Why are you looking for a new job

Shakespeare stated, "The work that we pleasant, heals sorrow." "If you choose your labor well and put in it his whole soul, the happiness will find you itself," - he shared his opinion Ushinsky. It's hard not to agree that in their words lies the truth. How many people feel unhappy because they have to deal with unloved business. But at work we spend most of your life! But few people think about how to find a new job. Why tempt fate if this (even hated) work every month is stable salary?

Even if you are in search of and, why you are looking for a new job in the first place? As a rule, because of the low salaries. That is the fundamental impetus to the search are money, not a favorite thing. Do what you like - not to the economic realities of today, many believe. And aphorisms about your favorite business suit only to write them on the magnets that attach to the refrigerator. Meanwhile, recently conducted sociological studies have revealed that only five percent of Russians are satisfied (note, do not like, but just satisfied!) With their work. And what is especially sad, more than sixty-four percent of workers under the age of twenty-five are dissatisfied with their work. That's just terrible!

And how are you? That is exactly you are reading these lines. Are you unhappy with their work? Or are satisfied, but do not like? Do you feel being in some kind of trap chosen from which you do not find it possible, as long as does not change the economic situation? If so, we want to invite you to reflect, to slightly change your point of view.

If the work is not like

Just think: you spend eight to ten hours a day at work. This is more than half of all waking hours. And if you do not like your work, you spend most of the day in the state of unhappiness. What are you doing with the rest of the day? Perhaps you are doing something exciting, loved? It is doubtful! More than likely, that the rest of the time you spend on the road, shopping, cooking, washing, cleaning, raising children, caring for her husband. At best, sit for an hour in front of the TV or at the computer.

Agree - if you think about it, it becomes downright scary. We run around like squirrels in a cage, do not get satisfaction from what we do. And because life goes on, time is running out! Is it worth a life that is disgusting? We want to help you change your thinking. Of course, this is easier said than actually done, but we will try.

 Why did you start to look for a new job

Very important questions!

If you ask yourself the right questions, you can discover what is truly important to you. So, for what do not mind spending the bulk of his time. That is why you started to look for a new job or start looking tomorrow. We are talking about a choice based on your main interests and aspirations. You can not change your life in everything, but you are able to make enough changes to create a fulfilling life with the performance of his beloved work. You need to create complete clarity in the criteria of your choice, then you will have a feeling of control over their own destiny.

Take a pencil and paper, and answer the following questions. These questions will help you make the right choice:

  1. On a scale vote their attitude to the business in which you are doing at the moment. (1 point - complete dissatisfaction with 10 points - favorite work).
  2. What elements in your current job you like and you want to keep them in their future careers? Make a complete list.
  3. What elements of your current work, you do not like, and you will never want to deal with them again?
  4. Do you have an idea of ​​the kind of work, the implementation of which would bring you pleasure?
  5. If so, why do not you try to find yourself a job?
  6. If not, are you prepared to spend several hours a week for self-knowledge, to determine the type of work that will be able to inspire you?
  7. Currently you have enough money for a full life?
  8. If not, are you prepared to adjust your lifestyle and your spending to live within our means, and even save money for unforeseen situations?
  9. If so, what elements of your life today is for you more important than the satisfaction of his beloved job? Make a list of all the circumstances that make you put up with the hated work (for example, the availability of time to raise children, the need to care for elderly parents, who live in a private home, and the like).
  10. Are you willing to reduce the amount of time devoted to household chores, work in favor of the beloved?
  11. Are you ready to go to a distant part of the city or even in another city for his beloved job? Whether you are ready to move for her?
  12. Are you ready to upset his close decision to change jobs (if it upset)?
  13. Can I change something in your work today, I make it do you like?
  14. What consequences can occur if you ask management to make these changes? And what consequences can occur in your daily life after this change? I will not bother you the consequences if you can adapt to them?
  15. If you lost your job today, what would you do?
  16. How long are you able to stay on the current level of life, if you were unemployed?
  17. If you could start all over again right from the release of the school, what career would you build?
  18. Are you ready and have a possibility to get additional education or training to get a job that you like?
  19. Will your spouse to support you along the way?
  20. Is your husband to sacrifice some comforts her, so you can change jobs?
  21. What you have done to find a job that you like (sent separately, examined the job, etc.)?
  22. Can you find, or free up time to find a new job?
  23. If you try to describe your ideal life and work, how would they look like?
  24. What do you think, is it possible to ensure that your real life was as close as possible to the ideal?
  25. Are you ready to try several jobs before you find a job like? Do you have such an opportunity?
  26. Do you feel that you know yourself well enough to determine what you want?
  27. Do you have any preconceptions or fears, self-doubt, which could prevent you from acting? If so, are you ready to deal with it?
  28. At what minimum wage you would accept?
  29. What salary ideally you would like to receive?
  30. What is more important - job satisfaction or prestige?
  31. What is your current job dissatisfaction affects your life (stress, dissatisfaction, frustration, etc.)?
  32. What can you do today to start moving towards a favorite work?

What to do next?

Here are some ways how you can use the information contained in your responses to tune into your favorite search operation:

  • Analyze all your needs and requirements, which are contained in the responses. They are absolutely non-negotiable, and you can still find room to maneuver? Think of how they will affect the possible change in your career.
  • In your responses emerges circle of your interests. How could you apply them to change their careers? What should I do?
  • Think about how real your requests, how much really translate into reality your dreams and how you can use them to search for work, which can make you happy. For example, would you be prepared to live more economically, or sell something valuable to be able to get an education? Are you ready to go to any victim, then to be able to be happy to spend at work most of the day for many years?
  • Talk to the man whose opinion matters to you, and discuss with them their ideas and their possible consequences, as well as the actions necessary to find a new job.

In any case, you should be clear why people are looking for a new job if the former activity does not bring them satisfaction. Discover for yourself and you are the door to a new life, believing that favorite work can and should look even when our unstable economy!

 Why do people look for a new job, or how to do what you like

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 how to choose a profession


  • Classification of occupations
  • Professions and psycho
  • Professions and zodiac signs

Works of different needs, the work of various important ... In the world there are so many jobs for every taste and color. And that is why it is difficult to find for himself any one. Probably many of you have already decided which profession to choose. Therefore our today's article is dedicated to those who are still undecided.

Someone does listen to the advice of parents, someone - based on their own abilities and inclinations, and for someone more important than just the salary in their chosen field. Our solutions are always a reason. The answer to the question - how to choose the right profession can be based on your character or features of the work. In the second case, it may be the salary, the demand in the labor market, the level of prestige, the level of risk, the opportunity to learn a profession in his hometown, and many other factors.

When choosing a profession should take into account the fact that the labor market is constantly changing level of demand, prestige and salaries in various spheres is constantly fluctuating. Therefore, do anything like reliable forecast at least 5 years is not possible. It is because of this variability psychologists advise in the selection of the work to focus not on external characteristics, and its content and your own preferences.

 what profession to choose

Classification of occupations

So, how to choose a profession like among the variety? To get started, try to determine its type, and only within this type, choose the kind of activities that will suit you best. Psychologists offer the following classification.

  • Professions associated with other people

At the heart of this work - a man, and everything revolves around it. This medicine, law and order, education and training, services. What do you think, what qualities should have a specialist? Of course, he must be able to communicate, understand and influence other people to be patient and restrained. It is unfortunate that not all of our doctors and the police can boast.

  • Occupations related to nature

Choose a certain kind of activity - to study nature, to care for and treat flora and fauna. Microbiology, forestry, veterinary medicine - the list can continue themselves. In work with animals and plants, you have to be observant, strong and hardy, caring and patient, as well as resistant to the difficulties.

  • Technical professions

Here, you're dealing with inanimate nature or technology. You can do the design work on the production. Such work requires a high development of spatial and visual thinking, pragmatic, accuracy and endurance. Many women believe that this work is not for them, but who knows - maybe you just want to become an engineer, mechanic or fitter? At least, it looks very original!

  • Professions associated with signs

This type includes all types of work with the words, numbers, codes and graphics. In this profession has nothing to do without a good development of memory, attention and abstract thinking. If you decide that this is your type of activity, you can try yourself in the role of an accountant, lawyer, linguist, programmer.

  • Artistic professions

Sculpture, painting, architecture, poetry or music. The most important thing in this work - is the presence of artistic taste.

 how to choose a profession

Professions and psycho

Much better to choose is not a person to the profession, and the profession of the individual. Certainly, each of us is unique and combines a variety of personal qualities. But anyway, if you look closely, you'll find a dominant traits of a psychological type. Therefore, defining the profession, and try to determine their psycho - then he will be the main key. So, choose a suitable career.

  • Demonstrative personality type

Bright, sociable, tracking their appearance, prone to mood swings, artistic. She needed attention and recognition. He loves to dream. Such a woman is perfect actress profession, because it will be easy to get used to the role, and her brilliantly to win back. Also, it can be any other profession related to being in the spotlight and entertainment: Bartender, animator, singer and organizer of the party. Contraindicated in this type of boredom and tranquility.

  • Another striking psycho - schizoid

Do not be put off by the name, it has no relation to us all known diseases. "Schizoid" distinguishes isolation, some emotional coldness, combined with high intelligence and abstract thinking. Choose your profession, where you have to think a lot, and do not communicate with people: geek, physicist, mathematician and philosopher. If you have a vivid imagination - writer.

  • Stuck personality

Someone calls you a nerd, you do consider yourself attentive to detail, responsible and corrosive. I enjoy the order and do not like injustice. So you ideal profession, play up your thoroughness and corrosiveness: Accountant, proofreader, a lawyer, a scientist. And in any case not engaged in a fast and dynamic activities, where the main speed, and not the result.

  • Gipertimnye personality

They are active, cheerful people, they are creative, sociable and self-sufficient, like command and quickly switch from one to another. Being the kind of person you are easy and fun can play the role of a generator of ideas - and there too, and later promoted to chief can! In the most important for you - active and dynamic. Therefore, you can choose a profession athlete, sales manager job in show business and entertainment. Home -No monotony and perseverance, otherwise you will simply "wither."

  • Dysthymic psycho

It would seem that it is rather unpromising: closed, unsociable, weak-willed, pessimistic and a little retarded. But not so! People of this type distinguishes the seriousness and responsibility, integrity and ability to obey and perform various tasks: office manager, assistant, au pair.

  • Emotional personality type

You are smiling, compassionate and often feel bright and deep feelings. You are prone to humanity and empathy to others. It is from these characteristics must proceed in choosing a profession. You most likely will be very interesting to help people working psychologist or teacher.

 how to choose the right profession

Professions and zodiac signs

How to choose the profession of sign? Let's try to understand the intricacies of astrology

  • Aries

This zodiac sign pronounced independence, the ability of the leadership and organizational activities, which can be applied in very different fields: politics, medicine, sports, and everything that is connected with fire and metalworking.

  • Taurus

This birthstone fit the following areas: financial, economic, insurance and real estate, land and nature, physics and mathematics, commerce, art.

  • Gemini

They are prominent speakers are drawn to knowledge, easily trained, resourceful, have excellent imagination. Suitable for Gemini areas: philology and linguistics, trade, advertising and public relations, games and entertainment.

  • Crayfish

This birthstone is better to choose a profession related to the well-developed imagination, emotional, caring. You can manifest itself in the following areas: the scope of service, the house and bringing up children, the protection of people and the environment.

  • Lions

Representatives of this sign of the zodiac a little selfish and very self-sufficient, they are distinguished by authoritativeness, integrity and perseverance. You can use the following sectors: management (head, leader, ambassador, administrator), pedagogy, show business (actor, musical band manager, director, producer) and luxury goods (jeweler, fashion designer, consultant in the boutique).

  • Virgin

Restraint, hard-working, practical, and pedantic. The work of the Virgin to be linked to the order and discipline of logic. Optimum direction in which you open yourself to be medicine, hygiene and appearance, accurate calculations, editing and proofreading, clerical, service.

  • Libra

This zodiac sign has a wonderful aesthetic sense and a sharp analytical mind. Scales are honest, honorable and have a good intuition. Best of all you will approach the work in the following areas: contacts and associations with other people (family counselor, employee registrar, PR-manager), occupations requiring artistic taste (decorator, stylist, artist, actor), Law and Justice (lawyer, judge, diplomat).

  • Scorpions

Closed, observant and persistent. You will be interested in the profession of chemist, surgeon, psychotherapist, astrologer, oceanography, medical examiner, as well as work related to gender rights (gynecologist, sexologist) and death (funeral services, a pathologist).

  • Archers

Mobility and independence. If you are Sagittarius, the most interest to you will represent the following areas: religion (professor of philosophy, history of religion), law (lawyer, notary, judge), travel and overcoming long distances (racing driver, pilot, the translator), PR.

  • Capricorns

Restraint, practical, hard and cold. For them, the interest will be the exact sciences, the work related to information, work with land and construction.

  • Aquarians

Characterized by kindness, sociability and originality. If you're Aquarius, the most interesting thing you will be engaged in the provision of psychological assistance, progress (cosmonautics, creation of sites, television and the Internet), and all that is associated with spectacles (director, writer, dancer, playwright).

  • Fish

The representatives of this zodiac sign by nature soft, patient and closed people. Most of them are attracted to a profession requiring dedication, work at sea and pampering.

We hope that our article will help you choose the right profession. Good luck!

 How to choose a profession and to achieve success in it

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