how to attract the attention of Man


  • Beauty will save the world
  • Ask for help
  • Look for common interests
  • Conspiracy theory
  • "Accidental" meeting
  • The trick is taking the city
  • Men love to be the best
  • On a subconscious level,

Pampered attention gaining patience

Have you eyeing the handsome young man and did not know how to approach him? How to interest the guy that you like crazy, and does not seem at this intrusive or available?

In this game women play from the beginning of time, and, as we know, in any game has its own rules. As they say, there are times when a man you can not - it's the first, second and third period hockey. At other times, it can win! Well, to begin development of the ancient hunting instinct and not let the nice guy from us escape.

Beauty will save the world

There are many proven ways to attract the attention of boys to his person. And before we talk about them, let's dispel a myth: we often hear that beauty for women - not the main thing. What is much more interesting to men rich inner world and high intelligence.

Perhaps this is true - but later, much later than the first date. Any man, peering to the girl in the first place evaluates its appearance. He decides not to be ashamed to introduce her to his friends and how cool it will be to her look.

If nature did not give you these beautiful - it does not matter, all can be corrected. Neat and stylish girl will attract much more attention than the unkempt beauty with unwashed hair and dirty clothes. So if you have a problem, immediately get down to its appearance - is the first step on the way to attract the attention of boys to him. Well-groomed and radiant appearance, luster in the eyes and seductive manners are not left without any attention at a party, meeting with friends, or even during a routine trip to the grocery store.

Remember that it is not necessary to seek advice on style and make-up to her friend or acquaintance. Even if you are very close to it, the natural instinct still tells her not to give the best recommendation; perhaps she has her own view of the concept of beauty and its style that you will not do. After all, there is nothing that adorns the girl as shy and unattractiveness of her friends. So a friend in this matter - not advisers, and it is always better to be original and direct, because personality - is what distinguishes us from the crowd.

The best option is to consult a professional stylist, who is able to make you beautiful, because it's his job. It will not hurt to consult a beautician, especially if you have skin problems, you may need and a visit to a dermatologist, dentist. Be sure to go to the salon to make a beautiful, suitable hairstyle for you, consult a makeup artist, a make-up you'd better do it. They did not answer the question of how to attract the attention of Man to himself, and attention is the guy who madly in love; but they always help determine the way that will be a powerful weapon in the struggle for popularity with the opposite sex.

Remember, it is important to give yourself time, many of the girls love it, but because of the constant lack of time necessary to do everything "on the fly". Make for yourself an approximate schedule of what and when you should visit, how often it should be done, then you will be unable to keep up, and your view will be the envy of all her friends and admiration of men. Be nice, if you want it, because beauty - is a loose concept and the individual; everyone has their own tastes, but well appointed and stylish girl can not like it, she always enjoys the attention of guys and gets a lot of compliments.

 how to attract the attention of a guy who you like

Ask for help

So, I will bring you into a state of alert, proceed directly to the reception, which will help to attract the object of your sympathy, because the guys attention does not happen much. In fact, there are so many tricks - it all depends on your imagination and the ability to act correctly in this or that situation. Here you will see some "templates" that can change, focusing on your situation.

In order to understand how to attract the attention of liked the guy, you need to collect as much information about it. Learn about his habits, hobbies, special talents and hobbies - the course is all. Men for the most part quite vain, their little weaknesses quite easy to play, the main thing - carefully think things through.

Suppose you found out that your boyfriend is perfectly plays the guitar. Well, this is an interesting hobby, and you can easily use it. Just walk up to him and tell him that you're in trouble - parents gave money to courses on guitar, and you spend it on something else. And now, if after a week you have not played enough something sensible home, you will fly seriously.

Any man in such circumstances would not refuse a lovely lady. The protection and assistance to the weaker sex - one of the oldest male instincts. In addition, he will also feel your savior and in some measure responsible for your "musical success." This option is suitable wonderful girl who wants to attract the interest of a guy in school.

If you have outgrown the age when you have to report to parents, you can come up with another option. For example, you had an argument with his girlfriend, he had learned to play the guitar for a week, or you shine vital at corporate employers before their musical skills. Do not forget that to go to the guy you should looking as if he had just made an urgent need to address him. Look to this day, as usual. When getting ready to talk, you discharge to the nines - everything is sewn with white thread.

Remember that the man arranged a little differently than women, they are more difficult to switch from one case to another. Therefore, it is important enough to choose the right moment, not to be denied. If, for example, think about how to attract attention to your boyfriend, you should not be approached with a request for help when it is occupied important. In this case, the replica in his direction can be regarded as a violation of personal space.

Similarly, it can happen if you have to draw the attention of colleagues asking for help when he is busy or is seriously alarmed by some problem. Most likely, followed by a refusal.

Look for common interests

What if your guy is a real fan of tennis (just like any other sport)? This is a wonderful occasion to show off in front of him and interested in what you have found the "common interests." It's quite a good way, if you are looking for, how to attract the attention of liked the guy.

Carefully, from cover to cover proshtudiruyte all the magazines and newspapers to find articles about athletes, tennis players. You do not have to know the rules of the game and truly love tennis - enough to be informed, and the case was encouraged to talk about sports news. It is very surprised guy, and he is sure to be interested in you and your knowledge. Of course, exams, he will not hold you, but be prepared for that two-three sentences about the sport you will spread. Then, already translate the conversation in a direction that interest you. Home - successfully strike up a conversation and show that you have some common passion. This way you can attract the attention of an unknown guy, just collided with him, for example, in the sporting goods store. That is, a lot depends on the circumstances in which you will get from a particular situation.

It will be an additional plus if you buy a tennis racket. It is possible that you will really enjoy spending time on the court, but it is enough to show off her boyfriend. Men like women who share their interests, which have something to talk about. And the girl, to understand their interests - a treasure!

 how to attract the attention of Man

Conspiracy theory

How to attract the attention of a guy who either are not particularly interested in what? Maybe try to collect information about him? Is it possible at all? The trick - that's the main weapon in such cases. That is, we will prepare a "conspiracy."

Persuaded her friend to throw a party and make the two of you were left without a pair. Willy-nilly, he will have to talk with you, and there the matter and come to a slow dance. All in your hands - do not scare away our happiness, proceed cautiously - less talking and listened with interest to his speech, smile at his jokes and flirt, do not forget about the little feminine wiles and the rules of seduction.

These techniques are always excellent, even to attract the attention of a guy who already has a girlfriend. Do not overdo it during the dance with intima - hot touch and deliberate exposure of the shoulders and the legs can lead to very wrong conclusions. You do not want to be a woman for one night? And do not try to overdo it with alcohol - it is a chance not only to lose the guy, but also a long time to spoil his reputation.

"Accidental" meeting

If the guy you are interested in, likes to cafes and restaurants, it's a great chance to make his acquaintance. To do this you need to know exactly the time and place where it can be caught in a conventional table. But in any case, do not come to the restaurant with friends - even if it is interested in you, it is unlikely to dare to approach. He is well aware that all the girls will evaluate it and criticize, but this test is not everyone's strength. And even more - you set out to attract the attention of Man, you never know ....

Be alone, sit facing him. From time to time gives him interested glances, shake hair and smile. Of course, everything has to be very natural. This applies to the attire. If this meeting supposedly random, there will be a suspicious look as if you've just finished a week-long visit to the city of beauty salons.

Do not forget the magic method of our grandmothers - shooting eyes. And do not smile - this is an art, a method of "angle-nose-thing" almost always works! So, take a look at a corner of the room, slowly move the view of the tip of the nose and look at the object of interest with wide eyes. This method is easy enough to draw attention to himself Man. In addition, you can have from the first minute really enjoyed your object.

Practice in the mirror fails - soon you will earn a squint, looking at the reflection of and doing the necessary actions. It is best to work out this welcome to friends and girlfriends, the good will be more!

The trick is taking the city

There is one way, but it works if you are already a man on friendly terms, working together or learning in school. Hint his words, gestures, looks, that he supposedly cares about you. And after a while, stop paying attention to it, if you have nothing to him and are not binding. Believe me, men in such cases at first puzzled over the fact that they have not done so, and then try to prove that they are the best, and try to get your location.

This failsafe method acts on many ambitious men for whom unfairly lose focus - a catastrophe. The method is perfect for young girls who want to attract the attention of a classmate at school. A few days of his agony and trying again "to convert you to their faith", and it will be at your feet.

Men love to be the best

Men - like children. Throughout his life, they try to prove their manliness and splendor. Remember, if something succeeded, you will certainly expect your praise. Even in a household stuff - he screwed a light bulb, to repair any chair - praise him sincerely (not to be confused with flattery). Line between flattery and praise is very thin, so the error can not be allowed here. An important point: while the story about what he done as you pleasing his help, your eyes should be lit with admiration and sincerity shine. This method is quite good and in order to attract the attention of a former boyfriend.

If you it will feel like a real man, and you do not give him to forget about it, the chance to become his girlfriend is very large. So take this idea note and do not miss the opportunity to highlight his virtues aloud. What kind of man abandons the woman who appreciates it so?

On a subconscious level,

Do not forget about body language. The simplest rule - the chance to copy his movements. Of course, it does not need a face, or repeat a purely masculine gestures - to keep the cigarettes or spit four fingers over his shoulder. Suffice it to him at the same time turn your head to one side and hold his hand through his hair. On a subconscious level, the man will understand that you are tuned to the same wave with him, and it interested you. So you will be able to attract the attention of a stranger looking for a man whom you know very little.

Very good acts following method - a sweet stretch, arching, and shake the hair. Seeing the outline of your figure and beauty of hair, the guy for a long time to be thinking about your body and the possibility of a closer dialogue. It is no longer at work and not at school, but in a more romantic setting.

It is not necessary to use all methods at once - choose something closest to your situation. Consider their own capabilities as well as the character of the young man. We must act very naturally and gently. Man in no case should not feel that she makes an effort to inspire him. At best, it is simply flattered, but he would always look at those women who need to win. For men - conquerors, so they shy away from hunters. So let it conquer you and enjoy his attention.

 How to attract the attention of a guy and do not pretend to be?

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