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  • What do men want?
  • How to become an ideal?

What do you think of goals scored than the modern woman? Projects, reports, and documents? Shoes, dresses and bags? You are wrong! At least a quarter of their free time we devote thoughts about how to become the perfect girl. Let's try to figure out where the fashion to the ideal and how much it is achievable in reality.

What do men want?

I'm sure each of you have had bad relationships. Of course, it is easier to blame the men say that they are bastards and go to a monastery. But something does not feel like it. Sooner or later every girl thinks about what happened to her that something was wrong. Indeed, if over time you do something does not add up, it is possible that the root of the problem is in you?

It is believed that modern girls are very picky. Say, we want to be smart, handsome, rich, kind, funny and caring guy. Well, or something else after - ideal is for everyone. It's the same with men. Naturally, each of them has their own ideas about the ideal, but they are quite amenable to generalization and classification. If you combine the dreams of modern men one portrait slim, then you will understand how to become the perfect girl. It…

  • Beautiful

Yes, guys like eyes, and that they did not take away. Of course, for most men this is not the only requirement for a girl (although there are those who are quite doll appearance), but it can not be ignored. And if the length of the legs and facial features hardly be corrected, everything else - the question of persistence. A man wants to be next to a well-groomed girl with a beautiful body and hair, and did not give him this would be a big mistake.

  • Feminine and sexy

No romantic relationship between the sexes would not have been if not for the mutual attraction. For a guy very happy if his girl in the company is at ease, but not vulgar. Some fraction of openness and perseverance sexually just needed him to feel like a man. The girl should be moderately thin, vulnerable and weak, I wanted to give her flowers, open the door and shake hands when leaving the vehicle.

  • Host and calm

No man will not like it if every day would be "to rinse the brains" and "tickle the nerves" constant nagging and baseless accusations in all sorts of mistakes. In the end, he feels tortured, useless and run away. The ideal woman is safely take male weaknesses and do not look down upon it in detail. It is quite caring, but turns into a chicken hen. He does not want to live with a second mother for the rest of life!

  • Smart and intelligent

You must be wondering with each other, and for this you need to have a certain breadth of outlook. In addition your interests should overlap, otherwise after a while you just do not want to spend time together and talk. A certain level of literacy and culture is also very important, because swearing and spitting girl can cause a normal guy just disgusted.

  • Loving and respecting

This is one of the most important points in the whole list. Perfect Girl respect yourself and your partner, which is why it falls to some unacceptable things. Some women initially apply to men as inferior people, and they, in turn, feel it and show the appropriate model of behavior. Therefore, sincere and positive attitude toward your partner is truly able to make you perfect.

  • Independent

Many girls misinterpreted the concept and behave as if they do not need anything from men. For example, categorically not allowed to pay for itself in the restaurant. It is fundamentally wrong, as a man, it is important to feel the conqueror. But this will not happen if you're hung up on him on any occasion and without, paranoid jealousy, call a hundred times a day - in general, to exercise compulsion in all its glory. Dependent relationships are not interested in guys, so you should have his own personal life and their interests that will make you more attractive in the eyes of a strong half of mankind.

  • Neat and practical

Not the most important qualities, but very useful in their life together. This includes the girl yourself and your house clean and know how from residues of edible in the fridge to cook a festive dinner. And it's great, because men want a pleasant and comfortable life. A default home hearth still a woman.

After consulting this list, you can be horrified, "I somehow not so! ". This does not mean that you should immediately redraw itself and becomes like a portrait, we have described. Hopefully, every guy has his ideal girl, with whom he will be happy. However, the overall trends are such that these qualities in men appreciate women the most. So you can think about how to combine what you have, and men's expectations.

 to become the perfect girl

How to become an ideal?

You probably already know that the relationship - is not just a fairy tale with a happy ending, but the thin laborious work on building rapport. Unfortunately, much of this work is often borne by women. Although it is not fair, but by our thoughtfulness, and effort depends on the future of relations. So try to be the perfect girl for your favorite! And we will reveal a few little secrets.

Most importantly, what should be remembered - no sawing favorite guy. This means that if you have any claim to it, you should discuss them in a relaxed fit and come to a consensus on possible changes. Instead, many girls prefer every day, "the man dripping on the brain." And should he meet a girl's complaint, as immediately appears different. Naturally, no sane person would not stand such treatment. If you claim a lot, you should ask yourself the question: why do you do with a person who does not suit you at so many points? Perhaps it's just an excuse to avoid responsibility and a serious relationship.

By the way, about the changes. Do not try to change her lover. No, of course you can encourage him to ensure that he has made a career, but to hope that calm and unambitious man wants to be a leader, not worth it. Many girls from a serious relationship with guys, hoping that they will change. This can happen. However, as a rule, it does not apply to stable personality traits, values ​​and direction. Or is the result of an event, peretryahnuvshego life.

Watch carefully for her boyfriend. For some, the ideal woman is the homemaker, and for someone - relaxed and happy party girl. But most of the needs of men are changed depending on the stage of your relationship. So normally, if at the beginning you're fun to spend time, and then, over time, you begin to think about family and children. While cooking is certainly worth learning: after all, no wonder they say that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach.

Believe in your man. The ideal woman would never say to the guy, he was a loser, or "rag". Even if his ten previous attempts have failed fulfillment, that does not mean the same thing befall eleventh. It is understood that it may be difficult to do. However, genuine belief in her man does not need any base - only love.

No, not just - you need more respect. This is the quality that an ideal woman. She believes her boyfriend a real man, a good and worthy. His interests and activities do not seem to her stupid, like his friends. She is sympathetic to his wishes and needs. This is based on acceptance of the fact that the other person may be different from me, and that's fine - I can accept the differences and even treat them with sympathy, because without them it would not be my favorite.

The ideal woman is set to peace, not for war. It just so happened that the traditional function of the female is considered to peacemaking and smoothing sharp edges in the relationship. This, too, is to be ready and not rush every time to prove something and find out the truth. Yeah, maybe you'll get her, but the relationship will be destroyed, and the guy with the horror he will flee from you aimlessly. You can seek his female wisdom and cunning. Men like to think that he is right about everything, and the perfect girl gladly support it in this illusion.

And, of course, let freedom my boyfriend. Without it, man wither, fade and begin to look longingly at will. It therefore should not surround the Man enhanced care and total control. You should not view his phone and find out that he was a "here's this girl" - after all, you want to know? Usually, your anxiety comes from your self-doubt, and this should be addressed. Your guy must have their own interests, friends and private space, separate from you - that is where he will rest and gather strength for true intimacy with you. This girl wants to show off in front of friends and keep it with you always.

Do not take our advice literally - it is only guidelines that can help make your life with a beloved man relaxed and happy. However, if something of the above completely fits your worldview, it is not necessary to actively use acting skills: in a relationship falsity very good feeling, and nothing but the violent rupture in the future it will not give you. Just love your man, and try to make it with you was good - and then you're the perfect girl!

 How to be the perfect girl for your boyfriend?

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