how to develop a sense of humor


  • With a joke of life
  • Humor - is an innate quality?
  • Games and exercises for the development of a sense of humor

"Humor - it's a surprise, turns sharply to the understanding."

Did you ever have moments in life when looking for another TV comedy shows, you never smile? And not because the jokes are not funny - the whole room and your family just rolled with laughter! You just could not understand: what is funny? Surely at such a moment you feel uncomfortable and wondered: how to develop a sense of humor?

With a joke of life

Of course, you can not care shrug and say: so what, and humorless people live! However, to understand the humor and joke itself - an indispensable quality for any woman. Having a sense of humor, you can earn a reputation in any company, you will adore the staff at work and just live it becomes easier. Breaker with original jokes, you can easily get to know an interesting guy - a man very much appreciate this quality in women.

There is a saying that the possession of a sense of humor helps to survive the absence of anything else. In this statement there is a certain sense: the joy of communicating with a witty man allows to ignore the many other shortcomings it. After all, the one who jokes and makes people laugh, bestows positive surrounding sea. Laughter - a guarantee that people will be willing to get closer to you. Well, except for relationships of others, more useful than a laugh?

  • Scientists have proven that laughter stimulates certain parts of the brain and helps produce endorphins - pleasure hormones;
  • Developing immune system: After the laughter in human saliva contains a high amount of substances that fight the harmful microbes;
  • Good for the heart when a person laughs easily handle more air to enrich the heart with oxygen;
  • It is proved that laughter - a great painkiller. After a long fun a person falls pain barrier.

And because the ability to joke and live in jest - a great way to become happier in many ways.

 how to develop a sense of humor

Humor - is an innate quality?

Many believe that a sense of humor - an innate quality. Either a person has it or not, and develop it in itself is not possible. In fact it is absolutely wrong. Many of you have seen babies who can witty joke? They talk and walk is not able, let alone meaningful jokes - all the more. In fact, develop a sense of humor can absolutely everyone, regardless of age and temperament. Whether you're a young schoolgirl, or middle-aged lady, meek and silent daring special - you can always learn how to make jokes. The main thing is to make this a little effort and believe in yourself.

Develop a sense of humor is not so difficult. The main thing is continuously in this exercise. The first attempt to make fun of them, is in the negative moments of something positive. If you are sick, you say to yourself: "It's great to work for a week to go I will not reconsider all series! ". That optimism will help you develop a sense of humor, so evaluate all the advantages of the situation.

Mess in the presence of friends and acquaintances, do not be afraid to seem stupid. Even if at first will is not very funny, with time things will get better. Do not try to make jokes to those who, in principle, does not understand jokes likely to take your words for stupidity or error immediately and tell about it. To joke was successful, students should be prepared for this. If everyone in a bad mood, and they are not to humor, your acuity will be perceived negatively. Read more books, broadens the mind. Did you know that, for example, all residents «Comedy Club» have a university degree?

And now proceed directly to the methods that will allow you to develop a sense of humor.

Games and exercises for the development of a sense of humor

  • Exercise imagination

Take a piece of paper and then select any letter of the alphabet. Make a sentence in which each word will start with this letter (pronouns, conjunctions and prepositions - including). Moreover, the text should be meaningful, not just a set of empty words. Read what you have got. Result opus will certainly bring a smile! Perhaps the first time you do this exercise takes a lot of time. But it will help to expand the scope of your imagination.

  • The ambiguity of the words

Play with the content of the words. Each of them has its importance, but in different situations can acquire a completely different color. For example:

- Being next to you, I do not want to think about work or career.

- Petrov, stop nothing. Pit himself not dig!

As you can see, talking about the "career", the characters mean completely different veschi.Odin have meant a promotion, the other - a huge hole burying.

Another example:

- Today we have a heavy patient.

- And why did you pick it up?

Words containing ambiguity at every step. Try to notice them, and practice in the drafting of jokes.

  • Game of contrasts

Use contrasts to make a joke. For example, if you met a slut and say, "Oh, you have a sterile, as in a drugstore." If you met a tipsy, "Look, I lead a healthy lifestyle." A man can not sing, "You're Iosif Kobzon! "Get the irony, but do it so as not to offend those things somebody kidding. Smile more, and invest in their words only positive energy. Otherwise, instead of jokes get sarcasm, but he's rarely fun.

  • Use aphorisms

One of the finest ways to develop your sense of humor - the play with quotations, aphorisms, sayings. For example, all know the phrase "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears". In a conversation with a friend of her mother's fiance it may be appropriate to insert a "mother in law does not believe in tears." This will remove the tension and show your witty. Or the expression "How much is the opium of the people." Going now to the Bolshoi Theater, you can ask: "How much is the opera for the people? "It certainly amuse your friends and enhance your skills in the ability of humor. The main thing - do not stop, you need to constantly look for examples of jokes. As is known, improvisation - it's a good billet.

  • Consonant with the word

You can think of a good joke, using words similar in sound. For example: "If the wife interrupted all the dishes, it is best not to interrupt her." The words "interrupted" and "interrupt" in tune, but have completely different meanings. This can be great to play and entertain the audience.

Examples congruent with a great many words, such as prairie - bow transfer - betray a vice - a threshold, etc. It is clear that the right to come up with a decent joke will be difficult. But, having left a few pairs of congruent words, you can work out and write something unexpected. At the very least, your joke will be a new and pleasant surprise of others.

  • No direct logic

Sometimes comic effect can be achieved in that the answer to a particular question is illogical. For example, as a joke a joke:

- Honey, you have a face whiter than the pillow! What happened?

- Just time to wash the pillow, my dear.

As you can see, the issue concerned the health of women, it would be logical to answer something about their health. And this gives an unusual response in a person a great sense of humor.


- Is it true that you were able to make her husband a millionaire?

- Of course, because he used to be a billionaire!

Instead of talking about the formation of the personality of her husband, a woman reported that ruined him. The method of reverse logic - the most advanced techniques. But if you can learn it, then no one will doubt your ability to joke.

By understanding how to develop a sense of humor and started to joke, do not overdo it. Not to cross the border, from where you can become a joker clown. If this happens, your labor in vain: rather than to gain a reputation as an interesting person, you will achieve what you will be shunned and dislike. Acuity, no matter how genuine they are, must be in place and must be spoken at the right time. To utter joke time, train your reaction. Quipped with a delay, you will fall wide of the mark. Another important detail - your voice has to be pleasant and emotional. You can tell a bunch of funny things boring monotonous voice, but hardly laugh though somebody!

Believe in yourself, laugh and joke. And then, looking humorous transmission with friends, you'll be able to pour response to the severity of comedians jokes.

 How to develop a sense of humor