and leather jackets, provocatively short skirts and an abundance of colorful ornaments - in the end it turns feminine and attractive glam rock.

Now let's dwell on the wardrobe of adherents of this style:

  • Must have - is the denim jacket, shirt, short or long vests and jeans of various styles: flared, skinny, "bananas", straight and so on. The standard of this style can be considered a shirt made of cotton fabric, T-shirts with thematic prints and shapeless robes with the name of your favorite band or its image.
  • In all dominated by leather clothing: trousers, jackets, vests, shorts, skirts. Decorate various things studs or rivets made of metal. Colours rocker - a black-and-white tones, but strict regulations to date does not exist.
  • Style rock in the shoe - it boots, shoes, shoes with a sharp bent forward with the toe, which is also called "Cossacks." Modern rockers often prefer heavy boots, like the famous "Grinders" does not shun also sneakers or sneakers. The main thing that was comfortable shoes, socks, and with a touch of masculinity.
  • As for accessories, then this style is characterized by metal jewelry white. This is mainly silver, or various other alloys. Pendants, rings, earrings, wide belts with bulky buckles are usually made in the form of special symbols, namely images wolves, skulls, Celtic ornaments and the like. Leather bracelets and fingerless gloves similar to those worn by bikers and piercing in all possible places - the distinctive features of the rockers.
  • This style involves not only wearing certain clothes, but also specific hairstyles. For example, men often grow long hair and tied them to the tail, the girls do with gel Iroquois, all kinds of thorns, or simply leave the disheveled locks.

Women rockers pay special attention to make-up. It should be bright, to shock others and to bring their views. To do this, use black or dark blue, sometimes violet or blue pencil that draws the eyes, on the eyelids cause shadows. Lipstick is not forbidden - the girls use a red, dark brown or maroon.

 street rock style clothing

Create an image of a rocker? Easily!

If you choose a style of dress, which is called the rock, keep in mind, it is not enough just to do her hair, make up in a special way and to put appropriate things. To be a true rocker, it is necessary to those born or become one with the flow of life. These people listen to some music and practice their unique philosophy, they oppose the system of common rules and regulations. But if you just want to create an image of a rocker, for example, during the holiday of Halloween, you can help The following recommendations:

  • Explore the look of a young Madonna, leaders of the group The Doors, Scorpions and The Beatles. Pay attention to their clothing, makeup, shoes and accessories and make up your wardrobe.
  • It is not necessary to spend a great deal on a new way - in order to save money, go to the second hand. Buy faded jeans of any style: flared, "bananas" or straight. Ideal - leather pants with a wide belt and metal buckle.
  • Put on an old worn T-shirt, it would be great if it contains images of famous rock bands or her name. Required attribute wardrobe - jacket, black leather jackets and army boots. You can limit the "Grinders" or boots with a sharp and battened up the toe.
  • Pick the corresponding accessory, it is desirable if they are made of silver or other light metal. To do this, fit skull rings, pendants, earrings and large bulky leather bracelets. You can wear a collar with spikes.
  • No real rock diva to appear in public without sunglasses. If you have a square face, the frame must be oval and chubby ideal lens in the form of a square.

Many rockers decorate all kinds of body piercing and tattoos. Naturally, if you are just getting ready for the holiday, then to make such sacrifices for the sake of it is not necessary. But if you really want, you can make the body art and vdet in pseudo-ears earrings. Before the start of the relevant parties, listen to your music and image imbued with the spirit of the brutal rebel.

 Rock style of dress: Fashion for rebels

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 How to choose a coat mutonovuyu

  • Benefits Mouton
  • The right choice - the key to long socks
  • Care coat

Ever since his youth every woman dreams of a fur coat. This fur coat is not only warms in the cold, but also looks very elegant and graceful. Girl in dutom feather bed gives the impression of a teenager hurrying to the institute, while the fur clothes ennobles and makes ladies true lady. Very soon will begin this winter: severe frosts, strong winds, snow. So now is the time to take care of "insulation" of the wardrobe. We'll show you how to choose a coat of Mouton, and act correctly. For such an expensive purchase should not only good to sit down and accentuate your beauty, but also to serve more than one year.

Benefits Mouton

Today in the shops you can find a variety of options of fur garments. It is sewn from mink, fox, lynx, fox, beaver, astrakhan, rabbit and others as expensive, and cheaper materials. Shaped weight - ranging from short slim line models and ending with a long coat to the floor with flared sleeves. So opt for a particular product is quite difficult.

Today, Mouton gained a lot of popularity. This fur is sanitized and treated by special technology sheepskin, which is soaked in formalin, and then stained. The fact that the natural color sheepskin looks unattractive, however it tinted in various shades from light to dark.

Due to the special method of processing in which the fur like canned, mutonovym fur coats are not afraid of any frost, nor sleet nor rain. This product is very moisture-resistant, so when proper storage and proper care, you sneaked it about ten seasons.

Mouton (looking at him and his "competitors") has pronounced heat-saving properties. A fur coat made of rabbit or wolf does not go with him any comparison. In these clothes you will not freeze even at the lowest temperature. In addition, thanks to the variety of shades in that color sheepskin coat mutonovoe suit every woman - it is enough to choose the right according to their tsvetotipu.

One of the main advantages of this fur, except its warming properties, is an ideal balance between parameters such as the quality-price. You can for the money available to buy the thing pleased sneaked than one winter. The quality of fur weather conditions do not affect - the coat will be as beautiful and after the wet snow and after rain. Therefore, if you plan to buy a fur coat, but the wallet does not allow you to buy a very expensive product, stop your choice on Mouton - you will not regret it!

 How to choose a coat of Mouton

The right choice - the key to long socks

To choose the right mutonovuyu fur coat, you need to follow a few simple rules. So you, firstly, to invest the money wisely, do not spend it on low-quality thing, and secondly, will be able to enjoy the product for many years and will not freeze even in the coldest winter.

So, planning a purchase, do not go to the nearest market, and pro shop. There's the risk of stumbling on the poor quality and low-standard forgery is minimal. Once you have decided on your favorite model, necessarily require the seller a certificate of conformity - a document certifying that the coat has passed all necessary tests and is safe - as well as a guarantee by which, if necessary, you can always return or exchange your purchase. It is necessary to pay attention to the label, located on the inner lining, - they must notify the buyer of the country of origin of the product and how to care for it.

The most important features to consider when choosing a fur coat - is the quality of fur and color, as well as sewing the seams. Let us examine this in more detail:

  • To ensure the strength of the pile, squeeze it in your hands, and after a few seconds release. It will be correct if the hairs have taken initial shape and volume - it means that high-quality fur.
  • Move your hand against the growth of hair - a good nap would not break, and stick together.
  • In order to make sure that the product will not be shedding in wet weather, share it with a piece of light fabric. If there were traces of paint, the thing was painted in violation of technology, so it is necessary to refuse from. Pinched fingers fur hairs - they do not need to climb round wear.
  • Good clothes worthy looks not only outside, but inside - make sure that the lining is properly and carefully sewn, but it is not completely stitched the bottom. Inspect the seams: quality at the things they do not bulge, the extra thread must not hang around anywhere. Remember that the size of the whole skin is fifteen by fifteen centimeters. The product consisting of pieces, not only is much cheaper, but also warms much worse.
  • The skin on the back side should be white, without creases and cracks.
  • Poor coat can be sewn and glued. Naturally, such a thing will fall apart in two days socks. Therefore, look, that all seams are stitched with thread.

Once again drew attention to the fact that the seller must provide you with a guarantee card for the purchase. Only in this case, according to the norms of the Law "On Protection of Consumer Rights", you will be able to return at a certain time when the goods of deficiencies which do not depend on you (for example, a manufacturing defect).

Classical model fur is considered a thing of direct or close fitting cut at mid-calf length, with a belt and a hood. Choosing the right clothes is sitting perfectly, never ride up, and not too tight. Giving preference to a particular model, please note that it will have to wear a long time, so do not chase fashion, and buy what you will decorate and warm.

 how to choose a fur coat mutonovuyu

Care coat

How to choose a coat mutonovuyu you already know, however, that the product will serve you for many years for him to properly care.

This fur material is quite durable and socks. But it is very easy to damage any accessories with sharp edges, so do not hold those close to the surface coat. In addition, the appearance of the product may affect stimuli such as hairspray, perfume and alcohol. These products contain chemicals that can dry the pile, so that Mouton fade and lose its original appearance. Equally adversely affect various sprays and nebulizers that are used to control moths and insects.

If you get caught in the rain or wet snow, in any case, do not dry coat hairdryer, do not put it on the battery or other heating elements. Let the product dry out on their own, despite the fact that it will take more time. You want to enjoy many years of his acquisition?

On the appearance of fur adversely affects friction and other loads. So try not to wear a fur coat if a trip to the crowded public transport, and the owner of the car should be changed periodically driving position, so as not to wear out one side of the product. To do this, flatten the pile hands regularly shake the hem, and better, getting into the car, hang a robe on the chair or on a hanger.

At least not more than once a year, give to the coat to the dry cleaners. However, in a conventional institution it can spoil, so pick up a salon specializing exclusively on cleaning things made of fur.
Another factor, the observance of which will help as much as possible keep the original appearance of the product, - the conditions of storage of coats:

  • closet where weighs clothes should not miss to direct sunlight, or mutton burn out and fade quickly;
  • Provide sufficient space coat, or pinch it with other things, not hesitated to pile;
  • so as not to deform the cover of products, hang it on a wooden or plastic hangers with an elongated neck;
  • Buy a case and cover their fur coat, a plastic bag for it will not work, because it does not breathe a fur coat, and this has a negative effect on its appearance.
  • summer, keep the product in a cool place, ideally purchase special storage refrigerator.

Choosing a fur coat, guided by the type of the figure. So slim and long-legged girls use any styles and pyshnotelye should prefer clothes with short fur, as longhaired visually complete. If you belong to the type "apple", buy a fur coat wide A-line knee-length and zhenschine- "pear" should emphasize the waist - for the purchase of this model that relies belt. Remember that is not only important to choose a good product, but also the right to follow him. Then mutonovaya purchase will serve you for many years, and perhaps even pass by inheritance to his daughter or granddaughter.

 How to choose mutonovuyu coat and not to be mistaken in their choice

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