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  • Planning of working time
  • Allocation of time and everyday order of doing things

Time ... Oh, how often we miss him, how often we are sorry about that day only twenty-four hours! We are confident that they be at least twenty-five, then it might be time to much more, and the path to success would have been much shorter. Planning time - it's such an easy task ...

But people who in life achieved a lot, too, a day consists of twenty-four hours! Why do they have time for this period to do everything necessary, and still manage to sleep at night, the time to devote some hobbies, and even arrange a personal life? Why did they succeed, but we do not have? Perhaps this highly successful representatives of the human race is known for some secret law of economy of time?

In fact, there is no special secret is not here. Just those who are able to achieve considerable success in many areas of life, well know what the correct allocation of time and the daily order. We do not know how to correctly manage such irreplaceable resource is time, so do not have time or do it all business or relax.

As a result, we are always in tension from obsessive thoughts about their work problems and plans. But, if you look, from the thoughts of no avail. Problems are not solved by them and the plans do not become a reality. But because of these gloomy thoughts, our personal life is suffering because we are occupied with thoughts of work, we do not pay due attention to their loved ones. Because of them we are losing health and spoil the nervous system, as almost never before, even in a dream, do not relax and rest, still tormented by the problems and trying to find methods to improve its effectiveness.

And to blame for the fact that our business in life is not present such an important factor as the reduction in working time. Without it, we will never get out of the trap zamorochennye cases in which, if talk sensibly, and we drove ourselves.

How to learn to save time so that it lacked and productive work, and a good rest?

 methods of planning time

Planning of working time

According to statistics, most people productive activity takes only less than one-third of full-time. The remaining two thirds are empty fuss and unnecessary movements. Hence - a pile of accumulating every day affairs, hence - lack of time for leisure, from here - the inability to relax, giving yourself the opportunity to relax. But once we begin to adhere to the principles of the proper distribution of time and everyday about how these problems will disappear without a trace! There is a golden rule of six "P", "proper prior planning prevents poor performance time." Just? Yes, of course! However, we somehow ignore these methods and do not take into account the fact that the main cause of our problems is the lack of principles of planning time.

What they are these notorious methods of time management? Plan - is primarily a list of the main cases, the implementation of which is necessary to achieve a purpose, and organize this execution. Basic rules provide for the scheduling of the timing of the planned and careful thinking through these periods. If the time allocated to the implementation of a task to be too little, we are again at a standstill upremsya chaos, because it just will not have time to do scheduled. If, however, it would be a lot, so when planning is necessary to provide for and try to fill the niche of free time or a good rest, or the most productive employment.

Methods of saving time suggest that it is necessary to allocate more before we come to the beginning of the work. Time spent on such a plan would save the lion's share of time at work. That in the course of activity is not unforeseen disruptions, the plans of its implementation should be recorded, not just memorize. Otherwise we will lose something, then certainly pops up, make us throw other things and take care of him. This will lead to loss of time. If the plan will be set forth in writing, it is printed in the subconscious, causing arise psychological effect of self-motivation to work. Self-motivation give business activity directed character.

According to the basic rules of planning time, the plan should be a long-term, not short-term. You should not rely on the fact that the action immediately followed desired result. It is human nature to delay the implementation of large-scale problems due to long-term results, which negatively affects the achievement of significant goals and can sidetrack from it.

About what success then can we talk about if we, instead of persistently pursue it, let us wander from side to side? We only lose time and energy, as a result, and without achieving its goals. So we draw up a list of cases, as we dictate the methods of planning time for long periods, and stimulate their creativity once and the next day, and a week and a month, and even year.

This plan should be recorded is not some kind of abstract objectives such as "Call Ivanov" and "Meet Petrov" and specific goals such calls and meetings, "Discuss with Ivanov terms with suppliers", "Solve Petrov task saleability" and so on.

Let us consider how to compose and record the savings plan working hours.

 proper planning time

Allocation of time and everyday order of doing things

A plan to save time and its distribution, should be sorted out his affairs in order of importance, numbering them in the list and selecting priorities. For this:

  • Divide a sheet of paper into three square;
  • In the first square record the most important and urgent matters;
  • In the second square skid important but not urgent things;
  • In the third case the square of the record is not very important and very urgent.

Once the list is compiled, according to the approximate time it takes to perform this or that case, summarize it and get the total time needed to implement all planned. It is recognized that we need time for unforeseen things, and periodic rest from work. Therefore unwise completely fill your entire day chores, and if it involves a list of our full use of the day to perform scheduled, reducing it. Plan what is impossible to implement in a timely manner, we obrechёm yourself to stress and dissatisfaction.

When finished, recorded at some point, we are expunged this item and proceed to the next. Three-dimensional tasks are performed parts, arranging themselves a short respite. At the same time we try not to leave the tails on the following day. At the end of the day once again re-read the list of plan for it, remember, we have not missed something important, and if not is important, putting off the list to the side, completely forget about work and go to rest with full satisfaction. The work day is over.

All these methods of planning working time are simple but effective. It is necessary to start to follow them, we will understand that we have time to do much more for the day, much less at the same tired. As a result, we have a sense of self-confidence, the situation will develop systematically and methodically, and actions will lose an element of randomness. And soon we realize that firm steps towards its success, which, of course, waiting for each of us.

 Planning time and labor efficiency

 I hairdressers go, let me teach

Many young girls and young people want to become a hairdresser. Someone beckon constant high earnings and career prospects, others attracted by the ability to learn to create beauty, to make the people around them and themselves a bit nicer. Still others seek to realize their talents and creativity in this wonderfully diverse and interesting field of activity. And of course, each of them wondering about where to purchase the coveted profession and become a hairdresser.

How do I choose a college or training?

Anyone wishing to top up the already extensive series of master hairdressers can go two ways: go short professional courses hairdressers or go to a specialized school or college.

Today, the greatest demand is the fastest way to get the profession - training hairdressers. Duration of training here is from 1 to 9 months. During this period, students receive all the necessary basic knowledge regarding the composition of colors, options haircuts, hair styling techniques. In addition, they get acquainted with the basic features and types of chemical zavivok.

The courses are full of information as possible. They can be carried out either every night or every week (lasting 5 hours). In the first case such courses hairstyles have to visit during 1-3, 5 months old, and in the second -5-9 months.

After mastering theoretical knowledge, students are able to work and fix them in practice. And it all depends on the level of the institution, the availability of experimental platform and its equipment with modern equipment. Therefore, choosing a course, you need to ask about where and how it will take place practical sessions. In addition, it is important to inquire in advance about the teaching staff and the possibilities of future employment.

Much depends on the students themselves. After all, one does not imagine his life without having to visit the exhibitions and workshops, and others - only content salon practices and private clients. And although each of them has a good income, yet the desire to improve their skills, getting new multifaceted knowledge may give a lot more and allow to occupy a niche - to become world famous, open a private salon, etc.

Therefore, after reviewing all the wisdom, nuances and secrets of one specialization (eg, Barber-wagon), students can learn the barber shop and other varieties of activities (such as attending courses wedding hairstyles). And to do so at any time.

Specialized college or school is one more opportunity to get a prestigious and a demanded profession hairdresser. It is possible to arrive after 9 th grade of secondary school. However, the training here takes a little more time and is more than 2 years. Upon completion of this educational institution, students receive a diploma of vocational education, and by the time their peers complete 11th grade, they can already work in the profession.

After graduating from specialized schools, which are given only basic knowledge, many of the young specialists to improve their professional level, receiving specialized training courses hairdressers, for example, in the courses of color or makeup artists hairdressers. After all, they are well aware that generalists today very much, but the highest category of professionals with expertise in innovative processing technologies and hair cuts, are sorely lacking. But they - the professionals who own the secrets of building incredible hairstyles and relevant knowledge of modern technologies, creative, young and creative - so essential to modern employers.

 I'm going to the barbers. Let me teach ...

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