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  • Qualities that increase the attractiveness of women
  • How to become an ideal for a man

The woman - a wonderful, wonderful thing. No wonder that for centuries artists and poets sang of a woman as a beautiful, mysterious, elegant and gentle creature. But the biggest advantage of women that not only in the dreams of men, but in real life it can be like that. Someone beauty given by nature, someone reaches it through tireless work on yourself.

But that includes the concept of female beauty? What is it - a beautiful face and figure, able to wear fashionable clothes? Maybe it's a beautiful hairstyle or makeup? But why so often that men pass by these beauties in search of a woman, which would correspond to their ideals? How to be the perfect woman, maddening all men and the envy of rivals?

The ideal woman - it is not only the owner of a magnificent figure and gorgeous hair. We want to draw your attention to some important details of this woman's beauty, without which a sexy and beautiful hair and stunning make-up can be powerless, and you will not look attractive. Of course, no one says that a woman should not be a dream to be beautiful, but it is not enough - we need more and different qualities.

 qualities of the ideal woman

Qualities that increase the attractiveness of women

The attraction of all is a strange thing. A woman can be quite beautiful, but if it is not attractive, then her beauty often goes unnoticed. Being attractive does not mean that we have to attract the views only of the appearance, without disclosing their internal quality.

An attractive woman in the first place can show their inner beauty. But we, the fair sex, should it do? What are they, the features of the ideal woman? And what quality it is necessary to cultivate, to get closer to the image of the ideal? After all, at first glance, and everything is perfect - and intelligent, and his words do not need to climb. But not only have these qualities somewhere deep inside - they must be able to open and profitable show others. But the main thing - not to overplay. Follow these guidelines and for sure you will succeed.

  • Whether by itself

Many people try to hide their true nature, pretending that they are better or worse (and this happens!) Than it actually is. We have no reason to hide their weaknesses or pretend that they do not exist at all. There are no perfect people, each has some drawbacks. But sincere people tend to be more attractive to others. And above disadvantages can work.

And if you try to put on a mask - say, a woman must be another, not like me - you're doomed to failure. Believe me, if you try to represent quality, you do not have the inherent, force will not last long - sooner or later, your essence will be felt. Even if you are strong enough, such an existence under the guise of a stranger will not bring you any joy. That is why a woman should be herself - only then will it be perfect.

  • Self-confidence is one of the key attraction

Even in simple clothing, with a simple makeup or even without it, you look very good, if you feel confident. It sometimes happens that a woman is not beautiful than the others, but she is so confident in its natural attractiveness that this confidence is passed and others. Such women are always impress and attract the attention of men.

For example, if you look closely at the famous actresses or singers, you can be sure that not all of them have a perfect look and the perfect figure. But their behavior, their confidence will make you believe that they are the standard of beauty. And any of them - the perfect woman. Otherwise it can not be!

So do not be shy. You love yourself, and then you will love others. However, remember that the line between confidence and arrogance is very thin. Avoid self-confidence, it can not be self-confident the perfect woman! A woman should be confident, but at the same time we can not forget the natural modesty, which, as you know, is decorated with the fair sex.

  • Do not be a chatterbox

There is something attractive in those people whose words are full of meaning. You should not talk just for the sake of something to say. Abraham Lincoln once said, "Better to remain silent and appear stupid than to open your mouth and dispel all doubts." Of course, the silent woman fool no one will call. On the contrary, a man more than a woman like irrepressible chatterbox. We do not encourage you to ensure that impose a vow of silence - it was not about that. Just not worth talking a lot and nothing.

It is unlikely that your interlocutor is interesting that our neighbors son bought a new car, Petrov took a mortgage, and Sidorov gave his wife a diamond ring. The best reaction to such talk is yawning, and at worst, you will generally be avoided. So remember that the woman must take great care that, as much as she says.

  • Listen to others

Today, the art of listening and hearing other people gradually forgotten. Time is - all once, each in a hurry. But it is worth to learn. When you listen to someone, you have to really listen. If the conversation with you is no different from talking to the wall, then you are unlikely to be attractive to the interlocutor.

But in women who know how to listen, there is a certain magnetism, and men are drawn to him. But remember that not enough just to listen to - a woman should know how to react to a speech: to sympathize with, support or give advice. And sometimes just shut up and let a man talk. All this is not as easy as it might seem at first glance - often out to be the perfect listener, takes more than one year.

  • Not zhaluytes

Many people are constantly complaining, while making no attempt to address the causes of these complaints. Do not be like them. Stop whining and complaining about his fate, otherwise you will have even more trouble. The biggest trouble - communicating with you will avoid all the men.

Yes, they love the weak and defenseless women, because next to this woman every man feels a noble defender. But the whining has nothing to do with the female helplessness. For lovers complain that no do - it will still be dissatisfied with life. So enjoy life and be thankful for its gifts. Cheerfulness and optimism - that's what a woman should remember that pretend to be perfect.

  • Laugh, smile, positivity

Anyone who becomes a very pleasant and attractive when he laughs. Everyone likes people with a sense of humor, unlike depressed people with permanent bad mood. And nothing can make a woman a pleasant and attractive, like a real radiant smile, whether she flirtatious, easy and wide, turning into laughter. Smiling can actually improve your appearance.

Smiling attractive and contagious; smiling, you are giving people the light and heat, and people are drawn to this light. The smile is getting warmer, uplifting and a feeling of happiness. Remember, it attracts and excites the imagination of people Mona Lisa - a perfect woman with an enigmatic smile. And it would not be so perfect without this exquisite beauty, faint smile!

Not only does the woman smile agreeable, but in general, a positive attitude and the ability to be happy. Look around, and you can easily make sure that positive women, who also leads an active lifestyle, are attracting attention.

It is ideal for women to communicate - everyone wants to be around them because they charge all their energy to them life is seen in the most vivid colors. And if you become the same - you'll be much more attractive and beautiful. But do not confuse optimism with stupidity and levity - a woman should always be realistic about the situation, so as not to pass for empty-headed simpleton.

  • Be open to other people

Nobody likes closed, reclusive loners. Be open to communication and new relationships. No matter whom you are communicating, always remember - you are not worse! Each of us is unique and valuable to society. By the way, constantly expanding your social circle, you'll improve. And it is quite natural, because you learn a lot, learned a lot. And the chances of finding the perfect man will also increase significantly.

 how to become the perfect woman

How to become an ideal for a man

Any woman concerned about how it perceives the male part of her circle of friends. You can in fact, and to work on themselves and their shortcomings, the main thing to know what the ideal woman through the eyes of men. After all, surely the concept of your mother and your man on the ideal woman would be radically different, is not it?

The vast majority of men the perfect woman standards vary with age. A very low threshold for demanding young men 17-20 years old, for whom the ideal woman - any woman who agrees to sex easily. It is a stage in a man's life when you do not quality, and quantity.

When the young man becomes an independent, making money a young man, he begins to treat the more demanding the appearance of women. It was only after some time, going through many relationships, the man begins to change the list of positive qualities in their standards of female attractiveness. The most important skill for a woman becoming a man to understand and respect his male ego. Often, it is the absence of these qualities in a woman is the answer to why so many relationships fail; Why run away from the beauty of men, one after another, and the "gray mouse" no end of admirers. And if to summarize the testimony of men, it is possible to draw some conclusions. Here's the perfect woman in the representation of men:

  • Respect for man

She realizes that the man look at a lot of things can be different, and that is different from her own point of view is equal and worthy of respect. Do not attempt to turn a man into a woman, forcing him to solve their problems in a female. It is not necessary to understand why he sees a lot of things wrong, like you, the main thing - not to try to reinterpret his world.

She understands that even the strongest spirit of man is very sensitive and fragile egos. This is one of the biggest mysteries of the male. And if you create a public podium for his ego, whether to friends, relatives or even strangers, he will think you are the most beautiful woman in the world. Never, never, under any circumstances, a real woman would not humiliate the dignity of men. Even alone with him.

  • She respects his ambition

Women tend to be more focused on security and peace in their daily lives. Men are driven by the need to overcome obstacles and win. He must constantly someone to compete. Modern society does not give him sufficient number of ways to implement this requirement, which leads man to a sense of disappointment in their lives. So if your man wants to get into some kind, in your opinion, adventure, he wants to expose themselves to the risk of dangerous or stupid - support its ambitions, even if you can not fully understand them. Make him think that he is able to achieve higher goals, and let him be convinced that you will love him and believe in him, even if he fails. This man chose to try, albeit unsuccessfully, than not to try at all.

  • Faith in man

She believes that her man is unique. Respect and trust in the ability of men are more important to him than love. For a woman it is the most difficult to understand, but if you do not understand and do not accept that fact, then you will always have difficulty in relationships with men. If men chose between sensitivity and respect, the vast majority of them have chosen to respect. For the love of a man without a sense of respect and recognition of the partner of his best qualities is so painful that it is easier to do without love. And if you do not give him respect and a sense of importance to you, he will look for those women who can appreciate it.

  • She realizes that the man is by nature - visual

Call it whatever you like, but man by nature is programmed on the advantage of visual perception. We can not do anything with it. One of the easiest ways to make your man happy - it allowed him to contemplate not only his person, but also other beautiful girls who caught his eye. Do not take this as a betrayal, and certainly not worth it to arrange a beating for every look he unwittingly delayed for varying attractive young lady. But! - Do not forget that, and you would do well to look attractive.

  • She appreciates it earner

Of course, the modern woman is independent enough, she is able to earn good money. But do not forget to show your appreciation to the man because he cares about the welfare of family and work, without sparing himself.

  • She is an interesting person in dialogue

Man appreciates not only beauty, but also the intelligence of women. He was not interested in every day to chat with the beautiful but stupid doll. So try not to focus on improving their appearance, but do not narrow the range of his interests to domestic and intra-family problems. Find your hobby. Read more. Know how to communicate in a variety of topics. Have a wide circle of friends. Very often, people suffer a kind of narcissism, when they think that they are interested in the people themselves, without any reason. Do not be one of these!

  • It is never rude

Men like to see in a woman tender and sensitive creature, and he will never experience the excitement at the sight of the rough woman who is able to shout, abuse, and even dirty swearing.

  • She is attractive, but modest

Every man flattered if a woman looks good. But it is not everyone likes when she is dressed too provocatively. Do not like it, if it becomes to flirt with others gentlemen - every man appreciates a woman's modesty and fidelity. That is why a woman in any situation should be modest.

One could give a lot more tips on how to become a perfect woman. But the main thing is up to you - you must feel that you are beautiful, sexy, unique. Finally, look at how beautiful this world - and the world will see that you are - the perfect woman!

 The ideal woman - does it exist?

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