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Cowboy style of different expressive models, convenience and practicality. Throughout its existence, it has not changed. Homeland of the course is the United States, but rather a territory which previously was called "Wild West." Themselves Americans call this style "Western".

Until a few decades ago such things were mostly cowboys and farmers, that is, strong men, who were moving a lot, pulled gravity, ride a horse, occasionally took part in fights, worked in the fields. Therefore, the basic requirement in relation to clothing, is a practical and non-staining. The models were comfortable, sewn from natural, "breathable" fabrics. At the head of the cowboys wore wide-brimmed hats to protect them from dust and sun, and on his feet - typical jeans and boots, very durable and designed specifically for horse riding. But today, such clothes can be seen not only in the modern man, but also on the cute city girl.

Cowboy style yesterday and today

The emergence of a Western-style contributed to certain conditions of life. So, dust storms, which often raged in the American prairies, cowboys drove their wives to wear scarves and wide-brimmed hats, which will not fall only because lace is attached to the headgear. As for fabrics, it is extremely popular in those days acquired suede and leather. It was the strongest of all the materials, they have not been worn and well-behaved at home: do not sit on the washing, not torn. If the hole appeared on the clothes, then on top of them sewed a new piece of cloth. And today, on many models in the style of western patches can be found, but it is rather a tribute to fashion and decor elements rather than a forced necessity. Cowboys wore a plaid shirt made of cotton or flannel are perfectly camouflaged dirt and stains, thanks to the same material were not very hot.

Many people mistakenly believe that the country style clothing designed exclusively for men. In the days of the Wild West were women household, so their clothes too, differed practicality and convenience. The women wore long skirts with wide flounces, white blouses with puffed sleeves, decorated with original embroidery and sewing. Dresses were tiered and prisborennymi at the waist line, thereby making it visually narrower, and top American women wore aprons, which were sewn large pockets roomy. The ladies put these different little things necessary in everyday life.

For the cold season meant warm jackets fluffy yarns, long reaching to the waist or below. Clothes made of dense material: calico, cotton, wool. The existence of stylish shoes with heels at the time no one knew - women treated comfortable durable high boots with laces. As for color, the Native American costume consisted of a light top and dark bottom.

To closest relative style Western experts consider the hippie clothes. They do have a lot in common, namely: natural fabrics, loose silhouettes spacious, plenty of folk motifs. However, there is a fundamental difference. So Closet "flower children" - is discordant voices, combining the most diverse, sometimes absolutely not combined with each other elements. While the country is subject to certain rules and creates a special, peculiar only to him entourage.

Today style cowboys mostly preferred by people who are fond of horse riding. And even in this case, the clothing of Native Americans combined with other modern elements. For Western, which entered into vogue in the 70s of XX century, today is often returned to the podium in the collections of many famous designers like Phillip Lim, Gucci, as well as Christian Dior, Isabel Marant, Anna Sui. Recently, this theme can also be seen in shows of famous brand Cacharel and fashion designer Derek Lam.

 country style clothing

Characteristic features of style

Clothes in the country style is characterized by warm pastel tones. Primary colors: brown, beige, gray. Decoration in the form of buttons often made of metal or wood.

Country hakterizuetsya free and relaxed silhouettes: dresses, blouses, sundresses and skirts to the floor, wide sweaters and cardigans are made of natural materials - cotton, tweed, linen and wool. Ideal for western style suits lace and openwork and knitted material. Very popular all sorts of patterns, ethnic or rustic ornaments that decorate the clothes. As for the finish, it is often the beads, lace, fringe, applique or embroidery already aforementioned.

On the American cowboys and farmers resemble leather pants with fringe on the sides, wide comfortable jeans, scarves, which are tied around the neck. It is today, they play the role of a fashion accessory, and in those days they performed a protective function, preventing the ingress of the collar shirts sand and dust. An essential attribute of country style is a hat with a wide brim and lace, which helps keep the headgear in place and does not fall off during the ride. Another feature of the cowboy's wardrobe is a checkered shirt. Girls preferred light blouse with wide sleeves in the form of lanterns. And instead of jeans lady legs covered with long cotton skirts. Dresses sewed mainly from calico, complementing outfit apron with big pockets, located at hand.

In the Wild West, where instead of asphalt circle was mud, earth and sand, people wore comfortable and practical shoes. A man could be seen in the high pointy leather boots and ladies preferred the more exquisite lace boots, of course, without heels.

 cowboy style clothing

Create an image in the style of the country

Today, few people dressed in the style of American cowboys - such clothes are mostly people who are fond of horse riding. After all, it is very convenient and comfortable: the motion is not constrained by tight style, and fabric from which country produced models perfectly breathe, so a person does not sweat and can spend their leisure time actively. These things are ideal for country walks, barbecue in the lap of nature and the work on the plot.

Modern teenagers often organize costume parties, and you do not even necessarily look for a reason - just wait for Halloween or New Year carnival. If you are going for such an event and want to try on the image of the cowboy, the following guidelines will help in the implementation of the planned:

  • First, forget about stereotypes. Dressed in country music outfit does not mean to repeat the look of heroes of westerns. The origin of the traditional American style was necessary, reasonable living conditions of the Wild West. Today, however, to create an image enough to combine the modern models of clothes the past years. There are a lot of different directions westerns, such as "Urban Cowboy," "Tex-Mex" or "Rodeo" and others. Decide what you feel most comfortable with, and wear just such things.
  • Looking for inspiration? Please refer to pop culture: outstanding representatives of this style of dress were Johnny Cash, and Tim McGraw. Look westerns and serials about the Wild West, pay attention to specific details of clothing film characters, but at the same time, forming an image, try to maintain their individuality.
  • If you decide to restrict jeans instead of leather pants, choose a comfortable wide model of smooth, but at the same time coarse material. As for color, it can be a classic navy blue or other color closest to the given color. Perfectly complement the image of self-made denim shorts.
  • Patches and gaps - the characteristics of a country style. Therefore it is recommended to use a clothes with these elements. Such decorations can be arranged by yourself - cut circular patches of different fabrics and sew them on jeans or trousers.
  • Indispensable attribute of any of the cowboy - wide-brimmed hat, a leather belt with a massive metal plaque and a plaid shirt. The latter may also be formed of denim.
  • Girls should pay attention to cotton dresses, light blouses with puffed sleeves and long flared skirts. Do not forget about the apron with pockets sewn on the front, which is worn by women who have grown up in the Wild West.
  • Shoes cowboys, as well as other elements of their wardrobe, offers the convenience and practicality, so try to trim high leather boots with pointed toes. Young women of fashion, look at the shoes, sandals or sandals with a low heel with lacing or straps.

Now you can easily dress in western style. But remember that blindly follow the recommendations do not need to - fill in the image of his character and personality, then success is guaranteed!

 Country style of dress for dandies and ladies

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