"Home Based Business": cleaning specialization

In recent years, demand for cleaning services commercial and trading enterprises or individuals. This is due to high quality professional cleaning. Businessmen of this type of activity attracts primarily a relatively low cost for the organization of the cleaning business, and a good indicator of profitability, which is the segment of specialization may reach 40 percent within nine months after the start of work.

A small cleaning company register simply, for this sphere of activity is not required to issue a license. A small company, which employs two or three people (not infrequently members of the family), can position itself as a highly specialized - for example, cleaning of carpets, including the home of the customer. In this case, there is no need to rent an office and space for cleaning. Enough to buy professional equipment for cleaning.

As soon as it comes to equipment for cleaning, not to recall the same yellow vacuum cleaner Karcher - this color is the hallmark of a leading manufacturer in this market segment. For the organization of their own Cleaning Agency will need a powerful vacuum cleaner, which has a function of collecting water extraction machine for cleaning carpets and floor coverings, detergents and cleaning products, transportation.

These are the main types of equipment without which the professional carpet cleaning does not produce. If you plan to produce porches, it is advisable to purchase another and washing: washing Karcher favorably with high-power and affordable price.

Be sure to take care of supplies (pads, filters, fashion, gloves). It is advisable to order a uniform - a positive impact on the attitude of potential and existing customers to the enterprise sphere of life. The average cost of opening a cleaning company and the purchase of equipment will be about 7-10 thousand dollars. Save possible, buying equipment over the Internet. For example, through the store Im-karcher.ru, in which the conditions of sale are attractive.

The second way to cut costs - consider an advertising campaign. Traditional tools of promotion services to the consumer market are expensive, but not always effective. Advertising on the Internet, in this case less expensive.

On the expenditure side, the experts advise to calculate the cost per square meter of cleaning or cleaning, to form the best break-even rates. In this case, the profitability of the business is guaranteed.

 "Home Based Business": cleaning specialization

 How to dress for a company party

Not only for corporate events, but also in life to be stylish - is, first of all, do not look out of place, the vulgar and tasteless. Therefore, you need to consider every detail to detail.

If your corporate does not flow smoothly within the office, try to look festive, feminine, but strictly. It would be superfluous too short skirts and bright dresses. You do not have to lose valuable credibility and serious worker for one night because of inappropriate attire.

 how to dress for a company party

The chief of the feast can afford a chic and festive outfit.

 how to dress for a company party

A slave always adorned modesty, and thus right for them is a desire not to stand out without the need for the planned party.

 how to dress for a company party

If you are planning a corporate party in the restaurant, and only if you are invited with his other half, you can wear an evening dress. In this case, it is appropriate to watch any evening dresses. That is, wear what you usually visit places, go out, accompanied by his spouse. Also, there will be appropriate to look cocktail dresses Moscow offered in large quantities.

 How to dress for a company party?

If you go to corporate without a husband, try to wear something more delicate, there will be inappropriate to look transparent fabrics, mini neck. Show respect and their respectable attitude to your male co-workers, as well as not to give their wives to suspect you of wanting to seize their initiative is not working already. Enough to wear beautiful clothes is not catchy, decorating it in any one accessory.

 How to dress for a company party?

A wife's co-workers at the wife and that would most emphasize its charms.

 How to dress for a company party?

If you celebrate a corporate holiday in some institution, but without their second halves (with no husband present, and without their wives), it is advisable to dress in the same way as in the corporate office.

 How to dress for a company party?

I hope that the proposed options outfits for corporate events will help you to always be elegant, feminine and stylish!

 How to dress for a company party?

 how to find a good job


  • How to find a well-paid job and not to be deceived
  • How best to find a job

Every person intending to find a job, of course, the dream is to find a good job with a high level of payment. This is absolutely normal desire - money is always played in the lives of people significant role. Altruists, which means finding a good job, mainly the desire to find the best way to self-realization, into account will not take - they are few, and a good part of these altruists tend to have some means of subsistence. The usual competitor thinks about how to find a good job with a high salary and management, able to assess the prospects of the employee.

But some are too enterprising bosses dreaming about something else - pay as little as possible and, thus, have a staff of only good people. To achieve its goal, dodgy employers constantly looking for more and more new ways, allowing them to reduce their costs with a maximum of labor productivity.

Some blatantly go on frank fraud, other, trying not to break the law, apply to this variety of ingenious methods. And, if in search of a good job high, but still inexperienced in such searches, a professional hit on such employers Jobseekers try to lure any means and ways. He earnestly begin to describe all the charm of employment in some companies, all the pros and prospects supposedly very well-paid job. In the end, could not resist the honeyed speeches man happily agrees to become an employee of this company. And then, in the process, slowly she begins to realize that he made a considerable mistake - the head of the promised benefits are only promises. A contract is signed, and to terminate it without losing anything easy.

How to be? How to find a good job, without risking running into a dishonest employer?

 To find a good job

How to find a well-paid job and not to be deceived

So we are having a fairly high level of expertise in a particular area, we wanted to find a job with the maximum benefit for themselves and begin to look for a suitable job. I must say that, no matter how oversaturated candidates at a particular workplace labor market, professionals are always in demand on it. It could not be - the true connoisseurs of the business is not so much, and every company, if it is not firm one-day, need just such experts. But business is business - a true businessman around looking for their own benefit. This applies to the hiring of employees. And well, if hiring them, he realizes that a good expert is expensive, but its investment will pay for itself with a vengeance. And if not? If the employer is trying to get from the specialist as much as possible, paying him as little as possible?

In this case, if only a very professional looking for a good-paying job, and promised him this, but he has agreed to work effectively for the company. Tricks intended to induce the desired specialist companies to agree, a lot. Also enticing high salary, he received a promise of various benefits, rapid promotion and even some concessions concerning not only the specialist, but also his family.

Oh, just do not scatter dishonest employers promise to those who needed them, just about any benefits in employment in their company does not repeat! And competitors, yet not knowing how to find a well-paid job and not to be deceived, it is naive to believe these sweet promises, and arranged ... It takes a little time, he understands - gingerbread on the new workplace quite a bit. But whips, - more than enough. And he regrets his rashness, and tries to leave, but suddenly it turns out that, under the contract, apply for his discharge, he has no right. Most unpleasant situation, agree ... So how to find a good job without fear to get into this situation? Here are some tips regarding this issue.

 the best way to find a job

How best to find a job

  1. Collect information

    If possible, learn from the workers already in the organization of people about the real conditions of work, timeliness of payment of wages paid, the system of bonuses and penalties, the emotional atmosphere in the team and so on. It is better to learn about all of this in advance, that you minimize the risk to get into trouble.

  2. Let's say you find a suitable job, and successfully passed the interview

    By signing the contract of employment of well-paid work, to exercise the utmost attention. Concentration reread everything, especially small print, his points. Better yet, show a copy of the contract and a lawyer friend ask him how well reflected in the treaty rights and obligations, and whether there is a guarantee of compliance by the employer. Particular attention should be paid to the contract vague wording. Cunning boss is also not simpletons - they are attracted to drawing up contracts of experienced lawyers who for streamlined phrases can hide a situation where the head, according to this agreement, may apply a system of penalties.

  3. Not always all the points penalty system recognized by the employer in the employment contract

    Sometimes, being sure that any vacancy is the desired well-paid job and work productively with the whole month, we have salary and no boundaries ... Surprise! It is almost two times less than promised! We, of course, rush to the head, trying to figure out - and suddenly it's some - some mistake? And it turns out that there is no error, because the leader has the right to reduce us to pay for any fines: for the use of a telephone for personal use for non-compliance, in his opinion, the rules of the dress code, for being late to work on our own and not through our fault, detained for half an hour the order for smoke breaks, for a five-minute conversation with a colleague, not related workflow for leaving work early for a minute, and so on ...

    If desired, the penalties can be applied to anything, even going to the toilet. As a result, at the end of the month all of these penalties will develop an impressive amount. To challenge this fact there is no way - is, in the firm such rules. Of course, we get desperate and begin again to ponder the question: "How to find a well-paying job with a guaranteed high salary? "

  4. Nowadays a lot of double-entry bookkeeping leading enterprises, resulting in the scheme of payment of wages have a very complicated

    I understand it is very difficult, and it allows you to cut the salary of employees with or without cause. How best to find a job, not to get into a company with such accounting techniques? The employment contract must be fixed the exact amount of salary. If payment is hourly, so the precise set hourly, if it is the piece - is determined by the exact payment per unit of finished product of labor. All bonuses, thirteenth salary or any cash bonuses are stipulated in a separate paragraph of the contract.

  5. In many companies today, even highly skilled professionals are hired for a probationary period

    It is understood that the remuneration of the expert during the trial period will be much smaller than specified in the contract payment. In this case, the one who agrees to work for a trial period, it is better to ask, what are the limits of this term under current labor laws. Often employers are realizing that people are ignorant on this issue, extend his probationary period to six months and more. By law, the trial period for executives shall not exceed six months, but for ordinary employees - three months. Extending it is unacceptable, however, if the employee receives such an extension dutifully, then why not take advantage and save on his salary?

These tips are very helpful, but, of course, and they can not be a full guarantee that the benefits promised by the employer will actually be granted in full. Those who think about the question of how better to find a job, you should know that you should always control in the labor process the volume of their duties and the corresponding volume of money.

It happens that the absence of such control is the reason for the employer, by all sorts of tricks, employee benefits greatly underestimated calculation. Reception for this employer - invented a great many adventurers. They cite the fact that the work is done poorly, which turned out to be unclaimed items that prices had to be reduced, and therefore, the salary also fell, and so on. So - control, monitor and control one more time! Otherwise, the search for good jobs will have to last until the end of time. And that could seriously damage future career.

In short, if we are looking for a good job with a solid career prospects, at a meeting with a potential employer, we need to always be on guard. Especially should be treated suspiciously by the bosses, who are beginning to paint us many benefits it work in their company, is ready to provide its employees with a lot of bonuses, - corporate campaigns in a restaurant, trips to nature tours for the whole family and so on. We all know that usually have a free lunch. No, of course, all the advantages and bonuses may well be real.

But it can also happen that they are - only a fiction, a kind of trap for unsuspecting nanimatelskaya seekers of good work. And to confirm this fact only after a month of operation, when a new employee suddenly charged for all that he so happily enjoyed the entire month. And it turns out that it "inadvertently forgot" to warn that all the benefits of the company are paid. A bonus serves a discount to their real value. And that's at best. Let us therefore vigilant! And we will find a very good job and start to build a career.

 How to find a good job and not to be trapped

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