I do not like the new job. Causes of bad temper

The old place of service on which we have worked for a long time, did not promise us any career. And so we finally decided to leave it and found a new one, at first glance, arranged in many ways - and get to it quickly, and the career prospects available, and office more comfortable ... and everything seems to be good, and everything first pleases. However, it takes some time, and we begin to reason badly miss the old service. And suddenly catch myself on the fact that the prospect of a career is no longer bring joy and to go to work do not want this, and I want all of a sudden, for no apparent reason, to abandon its plans. But these plans were nurtured for many years. What happens? How to get used to a new job, because losing it does not make sense?

In fact, it is quite normal state when changing jobs. Indeed, entering the new team and szhivayas with the environment, we are experiencing quite a lot of strong emotions. As a result, our psyche and the emotional world are being depleted and asks to rest. A vacation for them seems to be her job, where everything is familiar and habitual. And straining at adjusting to the new order is not necessary. In other words, the new work and stress are inseparable. Even she initially delights through time begins trivial depression, which eventually pass. So panic, trying to get back to the old place, not worth it. We need to come to his condition is reasonable and just wait a little trying to join the new team. How is it better to do?

How to adapt to new work

 I do not like the new job. Causes of bad temper

First, before to choose their new friends among colleagues or friends, you need to examine your employees and determine which one of them in the team - the leader and who - driven. Of course, to get a good relationship with the leaders only to be wrong - either now lagging subsequently could break out in the avant-garde. However, closely communicate only with those who are in the shadows, do not - this could harm the further promotion.

As for friends, they usually choose to personal preferences. It is necessary to communicate with all colleagues, but at the same time, too trust everyone is not: some of them may be, to put it mildly, not very decent man. And, as a result, an excessive confidence in him can turn bad.

Second, to avoid unnecessary conflicts in the new location, you should review their related current job, habits. Any new job means new traditions and new behavior orders. In order to successfully integrate into a new group, you must comply with them.

Thirdly, do not talk too much about his former place of work and praise him. For most employees this will cause confusion if it was very good, why are we left with her? And the full confidence of the employees will be lost. Better they evaluate us on the merits of the new location.

Fourth, do not be shy to ask others about how best to perform certain duties. It saves you from mistakes in your work and will soon move closer to the team. Matters should be dealt with the same as they arrive - blockages in need neither we nor the authorities. Firstly, they poop, and secondly, in the rubble very easily miss something or mistake. And we need a psychological comfort, which is, and so does not contribute to the fear of a new job and the fear to do something wrong.

Speaking of fear. In no event should not be afraid of losing a new job. This prevents calm and self-confidence that are so necessary for career advancement. In addition, the team will definitely feel this fear. This may result in the neglect on the part of employees, and on the part of the authorities.

These tips are simple enough, but how often do we ignore them! And they are time-tested. So let's try to follow them, and all of our expectations from the new jobs will certainly come true.

 I do not like the new job. Causes of bad temper

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 What good profession - an accountant?

For many accountants work is boring and routine. It may seem that the work routine, and related only to documentation shifting from place to place, carrying out calculations and so on. But this is not the case, because the profession has a lot of advantages.

Due to its specialty accountant develops logical thinking. Japanese puzzles are quite simple when compared with the cost of energy and effort that is spent on the formation of the posting. With practice, no longer think about it with a selection of the accounts, it does on the machine.

Permanent work and experience in this area leads to the fact that the time spent on reporting is getting smaller. Although at first it has to work hard to get results. And since free time becomes longer, you can spend it on family or friends.

Of course, there are negative aspects, because the work of an accountant is associated with money issues so often sets the manual recording of telephone conversations and wiretaps in the workplace accountant. But this is only light costs the profession.

For accountants, it is important to notice all the little things. If you are not careful you will have to redo everything. It is good effect on the family budget, as you learn to spend money on all sorts of unnecessary stuff.

If you like to tinker with the numbers, then you can easily see the usual estimates for the whole picture business. It is no secret that the financial affairs of any company pass through the hands of accountants, so access to information - no problem. If you are analyzing is good, then you are able to track how well management is carried out by the company. After checking the documents, you can specify whether the firm on the brink of bankruptcy and could cost change jobs.

Job Accounting requires continuous improvement and growth, so development as a person and professional, is not standing still. Accountant always knows the necessary amount of work that requires, so it can plan your working hours. With the accounting profession is always possible to find a new job. Currently companies are becoming more and more.

Nowadays, many firms do not have their own accountants. If you consider yourself a good specialist, it can take on any reports of firms. The advantage of this work is that the accountant will manage their time and set your own salary itself. And he is not afraid of a variety of safety devices, which are established by the management - whether protection from bugs and hidden cameras or wiretapping phone, hidden cameras or mobile phones suppressors. The main thing - it's professionalism and ability to work, and the rest does not matter.

 What good profession - an accountant?

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 how to improve self-esteem


  • How to learn to respect themselves?
  • Theoretical knowledge
  • Practical advice

What makes each of us the most attractive to others? Appearance? Security? Deep knowledge? No. Unfortunately no. Of course, money and spectacular appearance and developed intellect are not in last place in the issue of appeal. But all this will not work if the girl does not love himself. Surrounding unconsciously read the information about her low self-esteem and reflexively begin to relate to the young lady in the same way as it applies to itself. How to increase self-esteem girl to those who are near, we began to perceive it with respect and love?

How to learn to respect themselves?

Almost every one of us there are times when we are unhappy with their appearance, demeanor, character traits, level of knowledge and other disadvantages of self-fetched. During these periods, we lose confidence in themselves and their own development opportunities in the future. We think that we are unable to call in people sympathy and love. Well, maybe you can sympathize with this unattractive individuals that we see in the mirror? Nose and she is not perfect, and the hair is not luxurious, and smile some dim, and wrinkles around the eyes is already there ... and wit something we do not bleschit and belongings expensive for us, - one, two and obchelsya, and the prospect of a good Career is not looming. Well, which we will respect and love, so imperfect?

Familiar? It seems familiar to many. Is it true that judgment about yourself? Yes and no. Yes, because at the moment it is around us and perceive. No, because we ourselves have created the preconditions for the emergence of such a perception, because we do not love myself now. What does it mean to love yourself? It means to take itself all positive, no negative emotions designed to self-destruct. Seeing self as the creation of a harmonious nature, which has all the opportunities for happiness and success in all. Understanding that true beauty, - that is our essence, and it is unique and perfect, so that means to love yourself.

I do not think that self-love is equivalent to extreme selfishness. Love for Me - is the respect to the person who opens before us the road to the future. To be happy and successful, you need to appreciate yourself in the present, cultivating self-esteem. Each person is unique and wonderful in its own way, and not love this man, we currently have no right.

How to learn to respect themselves and love? We must try to graciously accept their own shortcomings and look at themselves in a new way, a fresh awakening desires. There are no people without flaws. At the same ones who know how to love yourself, these shortcomings are harmoniously combined with the advantages, thus creating, self-sufficient, worthy of love and respect the person. Without self-love look like a person or in his own eyes or in the eyes of others we do not.

 how to improve their self-esteem

Theoretical knowledge

How to raise self-esteem girl? First of all, you should love your appearance and learn to enjoy an always morning and evening, at any time of the year. Love of self should be tested no matter what our height, weight, eye color, face shape, nose, bedёr and waist ... We - the creation of a unique, not like the others, and originality - is what remains especially valuable in any age. So do not look for flaws in their appearance. The surrounding is not so pay attention to them, if she behaves independently and confidently. And confidence and independence are based only on the love of the fairer sex to him. Otherwise, the question of how to improve self-esteem a woman can not be resolved.

To love yourself, you must remember that each of us is beautiful. Because every woman is exceptional. This combination creates the uniqueness of its vices and virtues, both external and internal. Well, let's imagine that we are made up of some merit. Save me while its uniqueness? Hardly. Because the ideal - it's something generally accepted, standard, boring and because somewhere already hackneyed. Much more interesting and diverse people possess both pluses and minuses. It imperfections and give our way of charm, making it a touch of flair and charm. They make us distinctive, mysterious, unpredictable. And what could be more interesting than a woman, full of secrets? She wants to know again and again.

How to raise self-esteem girl? Fall in love with their own shortcomings, their feelings, desires, emotions, desires and impulses. All that is born in our hearts, and therefore worthy of respect and love. Their experiences have to take, rather than suppress. This will help manage, gaining confidence in their actions.

In order to know how to love yourself truly, we should remember that our inner world is extraordinary. And this originality certainly manifest itself externally, if we allow it to her, respecting yourself. In the absence of self-esteem we are not only close the stone wall from the outside world, but also to destroy his inner world. And this is unacceptable. After all, our essence is nothing more than a gift from above, how can it destroy?

No, the love of self does not imply an attempt to justify all their actions. That's just such a justification and demonstrates a lack of self-esteem. Not always we act correctly and beautifully, and, of course, can not claim to be a good attitude surrounding if show contempt for them or something to offend them. These things need to be aware of and eliminate the cause. So how to love yourself, you can really only when you realize that "everyone has the right to be wrong." The main thing in this case - to be able to understand where the wrong and why, and try to eliminate all the prerequisites for such a wrongness in the future. After all, we respect ourselves! Why allow yourself to fall face in the dirt?

If we love ourselves, then easily find the cause of what went on something unseemly. Well, here, for example, we have not completed in time to do some work, or late for an important meeting. Of course, it is possible to justify themselves by saying that traffic jams on the roads, some of us held, something unexpected happened, and so on. No, of course, all this is taking place. Once, well, let him twice. If we continually delay the execution of the order and always and everywhere late, we must look for the cause in itself, not a traffic jam on the road or unexpected events. And to try to eliminate this cause. Since increases self-esteem when women neglect or even condescending attitude towards those around her pretty hard. And it is, at the irresponsibility of the ladies, so it will be.

To respect ourselves, we should learn to appreciate what is given to us by nature, while constantly improving it. Narcissistic and self-love - two different things. Selfish narcissism is narcissistic in all situations. Love of self - understanding their mistakes and try to correct them. Because if we love and respect self, do not let it cause people to neglect and certainly, the more contempt. Conceited person is not considered to be with others, loving ourselves always tries to look dignified. So how to love yourself and really afford to give others a reason for ridicule and contempt impossible. Self-love and self-esteem is always there.

What does it mean to love yourself? Loving yourself a girl to protect your health. This allows her to feel good about themselves and be cheerful and active. A vigor and activity are an excellent help on the path to success. Loving yourself means to respect its purpose in this world, to enjoy every event in life and to discover new sources of such joy, no matter what happens. Self-love is the desire for the maximum realization of their talents and abilities, and the constant search for ways of implementation.

In other words, the answer to the question "How to increase self-esteem? "Is the development of love itself, to its aspirations to their essence, their dreams and their place in life. No one but we can not take this place. If we respect ourselves. Well, if no ... That, and the fate of a man dedicated to us (and this is always there), will go to the other, and success will be elusive, and happiness will be in the side.

 how to improve self-esteem women

Practical advice

There are a few postulates that define the outline of how to learn to respect themselves and to love truly. They are the following:

  • To hate or despise yourself is impossible. It is unnatural, because it contradicts itself, created us nature;
  • Always, in any situation you need to dream about love, about success, happiness. Dreams not only allow you to see yourself in the best light, but can be implemented;
  • You must try by all means to cultivate sex appeal. Sexy girls enjoy extraordinary attention of the stronger sex, but it is - a great incentive to improve self-esteem;
  • Do not be lazy lot. Laziness promotes despondency, which significantly reduces the level of self-respect;
  • Envy someone can not. Jealousy drains our energy, preventing self-fulfillment. It is better to try to transform the energy of envy in the energy of their own development;
  • Search in the life of an update if it seems boring and monotonous. You can start to learn a new profession, to go on a trip to the unknown are still places, meet new people, find new hobbies. Otherwise, the internal congestion significantly lower self-esteem;
  • You should try to always look neat, stylish and, at the same time, quite simply and modestly. This allows you to always feel confident and dignified;
  • Remember about the sport - good health and a beautiful figure can instantly improve self-esteem. And it is not necessary to spend hours in the gym - even simple exercises performed on a regular basis will benefit.
  • We need to improve everything that surrounds us, to create the most pleasant atmosphere for yourself. In such circumstances, self-respect, not only gaining strength, but is growing at incredible speed;
  • You must love what we do. If some thing does not bring pleasure, then you need to change it to another occupation;
  • In all it is necessary to try to be sincere and free in expressing their feelings. Sandwiched lack of freedom and generate inferiority complexes, does not contribute to the development of self-love;
  • We have to live a full life, enjoying her beauty and versatility. Do not be afraid of change. We should always strive to explore something more is unknown, whether cooking, knitting, traveling, learning languages ​​and so on.

These simple tips help not only not to focus on their own shortcomings but also to preserve the charm and youthfulness for a long time. Will follow them - no exercise, allowing a woman to self-esteem, you just do not need.

Women with low self-esteem start very early age, and that can be frustrating than premature old age? Old makes us the conviction that we are ugly, clumsy, fat, stupid, finally! This is unacceptable, because the youth and so passes pretty quickly.

How to raise self-esteem a woman if she is psychologically difficult to be reconstructed? For example, when we kompleksuya due to excess weight, we find in his surroundings a few ugly, devoid of charm hudyshek. Are they attractive than we are? No of course! And how many have pleasant pyshechek around, looking at the man that just melt away! Hence, the excess kilograms does not affect the level of sympathy for the stronger sex.

If we believe that nature has awarded us high intelligence, think about, and it developed in this regard, all the familiar girl? Intelligence shines at all, not every person. However, many are not the most intelligent, the girls seem cute and charming. And even openly demonstrating their stupidity perceived as charming naivete, just win the hearts of men. Why is that? Yes, because these girls love themselves as they are. And they do not need psychological exercise and psychological counseling to stop hating myself.

Neither the natural beauty or developed mind not help a girl to be happy if she does not like herself. Do you want to increase self-esteem? Remember - it begins increasing primarily with self-love. Internal systems must be eliminated by throwing them out of the soul, as rubbish. It's hard to do that? Let's try to start with changes in the outside world. We make moving furniture in the house, Let's brute over things and without regret submitted to dump old clothes, dishes, some papers, the bubbles, the remains of cosmetics. This stuff clogs not only the house, but also our personal space. After cleaning it, we make room for new ideas and new experiences in life.

If the old ties are oppressed and do not allow to get rid of complexes, we try to get rid of them and make new acquaintances. Let it be one or two people, the main thing that they caused us positive feelings. And communicate with these people as much as possible, because the positive - is the best way how to improve their self-esteem?

The most important thing in the matter of self-love - the belief that we are unique and that every human life is supposed to be happy. Why should we voluntarily give up their happiness and success? You never know that there was someone thinks about us! Everyone likes to impossible, so let them think anything. In life, the important thing is how we perceive ourselves. And the opinion of outsiders let it remains an outsider opinion. To our destiny, it is irrelevant. Because respecting ourselves, we are able to create it yourself!

 How to increase self-esteem girl? Theory and practice

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