qualities of a good employee

Say you're happy with your current situation? You are satisfied with your job, position, salary? You want to leave it unchanged until retirement? Some of you say, "Yes, I was quite happy with everything! ". But someone will say, "No, I wish that I was more valued, and that I could count on salary increase! ". Somehow it seems that the latter would be much more than those who are satisfied. But can we change something? It does something here by ourselves?

Yes, it depends. You just have to be a very good officer, and then the leadership will appreciate you. To make it clear what we are talking, let's first look at the qualities of a good employee.

What are the qualities of a good employee?

Being a good worker is not so easy to become an ideal employee of the more difficult. But it is these employees appreciate any employer. You want to know over what you need to work? There are the five most important qualities that distinguish a good employee:


Respect for those close to someone you work every day. Respect is manifested in different ways. We will give just a few examples:

  • Respect for colleagues as people with unique ideas and thoughts that may differ from your own. Such a diversity of ideas at first glance may seem a bit chaotic, but that it helps to find the optimal solution. This groupthink usually provides an interesting solution much faster.
  • Respect for colleagues, manifests itself in greeting them at the beginning of the working day. How often do we have to face the fact that someone walks past us in the morning, not great! Take a few seconds to say hello to a colleague, smile at him, even if you have a difficult day today. So you will earn the reputation of a man with whom to work with. And that at some point may give you additional benefits and opportunities. In addition, the other smiling, you can improve your mood and become more productive during the workday.
  • Respect for other people's work. The ability to appreciate the time and effort of employees. You can let them know that you do not agree with the end result of their work, but at the same time respect their efforts made to implement the project.
  • Respect for others can be expressed by practicing the "golden rule." This rule states: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."


This is a key quality that have the best employees. Modern technology is constantly changing. Changes and requirements that apply to employees. The only way to not be left behind - is constantly receiving and deepen their knowledge. It is worth spending the time to learn not only about what might be useful in your work today, but that may be needed tomorrow. Such knowledge will make you a valuable employee. You will be in a better position to get a promotion.

It should be held accountable for their knowledge. Do not wait, when your employer sends you to the training courses; you need to look for ways to obtain this knowledge yourself. Remember - once you get more knowledge, you get a real chance to climb one step higher on the ladder!


A very valuable quality - the ability to motivate not only yourself but also others. The ability to take responsibility for his words, too, are very much appreciated. If you have something to say - do not back up their words. Do not tire of praising others - the more you do it, the more you break down barriers and motivate others in the workplace.

Ability to make decisions

We must be able to approach any problem from the creative point of view - not to aggravate the problem and solve it. Take some of the responsibility - to become part of the solution rather than part of the problem. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What lesson can be learned from this problem?
  • What decision can I offer?
  • As I will present my version of the decision to benefit was most evident?

If you go to the head with a kind of a problem, offer at least one version of its solution. Even if your option is not accepted, you'll look like a fellow who knows how to solve problems, not as a complainant. The man who can take the initiative in a problem situation, not aggravating it, and offering a concrete output, compares favorably with the rest of the staff.

The ability to find contact

In a collective work completely different people. The ability to find common language with any member of the team, the ability to listen and hear people, the ability to prevent or settle possible conflicts are also considered the qualities of a good employee.

 characteristics of the best employee

    How to become an indispensable employee

    With the main qualities we understand. And what exactly should be done to better characterization of the employee began to belong to you? Perhaps you have been working, I enjoy my job and want to boss noticed and appreciated you properly. Or maybe you're standing still at the very beginning of his working life, and you really want to start their activities with dignity, without annoying bugs. In any case, you will succeed our detailed description of the required actions:

    1. Work should be like. Moreover, you have to like not only what you do, but also have to work in a team, a company, institution, the motto and the general atmosphere which coincides with your internal settings. It is difficult to feel comfortable with people who basically can not become your adherents.
    2. Behave like a serious professional. This is a job, not a playground. There is a big difference between a person who is fun to work with, and a man who is constantly fooling around. Gaiety means that you are a good, sociable man who is generous with a smile. But you are very serious about their responsibilities and become someone else, and spend their time working on inappropriate jokes or telling and listening to jokes.
    3. Learn to accept constructive criticism. It gives you an idea of ​​what people expect from you and your work, it helps to see your weaknesses and shortcomings, which need to work on first. It so happens that, instead of the correct criticism you can hear in his address a cruel rebuke and even cry. Do not engage in debate and wrangling. Wait until a colleague has cooled. And then quietly say they would like to solve the problem and would like to discuss what you need to change. Do not forget that the best employees - not those who never make mistakes, and those who know how to correct mistakes without igniting during this conflict.
    4. Learn how to do their jobs, and perform efficiently. Whether your job is black and tedious, or an interesting and well-paid - if you got down to it, you perform as it should. If you do not know how to do something, go and find out, not make excuses why you did not do it.
    5. To establish a good relationship with not only with the immediate colleagues, but also with the Janitor, secretary, business, cleaner ... Each of them is an expert in their field, and showing respect for them will only improve your reputation charming, sociable employee.
    6. As soon as an opportunity to get some new skills, go through the training in other activities. This will help you to become more competitive on the move up the career ladder. New skills and in-depth education show that you are intelligent and focused on continuous improvement - this is different all the best employees. And if a question arises about the downsizing, the workplace surely will leave for an employee with generic skills and knowledge than that which is able to perform only one function.
    7. Your "work history" must be clean. It's like a credit history - if you have not violated the repayment schedule, the next time the bank without delay give you credit for a much higher amount. So here. If someone is fired during contraction in the first place, it is, as a rule, those collaborators who often late permanently excommunicated from the workplace, received reprimands for unprofessional behavior or have had the most complaints from customers. And the best employees always retain their jobs.
    8. Always come to work ahead of time. At least fifteen minutes early. If you take yourself for this rule, you will be on time, even when something delay you - because you will have a reserve of fifteen minutes. In addition, coming to work early, you will be pleasantly surprised by the early customers without making them wait a second. And it also adds a plus to your reputation.
    9. Do not rush to the exit and at the end of the working day. Hold for at least ten minutes. You can spend this time trying to prepare your workplace for tomorrow. Remove all unnecessary from the table, wash and hide the empty cup, wipe the dust and prepare all the items that you will need in the morning. All this will help you tomorrow to start work without delay and show your organization.
    10. Always be productive. Carry out their work in a timely manner. Most employees do not allow the documents lying on the table for several days without moving. Do everything you need as soon as possible and move on to the next task
    11. Do not waste much time on phone calls. At work we have to work, not to talk to extraneous issues. Even if it is talking with a spouse or children. Try really limited only essential calls.
    12. Offer your help and support junior staff and newcomers. Remember how hard you had when you were in their position. If you are not sure that they understand, be prepared to ask if they need help. Do not do the work for them instead of teaching them.

    Most employees tend to receive higher wages. Their good salary often is caused by many years of experience, the ability to do a good job tenure in the company (beginners often initially pay less) and a good education. To get better, you have to work hard. And what to do - you already know!

     The best employees are worth their weight in gold

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