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How can I get an interview? This is the question every day thousands soiskatelnits set. Many of them already have experience of successful job search, but to get rid of anxiety when faced with the necessity of interviewing still not obtained. It is not surprising: for many, their meeting with a potential employer is similar to the original examination and they, in general, far from the truth. In order to successfully pass the exam, you must know and comply with a series of simple but effective advice.

Five keys to being hired

As you probably know, the job market is full of a variety of competitors. Some of them find a new job within a week, while others may pester organizations for six months or more. What is the difference between these two types of people? How to be a successful competitor and get exactly the position that you are interested in? The answer to these questions will be provided by us to the five steps to hear the sacred words: "You're hired! ".


Every employer is interested in the fact that his company worked exclusively by qualified personnel with the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities. Agree, no one needs any secretary who can not turn on the computer, or an accountant, not versed in the latest amendments to the tax legislation. Any employer interested in that for less money to get the largest set of knowledge and skills. You probably have seen job postings seller and cleaners with higher education. It sounds like nonsense, but unfortunately, the labor market is now oversaturated frames.

That is why we recommend that you never give up on the opportunity to acquire new qualifications, even if at the moment they seem to you senseless and unnecessary. Who knows what bizarre workers with the skills will be in demand in five years? For example, now you know that driving license, knowledge of languages ​​and brilliant computer skills is a major bonus for a job. But it is possible that in the near future, additional advantages will be finished psychological courses, accounting skills or portfolio copywriter.

Therefore, if you have leisure time and formed a force - learning! It has never and no one interfered. And it is not necessary to spend on their studies fortune: in the modern world there is a huge amount of distance and self-education. The main thing - do not be lazy, look for and find the best opportunities. In addition to high and diverse qualifications you will also be able to demonstrate their future employer proactive stance and the desire and ability to learn, and it is known to be a very popular professional quality in virtually every sphere of activity.


Of course, hiring you to work, the employer becomes not just a set of knowledge and skills, but also the whole person behind it all, and has a unique set of personal and professionally important qualities. And your employer, of course, have their own ideas about what kind of person to be an employee to occupy certain positions.

For example, such a common open position as sales manager. What should be the person who offers its customers products and services to as many as possible to conclude the transaction? Perhaps it should be sociable and stressouystoychivym, active and assertive, independent and responsible, creative and purposeful. Sales Managers - is one of the main links in receipt of income by, respectively, the employer is sensitive to the selection of personnel.

Before you go to the interview, analyze their own qualities. There are those without which you absolutely would not take the position that interests you (and even if you take, you will not be able to perform their duties). In the case of a sales manager is to communicate, activity and stress. But creativity and responsibility - this is a nice bonus, without which it can still work. If you have everything you need, think about how you can demonstrate these traits employer? What you need to highlight your accomplishments in his story about yourself? How to behave at the interview, the employer saw you needed? This is the main secret of self.


"Meet on clothes, and escorted to the mind," - says the well-known Russian proverb. Intelligence and qualification - it is certainly good, but if you do not manage their looks make the right impression on the recruiter, then you can not see the work as their own ears. How can this be done?

With features and a figure not do anything - at least in the short term preparation for the interview. But you can hide flaws and highlight the merits. Let's start with the hair: it is their appearance and condition largely "do" your way. For business women is very important quality haircut. Do not forget that long hair requires a lot of money and time to care. No "acid" experiments before the interview - your goal should be natural and orderly, highlighting your facial features. The same applies to the choice of perfume, makeup and manicure: they must be close to the classic and business versions.

As for clothes, then the interview is best to choose those things that you feel confident and organically. The classic version is considered to be a trouser suit and a white blouse with a pencil skirt. Interview - this is not an event where you need to stand out through clothing, although some interesting details (eg, cut) are acceptable - within the limits of reason, of course. Choose a color that is suitable to your skin, hair and eyes, as well as season. In summer, you can opt for a more bright colors (pastel and cream, blue, green), and in winter - darker (black, blue, brown, purple). Even in hot weather is to abandon the neckline, cut-outs and candid bare feet and shoes to choose a closed (although can be a little "play" with its design: the shoes do not have to be a classic).


At the interview the recruiter you treat very carefully to what you say and how. The first and most important rule here - no lies and insincerity! "But how is this possible? "- You ask. And like this! Lies and presenting information literate - are two different things. Agree, if you focus on your strengths and accomplishments and tell us how you cope with their disabilities, you stand in a favorable light, never lie. But if you tell that the management team of fifty people, but in fact were the director of retail outlets with four vendors in the submission - is quite another. And learned of the deception, the employer does not want to deal with you.

Lies, dishonesty, irresponsibility, conflict and many other negative qualities are very easy to manifest in the way you talk and answer questions about themselves. Your voice should be calm and measured. Clearly and adequately respond to these questions - do not "pouring water" and "spread" on the topic. This is your answer must be sufficiently deployed - to make it clear that you are able to think and speak, and generally interested in the job. Find a middle ground between the fast and the slow pace of speech - ideally can be a little bit to adjust to the interlocutor.

Of course, the content of your speech is also very important. Do not abuse the professional terms - it causes boredom and irritation. As a rule, do the candidates seeking to show their "coolness", and it does not need employer. If a professional matter has caused you difficulty, it is better to speculate on the subject, and not to answer "do not know" - so you will demonstrate independence and flexible thinking. Also it is necessary to work before the interview to see a list of about questions asked by the candidate, and prepare answers to them, advantageously represent you.


So we caught up with the fifth clue as to how to pass an interview - it's your way of behavior. It should radiate confidence, goodwill and interest in the work. It is through your behavior evaluate your personality. It's like a test-drive the car, you are only as a test object. The way you show yourself, the employer will assess your individual style of activity.

There are some basic things that concern etiquette banal: say hello and goodbye, to contact a recruiter by name, to be polite. These are the rules that must be followed anytime, anywhere. However, there are things that are not so obvious candidates:

  • Smile

    This contributes to a good relationship to you, creates an atmosphere of friendliness and openness. Smile at all is one of the simplest and most effective ways to make contact and to win rights.

  • Motion

    It gives vitality to your behavior. However, do not overdo it with gestures: their excessive number or misuse may turn against you. Some gestures are all "prohibited" in the interview: hands terebyaschie anything; nervous leg shaking; scratching of the nose; hands covering the face; crossing limbs; actively waving his arms.

  • Install eye contact with the interlocutor

    Here, just as in the previous aspects, important golden mean: do not stare at the recruiter, but also look for the interview at the ceiling and not worth it. Try to periodically look into the eyes of the other party, for example, when answering a question at the hearing of this matter, with a story about yourself. From time to time you can be distracted by the details of the interior, especially remembering anything.

  • Tranquility

    No brainer that you can worry about the interview, however, excessive anxiety - this is not good. What the employer needs an alarming and unsustainable employee? So try to stay calm: think about the good, breathe deeply and analyze the situation.

  • Motivation

    In many ways it was her at the interview assesses the potential employer. If the candidate is behaving passively respond in monosyllables, and does not ask questions, then what kind of interest in the work can be said? Meanwhile Interested applicants, even made a small slips are likely to be hired for work.

 how to get a job interview

What think the recruiter?

Oh-oh, this issue plagued the minds of many "young" candidates and candidates for the post! They feel that the ability to read the minds of the person conducting the interview - is the key to success. And in many respects they are not far from the truth. Understanding the position of recruiter, his interests and Incorporation of these parameters during the passage of the interview - these are the things that will help you get a job.

First of all employer need someone who will be able to successfully cope with their official duties. Therefore, they often screw into the interview questions and tasks that test the professional competence of the applicant. To this we must be ready and easy to settle for their implementation.

Anyone interested in the chief to future employee fit into the team. That's why he will closely look at your ability to establish contact, to communicate and to be polite. So do not overwhelm the employer's foolish questions, respond to his provocations (which may be an element of stress interview), rude and unsociable. For all these things, he will make an impression on you, and it might not be quite good.

Also, employers, as mentioned above, are interested in a particular set of personal and professional qualities. In order to test them, the interview may be asked strange questions, the purpose of which is not entirely obvious to the applicant. For example, the question: "How often do you make mistakes? ". To some it may seem that the answer is: "I'm not mistaken." However, the employer is to be evidence of inadequate self-esteem or inclination to "bring down" the blame for its failures on others. And such issues "double bottom" can be a lot, so use your head before you say anything that comes into your head.

Interviewing for a job for a lot of people seem to sort of battle: the applicant is trying to deceive a cunning recruiter and make it work. A person conducting the interview, too, is not so simple: it is in every way trying to get through the head to the candidate and to find as many barriers to ensure that he did not pass the interview. Of course, in some cases, the nightmare really is a reflection of reality, but rather a minority. Most employers are interested in a quick, but effective closure of vacancies and finding personnel. And it is unprofitable artificially delaying the search candidates - on the contrary, they are interested in, to the right the employee has finally been found.

To be interviewed for a job - it is difficult, but solvable problem. It's like a date with the main thing to keep confident and interest to your interlocutor his candidacy. You can easily do this by using the five keys that are described in this article, and then the desired work will have "pocket."

 How to pass the interview: master - class for applicants

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