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The question of how to dress for an interview excites everyone who begins to prepare for it. And no wonder: we all know that "meet on clothes, and escorted to the mind," that is, for the product of favorable impression, you just have to look good! This is necessary, but, unfortunately, not enough, your view should also demonstrate your efficiency, discipline, success and a lot else. How to realize all this?

General recommendations

"The cabinet at me not a little, but nothing to wear! "- Probably each of us at least once in their lives attended a similar idea. For any woman question related to the choice of clothes, very painful: it starts to shake the nervous trembling of one mention of this. We are able to spend more than one hour, choosing clothes for every day. Oh, and when we need to understand how to dress for an interview, the brain explodes, and the soul embarks on a free trip!

We hope that the importance of the choice of clothing is obvious to every one of you, especially in such crucial moments, like a conversation with a prospective employer. The first impression is seventy-five percent consists of impressions of the exterior. And if with a big nose and skinny legs, you can not do anything, then choose the clothes that will emphasize your strengths and point out what you are good worker, you should be quite capable.

Agree, would be very strange if a job interview for a job head of department you come in torn jeans and a t-shirt rocker. We, of course, exaggerating, but some admit soiskatelnitsy least annoying mistakes in the selection of clothing. To avoid this, please read The following tips and advice.

Surely everyone understands that you need to dress for an interview, according to generally accepted rules in business style. What does this mean? Austerity, moderation, restraint and conservatism in the choice of cut, color, fabric and accessories. Style "casual" is often inappropriate. This rule applies to most jobs, but there, as in any other, there are exceptions. For example, the designer positions are permitted (and sometimes even welcomed), innovative solutions in the choice of clothing. Or if the company adopted an informal style, in which case you will look strange in a strict business suit.

You should know that even within the business style has its graduation: strictly business, shareware business, everyday, school, etc. ... Dressing for an interview, it is better not to go beyond the strictly business style. Maybe when you get the position, the frame will be less severe, but now, choosing between more than required or less rigor, it is better to lean more. Pros business style lies in the fact that it sets up a working mood, demonstrates the seriousness of your attitude to business, increases your respectability, and just goes to you for sure.

It is impossible not to mention the corporate style adopted by the company in which you plan to work. As we have mentioned above, choosing clothes should be preferred business style, taking into account the established tradition in the organization and rules. For example, there are companies who have their own corporate color, and you can use it, put on matching accessories, for example. There may also be "color competitors" - they should not be in your costume. Therefore, you demonstrate awareness and loyalty to the company.

Choose clothes "classic" shades: these include black, dark gray, dark blue, brown, dark green and other colors inconspicuous. Admitted as pastel shades. Accessories must be strict: simple small earrings, a bracelet or a chain of thin, trim rings, watches, soft silk scarf, business briefcase or rectangular bag, shoes with stable heels. By the way, one interesting fact: the presence of red details gives you extra confidence and importance in the eyes of the employer. So you can experiment with a red handkerchief, for example.

Remember that the most important thing in clothes - is not so much the color and style, as its clean, neat and tidy. Amazingly, some job seekers allow themselves to come to an interview at the rumpled blouse! And then wonder why the employer dismissed him. Carefully inspect clothes selected by you for the interview: whether her spots, does not stick to it whether the dust (this is especially true of dark things) that there are no holes in it, and various defects. It must be great to sit on you - the folds of cloth or bristling unacceptable. Your appearance - it's your business card, and it should be perfect.

Now a few words about the quality of the things you wish to select. Certainly, no one expects you to come in for an interview doroguschy designer suit (unless you do not do not pretend to the post of the designer or top manager) - in most cases, it will even be inappropriate. However, we recommend that you choose a high quality clothes from normal tissue, with good stitching, without the presence of fake logos.

You probably already know us that buying good clothes does not necessarily mean spending two monthly salaries. In addition, the cost and the level of clothing should be directly proportional to the position for which you are applying. If you are applying for a position with a salary of five thousand dollars, the clothing-class "extra-deluxe" is quite appropriate, but there you want to work as a sales manager for a thousand, that your appearance does not have to scream that you have and without work a lot of money, for example, that you - the daughter of rich parents. Then your motivation can be properly evaluated.

Do not forget the finishing touches to your image. It's your makeup, hair, manicure and a selection of spirits. Hair better put strictly and accurately, for example, smooth lines or make them a bundle of business. Makeup should be flawless and natural: even complexion accentuated eyes and discreet shades. We recommend that you do a manicure with transparent or flesh-colored nail polish - the so-called "French." Well, and the final part - it notes of fresh and unobtrusive feminine perfume.

Thus, the most important thing in choosing a dress for the interview - this is how it sits on you. There are a lot of options, so do not be lazy and Collect among them the fact that you really fit. Silhouette must be underlined: excessive wisely hidden and beautiful - allocated. The color of your face can be emphasized suit that hides possible traces of fatigue and age.

And finally, you should feel confident in the things that you put on. You can look very cool and respectable, but if you are uncomfortable in all of this, the employer will feel your mood. And perhaps he will write it in your excitement, and a total lack of confidence and shyness. That is why psychologists are not recommend dressing in all new - such clothes often binds us.

 how to dress for an interview in the winter

Bad advice, or how not to do

Your appearance should be a continuation of what you are saying and illustration of your business and personal qualities. You have to "get stuck" in memory of the employer as long as it does not make you a job offer. However, this jam should be positive, not negative. Unfortunately, many female candidates for some reason, "prefer" the second scenario, dressed "hit and miss", and recruiters later recall them as a nightmare. What are the most common mistakes job seekers in choosing clothes for a job interview?

  • Untidy clothes: dirty, wrinkled, torn

    All this usually causes a feeling of disgust at the interlocutor. Agree, no one wants to see more human causes such negative experiences. This is not to mention the fact that the phenomenon to the interview in such a way - it is a signal of your carelessness, irresponsibility, lack of interest and other "sins cmertnyh competitor." So for any defects clothes - a strict taboo.

  • Not sitting on the figure's clothes: for example, a size smaller or larger

    Besides the fact that your appearance instead produces a pleasant feeling of revulsion, there are still a number of very important points. What people can not afford even the clothes more or less the right to choose in a way speaks of his uncritical thinking, inability to notice mistakes and celebrate them. In the current diversity of the range of textile industry, you can always find something suitable for you, your figure and looks.

  • Incongruous color or the wrong choice of

    It will look very strange if a woman is applying for the position of chief accountant, comes to the interview in a suit fuchsia. As we have mentioned above, the choice of color must match discussion posts. Some female candidates choose for their clothes mismatched colors, for example, wear a black dress brown shoes. Of course, any combination is possible to beat, but often our compatriots do not know how to do it.

  • Inconsistency dress code discussion posts

    It is much more subtle error than others, but no less serious. Inconsistency your appearance discussed job says that you - the wrong candidate, and the employer, chances are you will fail. Dressing for a job interview, remember: a man, his conducting, there is always the image of the "ideal" of the applicant, and you better be as close as possible to it in terms of appearance, and in terms of business and personal qualities.

  • Excessive sexuality

    Of course, no one will argue with the fact that you - a woman and have to look feminine. However, short skirts, deep cuts and other details that cause male sexual desire, are not quite appropriate. Of course, sometimes it helps to get the desired job done faster than it could be, but think - if you need such speed? It is likely that the employer will then try to bring your relationship to sex, and it will be difficult to prove that you did not think about such.

  • Excessive secrecy and rigor

    Here it is also a question of non-compliance. Although we have previously mentioned, it is better to look a little more strictly than necessary, rather than less strict. However, if you will look much more severe, it is also not good to you as the applicant does not promise. For example, if the position of the dancer in a night club come a girl dressed in a dull business suit does not have to be psychic to predict that it would not take the job.

  • Whimsical accessories

    Interview - this is not an event where it is necessary to show your ability to find and wear unusual clothes (unless you are not applying for positions related). Employer it may be regarded as eccentricity and non-conformism, and many of them do not like.

These are the most common mistakes job seekers in choosing clothes for a job interview. Try to avoid them in the preparation of the meeting with the employer. This concludes with general recommendations and suggest you go to the most interesting - namely, the specific set of clothes.

Interview summer

The weather outside is great, sunny, wonderful mood, and on top of that you will interview. Many women ask whether summer wear tights, stockings, or allowed to be with their bare feet? The answer depends on the severity of the dress code of the organization. In many offices and companies bare feet are prohibited, regardless of outside temperature. In other institutions (for example, in the hospital, oddly enough) it is allowed no pantyhose on a woman's legs in summer.

Now about clothes. In summer as in winter, choose clothes uncomfortable - too warm. However, you can find a way out of this situation and to put on a dress for an interview. This may be a dress-box on a figure of a thin cotton dress, or Safari (in the case of weakened dress code). It can also replace the shirt with rolled up sleeves, worn in combination with a pencil skirt. Neat black or beige stiletto pumps and a small leather bag with handles successfully complete the image. Add to this the clock and matching accessories - such as a pendant on a chain and a beautiful ring - and forward, you are ready for the interview!

 how to dress for an interview

Interview autumn

Autumn we can be different: sun-warm-cold and rainy. Agree clothing options should also be two. For a warm autumn interesting and elegant will be the next set: classic black trousers narrowed in combination with a white blouse or shirt front shirt with a collar. Over the shirt, wear trendy and elegant classic black jacket with a deep neckline. The choice of shoes depends on the weather: if it allows, then the best option will be the average black shoes on a wide-heeled shoes. Complete the image of the rectangular business bag or briefcase, watch and if you want a touch of creativity, a brooch on the collar.

If the weather fails you and the rain is constant, the shoes have to change to boots or ankle boots. Why not offer you a complete new set? This option will appeal to fans of tenderness and severity simultaneously. Its highlight - is waisted lavender blouse, tucked into a black or "graphite" pencil skirt. Add to this ample but not slouchy, low-key, but romantic silver jewelery, watches - and you "ocharuete" any employer! By the way, in cool weather topical issue of outerwear. The ideal option for an interview will be a black coat or raincoat: foot, close-fitting, good quality.

Interview winter

Winter we usually cold, which imposes certain restrictions on the choice of clothing. An excellent option would be woolen dress on the knee or slightly above: black, gray, in a cage - any discreet and better dark colors. Under the dress, wear a white shirt, and his feet - thick black tights and winter boots. Choose a suitable dress in style and size bag, small, round steel or silver earrings, a ring - and the image is completed.

But many cold even in warm tights, and they prefer pants. In this case, the ideal option would be a pantsuit from warm, but thin wool (for which you can even wear tights) in combination with a white shirt, pastel blue or pink colors. Will combine with the female briefcase, on a stable heel boots and all with the same ornaments. From above it is appropriate to waisted sheepskin foot, modest or elegant slim coat jacket tailored like a coat.

Interview spring

Spring - a time of flourishing of everything. This expectation of something new and enjoyable - for example, interesting work. Dress for the interview she wants about the maximum femininity and elegance. And what could be more appropriate for the mood than a dress? Certainly not in the pink dress frills, but it is a elegant dress sitting on a figure and emphasizing its advantages. Strict silhouette and the absence of a large number of decorative elements are required.

The color of the dress you must go: for example, dark emerald green to red girls navy blue for blue-eyed blondes to brunettes and chocolate. Versatile option would be a light gray office dress, put on a dark blue short-cut double-breasted jacket with a deep neckline. You can make an emphasis on the waist with a thin black strap. As accessories, wear black shoes with medium heels and medium-sized oblong bag. If you want a drop of non-standard, select the same accessories, but in the lacquer. Dilute all the minimum of jewelry - and spring set for conquering the employer is ready!

Finally ...

In conclusion I would like to offer a few interesting tricks that will help you in the difficult deciding how to dress for an interview. Choosing a dress for an interview about the work, put it, look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself: "What I would have thought about the man, because-looking? What impression did he produce? ". So it will be easier to understand, whether the clothing suitable to talk to a potential employer or not.

There is another good technique helps to know how to dress up in the company where you want to get a job.