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  • Fear - the cause of all failures
  • Learning to cope with fear
  • Learn to control yourself
  • How to become competitive in the world

How do you feel about your work? You barely tolerate it? Or, worse, simply hate? If so, you are not alone. According to statistics, up to eighty percent of working people think about in order to change the type of activity. It's amazing, is not it? It turns out that the vast majority of people in our country do not like their jobs. But what is most interesting, because even professionals are in demand in the labor market, are not always satisfied with the fact that they constantly have to perform. But the work is a big part of our time!

But only a few can give up what they currently have (low wages, Head-tyrant, jealous colleagues, demanding clients). Why so? Most of us believe that if we leave his hateful job, condemn ourselves to poverty or famine existence. And no one thinks about the fact that the threshold we expect new prospects and opportunities, which dramatically change our lives.

You have to ask whether it makes sense to stay in the trap, doing something you hate? When we feel that we have no choice, life is covered with a touch of hopelessness, which develops into an aura of unhappiness. Think back to when you last got up with a happy smile on his face on Monday? Or waiting for the end of the weekend to re-do what he likes?

Fear - the cause of all failures

Afraid of wolves - in the woods not to go! In times of crisis, when there are some cuts, fear overcomes many. Our colleagues and friends are constantly discussing the ordeal of one or the other of his friend. Somehow, a few months they could not find even if some work. A woman a good position to find a lot harder. According to the employer, in the beginning you will want to have a couple of three kids, and for this you will naturally go away on maternity leave. If the children are young, you will be with them all the time to sit on the hospital. You forties? Excuse me, age is not the same. We need young professionals who bring freshness and novelty.

But we have families that need our support, bills to pay, loans and possibly debt. Here willy-nilly, I think: "I can not change the type of activity! I never got a prestigious job. I hate this post, but I'm just in a trap! If only I do not get fired! "You begin to sort out in my mind a lot of options, and come to the conclusion that everything is useless.

It's about you? Then you need to ask yourself one question: if the fear was gone, you would not feel so hopeless? Could you be happier? Let's assume that you can cope with fear. After all, it really is not as difficult as it seems at first glance.

 how to change life

Learning to cope with fear

How to change your life, if you are horrified to see into the future? Only forward, not a step back! When you are overcome by anxiety or problems immediately begin to act - and the fear will gradually dissipate. If your feelings are associated with the work, the more you need to change something in their lives. It is very much at stake. It is, after all, your livelihood, and their loss can affect all aspects of life.

At first glance it may seem that you do not have too much room to maneuver. In addition, individuals that is constantly in search of themselves, employers do not really like. In fact, you can completely control the situation without harming its reputation while. Here are the steps that you should do in preparation for the transition to another job:

  • Assess your financial situation

Carefully review the state of your finances today to be fully aware of the debt, assets, largest monthly expenses and income. If the debt is, then make a plan for a more rapid repayment. Find ways to reduce their costs and consider selling certain assets, without which the time could do. Learn how not to buy more than you currently need. This applies to products and things and jewelry.

  • Prepare for a temporary impairment and create a reserve

Try to create a stock of money that would help tide you over until you find another job. Minimize costs and start saving where possible. In some cases, it is even string up and take more part time. By creating such a reserve, you can strengthen your confidence and get rid of the fear of the loss of previous work. By the way, experts recommend monthly postponed for ten percent of their income. So, just in case. If you live modestly, the first two or three months, you do not feel a strong lack of finance.

  • Analyze your work

Evaluate your current position, all its pros and cons. Write down on paper - that you really hate it, that is tolerant, and you even like it. List all in some detail - it will help you better understand what kind of activity is more appropriate.

  • Determine your optimal balance between work and home

The main thing - to be able to prioritize. Think about whether or not to work together to change the whole way of life? Maybe you would like to free up more time for family, friends or hobbies? Or, want to reduce the level of responsibility of his new position to have enough strength left to communicate in the home circle? Or, on the contrary, you strive to realize their ambitions, to get more money (for example, your child is horseback riding, golf and ballroom dancing, and you would like to provide him with all necessary)? Decide that the most valuable for you to consider all that when searching for a new job. You do not want to be disappointed in the future and there.

  • First assess your professional skills

In order to get a good paying job, and need to have a certain level of professionalism. What can you improve in themselves to be competitive in the labor market? Can you acquire additional knowledge and skills? Try to do it in the first place. Sign up for night classes. Well, if there is need to extend the practice. Because of this you will be able to understand if you really afford such a profession.

  • Start searching for other work

If you really could decide to change jobs, then proceed to search it now. It is wiser to send a resume in other firms, as long as you have not yet left his former position. Perhaps you can find it faster than if you were already on the free bread. In this case, you do not have to experience financial difficulties.

Go to the Bureau of Employment, visit various websites to find work, send this carefully prepared resume. Tell all your relatives, friends, acquaintances, neighbors that are looking for a new place. Enlist their information support. Sometimes the "word of mouth" works better and faster.

  • Think positively

Maybe it sounds corny, but you need to stop complaining about life. Are you afraid to be disappointed? What is the problem? Around full of other jobs where you will be able to realize themselves. The main thing - to wait for change. Focus on the positive, that is. Even in your unloved work can find pluses.

So, you have the opportunity to move to a new stage in his life, to make it a positive change. And your former post has given you some experience and useful skills. Break the vicious circle of anxiety and pessimistic thoughts and start thinking about future improvements. In the morning, spend the imaging sessions, while presenting himself toiling on the right and favorite work. Try to avoid contact with negative people who are capable of any lead into depression.

 change lives

Learn to control yourself

Do you think that really change your life is not so simple? But thousands of people every day prove otherwise! Taking into their own hands control of the situation, you will feel that fear fades. You will no longer feel a sliver in a turbulent maelstrom, and themselves become hard to keep the steering wheel in his hands. Only you can decide where to go. When there is even a little hope can let their thoughts in a better future. You will be able to change the situation. By the way, there is good news: today is just a good day to start!

How to become competitive in the world

Come to the interview - is the first step to which few dare. But of course, this is not enough. You must do everything possible to get you choose from thousands of other such wonderful, smart, beautiful contenders. Also do not forget that you need to first six months to a year to stay afloat. How to do it?

  • Attend training courses

"How to change your life? "- You ask. You have to be the best from the rest, and then they will open all the doors. It does not try to boast of their talents. They were noticed by others. You must demonstrate your views "I want to learn and share experiences", not "I - the ideal, and you - nobody."

If you consider yourself indispensable professional who knows everything and knows - you might not even take the job. Inflated self-esteem and ambition - well, but employers need people who will never rest on their laurels. Think about who will prefer: a man who is constantly learning something new or special that tells the story of its merits, without confirming them, in fact.

  • Develop outlook

Gone are the days when the work was taken after studying the summary. Now you need to go through a bunch of tests, based on which the HR manager concludes. So, for example, a large company asked candidates three questions. How to put a giraffe (or other little creatures) in the refrigerator. How to put the elephant? And if there is a collection of animals who exactly it will not come? In the first case, it turns out, if a person is able to think outside the box in the second - it is logical, in the third - whether he has a good memory.

Not necessarily you will be asked exactly the same questions at the interview. But you must be prepared for the fact that on your resume does not even take a look, and asked to tell you to do something unusual. Daily enhancing their knowledge, solve puzzles and crossword puzzles, play chess, read the news (but not the yellow press). In the future, it is useful to you.

  • Choose the right environment

Tell me who your friends are and I'll tell you who you are! As much as it may sound rude, but try to say goodbye to friends, underdogs. How to change life, in spite of the obstacles? Begin to communicate with successful people who hold good positions. No wonder they say that the hand of the hand warm. It is not sad, but in our world of communication - that's all. Without them you have to sit in the position of secretary for another five years. And so (under the patronage of the familiar businessman or official) you will be charged once the head of the department.

Ideally, if you can find someone who was able to achieve success in the area in which you want to realize their potential. Believe me, he will teach you a lot, if you see in your eyes desire. The main thing - do not try to look better than it is. Otherwise, the result will be totally opposite one.

Where to find the connection? At the seminars, conferences and meetings. Successful people do not miss the chance to learn something new, expand the world and to find friends who think as they do. But be careful! Going to try to look respectable. It's like a social club - here let only those who meet all the requirements and standards. If you come in the old suit, will answer at random, will begin to stick to all the issues, you just put out the door.

  • Start reading books

All successful and formed the person read a lot. They try to learn everything and not only with regard to specialization. Classical economics, politics, philosophy, psychology - they are interested in many things. To say: "I want to change themselves and their lives for the better." We must act. Any information can be useful in life. In addition, people who have read a thousand books, certainly knows how to express their thoughts, competently construct sentences, does not make mistakes when writing.

  • Learning foreign languages

"How many languages ​​do you know, so many times you are a man," - Anton Chekhov. Nowadays, in addition to Russian, you must possess at least English. If you are able to express themselves freely in German, French, Spanish or Italian, you will prefer first. You want to change the life: to find a prestigious post, to go abroad, etc.

So, for this start to watch movies without translation, read books and magazines in the foreign language. But do not get carried away with self-instruction. If there is no practice, the theory is not useful. You can not utter even the most ordinary phrases. Lots of you have learned, it's spelling.

Now you know how to change their lives. Of course, not enough to say one thing only "want". We must act, not sit on the couch, dreaming of the General Director. Luck loves risky, daring and energetic people who before anything will stop.

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